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Open Source Process Simulation Software

Welcome to Manufacturing Simulation Software Open Source article! Here you will find a detailed description of this software and also practical advice about how to choose a open source tools for software development.

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OpenModelica is a free and open source simulation software based on modeling specially designed for research, teaching, and industrial usage. Researchers, students, or interested developers can participate in the project and add value to the tools and functionality of OpenModelica. Open Source Modelica Consortium (OSMC) is a non-profit organization which supports the long-term development of this software.


Key Features

  • Includes compiler which can interact using API
  • Allows creation and modification of the models
  • Its interactive command-line interface session handler has simple editing functions apart from parsing
  • Includes lightweight notebook editor which can represent and edit hierarchical text documents
  • Has python-based interactive session handler for Modelica scripting


Open Simulator is an open source multi-user and multi-platform 3D application server which can be used to create a virtual environment. This virtual environment can be accessed through multiple protocols and a variety of clients. It is written using C#, which runs both on Windows over the .Net Framework and on Unix-like machines over the Mono framework.


Key Features

  • Can support multi-user & online 3D environments
  • Can create from one to thousands of simulators
  • Can support 3D virtual spaces of variable size
  • Can support multiple clients that create 3D content in real-time
  • Can support inworld scripting using LSL/OSSL
  • Includes scene plugin modules which can provide unlimited ability to customize virtual world applications


Logisim is a free simulation software used by students as an educational tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits. It is quite simple to learn its basic concepts relating to logic circuits. It can also be used to design and simulate entire CPUs for educational purposes. It has the capacity of building larger circuits from smaller subcircuits and draw bundles of wires with a single mouse drag.


Key Features

  • It can run on any machine that supports Java 5 or later. Also, there are special versions released for MacOS X and Windows.
  • Includes the drawing interface which is based on an intuitive toolbar
  • It has color-coded wires which aid in simulating and debugging a circuit
  • Saves completed circuits into a file, exports to a GIF file, or prints on a printer
  • Has the ability to use circuit layouts as subcircuits of other circuits, allowing for hierarchical circuit design
  • Includes “combinational analysis” module that allows for conversion between circuits, truth tables, and Boolean expressions
  • Its circuit components include inputs and outputs, multiplexers, flip-flops, gates, arithmetic circuits, and RAM memory
  • It has a wiring tool that draws vertical and horizontal wires which automatically connect to components and other wires


OpenSurgSim is an open-source simulation solution made to create a dedicated and real-time surgical simulation. It has an open framework that includes the required building blocks for surgical simulations like native device support, graphics, haptic feedback, discrete collision detection, physics simulation. Being quite flexible, OpenSurgSim allows developers to refactor the physics engine, ODE solvers, swap models, or linear system solvers. OpenSurgSim is an open-source project dedicated to real-time surgical simulation. It offers an open framework that includes the necessary building blocks for surgical simulations, such as native device support, haptic feedback, graphics, discrete collision detection, and physics simulation. OpenSurgSim is flexible. Developers can refactor the physics engine, swap models, ODE solvers, or linear system solvers.


Key Features

  • Allows high fidelity tissue interactions
  • Provides lifelike haptic feedback
  • Allows actual surgical tool usage and manipulation
  • Based on the simulator development foundation
  • Includes realistic graphics
  • Facilitates tracking
  • Provides comprehensive metrics
  • Has minimally invasive and open surgical capabilities
  • Includes one, two, and three-dimensional objects
  • Includes FEM and mass-spring systems


DWSIM is a software for modeling, simulation, and optimization of steady-state chemical processes. It is the most popular open source simulation software that can be used for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. DWSIM is a multiplatform, CAPE-OPEN compliant chemical process simulator for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS. It is available for download from here. DWSIM allows chemical engineering students and practicing engineers to model process plants using rigorous thermodynamic and unit operations models.It is written in Visual Basic and features a comprehensive set of unit operations, advanced thermodynamic models, support for reacting systems, petroleum characterization tools, and a fully-featured graphical interface. Definitely should be one of the solutions on the top of your list if you are new in the process simulation or would like to get the results for a less complex process problem. It has the great number of important features, most of those that we are used to from using standard simulator packages. Some of them are:

  • VLE, VLLE, SLE and Aqueous Electrolyte calculations using Equation of State, Activity Coefficient and Chao-Seader models,
  • Supports CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations and Thermo 1.0/1.1 Property Packages,
  • Exposes Property Packages as CAPE-OPEN 1.1 Thermodynamic Equilibrium and Property Calculators,
  • Supports ChemSep’s Component Database and Column Model,
  • Process Flowsheet Diagram (PFD) Drawing Interface,
  • Rigorous Distillation/Absorption Column models,
  • Support for Chemical Reactions and Reactors,
  • Characterization of Petroleum Fractions using bulk properties and/or ASTM/TBP, distillation curves and creation of Hypothetical Components using UNIFAC groups,
  • Multivariate Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis utility,
  • Excel Interface for Thermodynamic Calculations,
  • Standalone Thermodynamics Library,
  • Component Creator Utility for user-defined components.

COCO simulator

The other process simulator that comes with the bunch of features is called COCO. Behind this exotic name is another free-of-charge process simulator, non-commercial, graphical, modular and CAPE-OPEN compliant simulator for steady-state and sequential simulation process modeling. It was originally intended as a test environment for CAPE-OPEN modeling tools but now provides a free chemical process simulation for students. It is an open flowsheet modeling environment allowing anyone to add new unit operations or thermodynamics packages.

A list of features includes:

  • Thermodynamics for Engineering Applications, 
  • the CAPE-OPEN Unit-operations Simple package is shipped with COCO. It contains a splitter, a mixer, heat exchangers, pumps and reactors amongst other unit operations. 
  • Reaction Numerics package.

The free package comes with certain limitations in calculations, such as limitation to 40 compounds, but can definitely be used for some simplified or short-cut modeling. What is especially beneficial is the collection of free sample flow sheets available for download at their web-site. Sample flow sheets include prepared examples such as:

  • Pressure swing azeotropic distillation of methanol and acetone,
  • Benzene-toluene-xylene divided wall column,
  • Methanol synthesis from syngas,
  • Combined heat and power cycle.


AnyLogic is a simulation modeling tool created by the AnyLogic Company. It provides some of the best simulation software solutions available today. Providing a multi-method simulation that supports system dynamics, agent-based and discrete event methodologies. This software can simulate a multitude of events in various industries such as project management, road traffic, aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, markets and competition, supply chain and logistics, business processes, retail and ecosystem dynamics.

AnyLogic Simulation Software is the leading simulation software for artificial and business operations, employed worldwide by over 40 of Fortune 100 companies moment. AnyLogic simulation models enable judges, masterminds and directors to gain deeper perceptivity and optimize complex systems and processes across a wide range of assiduity sectors, including logistics, manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, defense and mining.

AnyLogic Simulation Software was designed and developed by The AnyLogic Company, a transnational software company operating from theU.S. and Europe with a global network of mates, including Engineering Group and Engineering USA. The software operations offered by The AnyLogic Company and delivered by our platoon include AnyLogic, their flagship general- purpose simulation modeling software and AnyLogic Cloud, a private business pall terrain for pall terrain for simulation model prosecution and integration.

AnyLogic Multimethod Simulation Modeling

Steel Pipe Manufacturing Scheduling with AnyLogic Simulation Software
AnyLogic Simulation Software supports and enables you to develop models using all three ultramodern simulation methodologies. The three styles can be used in any combination, with one software, to pretend business and artificial systems of any complexity. AnyLogic was the first tool to introducemulti-method simulation modeling, and it remains the only software that has that capability on the request moment.

Agent- Grounded Simulation Modeling Agent- grounded simulation modeling focuses on the individual active factors of a system. With agent- grounded modeling, active realities, known as agents, must be linked and their geste
defined. They may be people, homes, vehicles, outfit, products, or companies, whatever is applicable to the system. Connections between them are established, environmental variables set, and simulations run.
Discrete Event Simulation Modeling utmost business processes can be described as a sequence of separate separate events. separate event simulation modeling focuses on these processes in a system at a medium position of abstraction. generally, specific physical details, similar as auto figure or train acceleration, aren’t represented. separate event simulation modeling is extensively used in the manufacturing, logistics and healthcare fields.
System Dynamics Simulation Modeling System dynamics simulation modeling is a largely abstract system of modeling. It ignores the fine details of a system, similar as the individual parcels of people, products, or events, and produces a general representation of a complex system. These abstract simulation models may be used for long- term, strategic modeling and simulation. System dynamics can help you understand complex connections across all areas of business.


MATLAB is perhaps the most popular simulation software on this list. Developed by MathWorks it was primarily created to provide a platform for numerical computing and programming language. An optional toolbox in the software, however, grants it simulation modeling capabilities. MATLAB can perform graphical simulations in multiple domains for all sorts of different systems.


SimScale is one of the top simulation software solutions reinvented for the web. It is a computer-aided engineering product developed by SimScale GmbH. The software is cloud computing based and allows simulations of computational fluid dynamics, thermal simulations, and finite element analysis. SimScale allows easy tests for performance, quick optimization and overall improvement in efficiency. It enjoys support from a large community of engineers, scientists, and designers.


Simul8 is a simulating software created for the purpose of planning, designing and optimizing production, logistics, and manufacturing. It was developed by Simul8 Corporation. The software allows users to come up with computer models that take into account real-world constraints such as failure rates, capacity limits, shift patterns among other factors affecting the efficacy of operation processes.


COMSOL Multiphysics is one of the best simulation software that provides finite element analysis, multiphysics and solver simulations. It was developed by COMSOL Inc. The software allows for simulation of partial differential equations (p.d.e) and physics-based interfaces while also providing an IDE for mechanical, electrical, fluid and chemical applications. Additionally, COMSOL has an API for JAVA and can be integrated with MATLAB via LiveLink.

Like MATLAB, Simulink is developed by MathWorks. Simulink is a programming platform created for modeling, simulating and analyzing dynamical systems. As you would imagine, Simulink is highly integrated with MATLAB, and its primary user interface is a graphical block diagramming tool. Simulink is used mainly in digital signal processing, and automatic control for model-based designs.


Arena is developed by Systems Modelling and ends the list of the best simulation software of the year. It’s a distinct event simulation and automation software that runs on the SIMAN processor. Arena works by letting users build experimental models by placing modules that represent logic and processes. Arena has been designed to integrate with Microsoft Technology such as Excel sheets and Access databases.


Simulation is an approach to engineering and management that aims at the prediction of future performance, based on calculations made from present data. If you have downloaded the top CAD software programs, the Open Source version of the popular FactorySim software program can be found here:

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