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Speech To Text Software Free Download For Windows 7

If you want to learn about voice dictation software for pc, or want to learn about speech to text converter software free download for pc, you’ve come to the right place. There are several things to keep in mind when acquiring this type of software.

If you are trying to find speech to text software free download for windows, then your search ends here. Here you will get to know about all the different dictation software available, both free and paid. The best part of this article is that it doesn’t take much time to read. You can also bookmark it for quick reference.

Microsoft Dictate

Microsoft’s Dictate is here to prove that the even best text to speech software can be free and be just as good as premium software. Created by Microsoft Garage (a division of the company where employees get to work on their ideas as projects), this feature-rich application boasts the same advanced speech recognition technology that powers the Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant.

Dictate is essentially a Microsoft Office add-on and works well with Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. You can install it from the Microsoft store if you don’t already have it pre-installed with a copy of Microsoft 365. Once installed, you can access it through the “Dictation” tab that shows up in the top right of the Ribbon toolbar. The app supports voice commands for most standard operations such as typing or editing text, moving the cursor to a new line and adding punctuations either manually or automatically.

Furthermore, the app offers features such as visual feedback to specify that it is processing speech input. Microsoft dictates also supports dictation with real-time translation 60 different languages. Microsoft Dictate is compatible with Office versions 2013 and above and works well with Windows versions 8.1 and above.

Apps Compatibility: Windows devices only

Price: Free

Download Link:

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs has now become an integral part of the lives of most content writers. Especially if already a google services user. So if you use Google products such as Gmail and Google Drive, and need an in-built, powerful, yet free dictation tool, consider using Google Docs or Google Slides and make use of their Google’s Voice Typing tool. It enables you to type with your voice and make use of over 100 view commands meant explicitly for editing and formatting your documents in any way you like. Including making bullet points, changing the style of the text, and moving the cursor to different parts of the material.

To use Voice Typing through Google Docs, all you have to do is click on the “Tools” button and then select “Voice Typing” then allow Google access to your laptop or PC’s microphone.

Compatibility: Any Google Chrome compatible device

Price: Free

Download Link:


Best for dictating text using the human language interface on any website or software.

Braina - GUI

Braina is a popular speech recognition software that allows dictation in over 90 languages with high accuracy. You can control apps and transcribe text on any application and website using the dictation software.


  • Dictation software
  • 99 percent accuracy
  • AI-based voice recognition
  • Personal virtual assistant
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices

Verdict: Braina is by far the best dictation software available due to the precise voice recognition and AI-based learning. The price of the lifetime version is also affordable for not just large organizations, but individuals as well.

Price: Braina dictation software is available in three versions. The free version has basic features such as voice commands in English, text to speech, play search voice and videos, and search online information.

Braina Pro costs $49 per year and comes with additional features such as dictate to any software of a website in 90 languages, custom voice commands, voice music player control, AI-based voice recognition, teaching custom replies, and mathematics function. Braina Pro has all the features of the Pro, but you can purchase a lifetime license.

Braina - Pricing

Website: Braina

Google Docs Voice Typing

Best for transcribing text for free on Google Docs online.

Google Docs Voice Typing - GUI

Google Docs had added a dictation feature a few years back in the free Google Docs online application. The dictation feature is currently available only if you use the online app in the Chrome browser. It allows you to transcribe text on Google docs and save the document on Google Cloud.

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  • Voice dictation
  • Google Cloud integration
  • Supports PC and Mac devices

Verdict: Google Docs is a simple voice typing feature that is great for people who want to use voice commands to type text. The feature is also available in Google Slide allowing you to enter text in slides using your voice.

Price: Free.

Website: Google Docs Voice Typing


Best for legal, health care, law enforcement, education, and other professionals to dictate text on Android and iPhone devices.

Winscribe - Website

Winscribe is a dictation software company based in New Zealand. This dictation software is owned by Nuance, which allows you to transcribe and review documents on your smartphone. It also provides documentation workflow management to organize dictated text. It is available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.


  • Dictation
  • Supports Android, iPhone, PC, and Blackberry devices
  • Document management
  • Data encryption
  • Reporting

Verdict: Winscribe is a speech recognition and document management application for professionals. Using the software allows the staff to be more productive. The price is affordable for medium and large corporations.

Price: Winscribe transcription service costs start at about $284 per user per year (or $24 per user, per month) for one to nine users. Discounts are available for larger workforce. A free trial is also available to test the features of the software.

Website: Winscribe

Window’s Speech Recognition (WSR):

Window’s Speech Recognition (WSR) is a good software for speech recognition, especially because it is specifically designed to work with Windows, and works best in its newest update with Windows 10. Most people reviewed it as good, not great, but also claimed that it is at par with Google Docs Voice Typing (GDVT) and is a Windows version of the same level.

The advantages specific to WSR are that it has computer automation and related features, because it is especially integrated into and designed for the Windows operating system, it has complete control over the computer and its features, like sleep or shutdown options, etc. In addition, it gives the user text editing options, whereby any mistakes can be there and then corrected.

Though, some downsides include the fact that it is not the most accurate voice recognition software available in the market, as its accuracy is on the weaker side, and it cannot be freely used with other operating systems is need be for a change.

Its unique selling point would be the fact that it can control the whole computer through the software options, and can edit as you go. It is also free of cost, without additional charges, and works fine with Windows 10.


Best for dictating text online for free.


Screennotes is online dictation software that lets you type using your voice. You can also insert long texts with just one tap. It supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindu, Urdu, Turkish, Bahasha, and many other languages. You can also order a professional transcribing service at $0.1 per minute.


  • Fast speech recognition
  • Works on any website
  • Keyboard shortcut for start and pause
  • Custom text stamps
  • Export to Google Drive

Verdict: Screennotes is simple and easy to use online tool for dictating text. It is great for dictating texts on websites including Outlook and Gmail.

Price: Basic version is free of cost. The Premium add-free chrome extension costs $9.99 that comes with the additional feature of dictating on any website.

Website: Speechnotes


Best for using voice command to control windows without using a keyboard or mouse.


e-Speaking is a dictation tool that allows you to control the Windows operating system. You can use the voice application to replace the keyboard and mouse. It allows you to open applications, browse windows, and create documents with voice commands.


  • 100+ built-in commands
  • 26 dictation voice command variation
  • Integrate with Office
  • Based on Microsoft SAPI speech engine
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7, and Win8

Verdict: e-Speaking offers great value for money. It is an excellent app for Windows devices to dictate letters and emails and control the operating system.

Price: Full version costs $14. You can try the software for free for 30 days.

Website: e-Speaking


Best for Android phone users to dictate speech, glide typing, and handwriting.

Gboard - GUI

Gboard is an easy-to-use keyboard application for android users. The android app allows you to do a lot of things such as dictate text, swipe-style input, and emoji search when chatting.


  • Voice typing
  • Emoji and GIFs search
  • Multilingual support
  • Gesture cursor control

Verdict: Gboard is a simple and easy-to-use dictation software for Android phone users. The smartphone dictation app is an alternative to keyboard input. However, the shortcoming of the dictation software is that the customization and dictation features are limited.

Price: Free.

Website: Gboard

Windows 10 Speech Recognition

Best for Windows users to control the operating system and create documents.

Windows 10 Speech Recognition - GUI

Microsoft included the speech recognition feature for the first time in Windows Vista. All the subsequent releases also contain a speech recognition feature. The Windows 10 speech recognition feature is much better than its previous iteration with enhanced speech recognition. You can train the speech recognition software to recognize your voice.


  • Launch applications
  • Dictate text
  • Navigate windows
  • Use in place of mouse or keyboard

Verdict: Windows 10 speech recognition is simple and easy to use the feature. You can set up a speech recognition feature to control the operating system and create documents through voice command.

Price: Free.

Website: Windows 10 Speech Recognition


Best for transcribing voice conversations for researchers and students.

Otter - GUI

[image source

Otter is a responsive dictation software with high accuracy. The software boasts of AI technology called Ambient Voice Intelligence (AVI) which allows it to learn as you speak. It also supports team collaboration features such as sync with zoom, share voiceprints, and user management.


  • Live transcribe
  • Share voice
  • Record conversation
  • Ambient Voice Intelligence

Verdict: Otter is a great dictation software for students and teachers alike. The only shortcoming of the application is the transcription limit. You cannot transcribe a lot of documents using the software.

Price: Otter is available in three packages. The Essential Otter version is free that contains basic features like record and playback, live transcribe, user identification, summary keywords, share audio, and text notes, and sync with Zoom Cloud. It supports a maximum transcription of 600 minutes at 40 minutes per month.

The Premium version costs $8.33 per user per month that allows a maximum transcription of 6000 minutes with 4 hours per month. It supports premium features such as import audio, documents (PDF, DOCX, SRT), custom vocabulary, skip silence, sync with Dropbox, and bulk import and export.

Teams version costs $20 per user, per month that has additional team collaboration features such as live notes for Zoom, team vocabulary with 800 names, and 800 additional terms, shared speaker voice prints, time codes, and usage statistics. Educational institutes are offered a 50 percent discount on the regular price.

You can also request a custom Enterprise plan. Here are the details of the different packages.

Otter - Pricing

Website: Otter


Best for Gamers to control games and users to control the operating system.

Tazti - GUI

Tazti is one of the best dictation software that is packed with features. The software has built-in speech commands. You can also add up to 300 commands to control the operating system and games.


  • Control games with voice
  • Navigate websites and files
  • Over 25 built-in speech commands
  • Add up to 300 speech commands
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Verdict: Tazti has an uncomplicated and easy user interface. It offers great value for money due to excellent features at a relatively lower price than top-of-the-line competitors.

Price: $80.

Website: Tazti

Voice Finger

Best for people with disabilities to control operating system with voice.

Voice Finger - GUI

Voice Finger contains many features that are present in more expensive voice recognition solutions. The application allows zero contact control of your operating system. You can use voice commands to control mouse, keyboard, and even games.


  • Control mouse and keyboard
  • Supports Windows speech recognition commands
  • Zero computer contact
  • Hit Keys and buttons in games
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

Verdict: While the speech recognition accuracy may not be as accurate as of the top of line dictation software, it is an affordable solution that will meet the needs of most users.

Price: Full-version is available at $9.99. You can also download limited version software for free to test the functionality of the software.

Website: Voice Finger


Sure, hands free computing isn’t anything new so it’s no surprise that speech recognition software has become a household staple. However, there is a lot of competition between companies that produce voice dictation software for pc programmes. Choosing the right programme can be a real challenge.

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