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I am a SEO nerd who loves to integrate technology with marketing. Thanks for dropping by. Are you looking to improve your search rankings, while spending less time on SEO? Are you also looking for a tool that lets you do it all while staying in one place? Look no further! Seo Minion is a free SEO extension for Google Chrome users. It has been designed with wide range of features, dashboards and modules to help you dominate search engines and make money online. 

Here, I will be sharing with you the bestseo extensions for chrome.

SEO Quake by SEMrush

SEO Quake is a popular choice among our contributors for optimizing on-page SEO. Quick refresh: on-page SEO involves taking measures on your site to optimize it for better ranking. For instance, adding the right keywords, writing meta descriptions, and so on.

Essentially, SEO Quake by SEMrush “offers a simple overview of key on-page and technical SEO metrics like header tags, metadata, canonicals, and sitemaps in an approachable way,” notes Digital 22’s Tiffany Payne.

“It’s also great to evaluate potential link outreach partners with a really handy and, as far as I can tell, accurate summary of site traffic statistics,” John Donnachie from ClydeBank Media adds.  “With full reports on hand, great at-a-glance info, and the ability to compare URLs right from my browser bar it does everything I need and more.”

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Andy Kolodgie of SEO Meets Real Estate Investors notes another benefit of the SEO extension: “It displays the relevant data (backlinks, domain and page authority, monthly traffic, etc.) directly on the SERP.”

“You can also determine what metrics Google is focusing on when it comes to a specific SERP such as the importance of the content, page authority, etc.,” Kolodgie explains. “When it comes to marketing via SEO, this extra data can be what you need to rank higher than your competition.”

In short, “It’s a must for all marketers that need a quick reference to get an understanding of the SEO ‘score’ of a page!” Payne summarizes.

PRO TIP: How to Monitor and Evaluate Your SEO Performance

If you want to understand how your visitors are behaving on your landing pages, there are several on-page events and metrics you can track from Google Analytics and Google Search Console that will help:

  1. Organic sessions by landing page. Which landing pages receive the most organic traffic and generate signups?
  2. Organic goal completions by landing page. Which landing pages reach your conversion goals and which need to be updated or optimized?
  3. Organic clicks by queries. Which search queries generate the most clicks to your website?
  4. Organic clicks by page. Which pages receive the most clicks from search results pages?
  5. Organic sessions. How many organic search sessions does your website receive?

And more…

Now you can benefit from the experience of our SEO and website conversion experts, who have put together a plug-and-play Databox template showing the most important metrics for monitoring your landing page performance. It’s simple to implement and start using as a standalone dashboard or in marketing reports, and best of all, it’s free!


You can easily set it up in just a few clicks – no coding required.

To set up the dashboard, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Get the template 

Step 2: Connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts with Databox. 

Step 3: Watch your dashboard populate in seconds.Get the template free

Honourable mentions


Whether you love or hate Facebook, it’s still a popular site that can drive a lot of traffic.

As you are surfing the web, you’ll naturally end up reading some articles. Some of them will be on your competitor’s site and you may be wondering if the article did well or not.

Using the Buzzsumo extension, you can see how many social shares a given article has as well as their backlinks.

You can even see all the most popular articles from that website based on social sharing and backlink count.

This will give you a good idea about the type of content you need to start producing.

Check My Links

Similar to the Redirect Path extension as you are spending more time doing technical SEO and analyzing your competition, the more link data you have the better.

And external links aren’t the only ones that can help boost your rankings.

Knowing data on internal links is important as well.

Check My Links will give you all of the internal links numbers you need when browsing any page on your site (or your competition’s).

And not only will you see an overview, but you can also get details on the whole page as this extension highlights each link.

SEO Minion

SEO is all about the long game.

If you just spend 10 minutes a day making improvements, it can have a huge impact on your traffic a year down the road.

An easy way to get work done each day is through SEO Minion.

One task that I have my team constantly look at through SEO Minion is broken links.

You’ll want to fix any on your website. In addition, you can use it to find broken links on other websites and then hit them up to replace the broken link to one from your site.

Another way to grow your SEO traffic is by translating your content into other languages.

This extension also breaks down hreflang data, which is needed when you are targeting other regions and languages.

You’ll be given data on your on-page SEO.


Yes, this is SEOmoz, so you might expect this to be top of the list. However, SEOmoz has done an exceptional job with this tool. Before becoming a Pro Member I used it daily and now that I’m a pro member it’s always on it. Note: I’m not just saying this to get my blog post boosted to the main blog (wink wink), but it really is the best tool out there and an essential for tool any aspiring SEO.

SEO Site Tools

SEO Site Tools is an all inclusive powerhouse of SEO information. It includes 6 main sections:

  • External Page Data
  • Page Elements
  • Social Media
  • Page Terms / Tools
  • Server / Domain Info
  • Suggestions

Some of the unique features and enhancements include highlighting your domains in Google search, trend data in Google webmaster tools, and Social Media stats in Google Analytics. A close second to MOZbar, this tool is an absolute must.

Note AnyWhere

I don’t know if I’m the first to break news of this tool. But even if you hate Chrome, this tool makes it all worth it. It’s basic, it’s simple, but it has already completely changed the way I work. As the name says you can leave a note… that’s right, anywhere. On any page, on any site… leave… close your browser and come back 2 days later. I just left a note on my home page with new keywords I want to target and a note on my Fantasy Football page with all the players I need to drop (sorry Randy Moss).


Get down and dirty with your code or your competitors code. You’ll be able to find the tweaks and tags that can boost your rankings. Not for the beginner but an absolute must for the OCD expert.

 IE Tab

Another holdover from Firefox, IE Tab allows you to browse the web as if you were using IE. I use this extension at least twice a day to confirm page appearance, double check a ranking, or if Chrome is having an issue with loading a page.


I’ve found this tool to be slightly buggy. However, the usefulness is there and I’m sure they’ll iron out the issues soon. Basically what it does is it allows you to check your search rankings per term. Quick and simple, definitely saves time for those of us that occasionally get addicted to checking rank. URL Shortener

Shorten URLs on the fly, add them to history, integrate with social media… do I really need to explain this further? It’s a time saver.

Screen Capture (by Google)

No more CTRL+ALT+PRTSCN, this simple tool by Google let’s you highlight the section of the page you want, highlight the visible area, or highlight the whole page (can’t do that with PRTSCN – that I know of). After you select, annotate, highlight, mark it up however you’d like and then email it to that lazy coworker who can’t find the broken link or misspelled keyword. It’s like slapping them… nicely.

Google Reader

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of information out there for SEO, it’s a highly dynamic industry and you need to be on top of your game to stay in it. Google reader is the essential tool


SEO Addon for Chrome is a tool you install on your computer to help you perform better SEO on your site. With this extension, you can view all the pages of any site you are visiting. It makes it easier for you to know which page should be targeted with each piece of content. All you need to do to find these problems is press the extension icon and wait for the results to come to you.

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