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Online Tools for Teaching Writing

In the digital age, there are many writing tools available for us to use and teach our students. These online tools can help students and teachers in a variety of ways and can be used with any grade level. The most important factor we should consider when deciding on an online tool is how easy it is for students to use and how easily we can integrate it into our curriculum.

The tools for teaching writing are usually digital offers online. They are not easy to find because of the plethora of tools available. However, I have compiled the best online tools for teaching writing in this post.


When you need some help improving your reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar, turn to Parapal for some assistance. A variety of free English lessons and vocabulary building exercises will help you improve and increase your language skills.

Tap into the resources provided by to inspire your better essay writing. Authors of all skill levels and interests use this online community as a gathering spot to get tips that will benefit their written works. Create a portfolio, share your work, and bond with other creative minds.

 Cliché Finder

As the name suggests, this tool helps you find clichés in your writing. In order to be able to attract readers, your content must be unique and attractive. What sets your work apart from that of others is its originality. Using words or phrases that are too commonly used could by writers could reduce the readers’ interest in your work. Thus, this tool helps you find out clichés so that you can edit them. Use this tool to create content that garners readership.



This tool is like a project manager. It creates to-do lists with expected date and time of accomplishment specified clearly. Todoist can be used to create customized schedules for each day. Thus, writers use this app extensively to monitor their daily writing goals. Todoist acts as the perfect task manager that lets you schedule your writing regime as per your convenience. It also keeps track of progress of the write-ups that you are currently working on.


 Writing Schedule Calculator

This tool requires you to answer certain questions. Based on your answers, writing Schedule Calculator estimates the number of hours or days you would need to finish your writing assignment. Whether you wish to write a book or start a blog, this tool helps you plan your project well. The tool takes into account the number of hours you can devote to writing a day and your writing speed as well. The estimate is accurate and lets you decide on a reasonable deadline.



A proofreading tool is a must-have for all writers. Grammarly is one such multipurpose writing tool. It helps you find grammatical errors and also incorrect spellings. Its web extension corrects everything written in your web browser, including social media posts. The tool is user-friendly and is a fast method to rid your work of any errors. This one is highly recommended to budding writers.


Draft is an alternative to Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It is a web-based word processor that offers a distraction free interface to its users. It has many likeable features which include sharing your work with others and accepting or rejecting edits made by them. You need not worry about losing data on Draft. Your work is backed up online. Draft also keeps a track of your daily word count goal. It calculates the number of words you write in a day. In case the word count for the day is lesser than needed, it sends helpful reminders urging you to meet your goal. Isn’t that amazing?



Hemingway is one of the most widely used tools in the world of writing. This tool helps you to learn to write effectively. It highlights complex sentences, based on the level of complexity. It also lets you know the number of adverbs used in your content as compared to ideal number of adverbs to be used. It studies the use of passive voice in your writing to suggest paraphrasing sentences, if need be. Hemingway is the one-stop solution for novices. It helps you make your writing more readable.

Plagiarism Checker

Original content is most valued. While you may seek inspiration from the work of other writers, it is important that you produce original content. Plagiarism is considered as a grave offence in the world of writing. Duplicating someone else’s work without giving due credit is unacceptable. Thus, make sure you run a plagiarism check before posting your work online. This tool helps you identify plagiarized portions in your writing, within seconds. You can then paraphrase those sentences and replace them with your own words. 100% originality means that no plagiarism was detected in your work. This is what you must aim at, as a writer.



Sometimes you’ve worked so long and hard on an essay that it’s hard to see the errors right in front of your face. It makes sense in your mind, so it’s difficult to understand how it wouldn’t make sense to anyone else reading it. Read-Able is a quick, easy, and free way to test the readability of your work.

The Grammar Gorillas

If you want to have a little more fun while learning proper grammar, log onto The Grammar Gorillas. Hungry gorillas are waiting for you to feed them bananas, as you identify different parts of speech. You’ll be feeding the hungry gorillas, while having fun and getting a grammar lesson.


Students will get an unbiased evaluation of their essays when their teachers use EssayTagger to grade them. This isn’t an auto-grader, so teachers will still need to read and grade the essays, but it can help them give more objective feedback when they’re unable to separate their opinions from the essay they’re reading.

 Grammar Now!

Get help with grammar, punctuation, and writing skills of all kinds at Grammar Now! Free answers are provided for all of your grammatical questions.


If you’ve ever had a brilliant idea pop into your head, only to have it drift away before you had a chance to write it down, you’ll understand the value of Simplenote. With this free tool, you can easily take notes on any device, organize them and locate them quickly using tags. Never let another good idea slip away from you again!


It’s so easy to get completely distracted when you’re working online, especially when you’re not totally interested in what you’re supposed to be doing. Anti-Social can help keep you on the right track, by blocking the biggest distracting websites.


The five books that make up this online program work to help students learn new words and their meanings. An extensive vocabulary is a great tool to have in your back pocket, when you’re trying to write an essay, and Vocaboly is there to help you increase that vocabulary.


Forget about post-it notes or dog-earring the book pages that you’ll need to take information from when you’ve got Mnemonic. You can tag and bookmark any page that’s relevant to your project, organize your resources and locate them quickly and easily.


Write better stories and essays with some help from Quillpad, the fun website that seeks to get students excited about writing. Online resources, books, and vocabulary boosters work together to change students’ perceptions about how boring they think writing can be.

 Six Great Ways to Search the Web

The information you need is out there, but if you don’t know how to find it, what use is it to you? Learn how to effectively search for the information and resources you’ll need to complete your written assignments.

The Easy Essay

The Easy Essay is a template for information organization and sharing that breaks down essays to their most basic form. It’s perfect for all levels of education because the structure of essays–no matter what level you’re writing at–always remains the same.

Students today should make full use of the EdTech academic writing tools available to them, take advantage of the EdTech learning opportunities they offer and use them to better their academic writing and language skills.

Magnetic Poetry

When introducing young kids to writing, rhymes will make them more enthusiastic than you assume. This tool offers a selection of words and a blank space where the user can arrange them to create poetry. It’s a fun experience not only for children but also for their parents and teachers. If the user gets stuck, then he can ask for new words to be added in the list. The final piece of poetry can be shared via email.


This website offers many printable materials that enable young students to organize the writing process. The Student Interactives section offers several tools that improve children’s literacy. These are some of the most effective tools you can use (each of them comes for a designated age group): Organizing and Summarizing; Writing and Publishing Prose; Writing Poetry; and Learning about Language.

My Kids Way – Essays

In order to show your children how fun essays can be, you should show them great samples. At this website, you’ll find narrative, persuasive, expository, and descriptive essays appropriate for different ages. The samples are rather short, but they will give your kid an idea of how a paper is supposed to look. You’ll also find reading and writing activities and worksheets at the website.

Essay Mama

If you aren’t diligent and competent enough to teach your children how to write, then you can easily solve that problem by asking for a piece of advice from a professional writer from this writing assistance agency. Essay Mama gives you access to writers and tutors who are always ready to offer their advice on planning, developing, and editing different projects. This website’s blog is an irreplaceable resource for all parents and tutors who teach writing. It offers great articles and sample essays that show how important (and fun) writing can be.


From the most basic digital tools to enhanced video conferencing, online teaching tools are becoming more common. They provide online teachers with the freedom of not being confined to live lesson plans, with handouts and other teaching materials available at any time. Online teaching software has enabled teachers to bring their lessons to remote locations reaching students around the globe, including countries like China and India where virtual classrooms are opening soon. It is no longer an unusual sight to see this technology integrated into public school systems, as well as private schools.

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