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Property Management Software for Small Landlords

As a small landlord, you’ll be familiar with the headaches and hassles of trying to collect rent, chase up unpaid rent and keep your tenants happy. Fortunately, there is an answer. Property management software can simplify your life as a landlord. You can find out which of your tenants pay on time, bill for repairs when needed, and give you the ability to automate many of the most frustrating tasks that come with property management.

Best Property Management Software for Small Landlords


With a free TenantCloud account, landlords can manage up to 75 units, track one appliance, such as a refrigerator or dishwasher, use one landlord lease template, receive 10 service reminders, and have 512MB of storage available. Landlords can also handle maintenance issues online thanks to TenantCloud’s maintenance management system. Landlords may connect with service providers, send messages, manage invoicing, and receive video and photographs of tenant maintenance requests.

Additionally, Rentler, a service provided by TenantCloud, offers a free real estate listing website that is syndicated with a number of well-known websites, including, Zillow, and Facebook Marketplace. This can greatly increase the visibility of your listings and help you draw in prospective tenants.

Landlords can create documents like leases using TenantCloud and have them digitally signed. Additionally, state-specific lease templates that adhere to each state’s lease laws are included. The content of your lease can be pasted into the system or uploaded as a PDF. As with any digital signature service like DocuSign or PandaDoc, you can also include merging fields that will update with each new lease you create.


With Avail, independent landlords may manage every aspect of their rental property on their own, from online rent collection to managing property advertising. Independent landlords can quickly find renters to fill openings, sign leases, verify credit histories, and collect rent thanks to its user-friendly website.

Avail likewise offers a free subscription plan, but in contrast to TenantCloud, it only includes the most fundamental property management capabilities, such as syndicated listings, applicant screening, state-specific leases, online rent payments, and maintenance tracking.

Additionally, independent landlords are able to quickly request rental applications that include vital details like contact information, employment histories, and residence histories that help decide whether the prospective renter is qualified to dwell in the rental property. The platform also makes it easier for landlords to communicate with tenants by enabling them to book tours with potential tenants, conduct prescreening interviews, and handle maintenance requests from current tenants.


Buildium offers adjustable pricing for up to 5,000 units, making it a great choice for big property management companies. Each plan comes with tools for managing rental properties, such as web portals, tenant communication, and expedited application procedures. These technologies support landlords in managing and monitoring daily operations, including the rental payment process. Aside from free e-leases, Buildium also provides free property inspections; however, the Essential package includes a cost that starts at $40.

The program offers a free, attractive website that helps property managers build their brands and market their vacant units quickly. In order for potential residents to apply on your website when interested in a unit, it also enables you to modify the rental application.

To help you with the learning curve, Buildium provides comprehensive customer assistance and Buildium Academy, its self-guided training program. From fundamental setup to complex procedures like leasing and association administration, Buildium Academy covers it all.


For landlords and property managers with up to 2,000 units, SimplifyEm is a simple-to-use cloud-based property management solution. Before you can begin, there is no extensive training or additional tool expertise needed. Users can access SimplifyEm from any location in the world using the internet. With its features for capturing tenant information, monitoring insurance, tracking deadlines, creating invoices, and collecting online rent payments, it enables property owners to have better insight into both their occupied and unoccupied units.

The accounting module of SimplifyEm handles accounts payable and receivable, periodic rent payments, as well as transaction history. The software also creates monthly statements and exports rental data to connected programs like QuickBooks and Excel. Additionally, landlords can email all renters at once or provide mass reminders.

Property Manager Cloud

For managers of a variety of property kinds, Property Manager Cloud is the best option. It is a fantastic option for property owners managing both commercial and residential properties because it can handle single-family homes, multifamily homes, mobile home parks, and even hotels.

Users may automate daily operations including application processing, tenant notices, and bookkeeping thanks to Property Manager Cloud’s functionality. To make monthly payments more convenient, property owners can even set up an automated debit system with the residents.

In addition to this, it gives tenants access to a tenant site where they may pay rent, request maintenance, monitor due dates, and view payment history. The owner portal in Property Manager Cloud enables customers to view up-to-date information about their properties across several locations and create reports.


The most cost-effective monthly membership option for TurboTenant’s property management software is available for free and starts at $4.92. Features for lead management, tenant screening, online rent collecting, document management, maintenance requests, and expense monitoring are included in all subscription tiers. Additionally, property owners can alter their plan and pay for add-on services such as lease addendums and e-signatures that are required.

TurboTenant provides tools that make managing tenants for landlords easier, like the ability to make specific listing pages and send mass communications to tenants from a single email. By integrating with Facebook Marketplace, Apartment List, and, landlords may also market a vacant home across several sites with an one click. In order to speed up and simplify operations, landlords may also use TransUnion to evaluate prospective tenants. They can also email and sign any paperwork online using the platform, as well as submit requests for payments and maintenance.

Free Property Management Software


With smart money management, automated income and spending tracking, individualized financial reporting on a property and portfolio level, and much more, Stessa gives landlords real-time information to help them maximize earnings.

For ease of use throughout tax season, features include limitless property monitoring, online performance dashboards, document organization and storage, unlimited monthly financial reports, and export-ready financials. Rent analysis, mortgage financing, and market research are examples of premium services.

To assist maximize rental property earnings, iManageRent is a free, fully integrated property management software solution with extra optional features like market rent estimations and automated rent hikes.

While the premium plan starts at just $9.95 per unit per month, the basic plan is free.

Schedule My Rent

A free property management software program called Schedule My Rent provides online rent collection in addition to other features.

Great tenants can be found and chosen, rent can be paid online or in cash, late fees can be assessed, security deposits can be tracked and released, lease agreements can be uploaded and saved, tenant move-in reports can be managed, maintenance requests can be handled, and income and expenses can be kept track of. Landlords pay nothing, and there is a $2 fee every payment made online for rent.


In order to provide free online rental and property management tools, Cozy has partnered with

Landlords can use syndicated listing services like to advertise unoccupied properties, screen renters online, collect rent payments, and keep track of their properties’ earnings and costs. Any device can be used by tenants to submit detailed requests for repairs that include images and videos. Landlords have access to online receipt storage and CSV and PDF exports of their financial information.


In addition to capabilities for taking online rent payments, tenant screening, maintenance management, invoicing, accounting, and financial reporting on your main and property dashboards, Housters gives landlords a full-featured property management software system.

Landlords can track rent and deposits owed from tenants, send bills for unpaid rent, receive requests from tenants for repairs, share to-do lists with contractors, and use powerful cash basis and double-entry accounting to save bookkeeping costs. Pricing drops to just $1 per unit each month after the initial 3-month trial.


All property types, including single-family rentals, multifamily homes, and dorms, can use Innago. There are no contracts to sign, setup costs, or monthly expenses.

Tenant screening, online rental payments, online lease and document storage, work order monitoring, and financial tracking and reporting are just a few of Innago’s property management capabilities.


Processing rent payments, managing maintenance vendors, and automating marketing for renting out vacant homes are all features of Rentigo’s property management software.

With the use of the free tenant app, renters may email maintenance requests via “snap & send,” schedule automatic recurring rent payments, and pay rent online. Additionally, Rentigo provides a tailored white-label app to assist landlords in creating their own identity for an expanding rental property portfolio.


Hunt is geared toward helping landlords fill vacancies fast with the right tenants and collecting rent online. Landlords can market vacant property for rent, screen tenants with credit reports and eviction history checks, and link multiple bank accounts to collect rent payments from tenants online. 

The service is relatively new, with property management tools such as document uploading, automatic late fee billing, and maintenance requests all in the works. Hunt will also offer a feature to help tenants build their credit by paying the rent on time.


The free property management software from Rentler was created by landlords for landlords. The program aids landlords in promoting their rental properties, processing tenant applications and background checks, accepting online rent payments, and scheduling maintenance needs.

The free Rentability Report assists landlords in determining a fair market rent by providing an overview of the local renting market in the event that a tenant vacates.


Landlords can find everything they require in one convenient location thanks to TenantCloud, a free end-to-end property management software solution. Tenant management, online payments and maintenance requests, full accounting, property analysis reports, a free listing website for empty properties, online applications, tenant screening, and automatic invoicing are among the features.


Independent landlords, small and medium-sized property managers, and renters can all use Rezedent’s online property management platform.

Up to one unit per month, the service is free. Prices for two to ten units per month start at $10. Rezedent has modules for renter’s insurance, tenant screening, accounting, maintenance requests, vacancy posting, and online newsletters.

Total Management

Web-based property management software designed by property managers for property managers is available from Total Management. Real estate investors who own single-family houses, apartments, and student accommodation created the service.

Along with a full accounting system, features include a customizable property management dashboard, work order management, tenant tracking, and a tenant portal for making rent payments and maintenance requests. After the free trial period, pricing starts at $1 per unit per month.

Cloud-based Property Management Software


DoorLoop, a market-leading cloud property management platform utilized by landlords, tenants, investors, and property managers and businesses worldwide, starts off our list. Due to its comprehensive and strong array of rental property management tools, which enables property owners to easily maintain and expand their rental portfolio, it has won the #1 spot in our rankings.

DoorLoop offers a variety of tools to assist you manage your properties, from collecting rent to taking care of property insurance, whether you have residential, commercial, student housing, or affordable housing properties. You may engage with both potential tenants and current tenants using a single system thanks to the software’s inclusion of a tenant portal and CRM.

Additionally, DoorLoop provides an accounting section that enables you to keep an eye on all of your finances.

Condo Control

An other shrewd selection for a property management service is Condo Control. A mobile property management software makes it possible for you to manage all of your rental properties from a single platform. It is filled with tools for communication, record-keeping, security, and concierge. The best app for self-managed rental properties and associations is Condo Control since it makes property administration simpler for both owners and tenants.

Almost every area of your property operations can be streamlined and automated with the help of the program, which offers a collection of powerful and practical solutions. It provides a wide range of asset management tools that let you make changes to and maintain asset data from desktop or mobile devices. You may approve, track, and manage amenity bookings from the same site as well.

In addition, Control Control is furnished with tools for issuing, monitoring, and handling violations from tenants of real estate. You can give notices, set deadlines, and allow tenants to pay violation fines through the platform after issuing a violation. You can also generate reports on infractions by status, category, or unit using Condo Control.


TenantCloud is a comprehensive property management tool that takes care of practically all of your management tasks, from tenant vetting to work order processing. It enables you to market vacant properties, screen potential tenants, and receive payments online. TenantCloud is associated with several listing partners where you can post your unoccupied rentals in order to assist you in listing them.

Additionally, TenantCloud enables you to write or upload your lease agreements online and send invitations to tenants for electronic signatures. The solution also offers a large selection of rental agreement templates, making it simple for you to create an online lease.

You can simply coordinate, plan, and schedule maintenance requests for your tenants using TenantCloud. The system also includes tracking capabilities that enable you to maintain tabs on expenditures and materials used for maintenance and repairs.


HemLane is a complete solution that assists landlords and property managers with renting out their properties, keeping track of leases, and facilitating repairs and maintenance. The entire rental management lifecycle is streamlined and automated, from locating the ideal tenant to accepting online rent payments. You can manage your finances and strengthen the financial stability of your company by using the solution, which also enables you to track income and expenses for all of your rental properties.

Additionally, HemLane offers all the resources required for remote property management. It provides a single, centralized location where you can securely store and manage real estate contracts and other important documents. You may manage lease renewals and keep track of contract and lease expiration dates with its lease management feature.

Additionally, HemLane has a tenant portal that makes it simple for applicants to log in and check the status of their applications. Additionally, tenants can utilize some of the biggest online payment gateway providers, like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or direct deposit, to process their payments through the portal.

Building Engines

Building Engines is a user-friendly property management software that simplifies the management of rental portfolios and is ideal for property owners managing facilities, commercial offices, real estate, retail, or industrial units. All property management duties and responsibilities, such as upkeep of assets and machinery, tenant services, and operational risk management, are automated.

You can access information, duties, and activities pertaining to your rental properties using the single platform provided by Building Engines. You can improve the efficiency of your company and provide your tenants with better services by having all the tools you require for property management in one location. Additionally, the solution aids in prioritizing work orders and services, allowing you to give jobs that demand your immediate attention a greater priority.


ActiveBuilding is another collaborative property management software that streamlines communication between you and your residents and helps you stay on top of work orders for your rental units. It lets you prioritize maintenance tasks for your properties, allowing you to fulfill your role as a landlord more efficiently and keep your residents secure on your properties.

The software also offers a social platform where residents can share important information or announce events and activities. Additionally, ActiveBuilding offers a customer-facing portal where tenants can easily request for lodging services or repairs and maintenance. The solution automates most of the critical tasks involving rental management, including tracking keys, receiving parcels, common space reservations, and guest validation.


RealPage offers a suite of property management tools to ensure the peak performance of your rental business. It lets you automate, centralize, and organize tasks related to your day-to-day operations, allowing you to save time and expenses and reduce compliance risks. RealPage is also a highly customizable solution that scales as your business grows.

With RealPage, you can manage every detail of your commercial, conventional, and affordable properties. These include automating service requests and managing asset conditions remotely, as well as storing and organizing digital compliance documents and other electronic records for your property business.

Rental property management

Software that makes it simpler to keep track of all the information about your tenants is known as a rental management system. You may handle their rent payments, get in touch with them when they have problems, give them reminders, and more thanks to the program. It’s important to stay on top of all the paperwork involved in operating a rental property. Additionally, you could have to deal with tenants who ask for maintenance or who simply don’t pay their rent on time. It will be simple for you to manage your home if you have a decent rental management system. You must maintain your property in good condition because it is the most significant investment you will ever make. And for that reason, you require a qualified rental management system. Purchasing the best rental property software can offer your business a competitive edge over other realtors in the neighborhood.

An RMS is a piece of software that enables you to handle all of your real estate-related difficulties in one location. Your operations can be streamlined and made easier with the help of an effective, integrated software. Let’s talk about the various rental management systems software that is available online.

Property owners can easily manage their properties and tenants through the Rental Management System, a rental marketplace. A rental marketplace called Rental Management System makes it possible for tenants and landlords to connect, interact, and set up rental agreements.

A rental marketplace called Rental Management System makes it possible for tenants and landlords to connect, interact, and set up rental agreements.

Owners of rental properties can add listings for them to the Rental Management System database. These listings provide contact details for the landlord or property manager as well as details on the property itself, including its location. Additionally, landlords can upload images of their properties for potential renters to view on the website.

In order to locate apartments that match their criteria in terms of location or price range, tenants can search through these listings. They can then get in touch with landlords directly from within the website to ask questions or arrange visits. In order to provide a flawless experience for both sides, the platform makes use of the most recent technology. Landlords may post their houses, choose possible tenants, and collect rent, and tenants can quickly search for available apartments.

An online marketplace for rentals is called Rental Management System.

A web-based rental marketplace called Rental Management System gives tenants the resources they need to find housing and gives landlords the tools they need to run their businesses.

Why does this matter? It implies that you can list your home or apartment on our website, and we’ll assist you in handling all the requirements. We’ll present your home in a professional manner, ensure that it is updated and prepared for new tenants, and handle any correspondence between you and potential tenants.

We also give potential tenants access to every ad on our website so they may browse for apartments as conveniently as possible; after that, we’ll assist them in moving in.

We also provide 24/7 customer care support for the duration of the entire process because we understand how crucial it is for landlords and tenants to feel secure when they are signing leases together online.

The purpose of the rental management system is to make it easier for people to rent, sell, and share anything.

A piece of software called Rental Management System makes it easier for people and small businesses to rent, sell, share, and manage anything. The platform allows you to manage your rental inventory and generate revenue from it.

You can effortlessly manage every part of your rental business with the aid of this program. It will assist you in keeping track of all the data pertaining to your rental property, such as who leases it, when they rent it, how much they pay for it, and numerous other specifics.

The platform’s layout makes it possible for you to handle everything from a single location without worrying about losing any crucial information due to data loss or storage space problems. The Rental Management System was created to make renting, selling, and sharing things easier for individuals and small enterprises. Using a single dashboard, the RMS software application lets you manage all of your rental properties. On the website, you can create a listing for your property and begin receiving rental applications from potential tenants. You can use the RMS to pay for utilities, repairs, and maintenance for all of your properties from a single account as well as to collect rent online.

A built-in reporting system in the RMS enables you to monitor costs, income, and performance for each property over time. The performance of various properties may also be compared using this tool, allowing you to determine whether ones require renovations or should be completely sold off.

People are moving about more and more.

People move about more and more. In fact, nearly 20% more persons are thought to have moved in the last year than there were. This implies that a sizable number of people need to find new residences. Finding apartments or houses for rent can be difficult in this situation.

The issue is that the majority of landlords handle their rental properties using paper-based procedures. This implies that before a tenant can move into an apartment or a house, they must manually input information about them into their computers and print out contracts for them to sign. Additionally, it means that until after a tenant moves out, landlords have no way of knowing what kind of tenant they might be.

Many landlords are using online rental management tools like Rental Manager Pro to address this issue (RMP). You may check prospective tenants using these types of services to communicate with them online before you sign anything, which helps you prevent problematic circumstances like late rent payments or damage caused by prior tenants who departed without fully vacating the property.

The need for something decreases every time someone rents it from someone else.

You can be renting an apartment, a car, or a tool for a single day. You know the feeling: you’re in love with your new home or the car is perfect for you, but after a while it all seems like too much.

The need for something lessens every time someone rents it from someone else. Because of this, we think rental management systems are crucial. It’s critical that we can monitor all of those items in order to ensure appropriate use if you want to continue renting goods.

To ensure that everyone can benefit from renting from [business name], we developed our own rental management system.


Property management is essential for a successful online home business. By choosing the right property management solution and learning the basics of property management, you can start managing your property and expanding your reach. With a well-developed property management strategy, you can weather any economic storm and maintain your online home business at its peak. Thanks for reading!

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