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Free Accounting Software That Works With Square

Online accounting software to help you easily track your business finances. In this article, I’ll weigh the costs and benefits of the software offered by Square, QuickBooks Online, and Xero, so you can choose the right solution for your business.


Hiveage‘s integration with Square is relatively new: the company announced it earlier this year after several user requests. It allows you to process invoices online for a flat fee of 2.9% and $0.30 per invoice. As an added bonus, this integration lets you deposit sales into your account the next business day.

Hiveage earns high marks from GetApp readers for supporting unlimited clients and invoices. The app also integrates with more than a dozen payment processing apps. Alongside its ability to sync with Square, Hiveage integrates with PayPalStripe, and Braintree as well.

Price: Four plans range from $15 per month for two staff to $79 per month for 20 staff.

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Jobber is a field service management app at heart. It helps small businesses in plumbing, landscaping, carpet cleaning, manage workflows, scheduling, and billing. And since Jobber syncs with Square, you can use it for payment processing.

Jobber’s integration with Square lets you track time, invoices, and job details on any device. If you’re on-site at a job, you can accept credit cards on the spot or ask clients to pay online later. And since payments accepted through Square sync with your Jobber account, you can keep your invoices organized.

Price: $69 per month when billed annually or $89 if you pay month-to-month.

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Kashoo‘s simple design lets small business owners balance their own books. Creating and sending invoices, capturing and managing expenses, generating reports, and viewing transactions are just a few of the app’s standout features. And thanks to the fact that Kashoo syncs with Square, you can also use it to accept credit card payments.

Kashoo prides itself on being the only accounting app that instantly updates each time you swipe with Square. They also claim that connecting your account takes less than one minute and you can import each Square transaction into Kashoo. This integration also lets you accept payments and give refunds from your phone or tablet.

Price: $16.65 per month on its annual plan or $19.95 per month on its monthly plan.

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Xero is an integrations machine. It works with more than one in three of the most popular apps on – including Square. This means that along with tracking 1099 forms and expense claims, you can also manage your payment processing.

Xero users can also use Square to accept payments whether you’re in-store or online. Transactions from Square upload to Xero automatically, which erases the need for manual data entry. And if you want to see daily summaries at a glance, Square converts them into invoices.

Price: Three plans range from $9 per month to $70 per month.

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Zoho Books

Zoho Books is designed for businesses of all sizes in services, marketing, and consulting companies. It integrates with Zoho CRM, which helps sales and finance teams work with each other. It also integrates with Square to serve as a POS system.

Once you’ve integrated these apps, your previous day’s business transactions in Square are created as sales invoices in Zoho Books. The amount that Square owes you is also tracked within the system. Your sales, refunds, discounts, tips, and Square fees are all tracked in separate accounts as well.

Price: Three plans range from $9 per organization per month to $29 per organization per month.

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QuickBooks Online

By integrating both QuickBooks and Square, you can automate customer creation, invoicing, tax calculation, and payment processes. Everything will sync together and save you the time of inputting data on your own.

QuickBooks Online offers several features that help with accounting within your company. These features include sales tax reporting, sales tax planning tools, inventory management tools, expense tracking with travel reimbursement.

This platform has been designed in a way that makes it easy for users to manage their business in a hassle-free manner. It provides numerous features and tools that help the users to keep track of every aspect of their business.

QuickBooks is one of the most popular and widely used accounting software tools because it provides just about everything you need to automate the financial aspect of your business. The most notable feature is the available integrations beyond just Square.

The software provides an easy-to-use platform for both personal and business use. The users can do everything from tracking expenses to managing inventory in the software. It also has a mobile app that allows users to access their finances from anywhere.

QuickBooks software is well known for its simplicity, ease of use, and its commitment to customer service. It also has a range of tools that can help you manage your business finances with ease.

Benefits Of Using Accounting Software With Square

Square and the integration of accounting software help small businesses to avoid costly mistakes that can lose time or money. You can automate and adjust your most important processes by integrating these two tools together.

Automated Bookkeeping

Square will allow you to accept payments and when properly synced with accounting software, all of your transactions will be logged automatically. This automates your bookkeeping.

Automated bookkeeping is a great way to make sure you never forget about important deadlines or important financial obligations like income tax payments and payroll deductions.

The software has features like receipts, automatic invoicing with the latest tax information, inventory management with barcode scanning, recurring billing cycles with reminders, and more.

Accurate Taxes

Square does not provide the same advanced tax management features as some of the online tools like QuickBooks, Xero, or Kashoo. This makes it even more important to rely on more than one platform to run your business.

By integrating two together, your taxes will be calculated on the backend while you can still run your business and deal with customers through the Square interface.

Accept Payments

Square helps businesses save time and money by worrying about payments and letting you focus on your business. It can also help manage your finances by tracking your cash flow and reporting on sales activity. has made accepting credit card payments easier than ever before. It has different types of fees depending on what type of payment you are accepting, how much time it takes for the transaction to go through, etc.

By using an accounting software with Square, you can manage the billing aspect in one platform while collecting or sending payments with Square.


Not every business needs a full-blown accounting software. If you have a simple business with a few transactions going on, it’s more than sufficient to use a free accounting solution. However, some of the free options don’t work with Square so you can’t track your transactions accurately. But today I have something that does.

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