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Top 10 Accounting Software in Canada

We have created a list of Top 10 Accounting Software in Canada that helps the businesses and entrepreneurs to find the best accounting software for growing their business. Check also the Accounting Firms in Canada as these accounting firms can help you find the top-rated accounting software in Canada from an online site.

Choosing the best accounting software can be difficult. To help you identify the top 10 Accounting Software in Canada, this review outlines Toronto accounting software package and more. The Top 10 Accounting Software in Canada list is based upon actual user reviews. The following are some of the best software for small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs by Toronto reviewer: Top ten software according to users includes:

ZarMoney: Best for Transparent Pricing


ZarMoneyThe ZarMoney website clearly lays out pricing.ZarMoney connects with more than 9,600 banks in the U.S. and Canada to automatically import bank transactions.You can’t send recurring invoices yet.COMPARE QUOTES

With ZarMoney, there are no secrets about pricing. The company’s website states exactly how much you’ll pay monthly, which is why we chose it as our pick for the best accounting software for transparent pricing. Far too often, it’s hard to determine how much an accounting program will cost, making it difficult to comparison-shop. ZarMoney, by contrast, prides itself on being straightforward, and that’s reflected in the clearly laid-out pricing plans.

Editor’s score: 8.25/10

ZarMoney has simple pricing plans geared toward entrepreneurs, small business owners and enterprises. The entrepreneur plan is $15 a month for one user and supports unlimited transactions, and the small business plan covers unlimited transactions and two users for $20 a month. Each additional user on those plans costs $10 a month. For large businesses that want more than 30 users, ZarMoney charges $350 a month. All plans provide customer support in the U.S.

ZarMoney has a toolbar that shows you how much the software costs per month based on the number of users. We like that you can add and remove users based on your business’s current needs. If you add another user, the account is automatically updated, saving you time because you don’t have to contact customer service to make a change.

ZarMoney includes many accounting features at an affordable rate. Through the software’s accounts receivable solutions, you can manage the status of estimates and sales, accept online credit card payments, and provide different payment terms and early-payment discounts. Soon, you will be able to send recurring invoices.

ZarMoney connects with more than 9,600 banks in the U.S. and Canada, which means there’s a good chance it supports your bank. With these connections, ZarMoney automatically imports bank transactions daily for you to approve and/or edit. You can also make batch deposits, calculate sales tax and easily transfer funds.

Plooto: Best for Automating Accounts Payable Processes

PlootoPlooto’s payment platform lets you manage payments, approvals, reconciliation and reporting from one central location.The software provides accounts payable and accounts receivable automation, speeding up payments.Plooto syncs with only QuickBooks and Xero, which could be limiting.VISIT SITECOMPARE QUOTES

Most small businesses are crunched for time, so anything they can automate is welcome. Plooto gives small businesses a whole lot of that for a low price, which is why we selected it as the best accounting software for automating accounts payable processes.

Editor’s score: 7.75/10

Plooto is a payment platform that enables small businesses to manage their payments in one central location, thus giving business owners a clear picture of their financials and more control over them. Payments, approvals, reconciliation and reporting are unified under one dashboard.

The software includes smart approval workflows and secure electronic payments, which reduce errors and speed up the accounts payable process. In addition, Plooto offers business accounts payable and accounts receivable automation, which helps small businesses collect on past-due bills.

While lots of payment platforms offer similar features, Plooto stands out for providing  an affordable way to automate all accounts payable tasks. You can use the same system to pay all vendors, even if they are located outside the U.S., as well as add payees in seconds, either by searching Plooto’s network of 120,000 suppliers and vendors or by adding them manually.

Plooto also speeds up payments by automating invoicing and allowing you to accept payments within invoices. Once a customer pays, the payment is automatically reconciled. Another plus is that Plooto integrates with QuickBooks and Xero, two popular accounting programs, giving you clearer records of payments, audit trails and easier reconciliation. You can pay electronically or via check with the integrations, as well as make batch payments, search records and set payment approvals.

When it comes to managing accounts receivable, you want a program that is easy to use, affordable and transparent. Plooto checks off all those boxes, which is another reason it made our list of best picks. Plooto charges $25 a month for 10 domestic payments and 50 cents for each additional domestic transaction. Each international transaction costs $9.99, and each check payment is $1.99. There are no limitations on the number of users, approvers, customers, vendors or bank connections, and there is no charge for an accountant to collaborate. Plooto recently added the ability to accept credit card payments via its Credit Card Acceptance offering. This speeds up the time it takes to get paid. In many cases, this service can get money into your bank account in just two business days. Plooto charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Plooto is a good choice for small businesses that need an affordable way to enhance their accounts payable and accounts receivable and save time. It also stands out for its automation and integrations with QuickBooks and Xero, making it great accounting software for business owners who work with those accounting plans.

QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Online is the best overall accounting software for small businesses of those reviewed. Not only do the majority of small business accounting professionals use QuickBooks Online, but there are also endless online training resources and forums to get support when needed. All accounting features can be conveniently accessed on one main dashboard, making bookkeeping more fluid and efficient.Pros

  • Scalable
  • Commonly used by accounting professionals
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile app


  • Upgrade required for more users
  • Occasional syncing problems with banks and credit cards

Intuit’s QuickBooks Online has been the most common accounting software used by small businesses and their bookkeeping and tax professionals. The software is cloud-based and can be accessed through a web browser or through the mobile app.

After the 30-day free trial, the four options for subscription plans include: Simple Start at $25 per month, Essentials at $40 per month, Plus at $70 per month, and Advanced at $150 per month. Typically there is a significant discount offered for the first few months, and some accountants are able to offer wholesale pricing to small businesses, as well. 

The monthly subscription for this software can be upgraded as a business grows, and there are many customization options with the mobile app that can be used to receive payments, review reports, capture an image of a receipt, and track business mileage. For businesses looking for a payroll solution, QuickBooks Payroll fully integrates with QuickBooks Online.

Each plan offers more advanced features like inventory management, time tracking, additional users, and budgeting. Most service-based small businesses will find that Simple Start meets all of their needs. For product-based small businesses, Essentials or Plus will have more options for inventory and customizations. The Advanced subscription is a new offering and provides robust financial reporting that is powered by Fathom. Fathom is an elite online financial report analysis tool used by many large companies all over the world.

All plans allow integration with third-party apps such as Stripe or PayPal. QuickBooks Online’s app store breaks down all of their apps by function and provides helpful examples of the benefits of each app.

Zoho Books


If you’re a sole proprietor, freelancer, or starting a brand new business, Zoho Books is for you.

Affordable for even the tightest budget, Zoho Books includes a solid inventory management feature and provides new users with step-by-step directions for everything from general setup to writing an invoice, making it easy to get your new business set up and running quickly.

Zoho Books offers a long list of features, though most are in the Professional plan. These features include automated workflows, good expense tracking, recurring transactions, project management, and the ability to create custom invoices.Zoho Books getting started page with a tutorial video and set up prompts.

The Zoho Overview takes new users through the entire setup process step by step.

A client portal is available that allows you to share invoices with your customers, and an accountant version lets you share your business details with your CPA or accountant.

Zoho Books also offers easy online payment options for your customers, with a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to Zoho Books is its limited integration with third-party apps, along with the lack of a payroll option.

Pricing for Zoho Books starts at a reasonable $9/month for the Basic plan, though most users will probably need the Standard plan, which is $19/month, or the Professional plan, at $29/month.

One of the biggest benefits of Zoho Books is the amount of resources devoted to non-accountant users. Zoho Books takes the time to explain everything, providing a greater comfort level for new users.


You can get the Top 10 Accounting Software in Canada from the above. You might be interested to know that these software finds its application in small business and enterprises for the smooth management of their accounting needs.

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