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Best Online Tools to Remove Watermark Free

Finding a tool that can remove watermark on pictures is no big deal. But finding a good and quick tool to remove watermark at high quality takes some time. Nevertheless, there are some tools I recommend to you, which allow you to remove the picture’s original resolution and change it back to the size you want. Watermark is an image file that is embedded within another larger image to give extra protection to the original picture. Removing watermarks online is especially important

When people think about how to remove watermarks, they often overlook the fact that there many online tools that can help them. The tools and websites listed in this article will allow you to remove the watermark from a picture with ease. The fact of the matter is, most people don’t want to steal your images or photos. They need it for a project or presentation, and will use the image with your blessing (i.e., they give you credit). In this article, we will list out all the best online tools to remove watermark free easily and efficiently. Watermarking is nothing but adding a hidden text or image on your image to prevent exploitation in the internet. These online tools help you to remove watermarks on your image (jpg, jpeg, png) even if it is re-sized, optimized or edited by any other software.


On the free option, the file format should be JPG, PNG, or WebP with a maximum image size of 10MB and 4.3 Megapixels resolution.

Inpaint is a great tool for removing objects from photos, and it’s pretty easy to use. You just select the area you want to remove, and then Inpaint does its thing.

Inpaint uses a brush that has a soft edge (instead of a hard edge like most paintbrushes), so it can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your picture. It works well on both images taken with digital cameras, as well as scanned photos.

As long as there’s enough contrast between your object and its background, Inpaint should pick them apart with ease.

However, if you opt for a subscription, you just pay a one-time fee, with no limitations on image size, file size, or image count. Hence, get the best images you could ever imagine.

Generally, it removes unwanted elements, and objects, repairs old photos, and improves your skin.


Have you ever heard of Photofunny? Well, it is online software that allows you to remove any kind of watermarks. It allows you to simply upload your image, using the editor to select the part you want to remove and save the image. Photofunny will do its magic!

Hence, the watermark will be blurred and not be visible at all. Also, if you want the images not to have the software’s logo, you just need to register an account or log in. The artificial intelligence in the software helps to make the photo look unique and not copyrighted to anyone or any company.

Luminar AI

Luminar AI can remove watermarks, remove people or other unwanted objects from your photos easily. It examines the surrounding pixels and creates a new texture based on awareness of what’s nearby the brushed area, which makes the watermark-removed photo natural and no trail of erasing.

Luminar AI is a company that has been around since 2017. They have built a global platform to help developers build, integrate and train intelligent applications on the cloud.

Luminar AI’s mission is to enable everyone to build and train intelligent applications that can automate tasks and make business processes more efficient. Luminar AI’s software development kit (SDK) enables developers to create machine learning models that can be used in any application or data processing platform. With this SDK, developers can create models that can be trained on any type of data and deployed into production apps.

Luminar AI offers an end-to-end machine learning service for any industry. It provides a range of services from training models to deploying them into production systems.

Luminar AI is a AI-powered and Content-aware tool designed to organize & edit photos as easily as possible, but yields same results as professional as Adobe Photoshop, it helps to:

  • AI-Powered and Content-aware: smart, intelligent, professional
  • Do universal editings: crop, rotate, adjust light, color, details, denoise, etc.
  • Do creative editings: sky replacemet, sunrays, dramatic, matte look, color styles, glow, fog, etc.
  • Enhance Portrait smartly
  • Do professional editing: dodge & burn, clone, etc.
  • Offer Layer tools: add layer, edit mask (erase, paint)
  • Change images in seconds with Luminar looks.
  • Convert photos to JPG, PNG, BMP, Photoshop, etc.
  • Batch process images.
  • Add as plug-in to Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom/PS Elements/Apple Aperture

For itselectable users, use the promo code ITSELECTABLE20 to have an extra $10 OFF

Remove Watermark from Photo with Luminar AI Now!

  • Step 1. Grab a copy of Luminar AI , install and open the application.
  • Step 2. Click + > Edit Image to add photo for watermark removal.
  • Step 3. Go to Edit>Essentials>Erase.
  • Step 4. Use the brush tool to brush over the watermark, you can adjust the brush size. Press and hold Space bar to choose between brush tool and hand tool, zoom in to check the details.
  • Step 5. Once ready, click Erase to remove watermark. If OK, click on Erase toolbar to close the dropdown menu. If not OK, redo or check following video.
  • Step 6. Click Export to save the photo without watermark.


This is the option you should use if you have some more in-depth graphical design knowledge, as it is the most complete (expensive, and hard to use as well) tool. In fact, Photoshop is one of the best drawing software to use on your computer.

Photoshop is an image editing program that allows users to edit and manipulate digital images. The program was created by Adobe Systems, and it has been used for over 30 years to create and alter images for use in advertisements, print media, web design, digital art, and more.

Users can use Photoshop’s tools to edit the colors of an image, remove objects from photos, add new objects or backgrounds to photos (called compositing), and more. The software also has a special tool called “HDR” (High Dynamic Range) that can be used to merge multiple photos into one image that has a higher level of contrast than normal photos do. This tool is useful if you want to take pictures of an object at different times of day or at different angles—you can merge all those photos together into one high-contrast image that shows all angles at once!

By using Photoshop, you’ll be able to remove all undesired elements, touch up your images as you want, apply the most varied filters, retouch, cujt, and merge pictures, remove watermarks, and a lot more.

If you’re after a really complete option, Photoshop is the right choice. Follow this link to see more!

Watermark Remover (FREE)

Watermark remover

Watermark Remover Online Tool is available on of the best site where the watermark impressions are removed with perfection.

You can delete all the transparent spots and text from the photo and video with the help of the Watermark Remover Online tool exclusively available on

Hey! Check the features and the price below to make up your mind for the Watermark Remover Online Tool, which is among the best 5 online tools to remove the watermark.


The incredible features offered by the Watermark Remover tool make it stand in the queue of the best 5 Watermark Remover Online Tools.

  1. Remove Unwanted Elements: The unwanted elements like watermark, undesirable people, logos any undesired artifacts’ will be removed from the photos/videos with perfection. 
  2. Readability: Well–versed in reading all photo/video file formats likePNG, JPG, and GPN, and selective internet formats too.
  3. Batch Removing Watermark: Sometimes, there are multiple watermarks in the photo and videos. The Watermark Remover Online Tool used for batch removing watermarks from the photos.
  4. Batch Processing: Do you have photos and videos with different file formats than don’t worry the watermark Remover Online Tool can remove them with perfection in few seconds.
  5. Best Quality Water Mark Remover: It has listed among the best tool for removing the watermark, and the steps are so comfortable that anybody can remove those watermarks.
  6. Maintain the original Photo/Video Format: The file format remain the same after removing the watermark from the photo.


Guys you are well amazed when you know the Watermark Remover online tool available on is free of cost.


Snapseed is a photo-editing application created and maintained by Google, and it is really easy to use. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, with the possibility to remove the watermark from images very easily.

If you’re looking for a photo editing app that’s easy to use and doesn’t require too much effort, Snapseed is it. It’s also free!

Snapseed is a mobile app that lets you edit your photos on the go. You can adjust everything from contrast and brightness to saturation and texture with just a few quick swipes. The end result is an enhanced version of your original photo—and it only takes a few minutes!


An app that can be used on both Android and iOS, AirBrush is one of the best ways to edit photos like popular influencers. It offers the possibility to edit everything very quickly in a lightweight and easy-to-use package.

In addition to letting you remove watermarks, you can also remove pimples, whiten your teeth and make your eyes brighter, improve your skin in every photo, change the shape of any area, touch up everything with many tools, and more. All this to make you fit even better on Instagram. Go to the official website to see more!

AirBrush is the next generation of airbrush makeup application. It uses advanced laser technology to offer you the most natural-looking, flawless coverage possible.

AirBrush has a number of features that make it unique:

• [Feature 1] – The AirBrush allows you to apply foundation, blush, and contour in one easy step, using a patented airbrushing system that gives you the best possible results. This makes it perfect for professionals and amateurs alike!

• [Feature 2] – The AirBrush comes with a wide range of colors so that you can match your skin tone perfectly. You can also adjust the intensity of each color to get the exact look you want.

• [Feature 3] – The AirBrush is designed for use by both men and women, making it ideal for all types of makeup artists and hairstylists who want to look their best at all times!


Easily one of the best apps for editing photos as well as removing the watermark from them, PicLab is free and available for both Android and iOS devices. With it, you can use fonts created by professional designers to add to your images, change the text color, and even add shadows to it!

In addition, you can add stickers and artwork, over 20 different filters, many photo effects, masks for the photos, use a drawing tool directly in your hand, and even create collages and montages with ease! Check it out for Android and iOS.

Add Watermark on Photos

The name indicates that Add Watermark on Photos is only for adding watermark to photos and not removing them, but this is far from the truth. The app is free and only available for Android.

With it, you can create and save new watermark templates to add, add them to hundreds of files at the same time, preview how the result will be, change the positioning on different images, add custom texts, and much more.

As you can see, the app offers all the solutions you could want to add and edit your custom watermarks, as well as remove them from any images you want. Follow the link to the Play Store to see more!

Soft Orbit Photo Retoucher

This is a photo editing software that does not only removes watermarks but also gets rid of unwanted objects from photos. Anyone with a bit of computer knowledge can use the software. It’s an awesome tool for restoring old pictures as well as the removal distracting objects from images.


AWinware Pdf watermark

This is multipurpose software that allows you to add and remove watermarks on Pdf files and images. To use this application, you have to download it.

Fotogenic: Photo Editor

We also have Fotogenic, another option available for all smartphones. With it, you’ll be able to edit all your photos giving them a professional look. The tool to remove watermarks allows you to copy and paste parts of an image to hide the logo or text.

Besides, it also lets you paint over what you want to remove, and even simply select the unwanted area and delete the object or watermark. Going further, it lets you add text to images, text balloons, make you taller or thinner, change perspective, rotate, straighten photos, and more.

It also offers many beauty tools, such as making the skin smoother, whiter teeth, adding digital makeup, tattoos, tanning, and everything you might want. Go to the Play Store or the App Store!


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The various watermark online tools have different functions and you need to distinguish them to know the one that suits you best.

There is still gap between Adobe and other image editors, but those non-Adobe tools are not that greatly outshadowed by Adobe any more, they are getting better and better, like Luminar AI, it is worth a try

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