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Open Source Performance Testing Tools for Desktop Application

Open Source Performance Testing Tools for Desktop Application is a book that tries to provide a set of short and precise performance testing recipes. Each recipe covers exactly one technique, without getting too much into theory. This allows the recipes to be applied in practice very quickly after reading them. This book contains real world cases, tested on real world projects. All the tools are Open Source.

Open Source Performance Testing Tools for Desktop Application is a collection of tools for performance testing Windows desktop applications. The tools are targeted at software testers and build test automation engineers.


Jmeter is the most famous one designed for load testing and performance measurement. It is a desktop application having a user friendly GUI which makes it easy for test development and debugging. It has modular structure where core is extended by plug-ins. It is a Java app which is driven by right clicks.

Features of JMeter

  • Hosts technologies like Java Objects, Web HTTP or HTTPS, FTP etc
  • Cross-platform and scalable
  • It supports Multi protocol
  • It uses IDE for recording, debugging, etc
  • Use of JMeter 3.1 Groovy as default programming language


Grinder is a free Java-based load testing framework which is available under open source license. The developer of this tool is Paco Gomez and it is maintained by Philip Aston. It has gone many improvements over the years. It is easy to run and create distributed testing solutions with the use of load injector machines. It consists of Grinder console and Grinder agents.

Features of Grinder

  • TCP proxy
  • Distributed testing that is scalable with agent instances
  • Powered by Python or Closure with Java API
  • It can support multiple protocols
  • Flexible parameterization to create test data
  • It enables post-processing and assertion and also access to test results for verification


Gatling is a stress tool which is built on Scala, Akka and Netty. It is one of the free and open source performance testing tools which is developed and maintained by Stephane Landelle. It consists of a basic GUI to test recorder. This tool consists of Domain-specific language which is easy to read and write tests development.

Features of Gatling

  • Powerful and simple DSL
  • Multi-threaded
  • Extendable
  • HTTP recorder
  • Multiple input sources
  • Understandable load reports
  • Asynchronous and non-blocking approach
  • Flexible validation assertions system

 Micro Focus LoadRunner

Micro Focus_LoadRunner_logo

This is a Micro Focus product which can be used as a Performance Testing tool.  This can be bought as a Micro Focus product from its Micro Focus software division.  Also, it is very much useful in understanding and determining the performance and outcome of the system when there is an actual load.

One of the key attractive features of this testing tool is that it can create and handle thousands of users at the same time.

This tool enables you to gather all the required information with respect to the performance and is also based on the infrastructure.  LoadRunner comprises of different tools – namely, Virtual User Generator, Controller, Load Generator and Analysis.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows and Linux are the favorable OS for this measuring tool.

Rational Performance Tester

Rational Performance Tester

Rational performance tester is an automated performance testing tool that can be used for a web application or a server-based application where the process of input and output is involved. This tool creates a demo of the original transaction process between the user and the web service.

By the end of it, all the statistical information is gathered and they are analyzed to increase efficiency. Any leakage on the website or the server can be identified and rectified immediately with the help of this tool.

This tool can be the best option for building an effective and error-free cloud computing service. This Rational Performance tester was developed by IBM (Rational software division). They have come up with many versions of this automated testing tool.

 System Requirement: Microsoft Windows and Linux AIX are good enough for this performance testing tool.


NeoLoad Logo new

NeoLoad is the most automated performance testing platform for enterprise organizations that continuously test applications and APIs. NeoLoad provides testers and developers automatic test design and maintenance, the most realistic simulation of user behavior, fast root cause analysis and built-in integrations with the entire SDLC toolchain.

NeoLoad lets you reuse and share test assets and results from functional testing tools to analytics and metrics from APM tools. NeoLoad supports a full range of mobile, web and packaged applications, like SAP, to cover all testing needs.

Continuously schedule, manage and share test resources and results across the organization to ensure application performance.

System Requirements:  This tool is compatible with operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Solaris.


k6 is a developer-centric, open-source load testing tool for testing the performance of your back-end infrastructure.

You can also use k6 to start including performance testing into your continuous integration pipelines.

k6 is also  Modern load testing tools built with Go and JavaScript so it integrates well into most developers’ workflow.

  • Clean scripting API
  • Provides distributed & Cloud execution
  • Cool REST API orchestration ability

Github starsIt currently has 11.7k stars on GitHub.


Tsung is an open-source, multi-protocol distributed load testing tool.

  • Can monitor a client’s CPU, memory, and network traffic
  • It has an HTTP recorder
  • Includes HTML reports and graphs
  • Support protocols like HTTP, XMPP, LDAP, etc.

Github starsIt currently has 2.1k stars on GitHub.

Siege Siege

Siege is a command-line HTTP load testing and benchmarking utility. It was designed to help developers measure their code under stress.

  • Supports basic authentication, cookies, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols.
  • Allows its users hit a server with a configurable number of simulated clients. Those clients place the server “under siege.”
  • Great for a simple, brute-force type of testing tool

Github starsIt currently has 4k stars on GitHub.


The Open Source Performance Testing Tools for Desktop Application will help you to run a performance test on your web site. Performance Test Management libraries for Java, C

Open source is most commonly used in the back-end world, but there are also some open source performance testing tools available for applications, such as OpenSTA and SystemTap. These tools allow developers to run tests against applications with less dependency on the development team.

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