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Do you want to read about the best software for video streaming? Or what is the best live streaming software for broadcasting on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch? This article will give you detailed information about the best software for streaming online videos. Live streaming has become very popular over the year, and nowadays people share their lives with millions of followers. There are many software tools available in the market for video streaming, but not all of them are ideal for your business. To stream your videos online, you need an effective device to make your streaming experience hassle-free.

List of software for video streaming is essential if you are planning to start your own live stream. Of course, you will need a good quality camera to start with, before you even think about the software. But after you have solved these questions, it is time to move on with best software for video streaming.List of software for video streaming is essential if you are planning to start your own live stream. Of course, you will need a good quality camera to start with, before you even think about the software. But after you have solved these questions, it is time to move on with best software for video streaming.


Livestorm enables powerful, yet pain-free video engagements at scale. Our end-to-end video engagement platform enables organizations to create professional video engagements that can be easily managed in one place. It’s a browser-based platform that doesn’t require a download, or setup. You can use Livestorm for on-demand, live, or pre-recorded meetings or events.


IPTV, OTT, DVB video quality monitoring software. Boro provides effective control of content delivery networks and ensures localization of common violations. Boro probes can be distributed across the entire network: at head-end station, at input streams monitoring points and after transcoding, multiplexing and encrypting modules. They provide continuous non-stop monitoring & analysis and instantly notify of any ETSI TR 101 290 errors or HLS events via Email, SNMP, Webhook, PagerDuty, Telegram.

OBS Studio

The Open Broadcaster Software Studio is like a gateway software for those new to live streaming. It’s free and compatible with a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also customize OBS as much as you like.

On the downside, OBS Studio is open-source, which means it offers no official support. There is a large and engaged community that can help you out instead, but that’s not the best solution for everyone.

Streamlabs OBS

The Streamlabs version of OBS, also known as SLOBS, performs like a more user-friendly version of OBS Studio. SLOBS is also free, offers support, and comes with features that make it especially attractive to gaming streamers.

But not everything’s gravy in the SLOBS camp. For example, the platform you want to stream to may not come with native support in SLOBS. Also, be prepared for the occasional bug.

XSplit Broadcast

It is a powerful yet interactive video recording and live streaming software tool that has feature rich platform. XSplit provides an easier way to all gamers to start broadcasting from their gaming console directly and for live streaming applications you can use PC connectivity. You will be able to avail two applications even by making payment for single license. This platform extends support to all types of capture cards and can serve with so many professional production features. It offers customized plugins along with useful integrations while making uploading and editing process much easier during live streaming process. Users will also be able to collect notifications for chats and followers on this platform. Users can buy premium as well as personal licenses with different packages available and XSplit can be upgraded with payment of $2.50 per month only.


VidBlasterX is a versatile live video production application, allowing you to capture, stream, and broadcast everything, anywhere. Source:

Next up on our list of video streaming software is VidBlasterX, an RTMP-enabled live video production software. VidBlasterX enables streaming to most streaming platforms including Dacast. The input support and other features on VidBlasterX are similar to Wirecast and vMix.

For studio users, VidBlasterX supports:

  • Video routing
  • Recording streams to local disks
  • Displaying outputs on a monitor of your choice
  • Outputting to a Blackmagic DeckLink video card

VidBlasterX utilizes a unique modular design. For example, broadcasters can add each feature via a “module.” You can then add, rearrange and remove these at your discretion.


VidBlasterX is compatible with the Windows operating system.


  • Has plans for a wide range of budgets
  • Feature-rich
  • Easily customizable


  • Not compatible with macOS
  • Not well-suited for inexperienced live streamers
  • Slightly complex


VidBlasterX is available in three versions. Each of the following options is priced with an annual subscription model:

  • The Home version ($9/year) supports 7 modules.
  • The Studio version ($99/year) supports 25 modules.
  • The Broadcast version ($999/year) supports 100 simultaneous modules. This version also supports multiple recorder & streamer modules in a single profile.


StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. StreamYard makes it easy to broadcast your live show to all audiences on multiple platforms at once. Interview guests, sync comments, and brand every broadcast. Better yet, our backup servers make sure your livestream runs smoothly no matter what—because the show must go on.


GoBrunch allows you to organize unlimited webinars using its unique interface that mimics in-person events. It gives you an option to select your seat, profile, and turn the camera on or off. With GoBrunch, you can have up to 120 participants per live session and three rooms or breakout sessions.

The live streaming software gives you full access to moderation controls for mics and cams. You have the option to choose virtual room layouts that provide a realistic user experience and make the sessions more engaging.

During the session, you can share your screen with sound, raise hands, and vote. You can also record one session in the free version, download it, and then generate a shareable link to make it accessible afterward for people who weren’t able to attend the session.

GoBrunch does not require installation and can be accessed from your browser. The software offers phone and chat support.


With unlimited inputs, unlimited destinations, and simultaneous video conferencing, Wirecast studio is the perfect live streaming software. Source:

Built by Telestream, the Wirecast live broadcasting software enables live streaming to any RTMP destination. This software also supports recording streams locally.

Wirecast software is compatible with a wide range of capture cards, devices, and camera inputs. This encoding option includes live switching, picture-in-picture composition, titles, audio delay, and other similar features. 

If you need to use pre-recorded video within your live broadcast, Wirecast makes this aspect easy, as well.

Wirecast supports a range of other technologies, including:

  • Support for multiple video capture and live inputs simultaneously (USB, Capture Card, NDI, Wirecast Go, Webstream IP sources)
  • GPU-accelerated encoding
  • Pro Audio FX Built In
  • RTMP, RTP multi+unicast
  • Multi-channel audio ingest


Wirecast is compatible with both macOS and Windows.


  • Easy-to-use, user-friendly platform
  • Compatible with most popular operating systems
  • Fully loaded with valuable features
  • Green screen
  • Instant replay


  • High price point 
  • Many features locked in the “Studio” version
  • Consumes a lot of computer memory


The latest version of Wirecast is 14.3.3. It is the newest full version and was released on October 4th, 2021. It features several enhancements and fixes, regarding bugs and other technical mishaps with the previous version, and includes FBLive polling, re-written WebStream plugin, and Virtual Camera improvements. 


vMix is powerful broadcasting software, featuring simultaneous streaming, recording, and output. Source:

vMix is a highly powerful encoder and was developed by StudioCoast. The latest version of the Windows-specific software is and includes an upgrade to a free 60 day trial of vMix PRO for download. While vMix 24 is for Windows only, the software can be installed on a Mac via Boot Camp if the machine has a Windows partition. Like Wirecast, vMix software supports a wide range of inputs. These include:

  • Video cameras (supported capture cards) at up to 4K resolution
  • NDI: send and receive HD low latency video and audio
  • Video Files: AVI, MP4, H264, MPEG-2, WMV, MOV and MXF
  • Audio Files: MP3 and WAV
  • Web Browser, RTSP, PowerPoint, Photos, Solid Colour, and more.
  • Webcams, DVDs, playlists, PowerPoint, and other sources

vMix includes native support for multi-bitrate streaming, which is very useful for professional broadcasters who highly value user experience.

Additionally, this software supports the Network Device Interface (NDI). NDI sends your secure video upload over gigabit ethernet networks and green screens. 

vMix also includes a built-in titling tool that includes animation support. Additionally, it offers an instant replay and slow-motion feature.


vMix is only available for Windows PCs. However, it is possible to run it on a Mac using a certain technique. While vMix cannot be installed directly on OSX, the solution when using a Mac is to install it on Windows via Boot Camp.


  • Some limitations on compatibility 
  • Plans for every budget
  • 60-day risk-free trial
  • Users rave about switcher functions


  • Streams in relatively low bitrate
  • Some “bugginess” (which users suggest could be fixed with software update)


vMix is available in five different versions, ranging from Basic HD to Pro, and the software comes with a free 60-day trial. Each version supports a different number of inputs, your purchase never expires, and includes the following versions:

  • Basic (free), which supports 4 (up to 2 camera/NDI) inputs and video up to 768 x 576 resolution
  • Basic HD ($60), which supports 4 inputs (up to 3 camera/NDI) and video up to Full HD 1920×1080 resolution
  • HD ($350), which supports 1,000 inputs, adds vMix call functionality, 4 overlay channels, and supports full HD video in 1920×1080 resolution
  • 4K ($700), which supports 1,000 inputs, 4K resolution video (4096 x 2160), PTZ control, 2 recorders, instant replay, 4 SRT outputs, and much more
  • Pro ($1200), which also supports 1,000 inputs, includes all 4K features and 2 records, plus up to 8 callers, up to 4 cameras for instant replay, and 4 SRT outputs


Live streaming is one of the hottest topics in the digital market today. Everyone wants to discover how it works, how it can help them in their business, and the best software for the job. If you are looking for best software solutions for live streaming or video recording, please make sure to read our best live streaming software reviews before buying any product.

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