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Have you ever wanted to search a competitor’s website and see what SEO review tools they have installed on their website? How about a tool that allows you to check the keyword density for one of your web pages? There is a tool that can help you with these types of problems. It’s called the SEO Review tools for Chrome, and I’ve been using this extension for well over a year now. This review will hopefully help you decide if this plugin is right for you or not, and we will go over the positives and the negatives.

Here, I will describe 5 excellent tools for your chrome.


Of course, you can’t talk about SEO tools without mentioning MozBar. 

There’s a reason why over 500,000 people have downloaded this tool, with most utilizing it on a fairly regular basis. 

There are just so many features that make optimization research easier and quicker than trying to juggle the same tasks manually.

However, the coolest part about this Google Chrome extension is probably the overlay feature. 

With a quick mouse click, you can see all sorts of data like HTML markup, links, metrics, Domain Authority, and so much more. 

Plus, the Moz team is always adding new features, which is an excellent bonus.


For those who primarily care about keyword density and other content creation metrics, then SEOquake is a great option. 

This tool is a bit simpler than some of the others on this list of extensions, but it still packs a mighty punch in terms of functionality.

A real-time diagnosis feature makes it easier to identify and track issues with your own website. 

Meanwhile, the so-called SEO Showdown option allows you to quickly compare various optimization parameters on two or more websites to see which one has the better solution.

In short, this is a great plugin that gives you all the additional information needed to make quick decisions and identify appropriate change areas.


Sometimes finding email addresses for guest posting opportunities or lead generation is important. 

As an SEO professional, you don’t want to spend hours trying to identify the best person to get in touch with at a particular company.

That’s where FindThatLead’s Google Chrome extension is so handy. 

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Not only does it seamlessly help you identify the ideal address to message, it can also integrate with other tools you already use like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zapier, and Hubspot.

 vidIQ Vision for YouTube

Many people forget that YouTube is essentially one big search engine for video content. 

That said, you can help improve your content marketing efforts by using a tool like vidIQ Vision for YouTube.

This free Chrome extension works to give you important metrics data, both for your videos and those of your closest competitors. 

Easily spot things like engagement scores and the likelihood of being a featured video or gaining social media traction.

If content and video marketing is your speciality, you’ll definitely want this browser add-on in your tool arsenal.


Spelling and grammar matter when it comes to producing content for your website. 

The Grammarly browser extension makes it easier to catch tiny mistakes and select better word choices before you publish a blog post or article.

In addition, it works on any page you have open within the browser. 

That includes those social media posts, reply emails, eCommerce product descriptions, and so much more. 

While it might not be expressly an SEO tool, Grammarly is one that every digital marketer needs access to.


Whatsmyserp is a Chrome extension designed to make it easier to do keyword research. 

This handy Chrome plugin offers details on search volume, cost-per-click, and more for every single Google search you do in the browser.

Additionally, the tool also gives you a whole list of related keywords to make your job as an SEO professional super simple. 

If you find yourself doing quite a bit of keyword research, this is one tool you won’t want to skip.

SEO Peek

Have you ever gone to a competitor’s website and wondered how they’re getting such a high position in the SERPs? 

SEO Peek makes it super simple to find out. 

With a click, you can instantly see ranking factors like the page’s meta description, meta keywords, robot directives, and more.

These are all key factors when you’re doing competitive research for a particular topic. 

By knowing these elements, you can size up other pages and get ideas on how to improve your own SEO.

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 Evernote Web Clipper

Sometimes you need to save information, photos, or infographics to refer back to later. 

The Evernote Web Clipper allows you to gather this information in one place, making the research phase of your search optimization process faster and more efficient.

We particularly like the ability to take screenshots and collaborate with other team members. 

It also adds these clips to your main Evernote files, meaning you can save something on your laptop and access it on your smartphone or tablet later.

Similar Web

On the web, popularity is everything. We all want more traffic.

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Although more traffic doesn’t always mean more revenue, in most cases it does.

Out of all the tools out there, I’ve found that Similar Web gives the most accurate traffic estimations compared to anyone else.

Now with the Similar Web extension, you can get traffic data without going back to their site.

The first thing you can see with this extension is traffic data for the last 6 months. It even breaks down the bounce rate, average pages per visit, and visit duration.

And as you scroll down you’ll be able to see what countries the visitors are coming from.

Last, but not least, it shows you the traffic makeup for each site as well. Is the traffic coming from search engines, social media, referral sources, or even direct traffic to the site?

Redirect Path

Redirect Path isn’t as well-known of an extension, but when you are doing technical SEO it is a must.

As time goes on, your URLs are going to change. Whether that is from a new structure or if you are deleting old content and consolidating your pages, this extension will tell you when something goes wrong.

Through Redirect Path, you can quickly see if a redirect is broken or working correctly.

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This extension looks for SEO issues on the page, tells you how many there are, and lets you investigate further. The check covers meta tagscanonicals, indexability, Open Graph tagsstructured datahreflangspage speed, and more.

It also has a built-in Audit module that uses Google’s Pagespeed Insights API.


Other similar extensions: META SEO inspectorSEO META in 1 CLICKAhrefs SEO Toolbar

Free Backlink Checker by LRT

Despite its name, this tool has nothing to do with incoming links. It analyzes the outgoing links on a page. Like many other link checkers, it highlights all broken links red and live links green. It can also export all links on a page to a CSV or XLSX file along with their anchor text, HTTP status, and “rel” attribute for further analysis.

Unlike many other broken link checkers, this one allows you to increase the time delay between link requests for slower page analysis. This prevents many false positives caused by server protection.

free backlink checker

 Hreflang Tag Checker

Although lots of extensions show hreflang data, this one is more advanced. It crawls the URL’s hreflang tags to check if they have return links.

hreflang checker

Keyword research

Use these extensions to find and research keywords.

SEOStack Keyword Tool

Generates thousands of keyword ideas from a seed keyword by scraping autocomplete suggestions from Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. If you’ve ever used Keyword Sheeter, you’ll already be familiar with the concept. All data can be exported to CSV.

seostack keyword tool


TextOptimizer describes itself as a writing assistant tool. It analyzes search results for relevant terms and extracts “intent tables” to suggest other words that you can use in your copy “to better match search engines’ expectations.”

text optimizer

Keyword Surfer

Keyword research and SERP analysis tool. It gives away an insane amount of data for a free tool: domain-level traffic estimations in the search results, keyword volumes (both local and global), keyword suggestions, and domain-level backlink counts.

surfer seo 1

Other similar extensions: WMS Everywhere


It is a perfect combination of free SEO tools in a single extension. This is a very useful extension especially for the users who working in SEO field.

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