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Best Real Estate Analytics Software

Best Real Estate Analytics Software, by Top Ten Reviews, helps real estate agents to track down the prospects, search various analytics to improve workouts, check out real estate databases to meet clients’ demands, adjust marketing strategies for top performance, and measure performance of the business.

Best Real Estate Analytics Software helps you look at home price comparisons for investment. It gives you the ability to see price growth / decline over time based on your custom criteria.


Built specifically for real estate analysis, this tool can help real estate agents to accurately ascertain the condition of assets before and after sale. Buildium is scalable hence can be applied in small and large companies as well. With some built-in accounting tools, this software can identify and record payments, process fees, perform refunds and record deposits. This tool can also handle payments made through various media such as credit cards, bank account deposits as well as checks. The viability of individual properties can be presented through an intuitive dashboard. In addition to that, additional data about asset sales and purchases can be recorded in transaction notes. An outstanding feature of this real estate analysis software is that it can perform automation of real estate business processes. Furthermore, you can use Buildium to stay in touch with your company’s team of real estate agents. This software is accessible through a free trial before compulsory payment is required for further use.

real estate analysis software


  • It is tailor-made for real estate analysis
  • The software can perform accounting activity
  • It automates business processes for boosted efficiency
  • This software can be used for free through a trial


  • It cannot be integrated with other real estate software

Analyst PRO

TheAnalyst PRO is rated by CRE Tech as the #1 investment modeling software, including lease analysis, demographics, and offering memorandums. The software is designed for professional real estate investors who want to complete the most complex investment analysis calculations in minutes. Pricing ranges from $69.99 per month to $599.99 for an annual license.


With a built-in, core objective of assisting with real estate analysis, this software tool is an ideal partner for real estate agents and property owners. Dealcheck allows you to analyze the condition of a real estate property prior to transaction. This software is versatile and can be used with various types of properties for example residential flips and commercial complexes. Using its intuitive tools, you can calculate factors such as cash flow and even identify the most attractive real estate deals. This application is available for various devices such as computers as well as smartphones. This software enables you to search for property by address, description, its list price as well as estimates of the rent. Furthermore, you can simply use the software’s wizard or enter the data manually one step at a time. With the capability of entering deal parameters and providing financial reports, Dealcheck is a complete toolkit for modern real estate professionals. You can try it for free through a demo with limited capabilities.

real estate analytics software


  • It can perform analysis on properties of various types
  • It has the necessary tools for real estate analysis
  • This software is compatible with computer and smartphone platforms
  • It provides you with a wizard for easy installation


  • Its capability cannot be extended through further integration



RealData is a powerful excel-based software for real estate investors and developers. It works the best for small as well as large portfolios. With RealData, you can quickly determine if the property is worth investing in or not. Besides, it offers different optional calculators and real estate deal analyzers to enhance the business process. One of the most essential features that RealData boasts is reports and presentations. Investors can create in-depth presentations to lure prospective lenders and investors.


  • Powerful commercial income module
  • Partnership module along with advanced features
  • Cashflow and Resale Analysis


  • It holds comprehensive program hosting features within one package
  • It offers a range of options for different sized investors


  • There are limited security features


Developed to be a complete suite of tools, this software product provides comprehensive features that you can utilize throughout the day. RealNex is a core CRM that provide you with a collection of real estate information. This data is provided in hand as well as in the Cloud. Hence, you can make informed real-estate investment decisions. The data gleaned by this software is stored within a database. Easy to use, scalable and flexible, this data repository helps you to comprehend market conditions, create and foster relationships as well as grow your business. Furthermore, RealNex has a feature which is known as a Transaction Manager. It automatically oversees correspondence between you and your clients so as to ensure smooth interaction during purchase or sale. You can try this real estate analytics software out at no cost through a demo account.

real estate deal analyzer software


  • It provides client management capability through a CRM module
  • The software has a built-in database
  • It is scalable
  • You can try it for free through a demo


  • It is expensive to maintain



ProAPod is the best investment analysis software for real estate investors. It is programmed in such a way that investors can easily create comprehensive cash flows, analyze profits and rates of returns, as well as, generate marketing reports without any ado. With different analysis tools, ProAPod helps analyze commercial real estate deals and multifamily properties while keeping up with dynamic marketing trends.


  • Cap Rate calculator
  • Cash flow and Resale analysis
  • Lease vs. Buy analysis (for commercial properties)
  • Monthly and Annual return on investment


  • It easily creates comprehensive documents for financial projections on your investment
  • It copes with dynamic marketing trends effortlessly


  • Only personal investors can leverage its benefits


InsideIQ is the most powerful and intuitive Real Estate analytics software available. Streamline every aspect of your business and empower your staff and agents to make smart, data-driven decisions.

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