Top Productivity Tools for Business

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There’s no doubt you use some tools during your daily or weekly routine. You may even be tempted to think about incorporating one as a productivity tool as well as a way to get things done quicker.Many productivity tools specifically for business are becoming popular these days, especially the physical ones like Post-its, whiteboards, small tables or something that can be set on your desk like an electronic gadget like Evernote, Pocket (I use it daily), Wunderlist (which I use myself) and Pinterest (which I see other people using).

Here are some collections that will do well for your business.


ntaskmanager as productivity tool

With so many elements of a project to keep track of, sometimes staying productive throughout the process can be overwhelming, but having a project management tool like nTask can help.

nTask is an all-inclusive project management and task management software that can help you keep all the elements of your project in a centralized platform to ensure you are on top of project tasks, visualize your progress, get status reports, and more.

Top Features:

  • Time tracking and employee timesheets
  • Meeting tools with the ability to create meeting agendas, discussion points, and follow up actions
  • To-Do Lists
  • Team Collaboration


Chanty as productivity app

Chanty is a simple and fast team chat app to boost communication in teams of all business segments. With Chanty, you can easily get in touch with your colleagues in private, public, group and one-on-one conversations. The Teambook menu allows you to keep all your messages, files, links and tasks in order. You can also achieve a new level of productivity with third-party Apps in Chanty. Integrations turn a team chat into a command center, giving you control over the information from the apps you use. In addition, using Chanty voice messaging and calls you can instantly communicate with your team and deliver important information ASAP.

Top features:

  • Free unlimited message history
  • Built-in task management
  • Audio/video calls and voice messaging
  • Integrations
  • File sharing Productivity tools

One of the biggest productivity killers in the workplace is coincidentally the various productivity tools we end up using in the first place. Messaging someone on Slack, finding content stored in Dropbox, Emailing clients, Collaborating on Google Docs, etc. drains our productivity as we keep shuffling between apps and don’t seem to make any progress with the actual work.

This is why we all need, a document management and collaboration tool that helps teams to collaborate, share, track and manage all company documents, files, and other content in one place. No more juggling around apps and tools! Bit is the ultimate productivity tool as it brings all your company documentation, media files, and knowledge under one smart roof.

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Top features:

  • Real-time collaboration on work without the to-and-fro email and chat messages
  • Documents can go from personal notes to team research, to coordinated documents and client-facing material that can be shared and tracked to get intelligent engagement insights.
  • Store all media files- videos, images, PDFs, logos, etc in one central location for easy access.


GanttPRO as productivity tools

Being on the same page is one of the most crucial issues for any project. Once lost, you and your team will waste time trying to realize how the things are going what significantly decreases productivity.

With GanttPRO online Gantt chart software, you can be sure all of your team members keep track of tasks. A visually appealing Gantt chart timeline provides project participants with an immediate picture of how the plan is progressing. Thanks to collaboration opportunities, no detail will be lost.

Top features:

  • Task management and assignment
  • Team collaboration with comments, files, and notifications
  • Time log for personal tasks, personal calendars
  • Deadline management
  • Export and Sharing via Public URL
  • Resource workload



One of the most important things when it comes to productivity is for the team to be on the same page and in sync at all times. And that’s exactly what Infinity can help you with.

Infinity is an all-in-one work management software that can help you keep all of your projects, tasks, documents, contacts, leads, and everything else work-related in a single place, and ensure that you and your team stay on top of your tasks and be productive on a daily basis.

Top Features:

  • Task Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multiple Views, Including Gantt & Form
  • Document Management
  • Time Tracking with Clockify
  • Public Boards

Scheduling & Calendar


While using a digital calendar or other time management tool to become more organized and better with your time, you may feel like you are actually spending too much time entering and revising information across your tools. Calendar has created an AI-enabled solution that learns your schedule and takes over organizing, booking, and updating meetings and events on your calendar. It also syncs across multiple calendar tools and devices, saving you time and letting you focus on high priority tasks.

Top features:

  • Share calendars and designate who sees what on your calendar
  • Analytics for your Calendar so you can see where you’re opening your time each day.
  • Automatically invite and schedule meeting attendees
  • Leverage analytics tools to assess calendar data and reveal how you spend your time with people and in meetings
  • Integrates multiple digital calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal as well as other email, project management, and collaboration tools.


I can’t recommend Basecamp enough for project management. This cloud service can benefit all remote workers. My team has been using it for years to stay organized, accountable and productive, no matter where they are. The reason it works so well is the Basecamp team has been distributed since day one, so they know what it takes for a remote team to succeed. – Marc Fischer, Dogtown Media LLC

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Canva is one of the best productivity tools I have seen in recent years. It is popular among creatives, but I see it as a helpful tool for executives. It can help create great-looking presentations, proposals, product mockups and more. It comes with prebuilt templates, ideas, flexibility, lots of assets and collaborative tools to create good-quality output with minimal effort. – Vikrant Pathak, myautoIQ


As a leader, you want to be strategic and focused with your time and ensure it is aligned with your goals. I use a great app called GoalsOnTrack. You can track your quarterly goals with categories, create habits to perform actions and have tasks prioritized to your goals. Also, I recommend the GTD process, which includes weekly reviews and ensures you are on the right track. – Buyan Thyagarajan, Eigen X


At our company, we have recently instituted the use of Koan. Every member of our team publishes weekly reflections in the platform. These reflections allow everyone to see who’s working on what, the status of various projects and more. – Swish Goswami, Trufan Inc.


I swear by LastPass, the password manager from LogMeIn. Personally and professionally, I don’t leave my virtual home without it. Just days ago, the latest Facebook attack underscored our collective vulnerability, exposing the data of more than 530 million users. As we counsel our clients, users must rely on unique passwords absolutely everywhere. LastPass facilitates this effectively. – Adam Stern, Infinitely Virtual

Microsoft Power BI

We recently leveraged Microsoft Power BI to consolidate multiple data sources into a common dashboard. This was a great win for us—moving from multiple data sources managed in cumbersome Excel sheets into a dynamic, user-friendly portal for sales and operational dashboards. – Randal Kenworthy, Cognizant


Without question, I’d recommend OmniFocus. It allows me to keep track of not only what I’m up to and when it should be ready but also what other people are up to and how that is contributing to projects—all without the clutter and burden of a full “project management” tool. It uses the “Getting Things Done” methodology, and it’s been a game-changer when it comes to managing my actions and followups. – Alexander Hill, Senseye


Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing solutions for businesses. It is feature-rich, with various plans based on business size and needs. Prices range from their free plan for personal and team meetings, to $19.99/month/host (with a minimum of 100 hosts) for large enterprises. Millions of worldwide Zoom users happily use the free plan, but if you are looking for something more encompassing for your remote teams, the enterprise-level plan includes up to 200 meeting participants, unlimited cloud storage, custom emails, a vanity meeting URL, and more.

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zoom video meeting app


The Meeting Owl is now officially a Recommended Hardware Partner of Zoom. The Meeting Owl is Zoom’s only recommended 360-degree camera and features 1080p HD camera resolution, 360-degree visual and sound, and an 18-foot audio pickup radius. Try the Meeting Owl + Zoom today.

Skype for Business

Microsoft’s popular Skype service is augmented as an enterprise-ready video conferencing tool. It has several business features, such as allowing up to 250 attendees in a meeting, connection with other Skype users, and virtual whiteboarding capabilities.

While there are some limitations, such as the lack of an integrated dial-in audio conference feature, and lack of hardware support with online-only plans. The free version of Skype is a good tool for teams with less than 10 members, and is a simple way to make free conference calls from your computer, phone, or tablet.

skype for business best video meeting appSource:Skype

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is the video conferencing app of choice for educators. With mobile accessibility, this tool helps educators connect with students on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Classroom licenses start at $300/year, departments at $9,000/year for universities, schools, and colleges, and enterprise options are available at custom pricing.

Blackboard Collaborate


The open-source BigBlueButton features whiteboard capability for meeting productivity and was created specifically for education and online learning. As a free open source tool, there are many add-ons and integrations through third-party developers that allow for customized web conferencing experiences, including an integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) that will make for a seamless student and teacher experience.

Some of the free features of BigBlueButton include:

  • Audio and video screen sharing
  • The option to record sessions for playback
  • Breakout rooms
  • Collaboration tools such as whiteboard, shared notes, and polling
big blue button best video meeting apps



Productivity tools are tools which you use to help you stay focused on the task at hand without having to waste time. The tips and tricks I listed above are some of the ways productivity tools can help you stay productive at work. Getting more done in less time can be done through using productivity tools, which is one of the reasons why they are increasingly used in the office (and at home).

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