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Fancy Text Logo Generator

Fancy Text Logo Generator is a tool that generates typeface logo, your choice of color, height ,width, border sizes. It have save, print function. Nowadays they are very popular among business clients. they are most preferable for home businesses. they will cost you less than the conventional logo designing fees.

The latest trend for logos is putting a Larger-than-life feel into a business. The Fancy Text Logo Generator takes it to the next level by creating an upscaled, larger than life text logo image. Font Size – Customizable size, so you can use your business name, nickname, logo etc. Different Fonts – Choose from a listing of fonts to have written created with quotes or sayings, or unique logo text colors added to your business name.

Cool Text Graphics Generator

Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. Simply choose what kind of image you would like. Then fill out a form and you’ll have your own custom image created on the fly.

A good logo should:

Be eye catching

Be timeless

Be memorable

Work well large or small

Encompass your brand vibe

Logo Design Tips & Tricks:

 A picture paints a thousand words

Travel Tour Business Logo

A logo is a visual representation of your brand, so why tell people what you do if you could just show them? Use simple icons to communicate who you are.

Remember the brand vibe we talked about earlier? The use of the plane and the sun here makes me feel excited and reminds me of warm sunny holidays.

Ice Cream Shop Creative Logo template

Visual puns are a designer’s best friend too – here Frost Bites have created a quirky ‘bite’ to show that they are a food company. This is really easily achieved by overlapping two circles that are the same color as the background.

Use shapes to think inside the box

Text Law Firm Business Logo

Shapes are a really great way to make your logo stand out. For this logo for a law firm, we put the firm’s name inside boxes to achieve a professional look.

This also helps with cross-platform branding, as a “boxed in” logo works well digitally, as well on letterhead, presentations, and merchandise such as pens or lanyards.


Shapes with interesting gradients or textures can be used to push your design to the next level. Here, FX Technology Co. has used a blue to yellow gradient to achieve a really sleek look. They’ve used a laptop icon inside the circle, but this could easily be changed to a bunch of flowers, a wine glass, or a stack of weights depending on your business.

Color is key for good logo design


Monochromatic doesn’t always mean black and white! Sometimes black and white can seem harsh on our eyes, especially if we’re trying to create a feeling of zen. You can use various shades of the same color to create subtle contrasts within your logo.

By using various shades of pink, Serenity has created a logo that is very calming – much like their spa must be. If you’ve been searching for the answer to, “what is good design?” well now you know.


Be authoritative with your logo


Be literal, but make sure it fits your organization. Some companies, such as non-profits, demand a level of seriousness that a production company or ice cream shop can get away without.

Ask yourself: if I saw this logo for the first time, would I trust this company? Here Helping Hands have managed to create a logo that is both respectable but uses hands. Muted colors and serif fonts are key here, and stop the logo from feeling too cartoonish.

A font can go a long way to helping you create the right logo – luckily Venngage has a huge font library (we recently added 40 new fonts!) and we even have blog posts about font psychology to make sure you nail it.

Don’t reinvent the wheel when designing your logo


If it works, it works. Sometimes, your bakery just needs a logo with wheat on it. If it feels right to you then go ahead and use it. Have a look at your competitors and see what their logos look like, are there any common themes or colors? Once you’re done reading these logo design tips, check out Venngage’s handy guide for creating a Competitor Analysis.

How To Create A Text Logo

1. Choose Your Text Logo Template

Browse our selection of professionally designed logo templates to get started.

2. Edit Your Text Logo Design

Customize your design with our sophisticated text logo design software.

3. Download Your Text Logo

Once you are happy with your text logo simply click download to instantly access your files.

Golden Rules of Logo Design Every Designer Should Follow 

 Lay a Solid Foundation

Ask any logo designer and they will tell you that each project teaches them new things. Every client is different and every designer has his or her own distinct style for creating logos. To make sure that all the stakeholders stay on the same page, it is important to develop a consensus. That would happen when you ask the right questions from clients.

This will help you build a solid foundation for your logo design project and understand what the client exactly expects from you. Do in-depth research and lay the groundwork for your logo design projects, which you can build upon and create exceptional logo designs that both your clients and their audiences will love.

Keep It Relevant

A logo can tell a lot about your brand. From its shape to its color to its typeface, it can create a perception about your brand in the mind of the viewer. That is why it is important that you pay attention to minor details. Choose logo elements that align with your brand personality. For instance, an elegant font will suit a high street brand than a lower end one. Make sure that your logo rationale aligns with the brand personality of the client’s brand.

logo design

The best example is Amazon’s logo. The arrow pointing from “a” to “z” shows that Amazon sells a complete range of products in its online store. McDonald’s logo is another great example of what a relevant logo looks like. The famous golden arches are a symbol depicting mammary glands, which is a sign of nutrition. This reflects that food at McDonald’s is nutritious and tasty.

Make It Stand Out

There are millions of brands in the world and every brand wants to stand out from the crowd. That is why every brand has their own unique logo. As a logo designer, you are expected to think outside the box, come up with unique logo ideas and convert them into physical equivalent as well. Instead of copying other brand logos, you should strive to differentiate your logos.

logo design

There is a common misconception prevalent among logo designers that you will have to create something out of this world to make your brand logo stand in a separate league. With minor tweaks and touches here and there, you can give a logo a truly unique look. Apple Inc’s iconic bitten apple logo is a great example of how logo designers can create novel logos with minimum effort.

Fill Colors At The End

When creating a logo, always create a black and white version of the logo first. This will help you stay laser-focused on logo idea and pay attention to logo elements instead of worrying about colors. Once the monochrome version of your logo is complete, then breathe new life into your logos by adding colors to it.

UPS logo illustrates this point perfectly. The black and white version was created initially by paying attention to details. Soon after the completion of the black and white logos, colors were added to it. It gives the UPS logo much more refined look. You can achieve the same refined look for your logo by following the same process.

The best logo makers 

Wix Logo Maker
With the Wix logo maker you don’t even have to think up your own brand; you can use Wix’s online business name generator if you prefer. Once it’s gathered information about your business and visual preferences it’ll give you a logo that you can edit and then download.

 Looka Logo Maker
If you have five minutes to spare then that’s long enough to generate your own branding with Looka’s AI-powered logo maker. It’ll work with your company name and business as well as your visual preferences to generate your own unique logo, and it’ll even give you a brand kit to go with it.


One of the easiest free logo makers around



+Simple to use+Lots of choices+Easy to edit


-Limited template customisation

Next up in our guide to the best free logo maker is Shopify’s Hatchful. It’s one of the easiest free logo makers we’ve seen; simply feed it a few useful facts about the business you need a logo for, decide on the style of logo you need and how you’ll want to use it, and it’ll generate a stack of potential logos for you to browse through. Once you’ve found one that hits the spot, you can adjust the font, palette, icon and layout until everything’s just right. The amount you can customise each template can be pretty limited, however, and varies considerably. Our advice would be to spend time finding a template that’s as close as possible to what you want from the get-go, rather than trying to extensively edit an existing one.Advertisement

Next, export your logo in all the forms you’re likely to need. Within a few minutes, a folder arrives in your email inbox. It contains your logo in loads of different sizes and aspect ratios, already optimised for different uses like Twitter banner or Facebook cover, and with a transparent PNG thrown in for good measure. 


Fancy Text Logo Generator is a cool app for all of you, that after you generate the logo, share with others on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. It’s really easy to use. All you have to do is select font type or font color or font size or font style or text color. All available options are free. After apply your preferred settings, it will create beautiful text logo effect for you with ease within seconds.

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