Top Fundraising Software for Small Nonprofits

Top Fundraising Software for Small Nonprofits is easy to use and helps you raise more money! It’s the best fundraising software for small nonprofits who need or want to connect with donors and volunteers online. Powerful features include an Event Calendar, Online Giving, Social Networking, Blogging and much more.

Ready to take your small nonprofit fundraising to the next level? Our Fundraising Software for Small Nonprofits can help! With our donor database, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a comprehensive list of potential donors at your fingertips. Don’t waste hours trying to track down contact information in spreadsheets anymore—let your fundraising software do all the work! Plus, you can run reports, customize forms and keep in touch with your supporters using our fundraising technology platform.

DonorSearch Online Tools – Best Fundraising Software Overall 


DonorSearch’s online tool, which is known as ProspectView Online, is a valuable addition to any nonprofit’s tech stack. Nonprofits can use ProspectView Online’s features to identify and improve outreach to prospective supporters, especially major donors. With the DonorSearch tools, your organization gains access to a wealth of information about your donors and prospects, like:

  • Wealth indicators: DonorSearch’s tools can provide an accurate financial picture for your donors and prospects, so you’ll be better situated to target your outreach to donors who are financially capable of making a large donation. These indicators include details like real estate ownership, business affiliations, and stock ownership.
  • Philanthropic indicators: Philanthropic indicators about your donors and prospects suggest how likely it is that they would donate a large gift to a philanthropic organization. A prospect with past involvement with nonprofits is more likely to give than one who has no history with philanthropy. For instance, philanthropic indicators might measure previous donations to your nonprofit or similar organizations, involvement on charitable boards, and potentially connected hobbies and interests.

These data points can guide your fundraising efforts in the directions that are most likely to provide a substantial return for your efforts, meaning you’ll save time, boost your fundraising revenue, and acquire more donors.


ProspectView Online allows your organization to uncover your best donors and prospects. It comes equipped with these top features:

  • Executive Analysis allows you to summarize and analyze your search results with ease. With over 12 customizable reports available, you can understand your donors’ affinity to give, capacity to give, interest in your organization, and location, all represented with intuitive visual portrayals of your data.
  • Keyword Search provides your nonprofit with easy, quick filtering of your screening and/or search results.
  • Marketing Lists supply highly targeted lists of prospects based on over 300 financial, demographic and interest categories. You can search and filter by geography, wealth markers, and hobbies, among others. This feature is perfect for helping organizations acquire new donors.
  • Integrated Search can provide a comprehensive profile on an individual donor.
  • Gift Search grants an organization direct access to the largest philanthropic database. Organizations can discover giving histories for foundations, organizations, or an individual.
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DonorSearch’s tools and features are all designed with one goal in mind: to provide the data necessary for your nonprofit to succeed now and in the long term.


Because DonorSearch’s tools vastly improve your organization’s ability to perform donor stewardship and outreach, the return on investment (ROI) for this tool is high. Identifying just one additional major donor or even mid-tier donor with DonorSearch’s tools repays your nonprofit’s investment.


You can contact DonorSearch for a demo and quote on their fundraising solutions. 

Check out CharityEngine to learn more about their fundraising software for nonprofits.

CharityEngine: Best All-in-One Fundraising Software


CharityEngine’s all-in-one fundraising software is designed to provide nonprofits with all of the tools they’ll need in one system, limiting the need for adding piecemeal integrations. Instead of researching multiple solutions, save your nonprofit time and money by investing in one tool for all of your fundraising needs.  

With CharityEngine, your nonprofit will have access to every fundraising, marketing, and donor management tool necessary to create and execute effective fundraising strategies. 

Plus, CharityEngine’s comprehensive solution offers even more built-in features that can help continue growing your fundraising efforts, such as event management tools, advocacy solutions, and expansive reporting.


CharityEngine offers a variety of fundraising tools that you can leverage for your campaigns, including:

  • Customizable donation pages built to encourage recurring giving
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising tools, allowing nonprofits to launch and track campaigns of any size
  • In-house, PCI-certified payment processing, providing your organization with the highest possible level of data security
  • Comprehensive reporting and workflow automation supported by CharityEngine’s seamless data flow between software solutions

CharityEngine allows your nonprofit to enhance every step of your donors’ journeys, starting from their first impression of your marketing materials and continuing far into the future.


You can contact CharityEngine and request a demo to learn more about their pricing options.

Visit CharityEngine's website to learn more about their fundraising software

Learn more about CharityEngine

Bloomerang's fundraising software can take your organization's operations to the next level.

Bloomerang – Best Fundraising Software for Donor Retention


Bloomerang is a leader in donor database software, helping nonprofit fundraising professionals not only to raise money, but also to create long-lasting relationships with their supporters. 

The interactive fundraising dashboard enables nonprofits to keep track of their incoming funds across various campaigns, as well as the engagement and retention rates of their supporters. This helps fundraisers identify donors who may be able to give more to the nonprofit and prevent donors from lapsing.


Each robust donor profile is built out with comprehensive timelines, showing how supporters have interacted with various email campaigns, events, surveys, and fundraising initiatives in the past. Plus, the donor profiles are also equipped with a giving summary, showing the lifetime value of the supporter and how their contributions have changed over time. 

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Bloomerang’s solution provides segmentation opportunities, allowing nonprofits to create targeted campaigns and initiatives for the right donors at the right time. Plus, the solution has built-in features that provide advanced insights that can be used to create smarter donor segments, such as the “Generosity Score” and “Engagement Meter,” featured on donor profiles. These features metrics provide an at-a-glance understanding of which supporters need to be reengaged and which can be approached for larger contributions. 


Bloomerang offers specialized pricing for small shops which is free up to 250 records and scales up to $79 per month for up to 750 records. Standard pricing starts at $99 per month for up to 1,000 records. From there, the pricing works on a sliding scale depending on the number of records in the database.

Check out Bloomerang's powerful tools and fundraising software!

ABC Fundraising

Fundraising Software Overview

ABC Fundraising is a dedicated product fundraising company that works with all sorts of nonprofits, schools, churches, and other fundraising groups. They offer a wide range of products to sell, including branded merchandise, unique and profitable snacks, and discount cards.

Plus, they’ll even provide fundraising groups with custom-branded order-taking flyers along with an online web store so supporters can buy and fundraisers can sell in the easiest ways possible.

And best of all? Many of their available products require no upfront investment—meaning you can get started selling as soon as possible. Their fundraising platform retains a small portion of your costs, while you keep the majority of your funding for your organization.

Top Tips for Product Fundraising Software

  1. Choose products that your supporters will want. With more than 20 highly demanded products available to sell, be sure to make your choice with your target audience in mind.
  2. Promote your web store online. Share a link to your online web store via social media, email, text, and more. Then, encourage your volunteer fundraisers to do the same!
  3. Take a peer-to-peer fundraising approach. Equip volunteer fundraisers to sell products on behalf of your organization, thus increasing your reach and selling efficiently.

Salsa — Best Donor Management Software

Donor Management Software Overview

Salsa’s donor management software allows you to track supporters holistically and make intelligent decisions to engage, retain, and connect with each one. This software solution is powered by SmartEngagement Technology, which combines industry best practices with machine learning and automation features. With SmartEngagement, nonprofits can optimize their fundraising strategy and maximize limited time and resources.

As a donor management platform, Salsa offers rich donor profiles and intelligent reporting. These powerful tools will allow you to spend less time deciphering data and more time connecting with supporters. Automated and personalized messages (including gift acknowledgments, fundraising appeals, and advocacy campaigns) ensure you never miss the opportunity to activate a supporter.

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Why We Love This Donor Management System

With Salsa’s unified platform, your supporter cultivation and communication efforts are seamlessly integrated for more relevant, timely, and compelling engagement. Salsa helps your team work smarter to accomplish more and drive your mission forward.

Donor Software Pricing

Salsa’s pricing varies based on list size. Contact them for a personalized quote on their donor management software.


Fundly offers a stellar crowdfunding platform for nonprofits.

Fundraising Event Software Overview

Fundly’s crowdfunding software highlights the importance of visual storytelling, videos, and images. Users can create interactive slideshows on the front page of their fundraising page for donors to flip through.

Fundly also offers its fundraisers a mobile app that allows them to post updates, photos, or videos on-the-go.

There is no minimum amount to raise in order to receive the funds. Plus, it only takes 2-4 days to receive these funds.

Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

Check out the integration guide.

Why We Love This Event Fundraising Software

Fundly allows fundraisers to raise money for practically anything. It’s an extremely diverse and easy-to-use platform that anyone can customize for their own personal fundraiser!

Pricing of This Fundraising Event Software

Fundly charges a 4.9% platform fee plus a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

MatchMaker, an Arreva Software | Top Donor Relationship Software

Fundraising Software Overview

MatchMaker is a fundraising tool that has now been acquired by Arreva. Arreva is another fundraising solution, and together the two can help your nonprofit manage its donor relationships.

From one central location, Arreva’s MatchMaker lets you:

  • Manage your peer-to-peer campaign
  • Optimize the event registration process
  • Oversee your volunteers
  • Communicate with your donors

The better you treat your donor relationships, the more effective your fundraising efforts will be!

Why This Fundraising Software Stands Out

MatchMaker, an Arreva software, can improve your donor relationships with its flexible online donation options. Add recurring donation options, present fixed donation options, and even let your donors pick where their money is going. 

How Much Does This Platform Cost?

MatchMaker, an Arreva software, has multiple pricing plans. Contact them on their website to learn more.

Check out Arreva's website to learn more about MatchMaker, an online fundraising tool.


Are you a small nonprofit looking to raise more funds for less money? Great Nonprofits is a free, open source tool that simplifies your fundraising. With over 60 scripts, it covers everything from donor management, to public relations and event planning. If your nonprofit needs custom features, we can work with you to design customized software that works perfectly with your organization.

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