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Software to Convert PDF Files to Word Documents

Do you want to convert your favorite pdf files to word documents? Well that’s not a wonder, because who would not prefer their own work in a more comfortable format. This is possible if you have right tools at your disposal. And here i will try to put some light on the easy ways of converting pdf files to word documents, which is actually quite easy matter when all you need is right software.

Pdf to Word is some useful software, which allows you to convert pdf files to editable DOC and RTF format files. Converting PDF Files to editable documents can reduce your work and help you protect the content of your valuable documents. Some interesting features: 1) Convert PDF files to Microsoft Word (RTF) documents. 2) Batch converting support. 3) Support all versions of MS Word and all 32-bit Windows Operating Systems. 4) One step conversion process, do not need to install any other software or add-ins for Microsoft Word. 5) Portable, without requirement of installation or additional dll files.

The best convert pdf files to word documents software is extremely easy and fast, supporting batch conversion. It can convert pdf documents to doc and rtf for the editable format, so you can open the converted files with Microsoft Word or other software. This software can help you convert more than one hundred formats of text files(This includes doc, dot, xls, cer, etc.). After that, you can also choose to print them out as hard copies. Work easily with this converting program. Download now to use it free of charge.

If you’re trying to do an experiment on behalf of a school project, or issuing a government report that requires converting PDF files to Word format, how are you doing it right now? Or if it’s been a while since you last converted some files and you’re in the need of a PDF to Word converter, this is the perfect time to check out these pieces of software.

How to Export a PDF to JPG or Other Image Format

If you need to convert a PDF into an image file, it’s a whole lot easier on a Mac than a PC. 

On a Mac, simply open the PDF in Preview. Use the File > Export menu and select the image format you want and the options you prefer, and you have your image file.

On Windows, the best no-cost method is to create a free Adobe account with Adobe and then go to Drag a PDF onto the window. Go to Convert To > Image > Image Format (JPEG, PNG, or TIFF), and use the slider to select the image quality. Multipage PDFs get converted into separate image files. You can then download a ZIP with the image files.

If you’re bothered by privacy concerns and don’t want to share your data with Adobe, then you can use many image editors to export PDF to image files. My favorite is XnViewMP, which is free for personal and educational use. When you open a PDF in XnViewMP, you’ll probably need to follow the prompts to install the open-source GhostScript app for working with PDF and PostScript files, but you can then use XnViewMP to export a PDF to any standard image format. Keep in mind that all fonts will be converted from scalable TrueType format into bitmap, and small text will look blocky.

If you want fine-tuned export options, any commercial PDF editor can export to image files. FineReader, Acrobat, and PDF-Xchange Editor all work with excellent results and include options to create small files suitable for display on the web, insert into documents, or use anywhere else where PDFs aren’t supported or convenient.

PDF Online

Best for Basic PDF Conversion

PDF online offers a very simple PDF conversion tool and nothing more. You simply upload the file you want to be converted, choose the format, and wait for the result. It is slow and contains an empty interface.

However, it can come in handy every now and then for once in a while conversion of PDF files. For more robust features, we suggest you look to some other.

Price: Free

Website: PDF Online

PDF Element

Best for End to End PDF Processing.

Wondershare’s PDF Element is quite a charmer and packs a wide range of features to justify its existence. Not only can you convert your PDF using this software, but also use it for other practical features like OCR enabled PDF editing, placing comments on PDF files, Split and merge PDF, sign a PDF, etc.

We recommend the PDF element to more advanced business users because of the price hanging over its use.

Price: Standard – $49 per year, Pro – $79 per year.

Website: PDF Element


Best for Converting and Accessing PDF files from anywhere.

Cloud-based and advanced, DocFly does a great job converting PDF files into editable word documents. You can use DocFly as your database as well to store converted files and access them from anywhere in the world. Apart from this, the tool is fast, secure, and quite impressive in the quality of the word document it delivers.

Price: $ 47.88 per year

Website: DocFly

PDFMate PDF Converter

This nice PDF converter comes with tons of great features for converting PDF to Word. It can convert in batch conversion. The good thing is that you do not have to pay for a single penny to use it as the software is free of cost.


  • It can convert encrypted PDF files.
  • Has batch conversion facility.


  • Advanced options of the software are confusing.
  • No way to stop or pause any conversion action once it is started.
PDFMate PDF Converter

Nemo PDF to Word

With Nemo PDF to Word, you can convert PDF files to Word format documents. It is very fast in conversion. The software can be used without any price as it is totally free.


  • Intuitive feature with accurate conversion.
  • User friendly use.


  • It can’t convert scanned files.
nemo pdf to word

SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter

For converting Adobe PDF files to MS Word, SmartSoft Free PDf to Word Converter is a perfect option. It is free and you can conver PDF to Word seamlessly.


  • User friendly interface.
  • Free.
  • Preserves layouts of original PDF files.


  • Batch conversion is not possible.
smartsoft free pdf to word converter

 Hello PDF

Hello PDF is a good choice for converting PDF to Word. It has stunning features for conversion very quickly. It is free to use.


  • High level of output in conversion.
  • Totally free.
  • Intuitive features.


  • It can’t convert in bulk PDF conversion.
  • Limited availability of tools.
Hello PDF

 WPS PDF to Word Converter

An accurate and impressive free PDF to Word converter


Operating system: Windows, AndroidTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Splits and merges documents+Batch conversion+Maintains original layout


-Five-page limit

WPS PDF to Word Converter is great for quickly converting from PDF to Word, even if you have batches of documents and want to retain your original formatting. It works on Windows, has an Android app, and has an online converter as well. In our test on Windows 10, images, tables, colors, and even non-standard fonts were preserved in documents created using this product, as was the layout and spacing.

One pain point that people often face is splitting and then merging different sections of a PDF document into one file. With the WPS PDF converter, you can choose the pages you want to convert, order them however you wish, and export a new document in a number of different formats, all with your original formatting and layout intact.

WorkinTool PDF Converter

WorkinTool PDF Converter – Best for converting PDF files to various formats like Word, Excel, Image files, Powerpoint, etc.

WorkinTool PDF

WorkinTool is a comprehensive desktop PDF converter. It has a user-friendly interface with clear navigation. You can read PDFs, combine files, convert them, slit and compress them, and use it to do a lot more with PDF files in just a few clicks. It is compatible with macOS and Windows.


  • It can convert PDF to and from various other file formats.
  • It can split and merge various PDF files.
  • You can remove pages from a PDF file.
  • You can add or remove watermarks to the document.
  • It can compress the PDF without compromising its quality.

Verdict: There’s a lot you can do with this all-in-one desktop tool like add or remove watermarks, split or merge PDF files, convert PDFs to and from different formats, and so on. Its easy navigation and simple interface make it all the more attractive to the users.

Price: Free

PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac has come with both the editing as well as the conversion feature for PDF to Word. Preserving the original layout of PDF file while converting to Word document is a challenge for many converters, but PDFelement Pro for Mac’s powerful conversion preserves the layout perfectly. Never worry if you have got a scanned PDF file as this type of protected file can also be converted with the software’s OCR feature without any problem. With the software, you can convert multi PDF files at a time, so you can save much time for converting PDF to Word one by one.

Other than converting, PDFelement Pro for Mac does superb job for editing PDF files too. PDF pages’ modifications, manipulations etc are all possible with this great converter.


  • Preserves the layout of PDF perfectly.
  • Has OCR feature.
  • Can also edit.
  • Very fast in converting and editing PDF.
  • Has batch conversion feature.

How To Convert PDF To Word Document In 3 Steps

Convert PDF to Word Step 1

Step 1. Add or drag and drop the original PDF file to “UniPDF”

You can use the “add” button to add multiple source PDF files into “UniPDF” or you can simply drag and drop the PDF files into “UniPDF”. You can also set a page range for each PDF file which you want to convert to Word.

Convert PDF to Word Step 2

Step 2. Start the PDF to Word converting process

After adding the source PDF files you are ready to go. Just click the “Convert” button then “UniPDF” will do the rest for you. Depending on the size of the PDF files it usually takes seconds or minutes for it to complete the PDF to Word process.

Convert PDF to Word Step 3

Now you can open the converted files and edit them as you want!

After “UniPDF” did the conversion for you, you are given two options: You can open all the output Word documents for immediate edit or you can open the output file path.


PDFs are great in terms of their features, but they show up as images. This goes without saying that every business needs to maintain a document management system through which it can access documents on demand. A major turn-off is the fact that the attachments were not electronically searchable. We live in this digital age where collaboration and teamwork are now part of any business strategy, and having unsearchable files can limit your team’s abilities to work together successfully.

After carefully assessing the competition, we have created this revolutionary new software that converts your PDF files to Word documents. Converting PDF files to Word documents is as easy as clicking a button thanks to this user-friendly format converter software.

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