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Hr and Payroll Software Open Source

This is a HR and Payroll Management System Open Source, it has your time-off request and submits to manager for approval, appointments of other staffs like interview, courses, training & make their schedule in this system.

Free hr management system that automates all of your company’s human resource needs. Our open source software offers a set of tools that allow you to manage your personnel at a fraction of the cost with far greater efficiency than current paid systems. Open Source Hr Software is an online solution that allows you to add users, portfolios and more without purchasing any additional software.


This India-based HR tool is a payroll software which includes modules for employee management, leave, attendance, and payroll. It uses a cloud-based system which is user-friendly and has very a very easy setup process. It provides an end-to-end solution for all your payroll activities, making it an affordable, convenient and easily adaptable answer to all HR related payroll issues. The most exciting part is that this payroll tool is absolutely free of cost for up to 19 users!


  • Variety of modules such as Recruitment, Sales and InvoicingProject Management etc.
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders-clients, employees, vendors
  • Ongoing continuous system support
  • Cloud-based interface
  • Easy implementation and user-friendly design


This is an established open source solution that combines time-tracking and payroll. It has the capability to run on non-Windows operating systems and undertakes all activities of payroll processing. Timetrex is a complete miracle worker and ensures that scheduling, attendance, and payroll can be processed in the matter of a few clicks! TimeTrex’s payroll module is straightforward, multi-platform has a choice of deployments and a range of support options. It is completely free of cost and an open source payroll system interface available for use.


  • Advanced payroll tax calculator to compute taxes
  • Direct electronic transfer of funds to employees
  • Provides support to the third party outsource providers
  • Detailed electronic pay stubs for each employee
  • Customizable reporting with various graphic designs


This flexible payroll improves payroll management for employers and helps enhance productivity. Its super-efficient system streamlines your payroll process, improves productivity and simplifies administration. OpenPro software performs a number of specialized services ranging from calculating payroll checks with individual deductions to maintaining sensitive employee information. OpenPro payroll is also updated to include international payroll process and reporting. This is a completely open source and free payroll software, making it a boon for all budding enterprises.


  • Keeps effective, up-to-date employee records
  • Manages employee salaries and pay grades
  • Tracks employee benefit plans
  • Documents employee performance and attendance.
  • Create employee policy records
  • Ensures government compliance and organizational reporting requirements

TimeTrex Community Edition

TimeTrex community Edition is one of the most popular free and open source payroll software which has been developed by a network of volunteers from over 50 countries around the world. Its versatile features and ability to customize has helped businesses to automate their time and attendance, and streamline their payroll operations.


Key Features

  • Easy and flexible scheduling which can be accessed by the employees from any web browser and linked with their mobile device
  • Includes integrated attendance and payroll
  • Deposits salary directly to the account of the employee
  • It allows you to generate a variety of tax reports including Canadian and other International tax reports
  • Helps in generating comprehensive electronic pay stubs for each employee which can be viewed online or printed whenever required
  • It supports external payroll tools like QuickBooks, Paychex, Ceridian, SurePayroll, etc.

Have you already used TimeTrex Community Edition? Please leave your review here.

Baraza HCM

The Baraza HCM is a free and open source payroll software which is a perfect blend of human resource activities and payroll. Starting from employee hiring to retiring; this solution ensures that all the processes towards the welfare of the employees are done accurately at the right time. Moreover, it helps the HR department of the organization to comply with Industry’s required practices.


Key Features

  • Manages employee information
  • Streamlines operations relating to allowances, deductions, advance, benefits, loans, etc.
  • Ensures that the payroll processing method is as per statutory guidelines
  • Manages the salary scale of each employee
  • Deposits salary directly into the employees’ bank account
  • Ensures seamless pension management for retired employees

Have you already used Baraza HCM? Please leave your review here.


IceHrm is a free and open source payroll solution with versatile features. Starting from employees information management to facilitating payslip download; everything relating to payroll is included in this single software. It supports multiple pay periods, and so whether you are paying your employees, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, this software can help you in streamlining the entire payroll process.


Key Features

  • Helps in storing and managing complete details about the company including connectivity between the departments and branches
  • Allows you to manage entire employees information from a single screen. Also, you can search for the qualifications and skills, and other employee details easily
  • You can terminate the employment contracts and store the ex-employees’ records
  • It has the ability to save the history of changes in employee records and notifying who have done these changes
  • Manages leave requests sent by the employees and allows managers to approve/disapprove those requests
  • It can create customized rules to generate payroll and export the payroll data in CSV format
  • Allows to manage timesheet and attendance of the employees
  • It can manage travel related allowances of the employees
  • Enables role-based permission settings
  • Employees can download payslips on their own



ADP offers robust payroll services for small and growing businesses.

ADP is a leader in providing outsourced HR for large-scale companies. But, they offer the RUN service, which compiles decades of HR experience into an easy-to-use software.

With ADP RUN, you’ll find standard features like easy tax filing, automated payroll, direct deposit, compliance for all 50 US states, along with mobile and web-based timecards for employees.

There are also integrated HR features like employee health insurance, retirement services, and built-in onboarding processes for new employees.

ADP doesn’t share its pricing publicly.

But, the pricing is custom to your business. If you only need payroll assistance, this will be cheaper than bundling payroll and HR software together.

The more expensive plans offer features like employee background checks, integration with ZipRecruiter, and more advanced payroll features like unemployment tax deductions and wage garnishment.

Expert Review: We believe ADP is the best long-running payroll and HR provider for business who need a wide range of services. However their pricing may feel unfriendly towards small businesses.


This is multi-dimensional software that matches the needs of both small and large organizations. Paymaster assists managers to create the salary structure of all employees and a payroll summary as well. It can also handle cost accounting by analyzing and reporting wage costs to multiple branches and departments, different pay rates, etc. This is a free and open source payroll software, which makes it a must try for any firm in order to magnify end line results!


  • Includes electronic fund transfer credit system
  • Online Employee self-service functionality
  • Access to all reports and pay slips (24/7)
  • Controls global tax compliance and risk issues
  • Provides online support
  • User-friendly interface and template design


This is a popular online payroll software suite designed to provide you with a simple and efficient way to manage the HR records and payroll of your business online. Talypayroll is the complete solution for all payroll related processes of any organization. It has a number of innovative features and can be customized to suit your specific business needs. The best part about it is absolutely open source payroll software and easily available for use.


  • Creates, prints payslips and saves to PDF
  • Weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll runs
  • Online payroll software support for employee loans
  • Data securely stored on company servers
  • Free version supports up to 5 employees per company
  • Online payroll software support for directors, independent contractors, and hourly pay
  • Employees can view their own payslips online


This tool is a lifesaver for HR managers as it provides full-featured payroll software and service with professional support, for free! It provides a gamut of novel features that completely handles the end-to-end payroll processing of organizations in the most effective manner. Payroll4free is a versatile, flexible and speedy software interface that can manage any size payroll with the most sophisticated and intricate requirements.


  • Cloud-based interface
  • Option to give employees paper checks or direct transfers
  • Time Management and Scheduling of Employees
  • Manages taxes and deductions
  • A large variety of report templates
  • Option to import data from the time clock
  • Live, 24/7 customer support


Enterprise HR & Payroll software is one of the most important components in any enterprise system. It manages employee records, the details of compensation, work timings, taxes, leaves and much more. An open source payroll management system can save time, money and effort of a company. Open source systems are ubiquitous with respect to the various advantages that it boasts over its proprietary competitors.

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