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List of Top 10 Accounting Software

Here is the List of top 10 Accounting Software (for large business) with their features and cost. Advantages of using this software for your business are also included for your information.

Here given is the list of Top 10 Accounting Software that makes your business operations easy. These software are well suited for large scale businesses.



» Why You Should Buy This:

FreshBooks has all it takes to make invoicing and accounting a breeze for your business. Regarded as one of the best accounting solutions, it can suit your distinct business accounting needs through its impressive and relatively simpler customization functions. Whether you work on your own, with contractual employees or a full-time workforce, it cannot just track but also handle your books and transactions both online and offline.

In addition to that, FreshBooks simplifies cash flow management and supports a double-entry accounting system, taking the hassles out of your everyday bookkeeping. And since it includes time tracking as well, you can easily turn the hours you’ve worked into an actionable invoice!

» Who Is It For:

FreshBooks has been designed to suit the accounting needs of businesses owners and entrepreneurs. It particularly fits in the ideal accounting software for small businesses’ definition, irrespective of their industry. Whether you are a self-employed professional, freelancer, or a business with employees and contract workers, it makes managing every penny coming in and going out more effectively. In other words, you can track your supplies and pay for them as swiftly as you can manage projects using the software.

It is a perfect choice for businesses that need to monitor time, income and expenses consistently.

» Why We Picked It:

We picked FreshBooks as #1 on our list since it is an established accounting software solution provider with a user base of over 24 million globally. The system is rich in features, and at the same time, easy to use for a novice. It comes in with an active support team, ready to assist you whenever you need them.

The system is also available as a mobile application, letting you seamlessly take your accounts wherever you go. The fact that FreshBooks provides hassle-free integrations with more than 100 other tools, such as Slack, MailChimp, Stripe and Gmail, also made us shortlist it.

» Pricing Details:

You can choose one out of FreshBooks’ four pricing plans to get started:

 Lite costs about $7.50 a month
› Plus costs around $12.50 per month
› Premium costs about $25 a month
› Select plan is available at custom pricing

All the plans are also available for an annual package. You can also opt for a free 30-day trial of your preferred package, containing full features.

» Pros and Cons:


› Comprehensive accounting and invoicing software for business owners
› Sleek, professional invoicing that merely takes seconds to generate
› Efficient organization of income and expenses, making you ready for the tax season
› Ability to track time and automatically put those working hours into the invoice
› A single place that holds every communication, feedback and file, enabling prompt collaboration
› Smart reporting functions
› Accurate books complying with all the regulations, fostering informed business decisions
› Anytime, anywhere access
› Integrations with 100+ third-party tools


› With add-ons, it can stretch your budge.
› The Lite plan allows only five billable clients.

» Reviews & Ratings:

FreshBooks is one of the very few popular small businesses accounting software with excellent functions, an easy-to-move-around interface, and proactive support. It has garnered an impressive rating of 4.5 on GetApp, speaking volumes about its efficacy. Here’s what its users are saying from across the world:

» Capterra: 4.5/5                             » G2crowd: 4.5/5                                » GetApp: 4.5/5

» Conclusion:

To conclude, we’d like to highlight that FreshBooks offers a wholesome package to make accounting simpler for non-accountants out there. At the same time, though, it packs in enviable advanced functions to appeal to the seasoned accountants to keep using this system.

QuickBooks Online


» Why You Should Buy This:

As an entrepreneur, you need a reliable, stable software system to handle your accounts, and QuickBooks Online fits this definition perfectly. It is one of the few accounting software for small businesses that have been around for years. It is loaded with premium accounting functions with an easy to use interface, encouraging you to take the reigns in your hands. And if you hire a seasoned accountant, QuickBooks Online makes the process all the more simpler.

Wondering what if you get stuck in the middle? There is a proactive team of experts to resolve your doubts and problems. In fact, you can also watch from its plenty of demo videos on YouTube to navigate smoothly.

» Who Is It For:

QuickBooks Online is an ideal choice for new businesses, nonprofits and small businesses that require a premium business accounting system. It also works well for online sellers, in-store sellers, wholesalers and independent professionals, such as architects and wedding planners. Besides, this accounting software is a boon for businesses requiring anytime, anywhere access with multi-device compatibility. If you want an effective on-the-go version, it is available as an app on both the Play Store and App Store.

If you have previously used its desktop version, moving to the online one is a great option.

» Why We Picked It:

We ranked QuickBooks Online on the top of our “Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses List” due to its trustworthy market position and efficient functionality.

The features this solution packs in, right from income and expense tracking to tax deductions to cash flow management to report generation, takes the hassles out of the otherwise complex accounting process. Also, QuickBooks Online offers uncomplicated integrations with many renowned business software and apps that you may be using already. Thus, in a way, the system only streamlines operations for you, empowering you to run your business more competently.

» Pricing Details:

QuickBooks Online is available in four pricing plans for small businesses:

 Simple Start plan at $25 per month
› Essentials plan at $50 per month
› Plus plan at $80 per month
› Advanced plan at $180 per month

If you are unsure of making an instant investment, you can try the software for free for 30 days and then decide to upgrade to a premium plan.

» Pros and Cons:


› Offers accurate books with its elaborate set of features
› Integrates with a plethora of leading business solutions
› Provides on-the-go, anytime, anywhere access across devices through its cloud accounting software and mobile apps
› Offers ease and familiarity to those already using its desktop version
› Includes expert support in all of its plans
› Caters to an extensive clientele of about 7 million small businesses


› The add-on features it offers can be expensive, shooting up your overall budget a bit.

» Reviews & Ratings:

Reading a few reviews about QuickBooks Online would give you an idea of its popularity and efficiency. It scores praises for its ease of use, flexibility, accessibility, and accountant-friendly functions the most.

To help you make an unbiased judgement, here’s a collation of reviews and ratings about this solution from diverse, known sources.

» Capterra: 4.2/5                             » G2crowd: 4.0/5                                » GetApp: 4.2/5

» Reviews & ratings:

QuickBooks Online has enhanced its accounting platform over the years as per the changing market dynamics and user demands. It serves a variety of user brackets with its precise accounting capabilities in the most hassle-free way possible. The best part is, the improvement efforts never stop to surpass user expectations to live up to its full-service bookkeeping solution reputation.

AccountEdge Pro


AccountEdge Pro has the honor of being our top-rated accounting application and with good reason.

A good fit for small and growing businesses, AccountEdge Pro is an on-premise application that also offers the convenience of remote access, taking you easily through the entire accounting cycle.

Easy integration with Shopify and UPS Shipping makes AccountEdge Pro a particularly good fit for online retailers.

AccountEdge Pro offers solid invoicing capability, along with excellent time and billing functionality that can track both billable and non-billable hours. Self-service and full-service payroll is also available, and a solid inventory module lets you easily manage your stock. AccountEdge Pro recently added an automatic bank feed option, allowing you to connect both bank and credit card accounts to the application. A $5 subscription fee is required to use the bank feed option.AccountEdge Pro invoice builder with standard fields for creating an invoice.

AccountEdge Pro offers top-notch invoicing capability for small and growing businesses.

As an added bonus, AccountEdge Pro also includes a Contacts feature for tracking customers, vendors, and employees using a single database.

Reporting options are excellent in AccountEdge Pro, including an audit trail report. A mobile app for both iOS and Android devices is also available.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using AccountEdge Pro is its pricing structure. Scalable, with four plans available, the Basic plan has a one-time fee of $149, while the Pro plan is $399. Additional licenses are extra, as is the Payroll subscription. If you’re looking for complete online access to all features and functions, check out AccountEdge Pro Hosted. A subscription to AccountEdge Connect currently runs $25/month for up to five users, while AccountEdge Pro Hosted is available for $40/user per month.

If you wish to access the application remotely, AccountEdge Connect will run $25/month. You’ll also pay extra for phone support.

Another benefit to using AccountEdge Pro is the stability it brings as an on-premise application that also offers remote access. With plans suitable for a one-person operation to an enterprise-level business, you will never outgrow AccountEdge Pro.

 NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP dashboard

NetSuite ERP is essentially a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, but the platform can be used for sales and marketing automation, as well as order management and customer support. It offers a myriad of tools and features to make financial management simple.

Standard features include pre-configured dashboards that can be customized by users for their specific needs. NetSuite ERP also offers robust automation and scalability features. It can grow with your company and automate processes such as financial management, order management, revenue management, fixed assets, inventory management, and billing.

The vendor offers a great demo of the product that will introduce you to all key features.

Try out NetSuite ERP with their free trialVISIT WEBSITEFREE DEMO

Another great thing about NetSuite ERP is that it comes with great reporting features. For starters, users can easily customize their view of key performance indicators and generate reports that are specific to their role in the company. They can also track vendor performance and monitor inventory levels, allowing them to further improve the customer experience.


Accounting is one of the most important aspects of any business because it is the backbone of any organization. Invoicing, payroll, tax preparation are few jobs handled by accounting software. While there are different accounting software each targeting a specific field of accounting, there is a vast pool of general purpose accountancy software available that handle multiple aspects of accounting.

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