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Video wall is a great way to attract customers and create an impressive corporate image. It can be used as a part of store window or as a center of attention in the interior. In one word, video wall is a great marketing tool, which helps to make how business look more attractive for clients and customers. It’s not only a place to take orders and provide customer service, but also a place that needs to look interesting and beautiful. You can use software for video wall that will help you do it quickly and easily.

Video wall is a feature that allows you to merge multiple monitors or televisions into one big display. If you are looking for software to put your multiple monitors into one big video wall, then choose the right one for your business use.

Christie Video Wall Controllers

Another option is Christie’s range of Phoenix video wall controllers, which have been designed for use in mission control rooms specifically. As such, they boast the ability to help companies expand their monitoring capabilities through real-time encoding of various information sources, remote video and signal inputs, and easy-to-use interfaces.

The Phoenix Quad-T is particularly well-suited to more complex control rooms and other such environments. This is because, by giving you the option to add inputs to the Christie Phoenix platform, the system can grow as you need it to.

Zeetaminds Digital Signage Software

Perfect for any corporate customers who want to manage screens in single or multiple locations. They listen to feedback and work on it. I would highly recommend the software for anyone who needs a cost-effective software that works always and provides best support.


Zeetaminds keeps our screens fresh always with their dynamic news and social media apps.Support and demo walk-through has been top class.The content expiry feature is very handy as we need not remember to delete the media file later.Easy to set-up and it works like a breeze.


Nothing I can think of as they are open to listen to feedback and provide the requested features.


Video walls are the perfect choice for displaying impressive multimedia content on extremely large screens. Even though the technology is proven and is getting less expensive, finding a reliable way to provide custom multimedia content on these video walls is still problematic. Most vendors of video wall hardware include special software applications to display content on the video walls, but these applications are often not suitable for professional use or are very limited in regards to functionality and lack flexibility.

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With FrontFace you get a powerful yet easy-to-use and easy-to-install digital signage software that can be used to control and manage any kind of video wall installations without a hassle!

Use Cases and Applications for Video Walls:

  • Out of Home Advertising:
    For most digital out of home (DOOH) applications it is vital to have weatherproof screens. Therefore, there is often no real alternative to LED matrix screens which have the advantage that they can also be used at night as well.
  • Control Panels and Master Control Stations:
    No matter whether in industrial plants, situation rooms or master control rooms — a video wall is the best way to show various important information sources simultaneously to everyone who is involved.
  • Large Format Screens for Trade Fairs:
    Size matters! And in case the size of common LFS (large format screens) is not enough, both LED matrix as well as multi-screen video walls are a very economical way to set up even larger screens.
  • Large Scale Advertising Screens:
    In shopping malls or in retail stores large screens at the POS are perfect to catch the customers’ attention. Video walls have proven to be a very important marketing instrument in thse locations.


Userful provides the leading software platform in the Enterprise AV-over-IP market, one of the fastest-growing segments of the IT industry. Userful’s award-winning Visual Networking Platform has disrupted the traditional hardware-based approach to AV with a software-based solution that seamlessly integrates AV functionalities into IT. Userful’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model facilitates the management of network infrastructures and addresses the needs of enterprise IT in terms of security, scalability and interoperability. Customers can choose from a suite of highly-integrated AV applications to support modern service needs across the enterprise—from corporate signage to control room solutions to streaming platforms and data metrics. With more than one million screens deployed worldwide, Userful is helping organizations advance the way they work, learn and govern.

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Replace Traditional Video Wall Hardware, With One Server

Install Userful’s software appliance on an off-the-shelf server running. This server handles the decoding, encoding, encrypting, and transmission of real-time video, browsers, cloud dashboards, or interactive desktops.

Alternatively, you can use the first cloud-based product for video walls that requires no on-site hardware at all.


Starting Price:$299.00Free Trial:Free Trial available.

Barco Video Wall Controllers

A big-hitter in the video wall solutions game, Barco offers a wide range of controllers that are designed for AV projects of different scales. For those working in mission control rooms, the NGS-D320 Pro is a great option. With the latest scaling and conversion algorithms driving exceptional picture, easy integration with all available devices, and the ability to be configured at runtime as a combined encoder and decoder, it’s a great choice for a video wall controller.

A downside is, though, that Barco products tend to be pretty pricey. So, you might want to keep shopping around to see if there isn’t another solution that might be more suitable.

Play Digital Signage

I really love this software, it provides me with all the features I need, in one single software. I only need play to design, schedule, planning and I can invite and give specific access to others. Great software, new features and updates that keeps this software relevant and very useful all the time. I recommend Play and tell about it to my colleagues and friends whenever I can.


It is so easy to use, really intuitive and has great features that I needed in my business. And love the love chat is very helpful whenever I need assistance.


I don’t have any cons


Hiperwall began as a research project funded by the National Science Foundation at the University of California, Irvine in 2004. It was built to enable scientific visualization on an unprecedented scale and showed imagery and data sets that measured hundreds of millions of pixels and gigabytes of data.

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Hiperwall pioneered distributed visualization architecture and was the first to market with an AV over IP-based infrastructure. Our innovative software provides complete flexibility to optimize your collaboration spaces.

Decision Making 

See all information needed to make critical decisions quickly.

Gain enhanced situational awareness of any incident by viewing many sources of information, including live videos and real-time data, simultaneously.


Collaborate with remote locations for comprehensive situational awareness.

Share live feeds, real-time data, and other content between Hiperwall systems located around the world. Keep global facilities and teams up-to-date with coordinated efforts. 


Facilitate collaboration and cooperation among teams for increased productivity.

Share content easily with Hiperwall’s intuitive control panel. Visualize information from many sources to gain insight and solve problems.


Deliver impactful messaging and stunning presentations with ease.

Impart up-to-date business information, market developments, goals, and news to your audience in an impactful way using a variety of content sources to fit your needs.

control room

Command and Control

  • Make critical decisions in the shortest possible time
  • View unlimited sources simultaneously for enhanced situational awareness.
  • Collaborate across the room or around the world.

Control Rooms – Fusion Centers

Security Operations Centers

 iSEMC Video Wall Controllers

The iSEMC VK Series of video wall controllers are fast, ultra-high definition, and ideal for control rooms that rely on several different sources of information. 

At least four windows can be displayed at any one time, with cropping, roaming, and picture-in-picture capabilities making iSEMC’s video wall solutions highly customizable. They’re also available at a lower price point than those offered by Barco, which might make them better suited to your budget.


In this modern time, it is so often that we want to show our products or services not only on video but on high resolution of video files. The problem is that you don’t have a big screen TV where you can watch your videos. That’s the reason why there are so many customers who want to view a lot of videos on a small screen. So that’s a very important issue about how to create a wall for a large number of videos.

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