OABeans Review: Online Arbitrage Sourcing List

Online retail arbitrage has been one of the most popular business models for people who want to start their own business with a small capital and earn money fast. During the past few years, especially after the pandemic, people have gotten used to doing everything online. During this time, a new form of retail arbitrage became popular, where you don’t have to leave home to source products in brick-and-mortar stores. In this new business model called online arbitrage, you can source products in the comfort of your home. This isn’t easy, especially for beginners, so we recommend buying online arbitrage deals. 

This article will discuss OABeans, an online arbitrage sourcing lists provider. Keep reading to discover how OABeans can help your business become more successful. 

What is OABeans? 

OABeans is a popular service provider with a team of experts who have been trading for more than ten years, with five years of experience selling on Amazon. After gaining enough knowledge about doing online arbitrage on Amazon, they decided to share it with people aspiring to become successful Amazon sellers. OABeans helps sellers find high-quality leads easily and effectively by selling online arbitrage sourcing lists. 

OABeans consists of a team of professionals in different fields, from experienced sellers to code programmers, who use various tools and software to meet sellers’ expectations by finding the best online arbitrage deals. OABeans offers Amazon online arbitrage sourcing lists to sellers. They find products, calculate ROI and net profit, then check them against ten different criteria to find leads. Leads are also manually reviewed.

How OABeans Help Amazon Sellers? 

If you are an experienced Amazon seller, you have probably heard about online arbitrage sourcing lists. Before starting your business, there are a few things you need to take into account. One of them is finding great deals and deciding which products you will provide for customers. Choosing profitable items is a crucial part of starting an online arbitrage business on Amazon, so many sellers use various tools and methods to research and find the best deals on the market. 

However, many people don’t have the time or energy to put into learning how to work with these tools, so they choose to purchase online arbitrage leads lists. This is a hassle-free method to source profitable items. After purchasing these services, you receive a list of low-price or discounted items from different online stores without spending much time researching and analyzing. 

As mentioned before, OABeans consists of a team of experts who spend many hours finding the perfect deals using different tools, reducing possible errors. After purchasing one of OABeans’ sourcing lists, you will find a new list of lucrative deals in your inbox daily. 

OABeans offers five types of sourcing lists: 

  • Fayot – for beginners
  • Toys & Games – for semi-pros
  • Pinto – for professionals

Each of these lists is only provided to 25 people, so if you would rather receive semi-exclusive or exclusive lists, you can check out these two: 

  • Adzuki – semi-exclusive list (only for ten people) 
  • Beanstalk – exclusive (only for you) 

They also offer ungating services, which is crucial for sellers who want to expand their Amazon business by selling restricted items on the marketplace. As you probably know, Amazon restricts some categories, sub-categories, and brands that may be counterfeited. An example of this is Nike, Adidas, and popular brands’ products. By lifting these restrictions – or getting ungated – you can sell profitable products in less competitive niches on Amazon. 

Pros & Cons of OABeans

Like any service provider, OABeans has pros and cons that you need to consider before purchasing online arbitrage sourcing lists. Here is a list of both: 


  • Offering five different inclusive lists for all sellers, whether beginner, semi-pro, or professional
  • A wide range of prices affordable to anyone 
  • Most of the lists consist of products in the top 1% Best Sellers Rank 
  • The Fayot lists are 100% ungated deals, which is perfect for new sellers who worry about the ungating process 
  • The lists come with a high ROI of min 30% 
  • The deals are checked against various criteria, such as the profit margin and ROI, ranking, size (whether standard or not), IP complaints, etc. 
  • Providing unlimited support 
  • Offering ungating services in the US, CA, UK, FR, DR, JP, MX, and UAE marketplaces 
  • Offering a money-back guarantee


  • Although the users haven’t mentioned any significant disadvantages, OABeans’ website doesn’t have an appealing user panel 
  • The prices may be high for some users, but they make up for it by offering high-quality services 
  • Sometimes the products may be out of stock, so you have to jump on the lists as soon as receiving them! 

OABeans Pricing 

Before getting into OABeans’ different plans and services, let’s find out what lead metrics are included in their sourcing lists: 

  • Product name, ASIN, and category 
  • Source link and Amazon link 
  • Buying cost and selling price 
  • ROI (return on investment) and BSR (best sellers rank) 
  • Buy Box eligibility, number of competitors, and monthly sales 

As mentioned before, OABeans offers five types of online arbitrage sourcing lists with different prices: 

  • Fayot: $99 per month 
  • Toys & Games: $109 per month (most popular)
  • Pinto: $129 per month 
  • Adzuki: $298 per month 
  • Beanstalk: $998 per month 

In addition, if you want to get Amazon’s approval to sell particular ASINs, product categories, or even brands, you can purchase one of the services below: 

  • One approval: $448 
  • Two approvals: $878 
  • Three approvals: $1298 
  • Five approvals: $2098 
  • Seven approvals: $2898 
  • Ten approvals: $4098 
  • unlimited approvals: $4898 

What Are the Best Alternatives for OABeans 

OABeans is a popular service provider offering online arbitrage sourcing lists to aspiring Amazon sellers, but it is not the only one. Here are the best alternatives for OABeans: 

  • Full-Time FBA: They provide the most recommended online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, and wholesale deal lists that help you meet your goals as an Amazon seller to increase profits. Seven types of sourcing lists are available on their website, with a wholesale leads list coming soon. 
  • FBA Lead List: They offer sourcing lists with various brands and categories that may or may not be gated on Amazon. They contain various lead metrics such as the ROI, buy and sell price, and the number of current sellers. 
  • SlinkyOA: Offers online arbitrage deals lists handpicked by experts with advantages such as IP complaint check, no hazmat, fragile, or oversized products, and price history check. 


Online arbitrage is a great opportunity for those who dream big but need to start small. Even if you haven’t signed up as an Amazon seller yet, you can start today! You don’t need much to start, and by purchasing an online arbitrage deal list, you can stock up on profitable deals and products to resell at a higher price on Amazon. OABeans is a great service provider that can offer you the best lists with lucrative deals.