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If you are here to research online teaching tools uk and take tips on how to improve your online teaching, then you have come to the right place. There are many free online teaching resources that exist on the internet. The free tool which is used in the field of Education is not only used for students but also for teachers as well as for parents. 

ONLINE TEACHING TOOLS The Online Teaching Tools website has been developed as a free resource to support teachers delivering remote lessons to pupils in their homes.  The online teaching tools are presented with a brief description and an image or video. Teachers can quickly access the tools they want, with no logging-in required, on any device: PC, laptop, Chromebook or tablet.

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Here’s a quick review of the best free online teaching resources uk. This tool list was created to save time and help teachers find the best free online teaching tools quickly. This list of free teaching tools is designed for educators in the United Kingdom, but may also be useful for teachers around the world.

Recommended online educational resources

Obby – An All In One Teaching Platform

Obby believes in making learning an incredible, fun and informative experience for both students and teachers! Their all in one teaching platform gives teachers the tools to share their knowledge with students efficiently. Not only does Obby’s teaching platform help teachers run their classes, Obby’s booking system also helps teachers manage, schedule and organise their classes!

With Obby, teachers can save valuable time! Let Obby take care of the admin, so you can spend less time organising and more time teaching.

Obby is a teaching platform with many tips, tricks and tools for teachers to discover. Here are some of the online teaching tools this teaching platform offers,

  • ‌Obby has a free customisable widget. Teachers can integrate this with their own website or social media to take bookings from anywhere.
  • Teachers classes will be listed on Obby’s immense Marketplace. Their Marketplace has helped more than 50,000 students find the best class for them!
  • Their virtual classroom allows teachers to organise and run live online classes or pre-recorded courses.
  • When using Obby’s virtual classroom, teachers can integrate with other platforms such as Zoom to host their online classes.  
  • Taking bookings and payments, scheduling class timetables and bookings, sending reminder and follow-up emails, integration with calendars and other platforms is all possible when using Obby!

Within their virtual classroom, teachers can create a seamless online learning experience for students. For live online classes, students will join the class through the virtual classroom. The ‘Join Class’ button will be available for students to click just before the class begins.

If students have purchased a pre-recorded class, then the class content will be available as soon as the student has completed their payment.

Students can join their live online class. 

Teachers can share a message before the class takes place, welcoming the student and giving them tips on how to prepare for the class. Students can also view a breakdown of what they will learn in the class and what they will need to bring along to the class.

Once students have made an account, there is also an opportunity for teachers and students to send messages to each other using the chat feature at the bottom of the page.

Inspire students using Obby’s teaching tools 

Under the ‘Inspiration’ tab, teachers can embed videos or other content that may get students, you guessed it, inspired before the class!

After the class, the ‘Post Class’ tab will become available for students to access. Within this tab, teachers can prompt students to leave a review and book another class. On this page, teachers can also support students follow-on learning as students can still access the chat feature and ask teachers any questions they have after the class.

Create a class using Obby’s dashboard

One key online teaching tool Obby offers is their dashboard. No experience with tech? No worries! Navigating Obby’s dashboard and online teaching tools is very simple and straightforward.

Obby’s dashboard is where the magic happens! Teachers can manage every aspect of teaching online.

From scheduling your timetable, listing new classes and products, managing tutors and building your own branded website to organising students and marketing strategies, Obby really does have all of the online teaching tools a teacher could need!

Why is Obby the Best Online Teaching Tool?

Obby has created an all in one teaching platform and booking software with the aim of engaging students and empowering teachers.

As well as online teaching tools, designed to help teachers run online classes in a way that suits them, Obby also helps teachers take bookings and organise their schedule. This means, not only are online classes stimulating, every other aspect of teaching online is seamless.

From creating and running classes to scheduling and branding, this online teaching tool is with you every step of the way!


baluu is a simple, sophisticated and powerful online teaching tool! Many teaching businesses already using baluu have grown their business, boosted their sales and delivered interactive online classes.

Teach online with baluu 

baluu supports teachers with online classes, in-person workshops and hybrid courses. As well as making online teaching an enjoyable process, baluu also helps teachers organise their business and create bookings for events and experiences as well as classes!

  • Teachers can integrate with a range of different platforms that may help how they teach online such as Zoom.
  • Students and customers are taken through an effortless booking system, as teachers can integrate the booking software baluu has to offer into their website.
  • Managing schedules, timetables, instructors and students is made simple using baluu.
  • baluu has a virtual events room where teachers can run classes or host online events. This means teachers aren’t limited to traditional teaching styles and can use baluu to run events and experiences too.
  • Several teachers from the same teaching business can use this online teaching tool, which makes collaborative teamwork between instructors straightforward.
Organise your timetable with baluu

As well as providing teachers with an exceptional online teaching tool, baluu can also help teachers with other aspects of their teaching business. From organising timetables and bookings to running events and experiences, teachers can take care of every element of their business with baluu.  

Zoom – Video Calls/Conferencing & Teaching Tools

Since the pandemic, Zoom is probably no stranger to you! Many people used Zoom during lockdown to have face to face calls with loved ones and to attend virtual work meetings. What you may not have known is that Zoom can also be a great online teaching tool.

Photo by Gabriel Tan / Unsplash

Zoom is a popular online teaching tool for teachers that host live online classes. Although you are probably already familiar with this online teaching tool, we have outlined the main features Zoom boasts,

  • This teaching platform allows for multiple attendees and has straight forward screen sharing, so teachers can share information with the whole class.
  • Breakout rooms are great for promoting constructive discussions within online classes. This online teaching tool encourages interaction between students as well as between the teacher and students.
  • Zoom’s digital whiteboard tool allows teachers and students to annotate the digital whiteboard. This means all students can contribute, add educational insights and feedback.
  • Although this platform is designed with live online classes in mind, the session recording and transcription feature means teachers can uses this online teaching tool to create pre-recorded class content.
  • On top of that, Zoom can seamlessly integrate with a learning management system.
  • Their app also means teachers and students can join or host the class anywhere and everywhere!

Although the audio quality on the mobile Zoom app for iOS could be improved, on the whole, Zoom is a great online teaching tool for teachers hosting online classes.

Teachers can benefit from using this online teaching tool in many ways. Not only is Zoom easy to use, many students and teachers are already aware of how to make the most of this platform!

Skype Video

Skype video for teaching online

a) For Freelance Trainers and Individuals Teaching Online

Skype video has traditionally been very popular for video calls to family and friends but Skype is also increasingly being used by businesses these days and it is an excellent option if you are looking to provide both teaching and training online. Skype also, by the way, integrates nicely with Microsoft teams (see below).

As an individual offering corporate training online (i.e. if you are self-employed), you can use the personal version of Skype and this is an incredibly easy and cheap way to offer online classes and lessons 1-to-1. It’s also a great tool for researchers such as those doing Skype interviews for Masters and PhD research.

How to share screen on Skype video
How to share your screen on Skype video

On Skype, you can easily share your screen with the people or person you are chatting with by clicking the overlapping boxes at the bottom of the interface. You will see these boxes when you are in a video call with someone (see image above).

b) For Company Training Online (and Co-working Space Online)

Skype is also excellent for Groups!

In addition to being an excellent option for team meetings and online co-working space, you can use Skype Groups for teaching and training employees and staff from afar.

Group training online

Wherever in the world you physically are, you can provide external or in-house training online, for up to 50 people at a time.

Conclusion: Brilliant for offering 1-to-1 teaching and training online especially for teaching languages and for many one-to-one topics. Also a very good option for busineeses of any size.


Seesaw provides a great alternative for creating learning loops that connect teachers, students, and parents. It provides a meaningful way for teachers to observe student performance and encourages the use of creative tools such as draw + record, video, creative canvas and more. 

Teachers and students can sign up for free!


Age range: suitable for children (or adults) of any age Price: free

Ever wanted to learn how to read a menu in Mandarin? Memrise promises to teach you just that, among more conventional subjects such as learning basic French and Italian. Based on the latest science behind how our brains work, it uses ‘mems’, essentially pictures, memorable situations, symbols and any other mnemonic devices to help you remember and revise. Your child can access over 200 language courses for free but there are lots of extra features available from about £4 a month.

“We started using Memrise for our daughter’s French and it has expanded her vocabulary in leaps and bounds. It also often includes phrases (and it’s free).”

What Are Your Favorite Online Teaching Tools?

Teaching online in a virtual classroom is easier than it seems—the difficult part is getting used to it. Once you have the tools you need to be efficient and engaging, every lesson is easier than the one before it.

Most of the online teaching tools in this list can be used with Visme. Simply upload your Visme creations to your preferred tool and you’ve got the perfect combination.


Online teaching is an emerging trend in an ever-changing world of education. As the online entities continue to grow, so do the online tools that support the teaching and learning process. In this article, we will look at some of the best online tools for online teaching. You are going to find invaluable resources here for your success as an online teacher.

Teaching online is an excellent way that teachers can now improve their skills and speed up the learning process for students. Online teaching tools are a great asset to have at your disposal, especially when it comes to improving your eLearning courses

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