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Program to Convert PDF to Word Document

Program to Convert PDF to Word is an outstanding application for converting pdf to word document. It is an efficient utility that helps the users in the conversion of pdf documents into the word format. The software is developed with the help of advanced technologies that ensures its high performance and productivity.

Convert PDF to Word Document is an easy to use software that can help you convert pdf document to editable word file format. It preserves original layout, text, images, page formatting and other contents in the original PDF file. It can preserve the original text, layout, images, line format and basic formatting of the original.

How to convert a pdf file to an editable word document? We hereby offer to help you convert the pdf file by using the program for converting the pdf into the word one. Looking for the pdf in word converter? Here you can download it free . Use it to convert any kinds of files, documents and data from pdf to word. The output is 100% exactly same with the source one.

Gone are the days of long print jobs for large files that take business hours, or even days to process. Today, it’s all about getting documents converted quickly and without hassle. So what is the best way to convert pdf to word document? There are now a variety of software options available that let you do it fast and easily.

How to Convert a Scanned Document to Word Format

Everything I’ve written so far focuses on PDFs that were exported from an app so that the text is embedded in the PDF. What can you do about converting PDFs made from a scanner or camera?

Depending on the quality of the scanned image, you may be able to open it in Word, and Word’s built-in OCR may be able to create editable text. I’ve had success with clear single-page images, but Word simply can’t handle anything complex, like a scan of a book, and tends to produce an unusable mix of text and images. 

In converting scanned images to editable text, Acrobat does a decent job of creating a PDF, but nothing comes close to the power of our Editors’ Choice winner for OCR tools, ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 ($199). FineReader’s OCR engine is more accurate than anything else I’ve tried, and it comes with a unique error-checking feature that works like a spellchecker in a word processor, so you can fix OCR errors before exporting the result. FineReader exports the results in Word, PDF, and other formats, and the resulting files are far more usable than anything else I’ve found.

PDF Converter

Best for Agile PDF Conversion and Processing.

PDF Converter

Don’t be fooled by its generic looks, PDF Converter has garnered a huge loyal user base – thanks to its simplistic and powerful PDF processing capabilities. The tool follows the tried and tested two-step formula for PDF conversion into Word or any other format for that matter.

However, its biggest strength lies in the extent that it goes to protect a user’s file or document. PDF converter uses 256 bit SSL encryption to keep your files secure. Plus, it also deletes your file from its database upon completion of your task.


  • Fast PDF Conversion and Compression.
  • 256 bit SSL Encryption
  • PDF Merge and Split
  • Rotate PDF

Verdict: PDF Converter is more powerful & robust and has the receipts to show for its performance. It can perform your conversion, compression, and other PDF processing tasks with phenomenal ease and hence is worth a try.

Price: $6 per month, $50 per year, $ 99-lifetime version.

Website: PDF Converter

Wide Angle PDF Converter (Recommended)

Our recommended solution comes first – Wide Angle PDF Converter. All things considered, for the purpose of converting PDF to Word on Windows 10, this handy piece of software comes out on top.

It’s got all the features you need (and more), and you can get your hands on it for a fraction of the price (only $30 one-time payment) of the big names.Convert PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint

If you don’t need an all bells-and-whistles program to edit, sign or write directly on your PDFs, Wide Angle PDF Converter is perfect for your PDF to Word needs.

Convert PDFs to a huge range of different formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as images like JPG.

Manage PDFs– Bulk conversions, merge, split, rotate, bookmark.

Secure PDFs– Password protect your documents, set user permissions for sharing and add watermarks.

Integrates with Microsoft Outlook– Save your emails as PDF files.

Summary (Wide Angle PDF Converter):

✔ Multiple conversion formats
✔ Secure output
✔ Fast & Efficient
✔ Offline Conversions
✔ Free Trial allows 2 free document saves / conversions
✔ Lifetime license is excellent value


Best for Extra Cautious PDF Conversion.


Many internet users are often skeptical of sharing or uploading their documents online for any purpose, let alone conversion. Nitro PDF to Word Converter goes that extra mile to ensure you have peace of mind while it converts your file.

It does that by sending the converted file directly to your email address rather than directly saving it in your system. You have to upload your desired file, choose the format output, enter the email address you would like to receive your file in, and wait for the processed work to be delivered.

There is a free version of this tool available for 14 days. You can however get more advanced features by paying a special fee.


  • Secure File Conversion
  • Conversion in Word, Powerpoint, and Excel format.
  • Works across all devices

Verdict: This tool is best suited for the most cynical users for their peace of mind. As it is ultimately time-consuming, we would not recommend it for more casual users.

Price: 14 Day Free Trial, $127.20 onetime fee.

Website: Nitro PDF to Word Converter

Simply PDF

Best for Quick and Quality PDF Conversion.

Simply PDF

Simply PDF has a garish interface that can turn people off. However, if you are willing to look beyond the surface, then you will find a tool that performs its task with spectacular finesse. With the help of a simple two-step conversion process, the tool can help you convert PDF into an editable Word or Powerpoint and Excel format.

The quality of conversion itself is top-notch, with no misplaced margins or alignments in the transition. The tool is powered by a robust OCR feature that helps it detect hyperlinks, tables, and images in the file, which it extracts for the purpose of flawless conversion. In addition to this, the tool works perfectly across Windows and Mac devices.


  • Flawless and Quality Conversion
  • Hyperlink Detection
  • Merge and Split PDF
  • Free and Unlimited PDF File conversion.

Verdict: Simply PDF excels as it offers users the freedom to process unlimited PDF files in no time. It is easy to use and absolutely free. This should be enough for those who do not like its initial presentation.

Price: Free

Website: Simply PDF

What We Like

  • Runs entirely online.
  • Zero extra options to cause confusion.
  • Bulk conversions, up to 20 PDFs.
  • Bulk downloads, to ZIP.

What We Don’t Like

  • Must download it within the hour, or it’s deleted.
  • PDF must exist on your computer, since that’s the only upload source supported. is one of several websites from the same company that helps you convert PDFs to a variety of formats. Clearly, this one will make a DOCX from a PDF, but it also supports the older DOC format in addition to several others, like text and images.

It’s simple to use: upload 1-20 PDFs, wait a few moments for the conversion to finish, and then download each document individually, or use the DOWNLOAD ALL button to get them in bulk.

Much like the site detailed above, this PDF to DOCX converter can be used from any device since it runs online.

Adobe’s Convert to PDF Tool

Adobe's Convert to PDF tool

What We Like

  • Arguably the most trustworthy converter to retain formatting.
  • No extra settings in the way; just a simple converter.
  • Works online in your browser.
  • Integrates with the free online version of Word.

What We Don’t Like

  • Must sign in after the first conversion.

As the makers of the PDF format, it seems appropriate to include Adobe in this list. Their tool, Convert to PDF, is a free web-based converter that works in seconds to save your PDF to DOCX.

Just upload the file, wait a few seconds for the conversion to finish, and then select Download to save the DOCX.

After the first conversion, you’ll need to sign in to enable downloads (it’s still free). Logging in also lets you convert PDFs that are in your Adobe account, choose RTF or DOC instead of DOCX, and edit the converted file directly from your browser.


Zamzar PDF to DOCX conversion tool

What We Like

  • No sign in necessary.
  • Converts to the newer DOCX.
  • Works online through a browser.
  • 50 MB upload size limit.

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t always work quickly.
  • Limited to two conversions per every 24-hour-period.

Our Review of Zamzar

Upload a PDF or link to it by its URL to convert it to DOCX or some other document format. Zamzar also supports converting PDF to image, eBook, CAD, and web formats.

Most PDFs aren’t very large, so the 50 MB limit is most likely high enough for most people. You can wait around for the conversion to complete or check the email box to be notified over email when it’s finished.

More than one PDF can be uploaded at once, but the two-per-day conversion limit means that you’re restricted to converting two PDFs simultaneously. Bulk downloading isn’t allowed.

PDF Converter Features

So, what should you look for in a PDF Converter? Here are the top aspects to consider when evaluating which PDF Converter you should use:

  • Multiple conversion formats – The best PDF converters should provide you with a great toolset, enabling you to convert PDF documents to a variety of different formats for any occasion.
  • Security – In this age, data security is on the tip of everyone’s tongue for a good reason. Keeping personal, or business data safe is incredibly important to avoid any devastating hacks or leaks. In PDF converters, look for the ability to protect documents with passwords, restrict user permissions, and consider whether you want to perform your conversions online, or on your local computer.
  • Speed and Efficiency – Your time is precious. Look for features like bulk conversions to convert multiple documents at once. Also consider the use of merging PDFs into one file or removing pages from a PDF before sharing.
  • Specificity and Selections – It’s handy to have features which allow you to extract certain text or images from a PDF document.
  • Customer Support – Are professionals on hand for any queries or issues you may have?
  • Cost – Many PDF Converters come with a cost. A cost usually indicates work which has gone into developing features, interface and usability. Decide which features are most important to you and compare that to the budget you have available.

How to Export a PDF to JPG or Other Image Format

If you need to convert a PDF into an image file, it’s a whole lot easier on a Mac than a PC. 

On a Mac, simply open the PDF in Preview. Use the File > Export menu and select the image format you want and the options you prefer, and you have your image file.

On Windows, the best no-cost method is to create a free Adobe account with Adobe and then go to Drag a PDF onto the window. Go to Convert To > Image > Image Format (JPEG, PNG, or TIFF), and use the slider to select the image quality. Multipage PDFs get converted into separate image files. You can then download a ZIP with the image files.

If you’re bothered by privacy concerns and don’t want to share your data with Adobe, then you can use many image editors to export PDF to image files. My favorite is XnViewMP, which is free for personal and educational use. When you open a PDF in XnViewMP, you’ll probably need to follow the prompts to install the open-source GhostScript app for working with PDF and PostScript files, but you can then use XnViewMP to export a PDF to any standard image format. Keep in mind that all fonts will be converted from scalable TrueType format into bitmap, and small text will look blocky.


If you are a person who works with a large number of documents, then you absolutely need some document management software. For example, Microsoft has made its OneNote free of charge, and that is just perfect for managing documents effectively. OneNote is great at indexing your documents, making it easy to find what you are looking for when you need it.

Most PDF to Word programs do not provide a full conversion of the text inside a PDF document. They either convert the text into totally garbled characters or they don’t convert all the text in the document. Our program goes through each page and converts the text whether it be numbers, letters, or special characters

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