Productivity Apps for Business

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When it comes to “Being Productive” there is no question that you must use the right tools. These products are known as productivity apps. These products are able to help you be organized, organized, productive and influential almost instantly, whether you’re just starting your business, working on your taxes or need help writing that next great blog post.

Here are the best tools that could make you productive.


Credit: Basecamp

Basecamp is a go-to collaboration solution for many organizations. Basecamp is a communication tool where you can manage projects, your team and company-wide communication. Each designated project features different sections to help you better manage the process: a to-do list, a message board, a schedule, a place to save files and a “campfire” chat for general team communication. Threads are a pillar of the Basecamp model. This allows you and members of your team to get updated on the progress of an individual project or discussion with just a quick glance. [Looking for online project management software? Check out our best picks]

Basecamp is more expensive compared to some other solutions, but the company argues the features and capability make it a better solution than using a combination of other tools. Basecamp Business is available for $99 per month.

Basecamp Key Features

  • Project management
  • Communication

Basecamp Price

  • Personal: Free
  • Business: $99/month

Credit: is a program that, like Asana and Basecamp, focuses on organizing your tasks and creating a central point of communication for your team. You can easily create tasks within a project and add steps to each task or group tasks.

Real-time updates on activity and integrations with third-party services make a productivity favorite. This app maintains a clear timeline of each project and creates knowledge bases in which you can store documents and other information related to your projects. has a variety of plans for businesses to choose from. Key Features

  • Project management
  • Communication Price

  • Basic: $8/seat per month (minimum 3 seats)
  • Standard: $10/seat per month (minimum 3 seats)
  • Pro: $16/seat per month (minimum 3 seats)


pocket free productivity tool

The web is not a static resource, things are dynamic and always changing, and website links is what it is all about. Even your business homepage is a link in itself, but when you’re doing concise research on subjects important to you, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of content overload, without ever managing to collect and manage all the important stories within a single dashboard, until now. Pocket is your digital library of the most interesting, useful, and insightful stories that you find on the web.

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Having such a library can help you better organize your digital presence, understanding, and gives you the tools to keep track of the influential people in your niche. It’s simple to use, chrome users can install a simple extension that adds a Pocket button to your toolbar, whenever you stumble upon a website that you really enjoy. Just click the button and it is saved in your library, and if you like you can add custom keywords and descriptions, so that later on you remember the exact reason why you saved the link in the first place. Pocket is also kind enough to send out an email every day with the top stories as voted by the users, this can give you the edge to save time by not having to research top stories on your own.Download


freedcamp productivity tool
Freedcamp is a free productivity tool that helps you get started immediately. This outstanding project management solution is full of great features, even if you go with the free kit. It does not really matter what you are planning; keep it organized and execute it successfully with Freedcamp. Some of the key features of this software include tasks, calendar, file management, milestones, discussions, time tracking and more. Keep in mind, the free plan comes with all the essential features, as well as unlimited tasks, storage, users and projects. Take your productivity to an entirely different level, save time and avoid the hassle with Freedcamp.Download

The Omni Group

the omni group free productivity tool

The Omni Group is a software company that builds tools for Apple products: the Mac, iPad tablet, and iPhone smartphone. Their flagship productivity app is called OmniFocus, an individual piece of software developed for the purpose of helping users stay on top of things in tasks related to work, productivity, and other forms of document management. You can create dynamic lists of things to do, and add custom layers of tasks. These layers can be tasks that you already did or tasks that you still need to work on.

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This way, you can encourage yourself to keep pushing through individual tasks knowing that you’re already making progress. The design is amazing, totally beautiful and will leave you stunned at the possibilities that Mac can provide for its users. The price, for an app of this scale, is really not so bad, and they’re constantly promoting their affordable offers so you could always upgrade to Pro for a reasonable price, needless to say, that putting a price on productivity is impossible, these tools will pay themselves back within days of using them.Download


ifttt free productivity tool

When you’re running a business, every minute of your time counts, and the more time you lose the less productive you’re going to be in the long run. IFTTT is a recipe site built for managing and automating anything that you do online. It integrates with hundreds of popular web services that you can stitch together and perform automated tasks based on your requirements. Gmail users can use IFTTT to send automatic replies, and those who manage social media can configure a selection of recipes to send one piece of content to other social media networks just by posting on one site alone.

Other interesting productivity recipes include a streamlined way to schedule meetings, custom reminders for tasks that need to be finishes, ability to categorize important emails coming to your inbox, you can use IFTTT to sync your files across different cloud services so that they become accessible to everyone, you can even track the amount of time you’re spending on different tasks.. to truly test your ability to remain productive.Download


mailchimp free marketing productivity tool

They say, digital marketers, that money is always on the list, it’s not far from the truth. With such large changes in the way that digital advertising works, thanks AdBlock! There’s a real incentive to move all selling and promotional campaigns towards an email list. Your email list becomes like the list of contacts you have in your phone, they’re always there and you can always “hit them up” with messages of your preference, for business people those messages will involve selling something, usually.

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Think about managing a list of 10,000 email addresses without some kind of support from third-party software like MailChimp, it would simply be impossible! That’s why we can’t recommend MailChimp enough as one of the leading email marketing platforms out there, the reasons are many, but perhaps the fact that MailChimp provides a free plan for up to 2,000 email addresses is the ultimate selling point. You still get access to all those juicy tools and templates that make your emails look stunning, and upgrading is as easy as clicking a button.

The powerful automation features will go well with businesses that sell and promote products directly through email, some of our favorites include abandoned cart follow-ups, ability to follow up on product sales, and send out email campaigns tailored to the best customers on the list.. amazing software, you’ll be impressed how easy it is to use it, given the amount of scope that it can cover.Download


In today’s increasingly information-based economy, workers at all levels need to be able to focus on their work. To do that they need tools and apps, apps that allow them to do their best working on a variety of devices, from a desktop PC to a smartphone or tablet. Whether it’s creating presentations, collaborating with your team or learning a new skill, these apps will help you be more productive on the road or on-site.

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