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In the online environment, being able to capture graphs, images and equations is an important skill for assignments, discussion forums and even troubleshooting issues with your instructor to the help desk.

Have you ever wanted to have a screenshot of a post on a website? In the past, this might have been difficult, but with the online snipping tools, it is easy. An online snipping tool is a web service that allows you to create screenshots from any part of a website or from an entire website.

If you are in search of the best online snipping tool for free, then you have come to the right place. I have completed a lot of research on the best online snipping tools that are available in the market today.

Take Screenshots from Anything

This innovative online screenshot tool lets users capture and edit any images that show up on their screens. These include web pages (capture by scrolling window or via URL), media files, windows, objects, menus, webcams, etc. The screenshot application guarantees “What you see is what you get”. It also works with a full range of systems and devices including Windows PC, Mac, Android, etc.

Screenshot Captor

Useful program to create tutorials

  • Image editor with powerful features
  • Customizable options
  • Numerous exporting variants
  • Auto-renewal registration after six months

Verdict: Screenshot Captor is a free snipping tool for Windows. It is a universal program that can capture images or selected areas. You can take a screenshot of entire windows or a part of a scrolling window. Moreover, it is possible to capture images from a web camera.

With Screenshot Captor, you can restrict access to certain data, add text and perform different image adjustments. There is even a special tool that allows you to add a watermark to a picture to protect digital content authorship. The only drawback of the software is that it expires every six months. Even though the renewal of the registration is free, you need to generate a new subscription key to continue using the software.

Adobe Captivate

Captivate is one of the best screen capture software that helps you make interactive video clips for e-learning and tutorials. It enables you to capture and export screen content with minimal effort.


  • This application can optimize the video content of your desired screen size.
  • It enables you to save video clips as MP4.
  • It helps you to publish the final video for desktop or web use.
  • Adobe Captivate enables you to add buttons to your video.
  • Helps you to quickly build up storyboards on mobile.


Snipping tool with numerous custom options

  • Capture of scrolling windows
  • Text capture using the OCR technology
  • Numerous custom features
  • An array of sharing options
  • Lacks tutorials

Verdict: ShareX is an open-source program that lets you record the selected area on the screen and upload it to a preferred online platform. You can share your images to 80+ destinations such as Twitter,, Dropbox, Imgur, Google Drive, etc. It is possible to customize numerous features – a position of a cursor, transparency of a window, set up a timer to delay capture, select several areas using various shapes, and even more.

Once you generate a picture, you can open the image annotator and then save it to your hard drive or upload to the desired website.


Snagit is a powerful screen capture tool which allows you to capture both still images and grab a frame from the video. The tools come with Smart Windows Detection. It allows you to crop images so that you can select either whole window or a part of the window.


  • Screen capturing tool supported with windows
  • Capture your entire screen
  • Edit with a few clicks
  • Quickly explain a process
  • Allows you to add visuals to your documentation


Possibly the best Snipping Tool alternative, ScreenRec offers pretty much the easiest way to snip on Windows. All you have to do is remember a simple keyboard shortcut (Alt-S).

Best For…

ScreenRec is a high-resolution snipping tool which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to take hd screenshots with a single button, annotate them, and share them in a matter of minutes. This screenshot software automatically saves your screenshots to the cloud.


Windows, Mac, and Linux


Best for businesses and enterprise customers looking for a high-resolution snipping tool that includes cloud storage, enterprise-level security, and screen recording for a low cost.

Droplr is a highly-rated, low-priced snipping tool for Windows that also includes screen recording and GIF creation. Droplr saves screenshots and recordings directly to the cloud and creates a short link for your snip that can be instantly shared with others. All of your snips are displayed on your online Droplr account and can be sorted using boards and tags. You can also change the privacy settings for your snips, boards, and tags to limit access. Best of all, Droplr includes enterprise-level security with encryption and SSO. 

Droplr includes over a dozen integrations so that you can drop your snips directly into various messaging and productivity apps. For example, you can integrate Droplr with Intercom to drop your snips directly into a chat with a client or with Slack to share snips instantly with co-workers. You can also integrate Droplr’s snipping tool with Photoshop if you need more mark-up options then the arrows, emoticons, text, pencil, highlighter, and shapes included with Droplr. 

Droplr is available on Windows, Mac, and Chrome Extension. The snipping tool shortcut can be accessed on the menu bar of  your screen on Mac. Droplr offers a 3-day free trial for any of its products.

Droplr’s pricing begins at $6/month for individuals and includes all of the above core products along with 1TB of file storage, 500GB/month of bandwidth, and click analytics. Higher-priced plans increase the amount of file storage and bandwidth, add more analytics, and include custom branding. For large businesses that need unlimited file storage and bandwidth, single sign-on (SSO), or custom domains, you can contact the sales team for custom pricing.

Snipping Tool ++

If you search for “Microsoft snipping tool download”, you’ll probably come across Snipping Tool++ which resembles the built-in Windows utility a lot. It can capture any boxed or free form region and gives you basic editing options.Windows Screen Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool ++ may not be fancy, but it does have an easy-to-use interface as well as the ability to configure the Print Screen key to open the app. This Windows screenshot app doesn’t have many editing and annotation options to crowd it.

In order to use Snipping Tool ++, you’ll need to have Java Runtime Environment installed on your system beforehand. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a simple snipping tool you can download on Windows 7, 8 or 10, Snipping Tool ++ is worth giving a shot.

Best For…

Snipping Tool ++ is for anyone who wants a basic, easy to use screen capture tool.


Windows only


Best for businesses and enterprise customers who are looking for a snipping tool alternative that integrates with the work apps they already use.

cloudapp logo

Similar to Droplr, CloudApp is a cloud-based snipping tool, screen recorder, and GIF maker. CloudApp uploads your screenshots and recordings to your personal cloud account and creates a shareable URL that you can send to grant access to them. It also includes mark-up tools such as arrows, emoticons, basic drawing tools, and blurring tools for sensitive information.

CloudApp integrates with over 30 apps including Zapier, Trello, Sketch, and WordPress. Their clipping tool is available on Mac, Windows, iPhone, Linux, and as a Chrome extension. CloudApp includes a free version with the above features and 90-second limit for screen recordings, 15 second limit for GIFs, 100 MB/file upload size, .5 GB/link/day bandwidth, and 50 drop limit. CloudApp’s paid plans begin at $9.95/month for unlimited video recording and drops, 1 minute GIFs, 1 GB/file uploads, 2 GB/link/day bandwidth, and custom branding.


Greenshot happens to be a very light screenshot snipping tool that’s both free and open source. There aren’t too many features, but it still has Windows Snipping Tool beat as it allows you to edit your image by cropping or annotating it.How To Snip On Windows

Greenshot lets you upload your screenshots directly within the app to multiple image sharing sites. It’s not a secure way to share your screenshots, but at least it’s easy.

Although there are no advanced features, Greenshot is still one of the best free snipping tools for Windows 7, 8, 10 because it’s extremely easy to use.

Best For…

Greenshot is best suited for users who don’t care too much about fancy features and would like to upload their screenshots directly to public social media sites.


Windows only


There are a lot of online snipping tool applications that you can download. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to download anything to use your preferred online snipping tool because it’s all available for free right up in the internet.

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