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Software Grants For Small Business

Most small businesses fail because of an extremely simple reason; they don’t get enough money to get started. Being a small business, one of the greatest challenges you may face is financial management. If you’re a small business owner who wants to get a grant to finance a purchase, you may feel a little out of your depth.

Learn about small business grant software here. They are unique because they offer more than just tracking what the government is doing, but they also offer analytics to help any type of business improve their efforts in getting government grants as well as private grants.


Fluxx is a technology that strengthens the philanthropic ecosystem, it has developed a grant management software that that enables transparent, accessible and more connected ecosystem for all funders and impact investors. Fluxx grantseekers acts as a bridge for collaboration between nonprofits and funders. You can apply, track. post and share impact stories from one place. There is a single dashboard for essential grants, timelines and insights. It enables for one to set their own to-dos and save time with auto recommended responses to recurring questions. With Flux Grantseekers you continuously share knowledge with funders.


• Impact updates
• More organization and efficiency
• Collaborate with your team
• Comprehensive dashboard
• Custom vies and dashboards
• Robust automation
• Flexible searching and filtering
• Intergrated collaboration
• Versatile reporting

PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants Management

PeopleSoft is an application in the family of Oracles’s PeopleSoft enterprise service automation. It is a web-based software that manages the full life cycle of research administration which include proposal generation, transitioning proposals into awards, award tracking, facilities and administration processing, comprehensive bill generation and flexible financial reporting. Peoplesoft enterprise services automation applications provide a single and accurate view of all projects related activities to enable you to choose and prioritize projects, assign right resources and proactively streamline execution and track profits.


• Seamless Proposal Creation and Submission
• Centralized Budget Management
• Efficient Award Administration
• Flexible Billing and Reporting
• Real-Time Cost Visibility


WizeHive is a grant management and membership management software that suits the non profit organizations. WizeHive’s grant management system organizes grant applications in to foldness through automated work flow rules. Applications can be collected through an organization’s website, a facebook page or even directly a hasted software portal. Wize hive main features include online submission, interview scheduling, collaborative interview data validation configurable ranking grants website a facebook page or directly via a hasted software portal. WizeHive main features include online submission, interview scheduling, collaborative interview, data validation, configurable ranking, grants management automated scheduling and feedback collection.


• Contests- set up and deploy an online contest in minutes with no software to install.
• Grants-Collect, manage and organise applications online.
• Scholarships-use customised online forms to collect and manage scholarship applications.
• Projects- share files manage projects and collaborate with others in secure, private workspaces.


Granthub is a grant management solution for grant seekers which is easy to use and at a low cost mainly for non-profits and grant consultants. It is used by over 350 grant seekers to track their grants. Grant hub manages all your tasks, applications, reports and important grant documents online. You do not need to use spreadsheets, calendars, files and manual tracking systems. Grant hub has special features that help in saving time and focus on your mission these are: managing your funders and grant opportunities, tracking tasks and grant deadlines, streamlining the creation of new proposals, among others.


• Funder and grant management
• Task tracking and reminders
• Central repository for grant documents
• Max file size 100MB; Total storage 20 GB
• Dashboard and 6 pre-built reports
• Links to Foundation Center 990 forms
• Links to Guide Star profiles
• Great Nonprofits stories
• Licenses for up to 35 users

Award Force for Grants Starter

Award Force is a cloud software for grantmaking organizations to manage application, evaluation and award of grants, online. Designed for performance and function, it’s fast, secure and a great experience for applicants, evaluators, and managers. Award Force makes tackling grants online fun and gives the customer control to make system configuration changes directly, support when needed, manage allocation of funds from multiple budgets, full database availability for all users in, real time reporting and export of filtered data sets, easy to track process among many more.


•Easily themed to suit your brand
•Flexible configuration for your unique program needs
•Life-cycle management: planning, applications, evaluation, grant distribution, close-out
•Real-time reporting and export of filtered data sets
•Easy to track progress at any time
•Manage allocation of funds from multiple budgets
•Full database of all users

Workday Grants Management

Workday Grants Management is unified with the full suite of Workday applications, giving you a central location to automate the full post-award process. Workday Grants Management is a single system for grants management that effortlessly handle the most complex grant requirements. With Workday Grants Management, you gain deep insight and control so you can easily manage your grant activity while staying compliant. Workday empowers decision-makers with in-the-moment and on-the-go financial and business insight they can act upon with its readily available financial management tool.


• Human Resource Management
• People Analytics
• Audit and Internal Controls
• Workforce Planning
• Recruiting
• Talent Management
• Payroll Management
• Time and Absence


GrantVantage is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for managing federal, state, and foundation grants, sub-recipients, and contracts, Interfacing with most accounting systems. The major features are grant Management , which Complete visibility in one place with a comprehensive view at each level of the grant ; objective Managent ,easily create, update & report on Grant & Project Objectives; contracts easily manage contract objectives activities, budgets, performance measures, and payments; Sub-Recipients, easily manage sub-recipient activities and obtain instantaneous progress reports; budgeting,grantVantage offers advanced budgeting capabilities for managing your grants.


• Grant Management
• Objective Managent
• Grant Management
• Sub-Recipients
• Budgeting
• Inventory Tracking
• Document Mangement
• Reporting
• Outlook Intergration

MicroEdge GIFTS

Micro Edge GIFTS is an online grant management system that he enables grant making organizations of all shapes, sizes and levels of complexity to give more efficiently and effectively. It reduces risk and helps one collaborate more easily hence increasing the impact of your giving. It allows you to work the way you need to work which is in alignment with your own grant making language and own process. Micro Edge GIFTS’ main features include; grant management, customized grants coding, payment tracking, financial management, contact management and reporting.


• Grant management
• Customized grants
• Payment tracking
• Financial management
• Contact management
• Correspondence templates
• Reporting
• Auditing
• Bank reconciliations
• Impact measurement


eAwards is a grant management software which assists research and development bodies such as universities, funding organizations and research centers in streamlining their research funding administration process. It is created to help users to control, simplify and expedite their research admin tasks. eAwards also enables users to undertake data analysis and scenario simulations for advanced planning. eAwards features include; program and competition management, application, project electronic validation and submission, electronic collaboration with co-applicants, supervisors, heads of departments, referees and reviewers, multi-team project’s management, application and project approval by universities and research centers, eligibility, peer review and conflict of internet management.


• Program and competition management
• Application and project electronic validation and submission
• Electronic collaboration with co-applicants, supervisors, heads of department, referees, reviewers
• Multi-team project’s management
• Application and project approval by universities and research centers
• Eligibility
• Peer review and conflict of interest management
• Funding partners management
• Financial dashboard functionality
• Operational & analytical reports


eCivics is a grant management system that helps you maximize funding, manage your grants and sub-recipients. It provides expert support along the way. It’s also the best grant management system for both state, local and tribal government. It has revolutionized the grant process to help the applicants. eCivics adds a friendly windows format and also a different for different departments to access their grants. eCivics features are; project planning, grant research, risk management, communication with applicants & sub-recipients, dashboard and reports, training management, grants management, goals tracking, collaboration tools, grant award tracking and performance reports.


• Project planning
• Performance reports
• Grant research
• Risk management
• Dashboards & reporting
• Training management
• Grants management
• Collaboration tools
• Goals tracking
• Grant award tracking


Grants for small businesses are a great way to get your business started, expand or make a change. Have you ever met a business owner who wouldn’t want free grant software for their small business? If most people had a chance to work with a grant, they would jump at the opportunity.

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