The Best Personal Finance Podcasts

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If you’re like most people, you probably want to save and invest for the future. But how do you do it? Well, that’s where the personal finance podcast comes in! The Personal Finance Podcast will teach you everything you need to know so that you can start saving and investing for your future just like any other person.

What is the Personal Finance Podcast?

The Personal Finance Podcast is a podcast that aims to provide financial advice and education to individuals who want to save, invest, and prosper. The podcast is hosted by Lisa Mason and focuses on personal finance topics such as budgeting, investing, and more.

How Does the Personal Finance Podcast Work

The Personal Finance Podcast works like most other podcasts: you download it, listen to it for a while, and then make your own decisions based on what you hear. But unlike most other podcasts, the Personal Finance Podcast doesn’t just focus on financial advice. The podcast also tries to provide education about personal finance topics in an easy-to-read format. This way, even if you’re not alreadyFinancial Literate, you can still learn some valuable tips from the experts on the show!

How to Save, Invest, and Prosper

The goal of the Personal Finance Podcast is twofold: first, to provide financial advice that will help people save money; second, to provide education about personal finance so that individuals can learn how to Prosper under pressure! To achieve these goals, the Personal Finance Podcast uses a variety of methods including interviews with financial experts (including Lisa Mason), live broadcasts of events (such as debates or webinars), and articles written by Lisa Mason herself. So whether you’re just starting out in personal finance or have been struggling for years – the personal FinancePodcast has something para everyone’s needs!

The Best Personal Finance Podcasts

Podcasts are a casual and less time-consuming way to build up your personal finance knowledge.

It’s easy to pick and choose which topics you’re most interested in, and episodes can be listened to while commuting, taking a walk or running errands.

If you are looking to make your first budget, manage your debt, save for retirement, or navigate buying a home, here are 10 personal finance podcasts to consider. 

1. ChooseFI / Financial Independence Podcast

Jonathan & Brad co-host the Financial Independence Podcast. They discuss a vast range of financial and economic topics through their interview-styled show.

They manage to have no end supply of incredible people to interview. The interviewees are ordinary people gaining extraordinary financial independence.

Every episode leaves you with an ‘I could do that too’ feeling. The pair focus on topics that aid the process of gaining financial independence.

Each episode is around an hour long and there are over 160 episodes available already!

2. ‘This Is Uncomfortable’

Hosted by Reema Khrais, “This Is Uncomfortable” examines why talking about money makes us so uncomfortable and how it can affect various aspects of our lives. Each episode, Khrais shares uncomfortable but relatable stories of her own as well as others. Episodes tend to be about 20 minutes.

Best for: Those who aren’t comfortable talking about money (yet!) and want to learn how it can affect adult life, relationships and identity.

Recent topics:

  • Coverage of recent rent strikes
  • How to escape the cycle of debt
  • What to do when you disagree with parents’ financial decisions

3. The Dave Ramsey Show

  • Episode release date: Three episodes every weekday
  • Average episode duration: 40 minutes

Dave Ramsey offers advice on life and money, answering questions from callers seeking to learn how to get out of debt and start building for the future. He provides tips on how to turn things around, making personal finance and money management simple. His goal is to provide a plan that anyone can work with.

4. ‘How to Money’

“How to Money” is hosted by two best friends, Joel and Matt, who discuss topics related to overcoming and preventing financial hardships, such as paying off debt and covering emergency expenses. The duo keeps it light-hearted yet educational and ultimately strives to make listeners think about how to handle their money more purposefully. The episodes run about 30 minutes.

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Best for: Those who want jargon-free advice for managing money and candid discussions about how money works.

Recent topics:

  • How to teach kids financial literacy
  • The right way to quit your job
  • When single stock investing makes sense

5. Millennial Investing

This podcast aims to create literacy in the ever-changing world of finance for millennials. Robert Leonard interviews entrepreneurs and industry leaders with the intent to inspire listeners to make better financial decisions.

The show covers an extensive range of finance topics. Everything from personal finance to stock market investing and the property market.

Robert manages to break down finance jargon in a clear way that any novice can understand.

The content of the show is applicable not only to millennials but to anyone wanting to learn how to take more control of their financial position.

Robert also hosts another podcast called Real Estate Investing which focuses on getting people in the market and building a strong property portfolio.

Each episode is around 50 minutes give or take a few.

6. The Clark Howard Podcast

  • Episode release date: Weekdays
  • Average episode duration: 40 minutes

As a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and consumer reporter for TV news, Clark Howard aims to empower people to take control of their personal finances by providing money-saving tips, consumer advice, hot deals, and economic news to help listeners achieve financial freedom. He shares practical advice to help listeners save money and “avoid rip-offs” with the goal of helping listeners reach their money goals and live a financially healthy life.

7. ‘BiggerPockets Money’

Hosted by Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, “BiggerPockets Money” seeks to provide listeners the financial education they probably didn’t get while in school. The hosts regularly interview expert guests who offer useful advice from their own experiences and financial knowledge.

Best for: Listeners who want to learn how to grow their wealth and manage their money smarter through expert insight.

Recent topics:

  • How to avoid the middle class trap
  • How to eat for cheap
  • What effect does the stock market have on future financial plans?

8. DIY Money

Quint Tatro and Daniel Czulno take a quick 15-minute look into everything personal finance-related.

The pair tackles a vast range of topics, from tax implications, marriage and money, to debt, insurance, and advisors.

DIY Money is honest, practical, and informative, with a casual conversational feel that keeps you tuned in.

If you are looking for a short regular listen with bite-sized quality takeaways, then this is the podcast for you.

9. Women and Money

  • Episode release date: Sundays and Thursdays
  • Average episode duration: 20-30 minutes

With over 40 years of experience, Suze Orman teaches listeners that they cannot fix a financial problem with money. She encourages listeners to go within themselves and empowers them to control their destiny. For her, money itself is not the end goal but the means to living a full and meaningful life.

10. Radical Personal Finance

Joshua Sheats is a financial planner and a leading authority on helping people integrate their lifestyle and money-saving goals without creating conflict.

Joshua is a proficient and articulate communicator. He spends his time helping people gain the ability to live their desired lifestyle based purely on their income from wise investments.

With the right tools in place, Joshua believes creating financial freedom can take ten years or less.

Radical personal finance is a must-listen podcast for anyone looking to take control of their financial future.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts For Beginners

Here, you will discover 21 of the best finance podcasts that address several topics, from handling debts to entrepreneurship. These podcasts are ideal for beginners because they are easy to understand, enjoyable, and actionable. By tuning in, you can learn to avoid common financial mistakes made by beginners.

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The Fairer Cents

If you add only one finance podcast to your queue, make it this show about “rad women and real money stories instead of the same old financial bullshit.” Tanja Hester and Kara Perez are not interested merely in success—or the traditional, patriarchal notion of success. The Fairer Cents is not another break-free-from-the-system-and-live-a-life-of-leisure” sales-pitch cast as self-help. A quick scan of episodes to date gives a sense of their mission: discussion of the wellness industrial complex, invisible disability, beauty double standards, the rocky waters of ambition, comparison and competition, and so much more. No wonder they nabbed a “Best Podcast for Women” award in 2019.

The Ramsey Show

It’s hard to talk about personal finance without mentioning Dave Ramsey, the host of the Dave Ramsey radio show.

The Ramsey Show podcast helps you take control of your life and money, especially if you’re struggling to make ends meet. Dave Ramsey and his co-hosts teach listeners from all walks of life to pay off debt and become financially stable.

Millions of listeners also tune into The Ramsey Show podcast every day to learn how to balance their life and careers.

If you’re in debt and searching for an effective way to achieve financial stability, subscribe to The Ramsey Show podcast for free.

Brown Ambition

My first exposure to Brown Ambition, from dynamic duo Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche was an episode called “The Princess Diaries Was a Lie,” and you can bet that got this Gen Xer’s attention. These hosts have incredible creds and rapport, and they answer listeners’ thorniest questions regularly. They, too, cast a wide but targeted net, looking at issues like COVID-19 scams, wedding savings, negotiating salaries, drama triangles, and more.

So Money

So Money is perhaps one of the best financial podcasts today. As a fact, the Plutus Foundation named SO Money the winner of the 2016 “Top Financial Podcast” award.

Hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, a TV host and award-winning strategist, So Money dive into the basics of financial management. Through captivating and interesting stories, Torabi teaches listeners everything from the basics of cryptocurrency to saving and even launching a business.

During her weekly shows, she hosts and interviews several industry giants like Tim Gun and Queen Latifah. She also answers any money and career-related questions listeners might have.

So Money is the go-to podcast for most millennials and other listeners who wish to gain advice and insights into their personal finance.

Clever Girl Knows

Clever Girl Knows: Bola Sokumbi, founder of Clever Girl Finance, learned important lessons about saving from her mother, “the hustle queen,” who was able to put Bolu through college after Bolu’s father’s finances took a dive. But Sokumbi learned by rebounding from her own money mistakes, too—like her penchant for pricey handbags. Her show offers conversations with regular folks about personal finance, business, and life choices, and is what one reviewer called “the embodiment of women supporting women.” Sokumbi’s shows focus on meaty topics such as money conflicts that lead to divorce, paying off debts with a side hustle, overcoming a scarcity mindset, and finance tips for single mothers.

Beyond Finances

Beyond Finances is the perfect podcast for people who want to overcome their financial challenges and become rich.

Hosted by Eric and Kali Roberge, the podcast offers listeners tips and tricks to help them better manage their finances and everyday spending.

According to the hosts, it’s possible to have fun in life while strategically planning for your financial future. The key here is to change your approach and trust you can achieve financial independence.

The episode often runs for about 20 minutes, and the topics discussed include:

  • Building good financial habits
  • Understanding credit score
  • Setting money goal
  • Building wealth
  • Dealing with debts
  • Elevating and optimizing finances
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Speaking of Dumpster Doggy, Holden counts the Freakonomics episode “The Stupidest Thing You Can Do With Your Money” among her all-time faves, and I’d trust her even if this show weren’t also, generally, the gold-standard in brainy, paradigm-shifting infotainment. In this episode we learn about “the revolution in low-cost index investing,” which is making the market more accessible to all. Freakanomics covers wide ground, not just money matters, and listening in regularly will make you a smarter person in the world.

How to Get Started in Personal Finance.

One of the best ways to start saving for your future is by learning about personal finance. This can be done through the personal finance podcast, which offers a variety of helpful tips and advice on how to save, invest, and Prosper!

Start Saving for Your Future

One of the best ways to start saving for your future is by starting with small amounts of money. By saving a little each month, you can gradually build up your savings over time. This will help you achieve your financial goals quicker and make sure that you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your finances!

Get a Good Start in Personal Finance

When it comes to getting started in personal finance, there are a few things that you need to do in order to get started successfully: 1) research different types of loans so that you understand what interest rates are applicable; 2) choose an affordable savings account; 3) learn about budgeting and spending techniques; 4) consult with a financial advisor who can help guide you through this process).

Tips for Doing Well in Personal Finance.

One of the best ways to save money while traveling is by saving for a future that you can enjoy. One way to do this is to set aside money into a savings account or IRA account, and then use that money to purchase travel insurance or tickets to exotic places. Additionally, consider investing your money in funds that will help you grow your income over time. For example, if you’re interested in starting a business, invest in entrepreneur resources like books, software, or training courses.

Invest for the Future

Investing your money for the future is another great way to save money on travel costs. One approach is to invest in stocks: learn about different companies and their prospects so that you can make informed investment decisions. Another option is to invest in real estate: understand how prices are changing so that you can make informed decisions about where to place your investments. Finally, consider stashing away cash so that you have ready access to funds when needed. By taking these steps, you’ll be able to save both money and time on your next trip!

Prosper in the Present

The final step of personal finance planning is prospering in the present moment by enjoying what you have right now instead of worrying about what could happen in the future. This means living life fully and creating opportunities for yourself rather than putting all pressure on an uncertain future. How do you do this? By focusing on small things—like getting out there and exploring—and doing things that make YOU happy instead of trying to please others (which often leads to stress). By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy life more and put less strain on your budget!


If you’re looking to save, invest, and prosper, the Personal Finance Podcast is the perfect resource for you. By learning about how to do this effectively, you can get a good start on your journey to financial independence. Additionally, tips for doing well in personal finance are available here. If you’re struggling with how to save money or make money on your own, the Personal Finance Podcast can help!

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