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Top 10 Accounting Software in Europe

These top 10 accounting software in Europe are suppliers with the best sales and the biggest market share in Europe, the accounting software market is big and there are always new entrants on the market.

You would need to spend hours looking over different websites, comparing offers and services offered by these companies in order to get a good sense of what you’re looking for before you can choose one. This web portal has put in all the hard work for you and compiled a list of top 10 accounting software around Europe.


avidxchange dashboard

AvidXchange is a comprehensive invoice management and payment automation system built for businesses of all sizes. It is equipped with features for paperless invoicing, purchase order automation, as well as payment processing to help you streamline accounting operations. It also comes with a highly configurable interface and intelligent approval workflows to boost efficiency and reinforce visibility across your accounts payable processes. In addition, the platform has search and filter tools that make it easy to track invoices as well as review transactions.

Using AvidXchange, businesses can lower the cost of accounts payable processes as well as improve operational productivity. It also makes it easier for companies to pay their suppliers faster because payments can be made securely from the platform. More importantly, as AvidXchange comes with advanced security and fraud detection functionalities so users can prevent unauthorized transactions and payment requests.

Try out AvidXchange with their free trialVISIT WEBSITEGET DEMO

In addition to the abovementioned, AvidXchange has more than 180 integrations. It can connect with popular ERP platforms as well as accounting systems like SAP, Oracle NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Blackbaud. This way, it is easier to import and export data as well as streamline your operations.


Rossum dashboard

Rossum is a powerful cloud-based platform designed to streamlines account payable processes from importing documents, collecting and capturing data, purchase order matching, to invoice processing. This software’s system is powered by a self-learning AI engine that automates various critical processes, thus reducing manual efforts and human error.

As an intelligent cloud-based platform, Rossum addresses the downsides of traditional OCR systems. By connecting Rossum to your document sources (i.e., document scanners, DMS systems, API, RPA, and email inboxes), it automatically imports all documents into the Rossum system. Its AI-powered engine also recognizes different document formats and layouts, thus there is no need to set up or create templates for documents and invoices. Furthermore, Rossum identifies duplicates, merged files, and auxiliary data and handles them accordingly to remove all unnecessary information and maintain a clean and organized curated feed of transactional data.

Try out Rossum with their free trialVISIT WEBSITEFREE TRIAL

Another advantage Rossum has over other similar systems is its ability to incorporate the changes, customizations, and corrections set by the user. This is helpful when more data that the system was not set to detect before suddenly get added to the information that needs to be extracted from an invoice. All the user needs to do is check the imported invoice and customize the fields that need to be validated and the system will then apply the changes moving forward. Moreover, you can extend Rossum’s functionality by integrating it with your existing systems, such as ERPs and RPAs.


plooto dashboard

Plooto is an innovative payment processing system designed to automate the Accounting Payable (AP) and the Account Receivable (AR) process. The platform enables accountants, bookkeepers, and businesses to expedite payment approvals and the way they get paid. It offers a comprehensive suite of features including powerful approval workflows, customizable approval tiers, automatic accounting reconciliation, and pre-authorized debit agreement.

Plooto untethers you from the approval tasks that can easily be delegated to your staff without compromising control. For example, you can stipulate approval tiers (based on the bill amount) and assign approval roles to your accountant or the office manager. This way, when bills are logged, an email notification is sent to the relevant person(s) to nudge them to approve payments. Then, Plooto reconciles your books instantly and retains an audit trail of who approved what, and when. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

Try out Plooto with their free trialVISIT WEBSITEFREE TRIAL

On the other hand, Plooto provides the tools you need to smoothen out the way you receive payments. For merchants or property managers, the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreement is the best bet to put your AR process on autopilot. Once you sign the PAD with your client(s), funds are automatically withdrawn from the client’s account every time you ship an order or when rent is due.

 Intuit QuickBooks Online

Small Business Accounting Software Intuit Quickbooks onlinePricing: Starts at $12.50/month

Intuit Quickbooks might be the first resource that comes to mind when you hear the term, “small business accounting software” — and for good reason. Beyond its first-rate suite of capabilities, the program sets itself apart with elements like receipt capture and 24/7 chat support.

It also features integrations with PayPal, Shopify, and Square. Taken together, those components — among several others — make Quickbooks a crowd-pleasing small business accounting software.

All plans allow you to track income and expenses, send invoices and receive payments, run reports, send estimates, track sales and taxes, and capture and organize receipts. More advanced plans allow you to track inventory, track time, and even run full-service payroll.

Best for Businesses Looking for a Tried-and-True Option

Intuit Quickbooks is one of the most (if not the most) prominent accounting software for small businesses. It’s been around long enough for you to have a solid idea of what you’re getting when you invest in it — an accessible, affordable, time-tested solution that can suit a company of virtually any size. If you’re looking for a safe choice that reconciles reliability with exceptional functionality, consider looking into Intuit Quickbooks. 


Small Business Accounting Software Freshbooks

Pricing: Starts at $4.50/month

FreshBooks is a straightforward solution that prides itself on making small business accounting more efficient. According to its website, FreshBooks’ software can help users save up to 46 hrs a year on filing for their taxes.

The platform integrates with many business applications and provides you with a single dashboard to manage your finances and accounting. Regular secure backups are included, and a mobile app allows you to keep track of your business at all times.

Best for Businesses That Send Out Recurring Invoices or Have Subscription Models

If you send out recurring invoices, need time tracking capability, or run a subscription model business, FreshBooks could be ideal for you. Its suite of resources lends itself to companies that fit that bill.

It even includes a feature that lets see the exact location a customer opened your invoice — letting you avoid those pesky “I never got it” excuses. With affordable plans to accommodate businesses of virtually every size, it’s definitely worth considering.


Small Business Accounting Software PabblyPricing: Starts at $9/month

Pabbly Subscription Billing is a recurring and subscription management software for small to medium-sized businesses. This software provides real-time actionable metrics on your monthly payments, revenue, net revenue, active customers, and new subscriptions. It also automates all your business workflows, customer communication, and invoice creation so you can focus on your business growth.

Best for Businesses Looking for a Reliably Fixed Pricing Model

One of Pabbly’s key selling points is its subscription billing model. It’s one of the only software on this list that doesn’t charge any extra fees on the basis of per-transaction and monthly revenue generation. That kind of consistency — paired with it’s first-rate functionality — make Pabbly a solid option.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP dashboard

NetSuite ERP is the leading app on our list of best accounting software for medium-sized businesses, and the current frontrunner of this category. It’s an all-in-one enterprise resource planning solution that offers value to businesses of all sizes. Finance-wise, it provides a plethora of tools including order management, fixed assets, revenue management, and billing. It also gives all users reports and KPIs that are specifically tailored to their role in the company.

Try out NetSuite ERP with their free trialVISIT WEBSITEFREE DEMO

Why is NetSuite ERP suitable for medium-sized businesses?

It offers a host of ERP management functionality. This application offers a host of features that support the needs of various departments, including operations, sales, HR, finance, etc. It also helps improve employee productivity through automation and cross-departmental system.

More efficient financial workflows. NetSuite removes the need for the slow and error-prone manual data input. Instead, through its order and billing management tool, you can streamline operations such as fulfillment, finance, and sales. This results in a more accurate quoting process and fewer billing mistakes.

It helps reduce the instances of time- and money-consuming errors. NetSuite ERP is equipped with a series of tools that increase the accuracy of data operations in order to prevent, if not eliminate, the incurrence of hefty penalties. For instance, the platform centralizes shipping, invoice, order, and customer information to ensure that all details are accurate and up-to-date.

It helps with financial planning. The system aids your company in achieving your goals through its robust financial planning module. This tool allows you to easily execute advanced project accounting thanks to its powerful database capabilities. Customizable reports and templates also provide real-time access to data needed for budgeting, forecasting, and others.

It will scale with your company’s growth. As a mid-sized business, your company has a lot of room for improvement and growth. With its fully expandable and customizable functionality, you can tweak the system to adapt to your changing requirements. This will also remove the need for you to switch software or invest in other third-party applications in order to support your growth.

How much does NetSuite ERP cost?

To avail of NetSuite ERP’s service, you can contact the vendor to get a quote that’s ideal for your company’s size and requirements.


The right accounting software can make all the difference to the success of your business. A powerful system will help you manage your finances more effectively and drive growth.

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