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Free Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is the backbone of most businesses and an effective method of engaging customers. Whether it is a service or a product, emails help brands maintain long-term contact with customers and target them with promotional offers (discounts and sales, new products and updates) etc.

Email marketing can be very effective for your business. With TweetMyJobs it’s easy to stay connected with your network through all of our automation tools. We’ve made it easy for you to manage your leads with the ability to send email campaigns in minutes, track leads, and view everything with an easy-to-use dashboard.


Sendy is one of the popular solutions to send a bulk email at a much cheaper cost.

It’s built-in PHP and MySQL and sends an email via Amazon SES. It is one of the most affordable services with a plan that costs only $1 for 10,000 emails. You can avail of all the future updates and support from their technical team for a one-time fee of $59.



  • You get all basic featured including Campaign builder, Reporting, Automatic Bounce Handling, Auto-responder, Complaints, Unsubscribe, Statistical Graph, etc.
  • You can create separate accounts for your clients and ensure that they online get a view that is required for them instead of displaying all the lists
  • It has an email filtering list. If an email does not exist, it is automatically cleared off from the list the next time

In the latest version of Sendy, they have introduced setting a custom domain for the brands and the following features.

  • Get notified when someone subscribes to the list. Earlier it was only possible with Zaiper integration.
  • Create a suppression list of emails if you never want to send them.
  • Housekeeping to clean inactive or unconfirmed subscribers
  • Block domain if you don’t want to send email to them anymore

Sendy 4 got a fresh new look. If you are an existing customer and using an earlier version, then you can upgrade for only $29.


MailWizz is one of the complete self-hosted email marketing systems available today. Written in modern PHP and using MySQL as it’s a database, it can run in any web hosting account.


MailWizz makes email marketing accessible to everyone, as simple as possible. It is suitable for both experts and beginners.


  • Add as many accounts as you need in a single install
  • Create regular campaigns, autoresponders or recurring campaigns
  • Send campaigns based on external RSS or JSON feeds
  • Get detailed reports related to your campaigns and share these reports with anyone
  • Send your emails with any SMTP server or a well-known solution such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, SparkPost, PepiPost, ElasticEmail, etc.
  • Import your subscribers from CSV, text or external database
  • Create as many custom fields as you need for your subscribers
  • Segment your list based on custom fields and target only the right segments

You can actually start your email marketing business as a SaaS. Check out the features page to find out more.


Mailtrain is a newsletter application and mail listing app built on top of Nodemailer, Node.js & MySQL under a GPL v3 license.


It is a great tool that offers automation along with analytics and works well for large mailing lists, typically of millions of subscribers.


  • You can add mail addresses of your subscribers manually or import them from CSV
  • Through merge tags, you can add various tools like custom fields, including text fields, numbers, drop downs & checkboxes.
  • You can even filter the subscriber list and send emails to specific subscribers that match the segmentation rules predefined by you
  • It allows you to create landing pages for actions like unsubscribing from the list
  • Apart from self-hosting, you can also use various services like Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), SparkPost, SendGrid, Mailgun that support SMTP protocol

The great thing is it’s FREE.


NeuvoMailer is a feature-rich self-hosted e-newsletter and email list management system which comes with an autoresponder software.

You can access all the features of NuevoMailer for a one-time license fee. It is a cost-effective tool mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises.



  • You can manage unlimited subscribers and mailing lists
  • If you find any inactive or dormant subscribers, you can remove them
  • NuevoMailer supports single and recurring email campaigns, drip campaigns and triggers
  • You can generate custom landing pages, build a form and keep a check on your progress by tracking real-time reports and charts
  • NuevoMailer is easy to use and learn

Dada Mail

Dada Mail is an open-source email and list management tool written in Perl.

Licensed under GNU General Public License, Dada Mail was introduced in January 2000 as Mojo Mail.



  • Since Dada Mail is browser-based, the main part of the program runs as a simple CGI script rather than a daemon process. So the overall security is improved.
  • Individual subscribers can edit their profiles based on preferences
  • You can send emails in batches ensuring that the host doesn’t get showered with a huge number of emails
  • Apart from an email address, you can create form fields for acquiring other information of your subscriber like first name, last name, city, etc.
  • You can also capture the content of a particular URL and send it to users in your subscriber list


MoonMail is another platform to send email marketing newsletters that offers unlimited campaigns and unlimited subscribers for a reasonable price.


  • One of the prime reasons for MoonMail to be included in this list is its incredibly simple User Interface. You can use a demo account to get a gist of how MoonMail works. Its dashboard predominantly displays a graph showing results of the previous email campaign along with several other tabs which are self-explanatory.
  • You can easily create beautiful email templates using the built-in Bee Editor Plugin and Template library
  • MoonMail’s live chat support currently supports ten languages
  • Its Email validation tool can help you in finding invalid email addresses from your lists


Octeth is a feature-packed email marketing software from the founders of Sendloop, which has over 4000 clients in around 80 countries.



  • You can log activities for your subscribers, use their data such as their name, age, address, etc. and even set-up autoresponders.
  • You can seamlessly generate forms using their form designer
  • With Octeth, you get subscription and unsubscription alerts through emails as well as ping
  • You can use their wizard to design your email as well as save it as a template
  • Octeth lets you set up autoresponders for sending regular emails to your subscribers
  • After integrating Octeth with PreviewMyEmail, you can test your email design on more than 4o email clients


Mautic is available in two flavors – self-hosted and cloud-based.

You can download the self-hosted version from and then follow the essential setup guide for its configuration.


  • It is open-source and has an active community
  • It is quite easy to install and has minimum server requirements
  • You can create contacts and segment them
  • Apart from creating email campaigns, you can also create landing pages and forms
  • Since it is open-source, new features and enhancements are regularly introduced

Mautic is FREE.

 Dada Mail

12 open-source free self-hosted email marketing solutions

Dada Mail

Dada Mail is self-hosted, it is installs with minimal dependencies on email marketing. It is licensed under the GPL license and works on all three major operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux). Dada Mail written in Perl.

Among Dada mail features we can manage an email mailing list, which would save a lot of time and work, it supports archiving, viewing, searching, resending, Amazon SES, SMTP, and many other features. It comes with a web-based installer and supports click through tracking, mass mail scheduling. It also supports multiple SQL backend flavors. Dada Mail bundles all of its CPAN Perl module dependencies.

Dada Mail provides a lot of documents about how to use the software on their official website.

You can download it from the official website, or access the source code on GitHub.

Piler (Linux)

12 open-source free self-hosted email marketing solutions

“Piler” is an email archiver as Docker image and initialized in 2012 as proprietary software, this program became open source in 2017 and licensed under the MIT License.

You’ll find all the basic features in any email software available in Piler as well; support archiving and retention rules, digital fingerprinting and verification, deduplication, Office 365 and has a nice GUI. It is written in PHP. However, what makes Piler special is supporting several authentication methods (AD/LDAP, SSO, Google OAuth, 2 FA, IMAP, POP3). finally, there’s a demo which allows you easily to try.
Unfortunately, one of the cons of Piler is that it does not provide binaries for Windows and macOS, but just for Linux distributions.


Self-hosted email marketing service is one of the most efficient, economical and feature-rich way to send marketing emails. Unlike other free email marketing tools like aweber and mailchimp, free self hosted email marketing software doesn’t force users to reflect on the number of subscribers and segment them into different categories. So it becomes easier to convert new leads from the very time when they open their inbox.

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