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Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Unlimited Words

Here is a plagiarism checker that will allow you to check a document of any size. We all know this word length limit because of its services and charges. With our website, you can check a full article at a time with a free tool to ensure the originality of your work.

It is important to ensure that your final product is not only grammatically correct but also presents the ideas you have put in, in an accurate manner. In today’s world where everyone wants to earn an additional buck by writing something, the competition is tough. When you’re publishing a blog post, it might be tempting to find duplicates of your content online and use them as part of your article. However, doing this can get your site in trouble with plagiarism-checkers like Turnitin! We don’t want our site to be penalized, so we need an online plagiarism checker that will take care of the problem for us.

To make sure your writing is not going without merit, it is important that the research you have done about the topic be represented properly in what you write. Here are some that offer unlimited words.

Free Plagiarism Fixer Tool

Originality is what helps college students achieve excellent grades, yet good research assignments must include reliable sources that support argumentation with ideas expressed. When there is no proper referencing or citation is done incorrectly, it leads to plagiarism risks.

Using free plagiarism checker, one can scan any assignment and avoid failed grades even if there was no intention of academic dishonesty. Identify text integrity, check for originality percentage, remove duplicate content, ensuring that your assignment remains unique and plagiarism-free. Are you concerned about your online reputation and the possibility of being accused of plagiarism? The free plagiarism fixer tool can help. This online tool can help you identify potential plagiarism in your work, and provide suggestions on how to avoid committing plagiarism.The plagiarism fixer tool is a Firefox browser add-on that was created by University of Calgary professor Jordan B. Peterson. The add-on uses a variety of algorithms to analyze your content for potential plagiarism. It also offers suggestions on how to improve your writing style in order to avoid falling victim to this type of offense.The plagiarism fixer tool is available for free, and it is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome browsers. You can download the add-on from the Mozilla Add-ons site, or from Google Chrome Web Store.


ProWritingAid is a tool that enables you to check your content against many web pages, academic papers, publish work to ensure uniqueness. It allows you to run a plagiarism report online or through add-in.


  • It helps with self-editing.
  • ProWitringAid provides more than 20 in-depth writing reports.
  • You can integrate it with word, Chrome, Google Docs, Gmail, and more.
  • The tool is easy to use.
  • Supports a wide range of files.
  • It helps you to find instances of your work that includes data, questions, ideas, wording, and more.
  • ProWritingAid enables you to maintain the governorship of your words.

Duplichecker: Best Free Plagiarism Checker

Duplichecker is one of the best free plagiarism checkers for teachers and writers. Duplichecker does not cost a dime so it’s handy if you want to check your writing/school assignments or student submissions on the go. Duplichecker is a computer program that can automatically correct common typing mistakes. It’s available as a free download from the Duplichecker website.Typing errors can be costly, both in terms of time and wasted effort. With Duplichecker, you can avoid them altogether. The program checks your text for typographical mistakes, and provides suggestions for correcting them.If you’re feeling particularly sloppy, you can even let Duplichecker do the work for you. The program includes an Automatic Correction mode, which will automatically correct all the typos in a document.Duplichecker is a great way to get your writing in tip-top shape fast. Whether you’re looking to polish your grammar or tidy up your punctuation, Duplichecker has got you covered.

If you outsource a lot of online content (blog articles) from freelance writers or you are preparing an academic essay, thesis, or any other assignment then Duplichecker is a must-have in your content arsenal.

With Duplichecker, you need to just paste the text in the text box on the top of the page and hit the “check for plagiarism” button. You can also upload a Word Doc if you prefer it that way.


  • Duplichecker is a free online tool to detect plagiarism so you can use it to your heart’s content.
  • It provides over 50 scans for duplicate content each day which is makes it ideal for teachers to bulk check essays/papers.
  • Duplichecker is very easy to use hence there is no learning curve.


  • Each search is limited to 1000 words.
  • You require to create a free account to have more than one search per day.

Recommended readings: Free duplicate content checker is a reliable plagiarism checker tool that focuses on helping teachers, students, online content creators.

It is extremely useful if you want to review your own submission for plagiarized content (unintentional plagiarism) before submitting it to your college professor or content authority.

After you upload your writing, PlagiarismCheck scans and matches your content with a regularly updated database of writing. It then marks the unoriginal content and generates a report of plagiarized content.


  • It is an efficient anti-plagiarism checker or software to check plagiarism that you miss while checking manually.
  • Even if it is a paid tool, it offers one free trial of it’s plagiarism checker so you can use it to see if it matches your expectation.
  • You can upload multiple file formats like Word Doc, PDF, rtf etc directly to the tool.


  • It introduces their paid version after the first free trial.
  • is not cheap. With $0.30 per 275 words it comes out as even more costlier than Grammarly that has a LOT more to offer.
  • It clearly mentions, doesn’t warranty the score so it is not helpful if you’re planning to file a lawsuit for duplicate or unauthentic content.

Quetext: Best Plagiarism Checker & Citation Assistant

Quetext is what started as a basic duplicate content checker but has now achieved some of the coolest features that make it to the top 10 of our list of best plagiarism checkers.

The free version is simple and intuitive where you paste your text on their website and get it matched for duplicate content across a database of web pages and others.

With QueText’s DeepSearch feature you can get your content checked not only against common words but also for contextual plagiarism. With contextual plagiarism, your sentences in the essay get checked as a context of the neighboring lines.

This makes it the best plagiarism checker for students to make sure your essay is error-free before submitting it. Read my detailed Quetext review to know more.


  • Quetext is one of the best free plagiarism detector software for teachers, students, freelance writers and any content creator.
  • Quetext seems to have a better search and match technology where it uses contextual analysis to find duplicate sentences/phrases that other tools can easily ignore.
  • Multiple file uploads (up to 5 files) for bulk checking.
  • Best Free online plagiarism checker with report (exportable PDF reports)


  • The free version doesn’t include DeepSearch Technology
  • Unlimited reports can be used only with the paid version which costs $9.99 per month.

SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker

SmallSEOTools is unique in its own way. It is a platform where one can get several tools with highly lavish features.

Although its plagiarism checker is quite a basic type, people love it as it is totally free of cost.

Once you copy-text then paste in the given space and click the ‘Check for Plagiarism’ button, it would check the text in seconds. You can see the copied text in red.

If you’re looking for a free plagiarism checker then this is one of the best sites to check plagiarism.


  • SmallSEOTools is a simple and effective free online plagiarism checker for students.
  • Offers a variety of other tools which can be helpful if you’re looking to check plagiarism for web content.
  • The ability to upload documents from cloud (google drive and dropbox) makes it a winner in our list of best plagiarism software.


  • The free version is not as effective as premium versions of Grammarly or Whitesmoke’s.


Copyleaks is another free Copyscape alternative that serves as a plagiarism detection tool as well as a copyright protection tool.

With Copyleaks, you can not only find unintentional in your own writing (or students’ essay) but also help you fight content theft by showing you where else your content is used online.

Copyleaks for education allows you to bulk check up to 100 thesis, essays, and research submissions at once which is a great time saver for schools.

One main benefit of Copyleaks is, it offers a free plagiarism checker mobile app to help you on the go.


  • Copyleaks detects plagiarized content in any language
  • Has huge user submitted internal database (for accurate results) that is used to match for similar content.
  • Check submitted text file against one another for plagiarism.
  • They have a business segment that caters to plagiarism detection for SEO agencies and publishers.


  • Copyleaks allows you to scan up to 2500 words per month for free.
  • For more, you need to sign up for their paid version.

Viper Plagiarism Checker (ScanMyEssay)

Viper plagiarism checker claims itself to be the free alternative to Turnitin plagiarism checker. It also displays links to plagiarized work online so that you can identify copycats and protect your intellectual work.

ScanMyEssay is not one of the best plagiarism checkers you can find online (like Grammarly’s) but it serves the purpose if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative.


  • Low-cost alternative to plagiarism checkers like Turnitin and WriteCheck.
  • Checks for unoriginal content from a variety of text files, books, journals etc.


  • Viper is geared towards educational uses and not for bloggers or online publishers.

Developed by the combined efforts of professionals, computer scientists, and academicians, CheckForPlagiarism is appareled with a great number of features.


  • Checks for similarity with internet versions, books, journals and magazine to reduce the scope of copying.
  • Multi-language support to check plagiarism in Spanish, German, French, Italian & English.


  • Absence of free trial.

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WordPress Plagiarism Checker Plugin

If you’re a blogger like me who outsources a lot of content, having a plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress comes in handy. It directly checks any unoriginal content in your posts directly before publishing.

  Recommended:  If you run a WordPress Site, do power it with Elegant Themes (check out my Elegant Themes review here or get Elegant Themes discount coupons here.


  • Sits in the dashboard and quite useful for bloggers.


  • Hasn’t been updated in the last 4 years (while this doesn’t imply that it is not secure to use).


Plagium helps you compare two documents side by side to detect similar content in them. It also helps you check your thesis, paper for duplicate content published not only across the web but also on social media sites like Facebook.

This unique feature has earned Plagium the 12th spot in our list of best plagiarism checkers online.

This helps you find if someone has copied from social media sites or not.


  • Institutional account is available for multiple users in an institution.
  • You can check your text directly on the web page you get on by clicking the above link.
  • The paid version has multiple file uploading feature where you can compare similarity of two writings.


  • You have to signup to get access to more features.
  • free version allows you only quick search and you need paid account to perform deep search.


Plagiarism is a serious issue. It has been known to cause a lot of issues in the educational world, as well as in some corporate businesses. That is why you definitely want to ensure that your content is definitely unique and not copied from the web. In order to be sure that your work will not be compromised, make use of a free online plagiarism checker free for the full document, a plagiarism checker without word limit free, plagiarichecker, or a Turnitin plagiarism checker free.

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