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Personal Loan Management Software

Personal Loan Management Software

Personal loan management software is the management of funds by an individual to manage personal debt. Individuals use loan management software because it allows them to have an overview of their financial situation where they can view their financial status without the need for bank statements. Loan management software also allows an individual to develop an accurate budget and debt reduction strategy. These tools also help track expenditure, thereby allowing one to keep a check on what exactly he is spending money on and how much he has spent for certain things.

For those in the office, efficient personal loan management software is a top priority to improve work performance. You can choose a loan management software with an affordable price and stable support. The choice of good loan management software can help you organize all information about your personal loans in one place.

There are so many things to take care of when running a small business. One task that shouldn’t be difficult to manage is the actual money behind your small business. And, by managing your personal finances you can actually streamline your business, saving you time and money in the long run. There are services that offer personal loan management software. If you’re looking for a way to better manage your own personal finances check out this post on top personal loan management software.

Check out our list of free Loan Servicing Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features. If you’d like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Loan Servicing Software to ensure you get the right product.

The criteria for successful loan management software

Every application of this type should assist the client. Offering just one functionality would be a seriously missed opportunity. Nowadays, loan management software acts as the virtual assistant for the client, helping to make the right decisions.

Can I afford this loan? How to manage my wallet better? Do I have the right resources and career perspectives to think about the second loan right after the first one? These are the questions that loan management software can help with. The stakes for financial software are higher than ever. With the vast competition that covers multiple niches, sometimes even at once, there’s a need to break through the noise and offer something truly special. 

That’s why, when creating an app, it’s good to search for the optimal loan lending app development services.

Top Free Loan Servicing Software in 2022

LOANS! for .Net

LOANS! for .Net is a cloud-based and on-premise loan servicing software for small, midsize and large enterprises. It caters to commercial lenders, insurance companies, mortgage lenders, credit unions, financial organizations and banks. Primary features include application tracking, loan accounting, reporting, analytics, investor tracking and processing support. The system allows organizations to manage the loan servicing from application to payoff. Other features include real-time access to information, workflow management, contact management, document management, project tracking, risk management, portfolio assessment, insurance policy management and tax processing. LOANS! for .Net maintains transaction histories, tracks insurance, processes taxes and restructures loans based on what-if analysis. It has an open API and offers integration with general ledger software, workflow management and financial reporting software. Subscription pricing and perpetual licenses are available. Support is offered via phone and email. It is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android web browsers.

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Multiple devices


LOAN SERVICING SOFT is the most advanced Loan Servicing Software on the market! Features: Automated Billing, ACH Electronic Payments, Borrower/Investor Web Portals, QuickBooks Integration. Optional Add-On’s: Doc Prep, Fund Administration, Metro2 Credit Reporting. We specialize in Private Money/Hard Money, Commercial, Construction-Line of Credit lending. Most of our users are Private Money/Hard Money lenders, Alternative lenders, Small Banks and Credit Unions, & Non-Profit/City/State/Tribal gov’t. Ultimately we are a guiding hand and trusted partner with deep knowledge in the areas of lending, loan servicing, trust accounting, banking and fund administration. Our systems can be run via traditional installation and/or cloud including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. We are fully integrated with technologies like DocuSign, QuickBooks, NACHA/ACH, Metro2, Equifax Experian and Transunion. Most importantly, not only do work with the above technologies, but we understand the overall space and this allows us to help our clients navigate the industry to implement robust and cost-effective solutions. LOAN SERVICING SOFT also provides the following features: online loan applications, automated decisioning, workflow and task management, credit pull, automated billing, collections, EFT/E-Check, electronic payments, escrow administration, cash drawer, bank core and banking systems. Contact us today and tell us about your current operation and needs. Chances are we can help!


Contact LOAN SERVICING SOFT for pricing information.

Starting price: 

$7,500.00 one time

Free trial: 


Free version: 

Not Available

Turnkey Lender

TurnKey Lender provides an end-to-end system that automates every step of the lending process, from the loan application and borrower evaluation to origination, underwriting, servicing, collection, reporting, compliance, and more. The system is powered by proprietary deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms that allow for unmatched credit decisioning accuracy and overall security. TurnKey Lender offers loan origination Software powered by proprietary AI-driven technology, machine learning algorithms, and deep neural networks. With this system, loan decisions can be made in under 30 seconds with superior decisioning quality. It is achieved with the help of the TurnKey Lender decisioning engine which allows for in-depth adjustment of the scorecard and decision rules. The system fully automates all steps of the lending process through the loan¿s disbursal.

Turnkey Lender Pricing

Contact Turnkey Lender for pricing details.

Free trial: 


Free version: 


Loan Management System

What is Loan Management System?

Loan management solution that helps manage loan origination & online lending, through dashboards, API integration & more.

Best For

Mortgage & loan management system that enables storefront lenders to manage loan life cycle, analyze portfolios, loan origination, payments, operational workflows & more.

Loan Management System Pricing Overview

They do not have a free version. Loan Management System does not offer a free trial

The Loan Navigator

The Loan Navigator is a loan management solution that offers loan lifecycle management, documentation, team collaboration, workflow management and reporting functionalities within a suite. Both cloud-based and on-premise deployments are available. The Loan Navigator features loan lifecycle management, which allows users to track loan requests from multiple sources. Once loan requests are approved, users can upload the applications using document management systems such as LaserPro. The Loan Navigator also features loan portfolio management, which allows users to track loan performance metrics such as revenue, risk and staff performance. Workflow management tools help users to track new loan requests and the status of documentation. The software offers loan documentation exception management. Users can manage compliance requirements for loan portfolios, and loan comment records help users to track communications involved in the processing of loan requests and approvals.

The Loan Navigator Pricing

Pricing based on loan volume per month

Starting price: 


Free trial: 


Free version: 

Not Available

Bryt Software

About Bryt Loan Management Software

The Bryt Software PROFESSIONAL VERSION is ideal for lending professionals who are looking for a feature-rich loan management system that is intuitive and easy to use.
Our PERSONAL VERSION is designed for non-lenders who need an easy way to automate, monitor and track loans.
Our 30 MINUTE IMPLEMENTATION will get you up and running quickly. Every inch of Bryt is engineered to make your job easier. Our entire interface is intuitive, easy to adopt, and effortless to use.
We are 100% cloud-based, software as a service. We believe in providing our customers with fair and honest pricing. Our monthly fees are based on your number of users and we have a minimal implementation charge. We know you will love our product and our service, so we don’t force you into a long-term contract.


Starting Price:


Pricing Details:

PERSONAL Version starts @ $29/month. PROFESSIONAL Version starts @ $99/month.

Free Version:

Free Version available.

Free Trial:

Free Trial available.


No integrations listed.


Mortgage+Care is a cloud-based and on-premise loan servicing solution for small, midsize and large commercial lenders, banks, nonprofit and economic development organizations. Primary features include loan origination, loan servicing, investor support, trust accounting, collections, fund management and reporting. The loan origination module lets users manage applications, online decisions and a self-service portal. It allows users to manage various types of loans such as term loans, lines of credit, amortized loans, interest only, fixed or step-rate loans. The collection module keeps a track of collections, late letters, reporting and conversation logs. Other features include escrow administration, disbursements, a general ledger, automated check clearing, borrower reporting and investor reporting. Mortgage+Care offers integration with a cloud dialer. Subscription pricing and perpetual licenses are available. Mortgage+Care is compatible with Windows operating systems. Support is offered via phone and email. Other help options offered are documentation, remote support and online meetings.

Mortgage+Care Pricing

SaaS version starts at $295 per month. Contact Mortgage+Care for a price quote.

Starting price: 

$295.00 per month

Free trial: 


Free version: 

Not Available


250+ Employees

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Est. 2012

Bunq is an internationally active mobile bank. bunq offers a range of online financial services, primarily through its own mobile app. The company’s app enables customers to open one free transaction account or up to 25 accounts for a monthly fee. Additionally, customers can request money from friends, split bills, and make payments in real-time.


  • Money Management
  • Financial System
  • FinTech

Visit site

FiServ Construction Loan Manager

250+ Employees

Brookfield, United States

Est. 1984

Designed for financial institutions engaged in high-volume construction lending, Construction Loan Manager from Fiserv tracks all activities associated with construction loans, including budgets, draw schedules and disbursements. A wide range of construction loan products are supported: builder, custom construction, commercial construction, owner/builder and hold back loans. This application provides a single point of entry for all builder, payee and vendor information.


  • Financial Services
  • Online Banking

nCino Construction Loan Administration

250+ Employees

Wilmington, United States

Est. 2012

nCino’s Construction Loan Administration enables financial institutions (FIs) to manage their construction lending portfolios on a single, transparent platform. nCino removes the need to manually re-enter data in a secondary system while allowing FIs to create budget templates and manage the budget without ever leaving the platform. Through a robust draws and disbursements feature, inspections and approvals are incorporated right into the workflow, allowing the FIs to request, approve and track a budget draw throughout its lifecycle. By embedding Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Document Manager into the Construction Loan Administration solution, nCino enables lenders to analyze property performance while eliminating the need for manual paper collection, resulting in a complete construction loan management system.


  • Cloud Banking Software
  • Bank Operating System

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Construction Loan Manager

50-249 Employees

San Luis Obispo, United States

Est. 2010

Land Gorilla offers construction loan management software and services designed to mitigate risk and improve workflow.


  • Construction Loan Software
  • Collateral Valuations
  • Progress Inspections

What is loan management software?

As the term itself implies, it is a part of a bigger ecosystem of loan software. But its function is more specific. It helps people or companies to manage money they lend or borrow. But it’s not that simple. Modern FinTech applications can help with many other things that just simply give people manage funds.

Applications need to verify credit history or at least some level of the loaner’s credibility and then make an assessment. That’s where artificial intelligence (A.I) comes into play. Algorithms, especially behavioral ones, are so advanced they act as a judge and jury. They can screen a client and figure out the credibility level and operational chances of getting the loan back, plus interest. This is now the core of almost every modern loan management software.


While there’s certainly no substitute for in-person conversations, they aren’t always available, much less convenient. Face-to-face meetings are also expensive – especially if both parties live far away from each other! That’s where e-mail comes in. You can contact people thousands of miles away without leaving your office, or bring your whole team together online for a virtual brainstorming session.

You’re probably here, because you have a need to track loans, or have a team that will be utilizing a loan management software. You are interested in learning more about personal loan management software. If that’s correct, then this post will help you understand what you should look for in personal loan management software and alleviate the pressure you might have to feel making sure you find the right one.

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