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The Best Screen Recorder for Mac

The Best Screen Recorder for Mac

Do you want to record something on Mac? Do you want to capture an online meeting, an exciting video clip, a video call, or live streaming videos? Whatever you want to capture, free recording software for Mac is needed. Here, the best screen recorder for mac are listed. Keep on reading to learn more information.

Best Screen Recording Mac

1. EaseUS RecExperts 

EaseUS experts is the greatest choice when it comes to the best recording software for Mac. This program provides for flexible recording of both the entire screen and a chosen region. Additionally, you can concurrently record the screen on a Mac while using the microphone, external audio devices, or system sound.

In addition to screenshotting the screen, you can easily click to record the screen or video as a GIF. Most significantly, you have access to more choices, including the ability to customize hotkeys and other features.

2. QuickTime Player

You need to be acquainted with QuickTime Player, a free video recording program for Mac. On a Mac, videos can be played, recorded, edited, and shared. It is possible to record the screen while using external voice.

With a few clicks, you may quickly capture the entire screen or a specific area. You can quickly record online meetings, streaming films, and other screen-based activities with this Mac screencasting program. Most importantly, because of its user-friendly interface, it is simple for newcomers.

The only limitation is that it cannot record internal audio on Mac.

Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Free screen recorder for Mac
  • Offer recording and editing options
  • Allow sharing the recorded videos with your friends

3. macOS Catalina 

MacOS Catalina, often known as macOS 10.15, is one suggested Mac operating system with a built-in screen recorder. It is a versatile tool with lots of functions. With the help of this program, you may quickly handle a complete Mac screen or a specific area. Here are some other characteristics of this tool.

Key Features:

  • Practical screen recording software Mac free
  • Record full screen or a specific region
  • Allow a obvious toolbar to choose the suitable option

4. OBS Studio

For Mac users, there is an open source screen recorder called OBS Studio. Its configuration options are strong and simple to use, making it simple to add additional sources or change the parameters.

Additionally, this free screen recorder for Mac allows you to switch between an infinite number of scenes with custom transitions. Additionally, as it supports live streaming, you can record streaming audio with it.

Key Features:

  • Completely free for all users
  • Allow capturing real-time activities and great live streaming videos
  • Offer intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux

5. ScreenFlow

Another free Mac screen recorder with audio is called ScreenFlow. After recording is complete, this screen capture program gives you a variety of editing options.

You can record microphone or computer sounds using ScreenFlow as well. Additionally, the keystrokes and mouse movements can be programmed into this Mac screen recording software, making the recording much more engaging.

Key Features:

  • A lightweight screen recorder and video editor
  • Export almost all the major formats and directly upload recorded videos to YouTube
  • Enable you to record video and audio simultaneously
  • Mac screen recorder with audio free

6. Screencast-O-Matic

Easily customizable Mac screen recorder and editor, Screencast-O-Matic. With this screen recording tool, screencast videos can be made without cost. When the recording is finished, use the built-in editor to customize the save. Additionally, you may instantly add overlays, text, animations, visual effects, and many other things to your recorded video.

Key Features:

  • Available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chromebook users
  • Offer basic yet useful video editing tools
  • Add and size the webcam for a picture in picture effect
  • Share the recorded videos to social media platforms like YouTube

7. Snagit

You may record video and take screenshots with the screen recording software Snagit. This screen recorder may record a window, a region, the entire Mac screen, or a scrolling screen. It enables you to easily save your video clip as an MP4 file or animated GIF. You can also fast extract individual frames from the recorded films.

As a screen recorder Mac free, you can use it to remove any unwanted sections from your screen recordings by a trimmer after recording.

Key Features:

  • Allow recording the iOS screen with Snagit
  • Record screen, webcam, audio, and other things on your screen
  • Turn video into an animated GIF and add it to the website

Free Screen Recording Software Mac No Watermark


You can edit, convert, and compress multimedia files, including photos, movies, and audio files, with, an all-in-one online video toolbox. Additionally, a free screen recorder and webcam recorder are available, allowing you to record both with audio. Try the screen recorder if you want a free screen recorder without a watermark.

This watermark-free, excellent internet screen recorder from has exceptional recording capabilities. The system audio sound can be included or excluded when recording the whole screen, a single window, or the Chrome tab window. The screen recording you just made can be edited right away in the timeline or uploaded to your workspace. Anyone who desires the recorded video may attempt it in order to obtain the proof of the end outcomes without a watermark. Additionally, it has the option of trimming, flipping, rotating, etc. to provide consumers even better results.


  • Great functionality with an easily understandable interface.
  • It records the screen with high-quality system audio.
  • Multiple modes for recording are available, including the Chrome window, the entire screen, or a specific application window.
  • Records and also edit the video in one place.
  • io supports many video formats.


  • Customizing the specific area to record is not available.

2. OBS Studio

The finest free recording program without a watermark is OBS Studio. It virtually has every function you would find in a high-end screen recorder. Additionally, it is open-source software that works with all operating systems. Professional video producers use the software to live stream and record screen and webcam movies due to its extensive range of capabilities and functionalities. Here are OBS Studio’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • Advanced recording options are available.
  • Recording at high resolution and frame rate.
  • Customization of recording parameters as required.
  • The video editing platform is quite robust.


  • The user interface is slightly complicated.

3. Free Cam

For Windows users, Free Cam is a free screen recorder that may be downloaded without a watermark and without a time limit. The software includes a pro version, however the recording time is still unrestricted. However, the pro edition includes more functions, including picture-in-picture mode and webcam recording, and greater quality. However, you must save the recorded file in WMV format and can only record at 760p quality when using the free version. Here are Free Cam Screen Recorder’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • Customize the recording area.
  • Record system sound and mic sound.
  • Highlight mouse point and trim video.
  • Remove background noise easily.
  • Upload directly to YouTube.


  • The recording resolution is not full HD.
  • Limited editing options in the free version.

4. ShareX

Another watermark-free open-source screen recorder for Windows users is ShareX. It is a strong recorder with a wide range of features and functionalities. For instance, you can flawlessly and instantly record your screen and upload the captured video to a number of internet channels. Additionally, the software offers a web connection so that you can instantly share the recorded video with your friends and coworkers. Here are ShareX’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • Record screen at high resolution.
  • Take screenshots and get a web link to share.
  • Capture page scrolling effectively.
  • Option to upload recorded video instantly.
  • Video editing option available.


  • The user interface is not modern.
  • I need some time to get used to all options.

5. Windows 10 Game Bar

Windows 10 Game Bar is another exclusive free screen recorder without a watermark for Windows users. On versions of Windows 10 and higher, the tool is pre-installed. Consequently, there is no requirement to install any third-party screen recorder. The program has shortcuts that make recording your screen easy, and it looks like a widget. Even screenshots and microphone recordings are available. The Windows 10 Game Bar’s benefits and drawbacks are listed below.


  • Record screen at full HD resolution.
  • The audio mixer is available for customization.
  • Super easy to operate and capture screen.
  • Take screenshots and make memes.
  • Different widgets to monitor system parameters.


  • The system performance can get affected.

6. QuickTime

Only available to Mac users, QuickTime Player is a free recording program without a watermark. Since QuickTime is already installed on Macs, an external screen recorder is not required. It’s simple to record, and if your iPhone or iPad is linked to your Mac, you can even record the displays of those devices. There is no problem with file format compatibility, and you can play the recording immediately. You can modify the recorded video in QuickTime so that it is prepared for publication on different online sites. Here are QuickTime’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • Recording at high-quality resolution.
  • Record connected iPhone and iPad.
  • Basic editing options are available.
  • Super easy steps to start recording.
  • No external installation is required.


  • Not available for Windows users.
  • Recording audio from the mic is troublesome.

7. VLC Media Player

The inclusion of VLC Media Player on this list might surprise you. This is because playing audio and video files is VLC’s primary use. VLC Media Player, however, also has a recording function. Without a watermark, you can record your screen for free. The recording time is not restricted because there is no pro version available. Simple actions are required to record the screen, and the player itself promptly plays the video that was captured. Here are VLC Media Player’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • Versatile software for recording and playing video files.
  • Use hotkeys and shortcuts to control operation.
  • Save and even convert in different file formats.
  • Compatible with all operating systems.


  • Fewer settings are available for adjustment.
  • Cannot record customized areas.

8. Debut Video Capture

A versatile recording tool without a watermark is Debut Video Capture. There is no registration required to download and use the software in its free edition, which is available for non-commercial use. Both the recording area and webcam recording are customizable. Actually, the software makes it simple to capture from any external device. The recording can be saved in a variety of file types. You can choose to take screenshots and record time-lapse videos. Here are Debut Video Capture’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • Record any desired screen area.
  • Adjust recording parameters.
  • Highlight mouse clicks and keystrokes.
  • Capture system and mic audio.
  • Standard editing options are available.
  • Add own watermark, logo, and text.


  • It takes time to get used to the interface.

9. Screencast-O-Matic

A watermark-free screen recorder that works with all devices, Screencast-O-Matic is free. You may record your screen while on the fly using this online screen recorder. Install its launcher on your device first, then immediately begin recording. A pro version is offered with additional features and functionalities. For instance, while recording the screen, you can add text and create shapes immediately. Here are Screencast-O-advantages Matic’s and disadvantages.

The Best Screen Recorder No Time Limits[Free and No Watermark]

The Best Screen Recorder No Time Limits[Free and No Wtermark]

Listed below are five screen recording software suitable for different computer operating systems, let’s preview the basic introduction and features of this five software.

# 1. RecForth(Windows-Free)

A full-featured HD screen recording program with limitless recording time is RecForth. You can record without being concerned that the program will cut you off in the middle. Additionally, you can choose a period when the screen recording should end, at which point it will do so automatically and allow you to save the recorded file. RecForth can therefore accommodate your demands whether you wish to capture a little video or a lengthy one. Although RecForth is free software, it comes with a lot of extra advanced capabilities. A built-in webcam, for instance, can record your movement and display it on the computer screen, while a microphone can clearly record system sounds for you and enable voiceovers. RecForth improves its performance by utilizing cutting-edge recording technology, which makes it ideal for full-screen and partial screen recordings.


  • Unlimited time recording
  • Free and no watermark
  • Support stopping recordings automatically
  • Support webcam overlay and add voice-over
  • Allow take screenshots

 2. ScreenRec(Windows, Mac, and Linux – Free)

For Linux and Windows, ScreenRec is a simple video recording software. You may record your computer’s screen in high resolution with this free screen recording program, and there is no time limit on how long you can record for.
The program also has the ability to record camera, speech, and voice from your computer. When using ScreenRec, you can take screenshots while recording and make films without them afterward.


  • Record system sound and your voice
  • No watermark or time limits
  • Allow taking a screenshot
  • Support open webcam

3. ShowMore(Online – Free)

One of the best online screen recorders, ShowMore can export recorded video without adding a watermark and offers limitless recording time. This online recording tool is excellent for work and school as well as learning and fun because it lets you record your screen and camera simultaneously.
You can modify live while recording using ShowMore, adding text, arrows, notes, etc. You can safely host the recorded video on a cloud disk after you’ve finished recording.


  • Free and no time limit
  • Allow editing in real-time
  • Record video and audio simultaneously

5. Camstudio(Desktop-Free)

You may easily and rapidly record your screen with the free and open-source screen recorder Camstudio. Before recording, you can also make certain advanced settings, such as permitting voice-overs and inserting annotations.
CamStudio is fully functional and simple for beginners. The video files will be exported to AVI format, but the final file recorded with this tool will be big.


  • Record with no time limit
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Edit to the program code

Best Screen Recorder for Mac with Internal Audio

1. QuickTime Player

One of the most popular screen recorders for the Mac platform is QuickTime Player. It also includes the additional capability of a media player. As a result, it can be used as a player to play media and record what is happening on the screen.

It’s important to remember that the QuickTime Player can only record the screen. It differs significantly from screencasting software in that it does not record webcam or screen activity. Both cannot be recorded at the same time.

The free screen and audio recorder for Mac, QuickTime, has two distinct recording modes. The ability to record the entire screen is available in one mode, while the ability to record a specific portion of the screen using the mouse is available in the other. Additionally, the QuickTime Player has features for audio recording.

With the use of a microphone, you can add audio recording to the video recording. You can select the audio input device you want to utilize with QuickTime Player thanks to its advanced intelligence. If you prefer not to record any audio along with the video, you may also set the audio capture device to none.

2. Screen Recorder Robot Lite

The Screen Recorder Robot Lite is among the first names that come to mind when people discuss Mac screen recorders with audio. Since it is included in the list of free software, you do not need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to keep the services running on your computer.

This is a very capable program designed to screen record, capture a screenshot, and edit it. The application detects taskbars, menus, and windows on the screen automatically. The magnifying tool can be used to choose a specific area of the screen if there is any difficulty doing so.

The same magnifying tool can also be used to show the screen’s length, height, and width. The user interface of Screen Recorder Robot Lite is incredibly fluid and offers excellent functionality. With this software, you can record your screen at a paid-for level for free. The absence of a watermark in the recorded videos is one of the Screen Recorder Robot Lite’s outstanding advantages. Your screen recordings can be trimmed, cropped, or edited as needed.

3. Recordit

A wide range of really helpful apps is available for Mac. One of the top Mac applications is demonstrated to be Recordit. Because of its high-level coding structure, this software performs better than others if you want to free record the screen on a Mac. On the App Store, it has received a four-star rating.

Additionally, it adds entertaining aspects like animated gifs and photos to the screen recording. It is impossible to ignore some flaws in this software, such as the inability to record audio in addition to the screen footage. Allowing for audio synchronization is difficult.

This Mac screen recorder with free audio and limits video screen recording after five minutes. Recordit is a great program with a basic approach to screen recording if you’re willing to work through these problems. All of the buttons on Recordit’s superb user interface are located on the screen where you will be recording. As long as the software is recording, you can switch between the controls. In addition, the modified program has a charming appearance and is versatile.

4. OBS Studio

One of the best watermark-free free screen recorders available for Mac and iOS is OBS Studio. Users will be able to flawlessly record the screen with this program. The software’s ability to create and broadcast live stream videos is one of its distinctive characteristics. You can confidently add or insert particular video clips from other videos on the captured screen using OBS Studio.

Although the software’s user interface may be a little boring, do not undervalue its capability as it comes with several extra capabilities, most notably a Studio Mode. Other screen recorders don’t use the extra functions, notably those that fall within the free usage category. OBS Studio can be used for both personal and professional use, but because of its simple user interface, it is particularly well suited for official uses.

5. Jing

Jing is a screen recording program created by a company known as Techsmith. It is a video recording program that doesn’t cost anything to use on a Mac. Additionally, this software allows you to capture short segments of video. The software screen appears as a sun icon when it first loads. This icon can be moved about the screen and positioned wherever you choose. This icon directs you to the Jing software’s features. The features allow you to easily record films, snapshots, and your current screen while it is being used.

Jing offers a user-friendly interface with choices you can make either before or after pressing the record button. High functionality is provided by this screen recorder without paying anything for the software. You can record screens of any length, width, and height using Jing on a Mac laptop or an iOS mobile device.


Every computer user will eventually need a screen recorder for a variety of reasons. To demonstrate the steps of carrying out a process, for instance, you might need to record your screen and share it with others. For instance, you can create a tutorial video by recording your screen. Additionally, you can record your gaming and upload it to several social media and video-sharing websites. However, you must choose a free screen recorder if you wish to capture your screen without a watermark.

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