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Software for Church Tithe Records

Do you manage Church tithe records? Do you need software to help with Church tithe accounting? Are you looking for an organized system that can be customized to fit your tithing program? TitheSoft is the software for church tithe records. It is designed to give churches a solution for their tithe-based accounting needs. TitheSoft allows you to create as many preset tithes and offerings as you need. You can even change the name of each preset giving so it fits your denomination’s specific giving plan. For example, if you have a preset titled “Tithe for Pastors”, many of those donations will go to support the preacher, but you may have other presets with different names like “Offering for Missions”, “Elder In-Kind”, or “Benevolent Fund”.

church management software

Free church management software is typically a limited version of a paid church management system. The two options you’ll learn about below offer several core features with limited capacity. These are viable options for very small churches with basic member directory needs and not much else. Vendors typically offer this type of pricing model with the goal of upgrading churches into one of their paid tiers as the church grows with the software.


ChurchTrac logo


430+ reviewsA screenshot of a member profile in ChurchTrac church management software
A member profile in ChurchTrac (Source)

ChurchTrac was founded in 2002 in Florida with hopes of providing software that makes church leaders’ jobs easier at a reasonable price. ChurchTrac includes features for membership management, donations, check-in, worship planning, church accounting, event planning, website management, and more.

Intro to ChurchTrac (Source)

What you get for free: ChurchTrac offers a free plan with membership management for up to 75 individuals, with family management, reports, directories, and tech support.

Cost to upgrade: With the $5/month Standard plan, churches can add online donation management, child check-in, attendance tracking, volunteer scheduling, event management, priority support, and more for up to 75 members.

With the $15/month Plus plan, churches can add everything in Standard plus financial management and accounting, advanced scheduling, worship planning, song library, and more for up to 75 members. Prices increase based on the number of members, and churches can get two months free with an annual commitment.

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Planning Center logo

Planning Center

960+ reviewsA screenshot of the Giving app in Planning Center church management software
Donations management in Planning Center (Source)

Planning Center may have a secular sounding name, but it is 100% designed for churches from the ground up. The software was first developed in California in 2006 by two full-time church leaders scrambling to stay on top of all facets of worship planning, from scheduling volunteers to preparing music by manually updating spreadsheets. Planning Center claims to serve 90 of the 100 largest churches in the country, but also caters to small, neighborhood churches. The software itself is packaged as a collection of apps, from calendar and donations to publishing.

Intro to Planning Center (Source)

What you get for free: Planning Center’s free version includes an unlimited membership database with communication tools, a calendar with unlimited events and up to two meeting rooms, 15 daily check-ins, up to 10 monthly donations, small group planning for up to 25 members, event registration for as many as five attendees, and service planning for up to five administrators.

Cost to upgrade: Users can expand each application to accommodate the size of their congregation. For example, a 10-room calendar, 50 daily check-ins, 100 monthly donations, 125 small group members, 20 event attendees, and service planning for 25 administrators would cost a church $84/month. Publishing plans start at $14/month. All apps are optional and include a 30-day free trial.

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Open source church management software

Open source church management software is completely free to download and use. In fact, users can even alter the code themselves to tailor it for their specific needs. So what’s the catch?

Open source church management software, like any open source software, requires the user to host (meaning that you’re responsible for storing the data), maintain, and update the software as necessary.

In other words, if the system crashes at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning and you can’t retrieve your sermon notes, there won’t be a technical support team standing by to help you.

Open source church management software does offer some support, though it typically comes in the form of online documentation or community support forums.


ChurchCRM logo


2 reviewsA screenshot of the ChurchCRM home screen
The ChurchCRM home screen (Source)

ChurchCRM is built off of the ChurchInfo open source framework. Because it runs on LAMP, you can use it on any device with an internet browser, including tablets and smartphones. ChurchCRM also offers membership management for unlimited members, calendar, donation tracking, volunteer management features, and more. An active developer community is constantly working on new features, and is available for support via chat.

Intro to ChurchCRM (Source)

Support: ChurchCRM offers support via GitHub and Gitter live chat.

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ChurchInfo logo


4 reviewsA screenshot of the member profile screen in ChurchInfo
A member profile in ChurchInfo (Source)

ChurchInfo is a free, open source database that helps your church manage and track members, groups, donations, and payments. It is supported by an open source community of volunteer developers who work to make it as accessible as possible to churches. It is a web-based solution, meaning that you can run it through any internet browser.

ChurchInfo installation walkthrough (Source)

Support: ChurchInfo offers support through a SourceForge discussion group and ticket system, as well as online documentation.

Breeze ChMS


The world’s easiest web-based church management software for small and mid-sized churches; Breeze ChMS offers the feature where the user can comfortably store an unlimited amount of information of each person by adding a custom field. The user can also organize and communicate with groups through Breez ChMS. It’s easy to use software to maintain the financial health of the Church; the user can track giving and generate report through the software. You can schedule volunteer for events and organize all church events through Breez ChMS.


 Add and store unlimited people with a handy information filter. You can also form and share photo directories as well as send texts and emails.
• Automate group creation, schedule messages, and view stats.
• Secure text and online giving.
• Track gifts and donors, in addition to generating reports.
• Control user access to protect crucial information and church data.
• Calendar integration, attendance tracking, event management, and children check-ins.
• Support for hassle-free import/migration of your data into the Breeze system.


• It simplifies the organizing and management of your people and groups.
• It saves your time, resources, and efforts through automation.
• It provides a detailed view of the church’s financial health through insightful reports.
• It increases security as you can set who can view which information.
• It quickly gets you up and running with prompt assistance.


The web-based church management system by Breeze is available at monthly pricing of $50 for all the features, unlimited users, and free setup and upgrades.

5. ACS


Managing information on families and individuals had never been easy before ACS church management software. This all-in-one church solution is a cloud-based, fully integrated, data managing, and tracking software. ACS provides powerful church management solution through easy to manage contact tools, track and organize contribution details, run fundraising drives, review member’s history, create pictorial directory post and share group calendars, host successful events and manage pastoral shepherding.


 It is a comprehensive cloud-based solution.
• The mechanism to store member details, history, pictorial directory, and census reports.
• Tools to optimize ministry outreach and monitor attendance trends.
• Tools to enhance leader-group communications.
• ACS Facility Scheduler for better management of events and services.
• ACS Checkpoint for increased security of children.
• Quick and reliable verification through ACS Background Checks.
• Multi-location church administration and on-the-go mobile access through its Android and iOS app.


• The cloud-based system, together with a dedicated mobile app, offers greater flexibility and accessibility.
• It streamlines member management and helps strengthen spiritual relationships.
• It simplifies everything associated with event planning and execution, right from registrations to payments.
• It maximizes security and protection and helps you hire the right person.
• It takes the hassles out of managing multiple campuses with its centralized system.


Get in touch with the ACS team for pricing.

6. ChMeetings


CHMeetings is a robust church management software designed for churches of all sizes and denominations. Effortlessly manage church membership, groups, events, follow-up, broadcasts and more! CHMeetings has a proactive Firewall to ensure that your data is kept safe from unauthorized users. Features such as group SMS, cloud hosting, daily backup, and multi-device access are integrated for easy daily church administration. Get support to help your church easily adopt our solution.


 Effective tracking, as well as storage, of member and group data.
• Tools to turn data into actionable reports.
• Provision for smooth addition of members into groups.
• Effortless formation of recurring and one-time events. You can also assign roles, utilize built-in stat reports, and add notes.
• Facility for online contributions
• Complete data security.
• Restrictions on data access.
• Everyday backups, anytime and any-device access, along with free data imports.


• You get uninterrupted access from your preferred device no matter where you are, thanks to cloud hosting.
• Managing members’ data and communicating with groups become simpler.
• Event planning no longer seems hectic, whether it is a one-day picnic or a mega public service, due to its online event admin tools.
• Regular backups, access restrictions, and security tools ensure your data is up-to-date, protected and secured all the time.
• Timely expert assistance if you encounter issues.


ChMeetings is free for up to 100 people. It offers various plans: Small, Medium, Large, Unlimited, and Diocese for $10, $20, $30, $40 and custom pricing, respectively.

7. Blackbaud Church Management


Easy to use scalable church management software, Blackbaud Church Management drives vitality and care for the church’s congregation. It is a holistic system to connect volunteers, staff, and visitors through an automated process. One of the best church management software, Blackbaud keeps the church engaged by maintaining multi-channel communication. The software enhances and builds church relationships by providing them meaningful insights with analytics and reports on its congregant data.


 Simplified giving and tithes through multiple options, such as apps and digitized donation forms.
• Build an all-inclusive church directory and track congregants’ faith journey.
• Drag-and-drop tool for email marketing.
• Communicate via texts and emails, track attendance, and set permissions for group leaders.
• Manage volunteers and check-in kids.
• Plan recurring and one-time events with online payments and registrations.
• Tools for analysis, data health, and reports. You can also view trends in giving, memberships, and faith journey.


• It streamlines congregation management while boosting the engagement level.
• It helps leaders manage groups efficiently.
• It equips you with online event management tools, simplifying the whole process.
• It keeps every child safe in the premises with secure check-ins and outs, emergency alerts, and notes.
• It guides ministries with accurate data, insights, and reports.
• It eliminates data duplication besides offering quick details through its data tools.


You need to connect with the Blackbaud Church Management team for information on pricing.

8. DonorKite


Donorkite is a great donation management software for churches, charities, and non-profit organizations for donation tracking and data management. It offers unlimited contributors, unlimited donations, and great online donation tools to maximize donation collection, offer immediate acknowledgment, track every donation, and generate regular reports so you can focus on your cause. Manage your team, multiple organizations, and seamlessly integrate custom software features as per your requirement.


 Track every single donation and provide immediate acknowledgment
• Complete donation data management
• Collect donations and donor information online
• Unlimited donations
• Unlimited contributors
• Third-party app integrations with preferred products and services
• Team management – volunteers, resources, etc
• Donor tracking
• Data imports
• Custom reporting
• Employee training to use the software effectively
• Improved workflows for greater efficiency that save time and money


• A single unified database so all the stakeholders are up to date on donation data
• Unlimited Donors
• Report generation
• Team Management
• Multiple organization management
• Third-party integrations
• Complete server control


DonorKite pricing starts at $35.00 per month with setup cost starts at $650. They do not have a free version. DonorKite offers a free trial.

9. FellowshipOne


FellowshipOne is an incredible church management solution specifically designed to empower church ministry. The software helps in improving efficiency by establishing communication, empowers the church to spend more time on ministry, and keeps membership information on its fingertips. This is a comprehensive advanced solution with a bundled toolset to streamline the work process. The software is backed with experienced implementation specialists to provide long-term success to church administration.


 Access to all your member/staff data at one place. It also lets members update their information.
• Automated channels, newsletter templates, and email tools for communication between different groups and church teams.
• Real-time, centralized system for church check-ins, be it for classes, events, or child care.
• Out-and-out web-based event management mechanism.
• Volunteer management and tracking tools to hire, train, and assign jobs across campuses or services.
• Real-time information access from mobile phones to church members and staff.
• Online contributions and giving.
• Tools for analysis and reporting to view trends and insights.


• Centralized data makes managing and caring for members easier.
• Various tools for communication builds and fosters connections, creating a stronger community.
• Overseeing events become simpler than ever.
• Online donations and payments make giving a smoother experience for both people and administrative staff.
• Insightful reports keep you up-to-date about the critical trends and data, enhancing the decision-making process.


FellowshipOne offers a free 30-day trial of its church software.

10. Flocknote


Reaching out to mass members with event’s notice and important texts has never been simpler before Flocknote. This incredible church management software helps in establishing a connection with its members through mass church texting, emails, and other modes of communication. It further manages the member’s database which allows the church to track individual contribution, involvement, and registration. Churches and ministries can reach more people and increase attendance through its “text-to-join” feature.


 Allows the sending of unlimited emails and standard texts.
• Streamlines all the replies you receive at one place.
• Provides analytics to track email opening rate, member count, attendance data, and giving, among other things.
• Text-to-join for member sign-ups.
• Offers creation of unlimited groups for every ministry, department, or sub-group. It also enables multiple admin setup.
• Filters out duplicate data and has centralized contact information.


• It helps grow participants while turning the church into a more connected place.
• It lets you reach members in split seconds.
• It provides precise analysis for more streamlined ministry operations.
• It aids in building a safe environment for communication.
• It consists of an ever-expanding content library for you to edit and customize your messages and campaigns.
• It is Spanish-friendly.


Flocknote is free if you have less than 40 members. For more than 40 members, the pricing begins at $8/month. It also offers a Diocese solution with customized pricing according to your needs.

11. ShelbyNext Membership


ShelbyNext Membership is cloud-based, ministry-focused, all-new church management software that was built to foster growth in the church community. This software is a flexible management solution that can be tailored according to the church’s requirements. This robust mobile app manages members, groups and all church reservations. Now, it’s easy for the church to gain insights into new members, manage multiple check-ins, record attendance, and send mass emails, text, and message.


 Tools to manage individual members and groups.
• Calendar setting that syncs with your church to streamline events, equipment, rooms, and groups.
• Easy-to-use interface to manage and schedule volunteers.
• Customizable check-ins for worship services, classroom themes, and special events.
• The flexibility of group management from anywhere for group leaders, from attendance tracking to communication.
• Communication tools, such as texts and emails.
• Prayer request management within Arena.
• View and edit access to church members for profile edits, family member additions, and giving history overview.


• It helps build a stronger church community, increasing member, and visitor engagement.
• Process management, in addition to the member, volunteer and group management, becomes easier.
• Calendar syncing enables planning with foresight.
• Personalized check-ins and remote access to group leaders for group management increase the flexibility of operations.
• As members can access and edit their information, the data stays up-to-date. Moreover, such transparency boosts member confidence.


ShelbyNext Membership Church Management Software offers a free 30-day trial. Its paid plan costs about $47.70 a month for 100 people. The pricing varies with the number of people.

12. Churchteams


Churchteams is leading-edge church management software with outstanding features. The software empowers church administration with quick access to the dashboard, customize event cards, manage groups and social church gatherings, easy contribution facilities, and membership management. With Churchteams, it has become easier to enhance church websites, automate, and mobilize the church through single simple keywords.


 Provision for attendees, staff, and guests to send messages for anything they require, right from registrations to giving to check-ins.
• A comprehensive dashboard for staff with all the information they need.
• Text and online giving.
• Clutter-free membership management with mobile access and followups.
• The mechanism to create, find, and monitor groups.
• Check-ins that work across devices.
• Tools to schedule, recruit, and assign roles to volunteers across campuses.
• Automation of repetitive tasks.


• It takes the pain out of the new member registrations and communication.
• It makes it simple for the staff to manage information as well as people.
• Text and online giving provide both freedom and flexibility to members and guests.
• Advanced group management tools help accelerate engagement.
• Task automation frees up staff and allows them to make real connections.


Churchteams’ church management solution is available free of cost for 30 days as a trial. It offers multiple paid plans for Small/Medium, Medium/Large, and Extra Large Churches. The pricing depends upon the total number of people your database has.

13. Elexio Community ChMS


Elexio Community ChMS is an integrated advanced church management software that benefits the church and its congregation in multiple ways. This software is a smart platform to manage church communication by eliminating the traditional hassles. Elexio Community ChMS empowers the church in creating smart reports to track attendance, contribution, gifts, funds, in an incredible way. Elexio Community ChMS is enriched with features like calendar management, smart check-ins, reporting and dashboard, forms and event management, health dashboard.


 Advanced tools to manage people – access information anytime, anywhere, automate follow-ups and workflows, update details, view interaction and giving history, and attach documents/notes.
• Dashboards and reporting to monitor everything, from contribution trends to attendance.
• Communication through emails, voice, and texts in seconds. It also offers push notifications in its mobile app.
• Smart check-ins and calendar sync.
• On-the-go mobile access and volunteer scheduling.
• Tracks giving and allows custom form creation.
• Accurate insights on church’s everyday health.


• It helps you improve your connection with your congregation and staff.
• Its remote access from any device keeps you updated irrespective of where you are, boosting management and increasing flexibility.
• It makes communicating with groups, individuals, and staff easier.
• It takes the burden of repetitive tasks off your team’s shoulders through workflow automation.
• Its reports and analysis ensure you have all the vital data and trends handy.
• It helps organize and manage events better.


Elexio Community ChMS costs around $41.99 per month for 55 people. The price would increase with more people. However, it offers all of its premium features in all the plans at no setup fees.


Churches are increasingly getting computerised, and the use of software is becoming popular. Church tithe records, in particular, are a great example of how church management software programs can help in your church ministry.

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