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Best Platform for Teaching Online Fitness Classes

The rise in popularity of online fitness classes has brought on a new opportunity for trainers to make money online by teaching other people to exercise. ​If you are interested in teaching online fitness classes, it’s important that you have the right tools. Which is why my company developed Virtual Fitness Software – an easy-to-use platform for anyone looking to teach online fitness classes .

To teach online fitness classes, you need to use the best online fitness class platform, virtual fitness software for managing an online fitness business. Using the right tools can help you to manage your classes, client communication, roster, attendance reports and more. If you are a fitness coach and want to start your own online fitness classes without hiring a professional web development company, choose the best platform for teaching online fitness classes.


ShapeNet is an all-in-one cloud-based fitness club management software that allows for unlimited one-on-one coaching sessions and group webinars. The platform offers on-site training for your team, seminars, and is easy to use. This virtual fitness platform is geared towards users with yoga studios, health and wellness facilities, or who own a franchise gym. It provides branding and advertising space via the member portal homepage, integration to Facebook, and an RSS feed as well as state-of-the-art security features.


  • 300+ videos in the video-on-demand library
  • Live remote training with secure access
  • Stream your classes anywhere
  • Create your own workout programs with the video program builder
  • Access to existing programs created by experts
  • Add your own video content
  • Sell directly from your own website
  • Videos can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or mobile app


By quote.


With Virtuagym, you can provide members 24/7 access both on-site and at home through live workout videos, virtual training, meditations, challenges, and more. The platform allows for automated billing, member and staff management, a customized app, simple scheduling, easy booking, and more.


  • Automate billing
  • Manage memberships and staff
  • Customized app with your own brand elements
  • Simplify scheduling online and on-site, and enable easy booking
  • 3 mobile apps that allow you to handle all aspects of personal training
  • Exercise and nutrition guidance, progress tracking, and other coaching tools
  • Keep clients motivated with challenges, rewards, and an online community


By quote.


GymMaster helps you reduce risk to your business by offering members the chance to work out online at home. It integrates easily with Zoom and even has a trial option so you can let non-members see if they want to subscribe. With GymMaster, you can run dedicated online classes or live streams with just a click. Members can join a class from your timetable and the app sends out booking reminds and emails.


  • Integrates with Zoom
  • Configurable attendee permissions
  • Run dedicated online classes
  • Live stream with a single click


GymMaster offers four plans:

  • Studio: $62.10/month when billed annually; $85/month when billed monthly.
  • Standard: $89.10/month when billed annually; $99/month when billed monthly.
  • Professional: $170.10/month when billed annually; $189/month when billed monthly.
  • Enterprise: By quote.


WellnessLiving is another all-in-one solution that helps streamline your operations through integrate payment gateways, staff and client apps, automation marketing, and more. The multi-channel booking options make it easy to increase attendance, reach more clients, get your classes filled, and deliver excellent customer service. WellnessLiving also has a partnership with Google so you can use the Reserve with Google feature, allowing people to find and book classes through searches and map results. With WellnessLiving, you’ll be able to provide live classes, consultations, and private instruction entirely online if you choose. You can even implement direct mail campaigns from the software to build relationships and keep your brand top of mind.


  • Easy multi-channel booking options
  • Reserve with Google integration
  • Customizable widgets for your website or Facebook page
  • Integrates with Zoom
  • Customized video-on-demand channel
  • Dynamic marketing tools
  • Built-in SEO


WellnessLiving offers four plans:

  • Basic: $59/month.
  • Advanced: $99/month.
  • Professional: $129/month.
  • Enterprise: By quote. 

Endorsed by many of the leading brands in the sector Exercise gym management software makes it easy to manage your business with custom-branded apps and websites, appointment scheduling, gym membership management, staff management, and payment processing. Whether your personal training clients are in the gym, on the road, in-between sessions, or are pro athletes, the workout software from Exercise allows you to deliver workouts for any training scenario. 


Mindbody is making its video and live streaming tools free for a limited time. Fitness studios that use Mindbody’s platform can offer virtual workouts to their clients using nothing more than a smartphone. Virtual classes are integrated with Mindbody’s software, so clients can login to their accounts and book virtual classes just like they would book traditional in-person sessions. Gyms can also create online libraries of pre-recorded workout content with limited client-only access. Mindbody’s system supports most common video formats. Live streaming is being provided free of charge to businesses through June 30th.

Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful Online Monthly Subscription

Ballet Beautiful Online Monthly Subscription$40BUY AT BALLET BEAUTIFUL

Price: From $4 per video, or $40 per month after a $16 one-month trial period.

Type: Ballet-inspired barre.

Length: 4 to 20 minutes; on-demand.

Tester: Chloe Anello, who has been doing Ballet Beautiful three times a week for about two years and almost every day in quarantine.

Tl;dr: If you don’t have a lot of time (or the attention span), Ballet Beautiful breaks down targeted and effective ballet-like workouts into as little as four minutes.

What It’s Like: I don’t remember how I found Ballet Beautiful — probably Instagram — but I do remember thinking, “Six minute videos? I can do that.” And in the past two years of trying probably a dozen or so online workout subscriptions, it’s the one I’ve really stuck to. Because former New York City Ballet dancer Mary Helen Bowers, the founder and instructor, breaks the workouts into small, targeted videos that vary from a 4-minute ab workout to a 16-minute lunge routine, I can stay focused on the task at hand. I mostly enjoy her mat routines and think I’ve seen the most improvements in my strength from those, even though they’re at most eight minutes each. I improved my flexibility doing her daily dance stretch routine — which has elements of yoga in it as well as classic (I think) ballet stretches — and I seriously think it’s helped me sleep better since I started doing it every night to wind down.

I don’t pay for the monthly streaming membership; I actually buy the workout videos because I’m very loyal and stick with the same ones for a few months until I decide I need a new challenge. The monthly membership gives you access to all of her classes — I can only watch the ones I bought — so if you like variety, that route might be a good choice for you. The videos are clearly labeled for beginner, intermediate, or advanced students, so Ballet Beautiful works well for all levels, and I’ll probably continue doing it until I become a so-called advanced student.

be.come Project

be.come Project Online Subscription

be.come Project Online Subscription$35BUY AT BE.COME PROJECT

Price: $35 per month with a ten-day free trial.

Type: Pilates.

Length: 25 minutes; on-demand.

Tester: Dominique Pariso, who picked this workout up about two weeks ago.

Tl;dr: The be.come Project focuses on one Pilates routine per week with demonstrations for how to modify each move based on your body type and accessibility.

I decided to try the be.come Project after reading this review on the Cut, and it’s quickly become my new favorite. Founded by SLT alum Bethany C. Meyers, the digital fitness platform posts only one new 25-minute workout every week that combines all the feel-good elements of Pilates, yoga, and dance. I think the most frustrating part of digital fitness is that trying to watch your screen as you move can become distracting. The one-routine-a-week method provides a clever antidote. As the week progresses, and my body learns the moves, the workouts become almost meditative. The platform is focused on accessibility. The other demos in each video are actual clients with a range of body types and Meyers really takes the time to explain modifications. They also post tutorials breaking down common mistakes for each sequence, which has been so helpful. My form has improved a lot, and I’m not waking up in the morning with any back pain. Another brilliant feature is the video player’s music mode: Turn it down to hear only instruction, up to hear only the playlist, or keep it in the middle to listen to both.

The Class by Taryn Toomey

The Class by Taryn Toomey Digital Studio

The Class by Taryn Toomey Digital StudioFrom $40BUY AT TARYN TOOMEY

Price: $40 per month with a 14-day free trial.

Type: Pilates-yoga-HIIT hybrid.

Length: 60 minutes; live and on-demand.

Tester: Dominique Pariso, who did the 14-day free trial during quarantine.

Tl;dr: For a full-body Pilates workout that’s beloved by celebrities, The Class offers live classes seven days a week with access to on-demand videos in their digital library.

I had always been intrigued by The Class — beloved by celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Naomi Watts — but never managed to make it to the studio for an in-person experience. Luckily, they launched a digital platform, which broadcasts classes live seven days a week, and I now have nothing but time on my hands. The Class is basically broken down into three elements: calisthenic heart-pumping moves like burpees, jumping jacks, and squats; mat Pilates–style moves on the floor; and then something I can only describe as a “jumping around” section where you, well, jump around. Periodically, you’re asked to pause and place your hands on your body. The intention here is to listen to your heartbeat and your breath while an instructor coos affirmations at you, but I always took it as an opportunity to guzzle water. Overall, I liked the Class, but I do think that figuring out which instructor’s style you like best matters. While some teachers like Jaycee and Karla keep me engaged the whole time, there were others I turned off halfway through. After a 14-day free trial, a subscription will cost you $40 a month, and The Class doesn’t require any equipment besides a yoga mat to get started. A membership gets you access to livestreamed classes, as well as an on-demand library of 10 to 35 minute Focus classes and 60 minute Collaboration classes led by founder Taryn.


When you decide to open your gym, then choosing right software or online platform for teaching fitness classes is a must. Even if you don’t want a website or online presence, but still thinking that you need exactly right platform for teaching online fitness classes.

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