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Social Media Analytics Software Open Source

Social Media Analytics Software Open Source

If you’re curious about social media analytics software open source, or if you’re interested in free social media analytics tools 2021, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tackle important questions such as which is the best social media analytics software and what are the top 10 social media analytics tools.

Social Media Analytics Software Open Source in a friendly tone:Open Source Social Media Analytics Software is designed to collect data published over social media websites and it consists of different methods to analyze the gathered data.

Free social media analytics software: The best social media analytics tools which are available of open source. These social media analytics tools can easily be integrated to your website. There are also many paid social media analytics tools offer a variety of features that help your business become more successful on social media.

Social media analytics software open source answer the basic questions like what do people comment about my company or brand, who are the influential groups within these brands, and so on. This software is of great help for companies to make use of their social networks to connect with customers. It offers a lot of different services such as capturing logs, analyzing them and making recommendations.

What are Social Media Management and Analytics Software?

Social Media Management and Analytics Software provide tools for gathering data from stakeholder conversations on digital media and processing into structured insights leading to more information-driven business decisions and increased customer centrality for brands and businesses.


The first platform for successful multiple Facebook account management


f-boardpro is a multiple Facebook account management platform trusted by businesses, agencies, and individuals to help you to log in to multiple Facebook accounts from your iOS or Android device.

f-boardpro has special features include: you can schedule a post by selecting an image with a caption text and scheduling time and date. It is used for publishing, engagement, and team collaboration.

This platform is user-friendly, timely, easy, and more. It has a full installation guide for android and iOS devices. It is written with Java and Objective-C languages.

  1. Multi accounts manager
  2. Home feeds
  3. Comments view
  4. It has a section for people who liked
  5. Pages feed
  6. With it, you can see your friends list
  7. You can see the profile timeline post
  8. Open source



First amazing Twitter management solution


TwtBoard is a social media management tool built specifically for Twitter marketing, management, and analytics. On top of most features that social media management tools provide, It allows you to manage all your Twitter accounts for free, it makes their users do regular activities like viewing profiles, sending and receiving tweets, retweets, and more.

TwtBoard has some impressive integrations such as tools to organize their friend’s tweets, Twitter fans could handle as many tweets received from friends.

It is available on the web, desktop, and mobiles(Android and iOS). It is written in C# language.


  1. Follower Management
  2. Tweet Management
  3. Unfollowers Management
  4. Account Actions
  5. Retweet and Favorite
  6. Campaign Manager
  7. Tweet Creator
  8. Open-source



The most intelligent analysis tool on Twitter


tinfoleak is more than a Twitter management tool; it is a powerful analysis twitter tool that automates the extraction of information on Twitter and facilitates subsequent analysis. It analyzes the Twitter timeline to extract great volumes of data.

tinfoleakis great for researchers who want to organize, analyze the data and extract the whole benefits from it.

It can extract the account information, user activity, protected accounts, user relations, hashtags, mentions, likes, and more.

It is licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0 License and written in python and HTML.


  1. Automate the extraction of information
  2. Facilitates subsequent analysis for the generation of intelligence
  3. Taking a user identifier, geographic coordinates, or keywords
  4. It is included in several Linux Distributions
  5. Open source


Hootsuite Analytics

Key benefits: Performance data from every social network in one place with easy-to-understand reports

Paid or free? Paid tool

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate

Best for: Business owners who run their own social media, social media managers at small-to-medium sized businesses, marketing teams

Most social media management platforms have built-in analytics tools. We hope you’ll forgive us for saying Hootsuite’s reporting capabilities are our favorite. But it’s the tool we know and love best.

viewing social media analytics on multiple networks in Hootsuite

Imagine Twitter analytics, Instagram analytics, Facebook analytics, Pinterest analytics, LinkedIn analytics all in one place. Hootsuite Analytics offers a complete picture of all your social media efforts, so you don’t have to check each platform individually.

It saves time by making it easy to compare results across networks.

Social posts metrics:

  • Clicks
  • Comments
  • Reach
  • Engagement rate
  • Impressions
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Video views
  • Video reach
  • And more

Profile metrics:

  • Follower growth over time
  • Negative feedback rate
  • Profile visits
  • Reactions
  • Overall engagement rate
  • And more

Best time to post recommendations:

Ever spend a bunch of time writing and designing a social post only to have it fall completely flat? There could be a lot of reasons for that. But one of the most common reasons this happens is posting at the wrong time. A.k.a. Posting when your target audiences are not online or not interested in engaging with you.

This is why our Best Time to Publish tool is one of the most popular features of Hootsuite Analytics. It looks at your unique historical social media data and recommends the most optimal times to post based on three different goals:

  1. Engagement
  2. Impressions
  3. Link clicks
Best time to publish feature in Hootsuite Analytics

Most social media analytics tools will only recommend posting times based on engagement. Or they’ll use data from universal benchmarks, instead of your unique performance history.

Other cool things you can do with Hootsuite Analytics:

  • Customize report templates for only the metrics you care about
  • Get reports on your competitors
  • Track the productivity of your social team (response times, and resolution time for assigned posts, mentions, and comments)
  • Monitor mentions, comments, and tags related to your business to avoid PR disasters before they happen

Hootsuite Analytics is included in the Hootsuite professional plan, with you can try for free for 30 days.

Google Analytics

Key benefit: See how much traffic and leads flow to your website from your social media channels

Paid or free: Free tool

Skill level: all skill levels

Best for: all social media professionals should be familiar with Google Analytics, but especially those who work for a web-based business

You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics already. That’s because it’s one of the best free tools to use to learn about your website visitors. And if you’re a social marketer who likes to drive traffic to your website, then it’s an invaluable resource to have in your back pocket.

While it’s not a social media reporting tool per se, you can use it to set up reports that will help you:

  • See which social media platforms give you the most traffic
  • See what content drives the most leads and traffic on which social networks
  • Get to know your audience with demographic data
  • Calculate the ROI of your social media campaigns
Google Analytics dashboard showing sources of traffic for a blog post

With these data points, you’ll be able to get the most out of your social media campaigns and effectively strategize for the future. No social media strategy is complete without Google analytics.

Buffer Analyze

Buffer Analyze: Buffer’s Facebook and Instagram Analytics and Reporting Tool

Buffer Analyze is our social media analytics tool for online brands that want to make better decisions about their social media strategy and measure their results without feeling overwhelmed.

3 cool features:

  • Instagram Stories analytics
  • Posting strategy recommendations
  • Create professional reports in as few as two clicks

Social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

What analytics you get for free:

  • All features for 14 days
    • Overview and charts for key metrics
    • Posts and Stories analytics
    • Audience insights
    • Answers
    • Easy-to-use report builder

Pricing options: $35 and $50 per month

 Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management and monitoring tool that provides a host of enterprise-level options. Its cross-channel social listening features you perform a contextual and qualitative analysis of topics, hashtags, and keywords. You can tell how your content is performing on various social networks from its visual and intuitive reports.

3 cool features:

  • Analyze paid campaign performance across networks
  • Get group report of your social media profiles
  • Analyze your team’s performance (task performance, response rates, etc.)

Social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

What analytics you get for free:

  • All features for 30 days
    • Report builder
    • Reports for each social media channel
    • Reports for internal team performance

Paid options: $99, $149, and $249 per month

 Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Zoho is a unique and powerful software suite that has CRM, collaboration, and other SaaS options that take care of your entire operational workflow. Zoho Social is the part that enables you to understand your social media audience and how they engage with you. You can listen to multiple channels from a single dashboard and respond in real-time. You can also dig deeper into each post to measure their reach and engagement.

3 cool features:

  • Create intuitive reports from a huge list of pre-defined segments based on demographics of your fans, influencers, or people reached.
  • Get a breakdown of the content formats that your connections are engaging with and compare it to those that you publish.
  • Compare fans vs. other people reached for every post.

Social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

What analytics you get for free:

  • All features for 15 days
    • Stats for individual posts
    • Analytics for content type, best time to post, etc.

Pricing options: $10, $25, $200, and $300 per month (annual pricing)


DrumUp Dashboard

DrumUp focuses on content marketing for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, helping users discover and share engaging content, and initiate productive conversations with their users and customers. Experts like to describe it as a highly customizable solution, as DrumUp adjusts to any industry or niche, and curates top content for each of them. To do so, it uses an advanced recommendation algorithm that crawls through the web in real-time and makes sure no opportunity slides through the cracks. You can use it to manage posts on an unlimited number of accounts, groups, feeds, and blogs, and create your custom repeat schedules to keep your posts in the loop. Also, DrumUp will provide native apps for Android and iOS users so that they can retain control on the go.

Detailed DrumUp Review

What is unique about DrumUp?

  1. Content marketing. DrumUp makes it possible to curate relevant content from a variety of sources and bring them to your attention in real-time. It likewise relies on advanced algorithms to extract stories that would be most interesting to your audience.
  2. Management of multiple social media accounts. DrumUp offers a synchronized dashboard for you to manage all of your social accounts and activities, and stay on top of your social media presence regardless of the complexity of your business.
  3. Adding link blogs and feeds to social accounts. DrumUp provides you with the unique opportunity to add, follow, and curate updates from relevant blogs and feeds, and post those across your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.
  4. Hashtag recommendations & reposting. With DrumUp, you can distinguish the most important and influential posts, and mark them for reposting. This way, you can keep readers interested and engaged even when you’re not in the office.
  5. DrumUp Analytics. As could be expected from a prominent performer, DrumUp also offers an analytic kit of its own, where users can track and manage Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn engagement for each of their posts.

Is Free Social Media Management, Social Media Analytics and Social Publishing Software Worthwhile?

Free Social Media Management, Social Media Analytics and Social Publishing Software

Free Social Media Management, Social Media Analytics and Social Publishing Software

Social Media Management, Social Media Analytics and Social Publishing Software has many features and can do a lot to help your business to succeed in social media by scheduling and publishing your post, by monitoring your and competitors social media mentions, and it is not very expensive. There are also plenty of limited free Software available. There are two categories of Social Media Management, Social Media Analytics and Social Publishing Software based on licensed model: Open Source and Proprietary. Based on Installation type, there are On Premise and Cloud and the selection of the installation type depends on your business and organization requirements.

You can find limited free versions and full-fledged free trials in both the licensing models.


Social Media Analytics Software and Open Source are becoming important for our website’s performance. They help us to engage users, measure content, analyze every action of the website and find out what works best for us and our clients.

Social media analytics software allows social media managers to track and analyze their social media interactions. You can see which content is working best, monitor mentions of your brand, and use the knowledge to boost social media marketing.

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