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How to Automatically Remove Watermark From Photo Online

Best Way to Remove Watermark From Your Photos

Your digital photo has a watermark. How do you get rid of it? Don’t waste hours removing the watermark manually. You’d rather read more books or watch more movies with your time. And that’s why you look for ways to automate it. This post will teach you how to remove watermarks online automatically.

Say, you found an amazing photo online, but it has a watermark or logo. So how do you remove this watermark from your photo? Let’s figure it out!

How to Remove Watermark From Photo Automatically

If you need to remove a watermark from your pictures, there are tools which can help you. Go through this guide to learn how to remove watermark from photos automatically.

1. Inpaint (Free online tool)

Inpaint is a tool that works with efficiency and perfection. The smart editor in this application removes the watermark from images by covering the image with the surrounding texture to conceal the watermark.


Even after editing, the edited image retains a high quality. Inpaint can process the images in batch mode which reduces the amount of work you have to do. It can also take unlimited pictures at a time.

There is probably no better online watermark remover with batch image processing than this one, which is also a free service.

Besides the online tool, there is also an app that will work for you that can be installed and used on your personal computer. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It can also be used on a mobile phone.

You can easily remove images from the app by following a few simple steps. This did not affect the final image’s quality in any way and I was extremely pleased with the outcomes.

Remove Watermark from Your Pictures Using Inpaint

First, upload the photo you want to edit.

Image with watermark

Highlight the area from where you want to remove the watermark. The highlighter can change the size for a finer or wider selection of the area.

Select watermark

Simply click on the Run button and the watermark will be removed in a blink of an eye.

Watermark removed

Inpaint is the perfect tool for users who want a simple tool that removes watermarks on-the-spot. You can use it without any hassle and get multiple pictures done in just a single click.

2. PhotoFunny (Free online tool)

The tool can be used online for free to remove watermarks from any image. The PhotoFunny tool will require you to register in order to be able to download watermark-free images. Otherwise, if it is edited by unregistered users, it will add its own watermark to the images.

PhotoFunny is a photo editor designed to simplify the process of editing photographs. It does not matter what experience you have, you can easily create and edit photos on it without any hassle.

This tool, however, offers an easy and simple way to edit birthday cards, frames, and numerous types of collages. This tool can be used by anyone with a bit of skill.


Following these steps is what you need to do to remove the watermarks from your photos when you use PhotoFunny:

  • Open the online tool or application.
  • Pick a picture to upload.
  • Then, select the watermark in the image.
  • Select the remove button and the software will remove the watermark in a matter of seconds.

The PhotoFunny app also allows you to create personalized birthday cards with many frames to choose from. You can also use this app to create collages, photo montages, and a whole host of other entertaining things with your photos.


Pixlr allows for the removal of watermarks from images so they cannot be seen. This online tool makes it possible for you to remove objects, texts, and background items from your images. Using the other features on the program, you can enhance the quality of the output.  


It is by far one of the most powerful online photo editing tools. PIXLR has a slick appearance that evokes a feeling of being in the presence of someone amazing and giving you a stellar first impression.

The user interface is classic and it has gradient and color tools, as well as a classic user interface.

This software utilizes intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) to help you get the highest quality and texture in your images. There are two types of video editors available for users, namely, PIXLR X and PIXLR E.


PIXLR X is made for people who are looking for quick fixes with their photos and prefer modern editing where everything is automated for them. Whereas, PIXLR E is designed for professionals who prefer the traditional way of editing their photos, taking care of a few of the finer details themselves.

Pixlr not only comes with a FREE quick online tool but also with software that runs on both Windows and Mac-based computers.

In addition to editing and free tools, the website also provides millions of stock photos that content creators can use for their work.

How to Use Pixlr Online Tool to Remove Watermarks From Images

  • The image is first uploaded to the server.
  • Then, go to the left menu and select Remove Object.
  • Select the area of the image where you want to remove the watermark by dragging the pointer over it.
  • Once done, save the image.


  • The interface is easy to use and offers a number of useful features. The customer support is excellent.
  • The price is reasonable.


  • It is not suitable for beginners.
  • The cost of personal editing is high.

4. Apowersoft (Free online tool)

Apowersoft Watermark Remover comes in handy if you wish to remove the watermark from photo without spending a fortune on it. You can use it to remove unnecessary text and graphics from your pictures. In addition, you can use it to get rid of them in bulk at once.


The key feature of Apowersoft Watermark Remover is that it can remove watermarks in batches. You can upload multiple images at once and let it do the rest.

apowersoft watermark remover

The software is capable of removing watermarks not only from images, but also from videos. You can easily remove a watermark with this effective and efficient watermark remover. There are three options included in this free tool that will help you select watermarks from your photographs in order to get rid of all unwanted elements in them.

When it comes to videos, it will remove logos only from the frames in the video that you would like it to, keeping the rest of the video untouched.

In addition to removing watermarks, this software also edits photos and videos with hundreds of fonts that are built into the software. It is possible to customize the size, transparency, and position before the final image is ready.

Apowersoft supports a wide range of image formats that are commonly used today. If you wish to remove the watermark on any image format, then you can do so with no difficulty at all. Using the easy drag and drop feature, you can quickly and easily remove or edit any picture with just a few clicks.

The coolest thing about this tool is that it produces original image quality after editing. As a result, the image quality remains the same, and is one of the few things that very few free applications can provide.


  • The software supports a variety of file formats.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You do not need any previous experience in photo editing to use it.
  • The watermark can be removed in bulk by means of batch processing.


  • A license is required.
  • There are limited editing options available..

How to Remove Watermark Using Apowersoft

  • Click on the editor box at the top of the page.
  • Then select the picture you wish to edit.
  • Bring the watermark remover box to the part of the picture you want to remove the watermark from. Click on the “Remove” button.
  • Now you will see the image without the watermark.

5. Photo Stamp Remover

SoftOrbits’ Photo Stamp Remover is a reliable Watermark Remover. You can remove watermarks, objects, or any other things that make your images look shabby by using this program.

The SoftOrbits watermark remover software can help you remove the watermark from an image. It uses the pixels in the surrounding image in order to remove the watermark pixels. By doing so, the region is blended as if there were no watermarks.

There are four types of algorithms that SoftOrbits Watermark Removal uses to remove any non-usable details from images that are present. It fills the cleared part of the image with the texture of the image. Along with removing the existing watermark on images, you can add your own watermark to them as well.

It only takes a few easy steps to turn an unpleasant image into a stunning one. See for yourself:

photo stamp remover


  • It allows you to fill the deleted area with a smart filling algorithm.
  • It removes the watermark automatically.
  • It creates a mask for the watermark and saves it.
  • You can add the watermark of your choice to the output.


  • The cost of the license is high.
  • It is impossible to learn all of the functions without a tutorial.

How to Use Photo Stamp Remover to Remove Watermark from Images

  • The image should be uploaded to the watermark-removing dropbox.
  • Click Add files to select the image.
  • Highlight the watermark with the marker.
  • Click Remove watermark and the image will no longer carry the watermark.

If you follow a few simple steps, you will be able to remove any blemishes that may have been present on your picture. Although, you will need to pay for this tool. SoftOrbits have a variety of plans that users can choose from depending on their needs and requirements.

How to Remove Watermark from Images Using More Free Software

Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit, a brilliant watermark remover, provides multiple functions for you to remove watermarks from images and videos as you want. A watermark can be located using a pen, a freehand selection, a rectangle selection, a polygon selection, or a rectangle. In addition, you can also save your completed photo in various formats, such as TIFF, JPG, PNG, WEBP, and many more.

joyoshare vidikit


  • The best watermark remover for Windows and Mac OS.
  • It allows you to remove the watermark from your photos and videos in batches.
  • Watermarks can be removed from JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, GIF, and BMP images.
  • Watermarks can be highlighted in various ways.
  • There is an option to compare the changes between different versions.

How to Use Joyoshare VidKit

  • Step 1: Run Joyoshare VidiKit and Add PhotoDownload to install Joyoshare VidiKit from your search engine, and you can see its advantages on its official website. Activate this program and select Repair > Watermark Wizard > Remove watermark from image to get the following image. To add your photo, you can click Add Files or drag and drop it into this program.
  • Step 2: Highlight the area of the watermark that needs to be removed from the picture. In the menu bar, there are several tools provided for you to designate the watermark area, such as Rectangle Selection, Freehand Selection, Polygon Selection, and Pen tool. Erase unwanted areas from your photo. Then, click the Apply button in the upper right corner to start the watermark removal and get rid of the watermark automatically.

select watermark area

  • Step 3: This tool allows you to find all changes using its Compare button in the lower right corner. You can customize the output format by selecting Format and change the output location by selecting Output. Once you have finished editing your photos, you can save them by clicking the blue Output button. Finally, click on the folder icon to locate your clean, refined photos.

Wondershare Fotophire

The Wondershare Fotophire program is at your disposal for removing watermarks from photos if you are wondering how to do it. This All-In-One Photo Editor lets you get professional results in just a few simple steps.

wondershare fotophire


  • Support for a wide range of formats.
  • Views of the before and after.
  • It features an impressive range of filters and effects.


  • The price might seem a bit high for regular users.
  • It is only available for Windows.

Here’s how to use this tool to edit your photos:

Step 1: To beginclick the upload image button to select the image from which you wish to remove the watermark.

Step 2: Select the unwanted object. Brush them and press the Remove Object button.

Step 3: You can download the revised image that does not bear the watermark.


Photoupz is a software tool that is capable of retouching images in a very advanced manner. You can use Photoupz to remove watermark from photos online with a few simple clicks. Additionally, you can use it to repair images, erase unwanted data, objects, and others from a picture.



  • This is an easy-to-use photo retouching software.
  • You will be able to boost the quality of your photos by using it.
  • Features an intuitive user interface that is easy to use.
  • Developed with the use of powerful algorithms.
  • You can run it on any PC or laptop with Windows.
  • You can edit photos taken with a digital camera or smartphone.
  • There are many ways to improve the quality of your photos.
  • You can remove watermarks from your pictures.
  • It is possible to delete logos, text, and date stamps from your pictures.
  • You can also eliminate image objects you do not want in your photo.
  • Removes wrinkles and blemishes from your skin.
  • Enriches images by improving brightness, sharpness and removing noise.


  • The process of enhancement is weak.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to remove unwanted objects.
  • Some of the processes can take a while.

How to Remove Watermark in Photoupz

Step 1: Drag and drop the watermarked image.

Step 2: Mark the pixels that require reconstruction.

Step 3: Fix the imperfect results. You will have to repeat the reconstruction process depending on the results.

Fix the Photo Watermark Remover Online

If you use Fix the Photo Watermark Remover Online, you’ll have the easiest way possible to figure out how to get rid of a watermark from a photo. Moreover, since it is an online tool, it can be accessed from anywhere. A variety of options are provided by the tool that will enable you to create a flawless image.

fix the photo watermark remover online


  • Photographers will find advanced features on this application.
  • A professional color grading service.
  • There are advanced layers in this program.
  • You will find useful textures, plug-ins, filters, and overlays in this tool.
  • This application supports drawing tablets.


  • It’s expensive.

To navigate your way around this software, you need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Upload the image you want to edit on the website.

Step 2: Select the appropriate editing tools.

Step 3: Use the tool to scan the watermarked region.

Step 4: Start the watermark removal process.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source image editing program. You can use this software to remove the watermark from images in a few easy steps. In this case, the program is cross-platform. You can change the source code of this program and redistribute it.



  • It is an open source program.
  • It is possible to make changes to the source code.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • You have different editing tools available to you.
  • It’s not very expensive at all.


  • No built-in tutorials, so you might struggle a bit on your first use.
  • For beginners, there are a few features that are difficult to understand.

Generally, here are a few steps to remove the watermark in GIMP:

Step 1: Add image to the interface.

Step 2: Use the cloning tool.

Step 3: Then, select a similar region or the watermarked area.

Step 4: Finally, start painting.

Aiseesoft Free Watermark Remover Online

The next software we want to review is Aiseesoft. This is a free tool you can use online to edit your photos and remove annoying watermarks. If you want to eliminate unwanted objects from your photos, you can use Aiseesoft’s free Watermark Remover tool.

aiseesoft free watermark remover online


  • Maintains the original quality of the image. 
  • It has effective editing features.
  • You can erase multiple watermarks.
  • Supports different file formats.
  • Does not store the image on the server.


  • Fail to work multiple editing.
  • Does not deliver good results with multiple watermarks.

These are the steps to successfully remove watermarks on this app:

Step 1: Browse and upload the photo with a watermark.

Step 2: Mark the area that you want to remove.

Step 3: Remove the watermark by pressing the erase button.

Step 4: Then, save the file to your computer.

Watermark Remover

You can always remove watermarks from images online using the Watermark Remover tool, which is free to try. This program is also easy to use. You have to upload the image, select the unwanted object/text, and then delete it. After that, you can save the image.

watermark remover


You can remove unwanted elements from images.

All file formats are supported.

You should be able to carry out batch processing.

You can save your files in a high-quality format.

You can also revert back to the original format if you wish.


  • There is a problem with the background processing for complex backgrounds.
  • A slow processing speed.
  • You need fast internet speed in order to use this tool efficiently.

Step 1: The first step is to click or drag and drop the images. Here you can select the image you wish to use.

Step 2: You can make use of the market to highlight the area that you want to remove.

Step 3: Press the “Run” button to remove the selected area from the list.


Do you want to know a great tool you can use to remove watermarks from pictures online? Photoshop is a program that might be able to help you to remove watermarks from your pictures. This program makes it possible for you to remove watermarks from images using different methods.



  • It has a variety of editing options available to you.
  • Provides business quality result.
  • There are many benefits to batch production.
  • You can create graphics that are of the highest quality.
  • It is possible to use readily available templates.


  • It is not suitable for beginners. Hence the reason why it is further down this list.
  • The cost is high.
  • There is less support for vector graphics.

You can start enjoying the many benefits this free tool offers with these few steps: 

Step 1: You can upload the image to the software.

Step 2: Use the marquee tool or background editor to remove the watermark layer.

Step 3: Save the file in the required format.


With Photofunny, an image watermark remover, you can easily edit all your pictures with watermarks. This program helps you remove unwanted content in a few simple steps. It is also useful for batch editing, making all your images free from the watermark.



  • Easy to use.
  • Simple interface.
  • Useful features and editing options.
  • Recognize multiple file formats.
  • Benefits for batch quantity editing.


  • It is taking a long time to process your request.
  • Often, it is not possible to edit images with complex backgrounds.

Here’s how to use this tool:

Step 1: Upload the photo online.

Step 2: Select the watermark you want to remove.

Step 3: Save the image on the desktop in the required file format.


Do you have a lot of watermarked photos in your collection? If so, you may be wondering how to remove the watermark from your picture online. In order to do this, the simplest option is to use one of the online photo editing websites, but there are other options available as well.

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