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Let’s face it — managing your inventory can be a nightmare. No matter how much planning you do, it doesn’t take long before your counts are screwed up or you realize you accidentally picked up twice as much merchandise as you should have. That’s why we make rental inventory software,. It’s the only rental inventory software that provides trackable barcode labels for all of your items. What does this mean? If one of your rent-a-bikes goes missing from the lot, you can easily scan the label and see where the bike is located. Then, the item is returned to its rightful owner Rental inventory software is an important part of any rental business. Tracking inventory and managing it can be extremely complicated and tedious but there are many tools and technologies to help you. Before beginning your quest for rental inventory software you need to think about how you want to use the tool and where you want to track the information.

Rental inventory software is a smart choice for professional property managers who wish to streamline their rental process, organize their properties and capture thorough customer information. Using rental property software frees up the time spent on administration and paperwork, so you can focus on serving your customers better. Here’s how. When deciding on which rental management software is best for your business, you should always consider the features that are most important to your business needs. You can also help determine your rental inventory software needs based on the size of your inventory, employees, customers and whether or not you want it to work within a certain budget.

Rental inventory management is a crucial part of being in the business. A large number of people rent items and this is necessary for them. Your rental inventory software helps you to manage your rentals easily. The Rental Inventory Management Software is a powerful web & mobile app that allows you to manage your rentals efficiently. It has advanced features like tracking client information, managing property records and automatically calculating the monthly payment.

Looking for rental inventory management software? You might see inventory management software and wonder what it does, or how you could use it. You might also be wondering if rental inventory management software free is available, or if there are other things like rental inventory management free. Do rental management rental inventory management examples exist? Or even rental management inventory rent to own software downloads.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

This section lists common types of buyers (e.g., common industries, business sizes, types of organizations etc.) and discusses the unique considerations of each.

Small business; rentals only. These buyers are looking for the basic features to support their rental business. They want to graduate from Outlook, manual spreadsheets and paper contracts, and want to add rental management software capabilities for forecasting availability and increasing customers.

Online rentals. These buyers are looking for an e-commerce platform that supports their rental model. They want customers to rent equipment from their inventory and then schedule a time to pick it up or have it delivered. For a delivery-based model, additional capabilities will be needed to support shipping (to the customer and back to the business).

Rentals and sales. These buyers operate a traditional retail business with an equipment rental component. They want a combination of rental and selling capabilities. They need a point of sale to support selling equipment and other products, as well as a rental reservation and booking system. Total inventory for these businesses will need to be categorized based on whether the product is able to be sold, rented or both.

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Large/technical equipment rentals. These buyers are renting large equipment such as bulldozers and cranes. In addition to the common equipment rental management features, these buyers need a huge emphasis on the maintenance of their equipment assets. This includes predictive and preventative maintenance that ideally leverages data fed from sensors on the equipment itself. Contractual agreements will also need to be more detailed given the liabilities of the equipment due to the highly technical and costly nature of these assets.

Enterprise. These buyers work for large organizations. They may have multiple locations and/or equipment inventories they rent. They place a premium on integrating their data (inventory, customer etc.) so that they have a unified view of the overall business.

Our powerful Rental Inventory Management Software helps you to manage your rental inventory efficiently.

Rental Inventory Management Software is a powerful web & mobile app that allows you to manage your rentals easily. This rental inventory software helps you to manage your rental business easily.

Our Rental Inventory Management Software helps you to manage your rental inventory efficiently. It is a cloud-based rental property management software that helps real estate agents, property managers and landlords to track their portfolio of properties in an easy way through this desktop application or from any mobile device via Rental Inventory Management App (iOS & Android).

Rental Inventory Management Software is a powerful web & mobile app that allows you to manage your rentals easily.

Rental Inventory Management Software is a powerful web & mobile app that allows you to manage your rentals easily. This rental management software is used by many rental stores and equipment dealers to maintain their inventory, control costs, generate reports and keep track of assets.

This web-based rental inventory system was designed with small businesses in mind. It allows you to create an online store where customers can browse through products, add items they want to buy into their shopping cart and check out securely online when ready.

Once an order has been placed on the website, it will be sent directly to you via email so that you can process it accordingly (i.e., confirm availability with suppliers). Once confirmed or rejected by the supplier/vendor, this information will be automatically updated back into the database without requiring any extra effort from users like yourself out there having fun running your business day after day 🙂

The best thing about using this system is that there’s no need for any software installation since everything runs through our secure servers over HTTPS protocol connection!

Web & Mobile app helps you to manage rental inventory efficiently.

Why do you need rental inventory software?

It helps you to manage your rental business effectively. You can track your inventory, rental history and income/expenses from anywhere. Rental inventory software allows you to manage your rental business on a web or mobile app. You can also export the data into various formats such as PDF, Excel sheet etc.

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Rental inventory management software free

If you own a rental business, you know that managing your inventory is crucial to success. With the best rental inventory management software free you can more effectively manage your assets, find efficiencies in your operations, and save money.

1) EZRentOut Equipment Rental Software

  • EZRentOut Equipment Rental Software

EZRentOut is an advanced rental inventory management software that allows you to manage your rental business with ease. This equipment rental software has features like the ability to create contracts, send mailers and invoices, track payments and identify non-paying customers. It also has an integrated accounting feature that helps in maintaining books of accounts for taxes or any other purpose required by law. This can be used by small businesses as well as large enterprises who need a solution for their equipment rental needs.

2) eTeki – Rental Inventory Management Software

So, what is eTeki? It’s a web-based rental inventory management software that allows you to manage both physical and virtual assets. With eTeki, you can create a custom user experience for each of your branches. You can also integrate the system with other applications such as accounting and CRM programs. This way, all important data will be available in one place – so you won’t have to collect information manually or enter it separately into different systems (the most time-consuming part of managing rental inventory). The best part is – it’s free!

3) Fleetio – Rental Inventory Management Software

With Fleetio, you can learn more about your rental inventory and its condition.

You will also be able to know if there are any issues with the equipment. This will help you avoid problems with the repairs of your equipment.

The software also allows you to schedule the maintenance of the equipment at a suitable time so that it does not waste any time on repairing or fixing problems that may arise in the future.

The Fleetio app is available on Google Play and iTunes Store for free download from Android devices as well as iOS devices like iPhone & iPad etc., which means that you do not have any hidden charges for using this application because it is completely free!

4) Rentman – Best Rental & AV Production Software

Rentman is a rental management software for the rental industry. Rentman is a cloud-based rental software that helps you manage your rental business and keep track of your customers, inventory, and employees. Rentman offers flexible features that can be customized to your business needs. Some top features include:

  • Manage all aspects of your business from one dashboard
  • Integrates with other third-party services like Quickbooks or Square (Square is not required)
  • Track customer information such as contact info, incomes and expenses

Benefits of using Rentman include:

  • Helps streamline operations with automated workflows; reduces errors in estimating costs on products being rented out by customers

5) Rentec Direct Manage My Properties

Rentec Direct is a cloud-based property management software for vacation rental hosts and property managers. The online software can be used to manage all aspects of your vacation rental business, from guest reservations to maintenance requests and more. It supports over 60 currencies, multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese), and 24/7 customer service and has been designed with the user in mind.

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Rentec Direct allows you to manage all aspects of your vacation rental business:

  • Guest bookings
  • Maintenance requests
  • Payments & accounting

6) Guest Hook Property Rental & Guest Management Software

Guest Hook is a property management software for vacation rental hosts and property managers. It is a complete property management solution for vacation rental hosts and property managers. It is a cloud-based property management solution for vacation rental hosts and property managers.

7) Hostify, Property management software for Vacation rental hosts and property managers

Hostify is a property management software for vacation rental hosts and property managers. It’s cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere. This means you don’t have to worry about backups or hardware maintenance–just focus on managing your properties.

Hostify also integrates with other apps like Airbnb, HomeAway and more. Plus, you can use it as an online booking engine so guests can book directly through your website!

Benefits of Adopting Equipment Rental Software

Regardless of which type of buyer you are, the many features of equipment rental software bring tons of benefits to help rental businesses achieve operational success. These benefits include:

Newfound organization. Many rental businesses will move to equipment rental management software from less efficient manual methods, such as spreadsheets, basic emailing for customer management and even paper tickets and contracts. Equipment rental software will provide incredible organizational benefits for these new adopters. Automating the tracking and availability of equipment, setting maintenance reminders and autogenerating customer communications will free up operators to spend more time training employees and checking in on customers.

Increased transparency. Equipment rental reporting tools give operators and managers unparalleled transparency and insight into their business. Specialized reporting dashboards offer a customizable view of the status on all equipment the company has. And such dashboards can be drilled down to account for filters such as equipment type, time since last maintenance and time until rental is returned. All of this combined enables rental businesses to make more informed decisions to propel their operations.

Decreased equipment downtime. Equipment rental software offers two distinct means of decreasing equipment downtime, thus enabling businesses to generate more money per asset:

  • The first is through maintenance management features that monitor metrics such as overall usage and time since last maintenance to prescribe predictive and preventative maintenance. By ensuring equipment is properly maintained through automated maintenance, rental businesses can keep assets out of the shop and keep them rented.
  • The second benefit equipment management software has for decreasing downtime is simply greater transparency into scheduling. By having an organized calendar of unrented days, businesses can focus on renting their equipment these days to increase revenue.


Whether you own a restaurant, a shop, or a salon, rental inventory management software can be great for your business. The best rental software will make it easier for you to manage inventory and your stock levels. Plus you can track things like sales and profit information from within the system too.

I hope you have learned something new about our rental inventory management software. We would love to hear any feedback on the features that you like, or other suggestions for improvement!

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