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PDF Watermark Remover Chrome

Removing watermark from pdf is not as simple as some people think about it. If you try to do that by using standard methods then it may lead to detrimental results and finally, you may lose your data rather than removing it. But don’t worry here we would like to provide you with the proper and best quality services of watermark removal from pdf files.

Smallpdf (Web)

If you need to edit a PDF online for free, Smallpdf is the tool to use. The app is free for personal use, even though a Pro version is available for power users.

The editor lets you add and remove text, as well as shapes and images. You can upload PDFs directly from your computer, or you can pull files directly from Google Drive and Dropbox. All uploads to the web app use SSL encryption.

When you’ve made the changes, download the new file to your computer.

Smallpdf also comes with a Chrome extension. It lets you edit, merge, split, compress, and convert PDFs directly from your browser.


If you want a user-friendly online PDF editor extension, Allinpdf is a good choice. Using this Chrome extension, you can create PDFs from scratch, convert PDF to other file formats, and so on.

Moreover, you can use editing tools to add, erase, and highlight text. For the security of your documents, it also supports adding passwords to protect PDFs. When you want to make them accessible to everyone, it’s possible to remove the password protection as well.

allinpdf Chrome Extension


DeftPDF is a trustworthy online PDF editor that enables you to edit PDF files in an easy and fast manner. You can unlock PDF files and edit them without effort. To protect some private information, it also supports encrypting PDFs with passwords so that you will be able to share them with others securely. In addition, it enables you to view PDF files, fill in forms, digitally sign documents, and much more.

DeftPDF Chrome Extension

Adobe Acrobat Pro (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

If you deal with dozens of PDFs every day, perhaps as part of your job or studies, it might be worth paying for a premium PDF editing app.

The clear market leader is Adobe Acrobat Pro. It can edit text and images in PDFs, fill forms, compare two versions of a PDF for differences, convert scans into searchable PDF documents, and even validate PDFs for ISO standards. The Pro version also brings advanced editing features to the two mobile apps.

Adobe Acrobat Pro costs $14.99/month.


This is a rich-featured Chrome extension that integrates many types of PDF editing tools you may need. For example, you can add annotations to PDFs by adding some geometrical shapes and lines. If you want to add more elements to the PDF to enrich it, text, images, and watermarks are all available. Moreover, if some sentences contain sensitive information, you can blackout them for privacy.

PDFzorro Chrome Extension

 iLovePDF (Web)

Like SmallPDF, iLovePDF is a free tool to edit a PDF online. The PDF editor forms just one part of a larger suite of PDF tools that includes PDF converters, a PDF watermark stamp, a PDF password remover, and even a PDF repair tool for corrupted files.

The editor isn’t advanced as a paid app, but it can still do the basics. The PDF editor supports text, images, and shapes. You can change the font, text color, and size of any new text you’re adding.

You can upload the PDF you want to edit from your computer, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

If you need to do a lot of converting between PDF and the various Microsoft Office formats, you might want to consider purchasing the company’s desktop software rather than relying on the web app. It costs $9/month.

 PDF-XChange Editor (Windows)

PDF-XChange Editor is a desktop app for Windows. It’s considerably more feature-rich than the free web apps but doesn’t carry the same financial burden as the Adobe software.

The app is free to download and use, as long as you’re prepared to accept a small “Created with PDF-XChange Editor” in the corner of all the PDFs you edit.

The editor lets you add text, comments, and annotations, add watermarks and images, and create new fillable forms. You can also use PDF-XChange Editor to sign documents with either 40/128 bit RC4 or 128/236 bit AES encryption.

Page merging and document redaction is supported, and there’s an optical character recognition tool for extracting text from scanned and photocopied documents.

Have problems with all kinds of pdf watermarks? Yes, it is entirely possible to remove the pdf watermark using simple online utilities. There are several ways to remove watermark from pdf files. Follow these quick, easy steps to remove a watermark in a PDF document quickly. It’s pretty simple and straight to the point.


SmartPDF is a relatively professional PDF converter that can make your work and life easier. This Chrome extension is appropriate for you if you need to convert to and from PDF frequently in your work life. This extension supports many file formats: Word, Excel, PPT, and JPG. Though it does not offer editing tools as other extensions do, the converting feature it provides is worth trying.

Smart PDF Chrome Extension


Kami is one of the best digital classroom tools that offers students and teachers all over the world a collaborative and productive platform. This Chrome extension enables you to share PDFs or other documents and annotate them. Moreover, you can transform your documents, PDFs, and images into interactive ones. Not only documents, but you can also share voice notes, videos, and texts with your students. 

Kami Chrome Extensio

 Sejda (Web, Windows, Mac, Linux)

Sejda is available as a web app or as a desktop app. The editor can edit text and add fields to your PDFs, and there’s a built-in OCR tool.

You can also merge your PDF files and pages, split PDF files into multiple new ones, add signatures, delete pages, and add a password to your document. Watermarks and PDF compression are also supported.

Although Sejda is free to use, it does have some limitations. You can only perform three tasks per day, document size is limited to 50MB and 200 pages, and you can only merge up to 50 pages. The Pro version is $63/year or you can gain access for a week for a one-off fee of $7.95.

Free Watermark Remover is a tool that can be used to remove watermarks on your photos without distorting its original quality. In addition to that, the software is equipped with basic photo editing tools that let you rotate, crop, resize, and flip your pictures. Free Watermark Remover is very easy to use and reliable when you are in a rush to edit your photos. 

Remove unnecessary objects

The presence of watermarks on photos is often distracting and can even reduce the natural stunning beauty of the images. Free Watermark Remover makes sure that even after editing out unnecessary elements in your photos such as watermarks, date stamps, and brand logos, your photo will not lose its original quality. The program will not downgrade your image quality even after applying the changes and edits. 

There are three methods in removing the watermarks, namely Texture Repair, Smooth Filling, and Edge Filling. They all function similarly as they allow you to eliminate unwanted objects by simply letting you select the area of the watermark using available selection tools before clicking the Remove button. The area where the watermark or date stamp was will be automatically filled in by a generated filler that matches the rest of the original photo. There will be no need to worry about any bald or rough patches on the watermark’s previous spot. 

Apply basic edits

Removing watermarks is not the only thing that Free Watermark Remover can do. It also has different tools for basic photo editing that lets you not only play with the image size but add new elements to your photos as well. You can draw new shapes, lines, patterns, and other objects on your pictures, and even add a watermark or logo of your own. If you made a mistake in the edits you have applied, you can easily undo the action you have taken without needing to manually erase anything you did. There may be no advanced editing tools under the program’s sleeve, but its current available functions are enough to turn your photos into decent, usable files that you can upload and present on many platforms.

Simple but helpful

Free Watermark Remover is your go-to editor if you are looking for software that can quickly remove unwanted elements on your photos for immediate use. It can get rid of watermarks, logos, datestamps, and other text or symbols in just a few clicks. Free Watermark Remover is very easy to use, making it a good editing tool for all kinds of users. 

Author’s review


  • Remove watermarks without downgrading photo quality
  • Automatically generates filler
  • Features basic editing tools
  • User-friendly


  • Lacks advanced photo editing features


If you are not similar to using a PDF editor, a user-friendly program is what you need most. 

PDF editor Chrome extension is helpful to change file formats or compress a document before sharing. Besides that, password protection, adding comments are also demanded features.

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