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What Is Best Free Screen Recording Software

In today’s world, it’s essential to have some knowledge on the different computer software programs that are available. You are using these daily and will continue to do so with each new computer software program that you learn how to use. One of the most popular is the FREE SCREEN RECORDING SOFTWARE. What is best free screen recording software? Is there a difference between screen recorder and screen recorder software? All of this will be answered depending on your questions.

Finding the best free screen recorder can be tricky. However, with the options available nowadays, you no longer have to worry about what software to use. There are dozens of easy-to-use screen recorders out there and all you have to do is pick one that suits your needs and preferences.

It’s usually used to record desktop activity, but you can also use it to record gameplay or the screens of your mobile devices. The best free screen recorder for PC can help you record your computer screen with audio. Especially, it is a good option for making tutorials and sharing gameplays.

Many internet marketers are aware about the importance of screen recording tools in their businesses. These tools come handy in many ways and can play a crucial role in their online growth. But it’s hard to find free online or offline screen recorder software. Because most of them are paid, and some are not that good for beginners with limited feature set.

What is screen recording software?

In simplest terms, a screen recording software takes a video of what happens on your screen. You can record the entire display of your monitor, a specific area of the screen, or a particular window. Screen recording generally includes your microphone and computer audio, too.

So, aside from just what happens on your display, the recording software will also capture the sound of your programs or microphone. 

What mainly separates screen recorders from each other are the watermarks, features, and quality. Most programs generally need to be paid to work optimally, but there are a ton of options that provide exceptional value for free. 

Some programs limit a 720p resolution recording, others allow up to 1080p but add watermarks. There’s a pro and con to every product here, but that only means these free screen recorders are diverse. The programs below are the best screen recording software for PCs like Windows and Mac. 

What features to look for based on your needs

Before we recommend you anything, here’s a short breakdown of every key feature you need in your video recording software.


Recording your screen is surprisingly intimidating. There’s pressure to record efficiently. That means no spacing out, losing track of what you’re doing, or having a cursor that’s wandering around the screen aimlessly. A video recording with lots of filler content and pauses need to be trimmed with a video editor, which is its own challenge (not a problem with VEED though!).

A simple video editor should just record and save. Done. Worrying about how to use your screen capture software is the last thing you need.

Export High-Quality Videos

The export quality is where most free screen recorders limit their features. You shouldn’t need anything more than a 1080p recording, especially if your monitor doesn’t natively support a higher resolution. Most free screen recorders add watermarks when exporting at 1080p quality, so watch out for that.

Multiple Recording

Advanced screen recorders also offer the option of recording through your webcam, microphone, and computer audio. By computer audio, I’m talking about recording the sound from your speakers too. Recording all of these at the same time is a powerful way to increase the quality of your video clips, especially if you’re making YouTube videos.

Live Streaming

Having the best screen recording software is definitely a must for live streamers reading this. You’ll want to look for programs that let you adjust your volume on the fly, switch between recording screens or apps, and efficiently stream 1080p content. 

Live streaming programs need to record multiple things at once, so a powerful desktop recorder is better. This doesn’t tax too much on the internet as well, if you don’t count the live video that’s being streamed. 

Case in point, different users will need to look for different features. However, we’ve taken into account your varying needs with the selection of screen capture software below. 

The difference between a desktop screen recorder vs online screen recorder

There are two types of screen records: desktop and online.

Desktop recorders

Desktop screen recorders are full programs that you have to download into your computer. These are more powerful and work locally through your system. This means that you can run them even if your internet is down. 

Since these are full-on applications, you can expect them to have more features as well. The only bottleneck or limit for desktop recorders is pretty much the power and speed of your computer. So, if you have a complete powerhouse PC at home, then you’re more than equipped to run these types of programs.

These recorders are commonly used by streamers and gamers. You can also use this for video tutorials or instructional videos, but the process of exporting and editing will have to be moved to a different program altogether. With this caveat, online screen recorders like VEED come in.

Online recorders

For users who want something simple, convenient, and straightforward: online recorders are the easiest ones to use. 

You can use these straight from your browser, only requiring a Chrome extension to download. These recorders rely on your internet, especially to upload the finished recording. Online recorders are also light, so you don’t need a beefy computer, and you can keep your recorded files stored online. 

These recorders are perfect for video tutorials, in-browser guides, or instructional videos for your employees. The beauty of some online recorders is that they also offer video editing features. So, you can easily record your screen and then edit it immediately after you’re done. The process is quick, simple, and very intuitive. 

1. VEED Screen and Webcam Recorder + Editor

The best all-in-one tool to record, edit, and share your videos.


  • Record your screen and audio for as long as you want for free
  • Choose from multiple recording layouts
  • Rainbow pen to annotate your video
  • Add sticky notes to your videos
  • Add a touch of magical confetti with the magic button
  • Option to import into the VEED video editor (free and paid plans)


  • Not yet able to customize the color of the sticky notes or pen color
  • Not yet available for mobile

Price: Free (Includes Paid Plans for Video Editing)

Supported OS: Chrome Browser onWindows or Mac

Download The Chrome Extension

VEED came in clutch with this extremely powerful screen recorder, even though it’s just a chrome extension. 

The VEED screen and webcam recorder is a new tool on the block, but it’s already ahead in terms of features. You can record an unlimited number of videos for as long as you want. And, users also have the option to record their microphones and webcams at the same time. 

For those of you who are artistic or prone to pointing out crucial points in your videos, you can also draw on top of your video. The sticky note feature is a great way to keep track of everything you’ve explained. You can even use it as a digital outline to talk to your viewers. 

Since VEED is also a video editing platform, you can trim and refine your video when you’re done. It’s easy, simple, and immediately exports into the  VEED editor after you’ve recorded. This lets you easily share your video with a public link, edit and trim unnecessary areas, and more. You can even annotate and add extra effects to the video to help get your message across.

This tool is ideal for educators and content creators who frequently need to record their screen. The transition to online classes and work hasn’t been kind to everyone. Thankfully, even the most beginner-level user can easily use VEED’s screen recorder. 

The Final Verdict

All in all, VEED’s screen recorder is a solid choice. It’s a lightweight online recorder with tons of cool features, like the on-screen writing, sticky notes, and magic button for confetti. The icing on the cake is the fact that the screen recording automatically exports into an online video editor when you’re done. Here, you can:

It’s a complete package for content creators and educators, definitely one of the best free screen recorders in the market.

2. Loom

The best recording software for basic videos.


  • Works as either the desktop app or chrome extension
  • Option to resize your webcam video easily
  • Easy-access link for viewing
  • Multiple recording layouts
  • Simple to use once you’ve signed up


  • 5-minute recording limit 
  • 100 video & screenshot limits
  • You need to create an account and the signing up process is lengthy
  • No option to insert tags and notes in a video
  • The desktop app is known to be buggy

Price: Free (Includes Paid Plans to remove limits and drawing tool)

Supported OS: Windows or Mac

Try out Loom

Loom is one of the more famous screen recording tools, especially for corporate work.

Right off the bat, Loom is a simple screen recorder. You can choose between multiple on-screen recording layouts, and it records your webcam too. Loom isn’t the most powerful in terms of features. Unlike other screen recorders, you won’t be able to add on-recording notes. The drawing feature is limited to paid users as well, which is a bummer.

On a brighter note, you can use Loom as a dedicated desktop application or through a Chrome extension. Giving users the option to choose between both is a plus in my book, just keep in mind that some user reviews do find the desktop app buggy. Other than that, you can also adjust the size of your webcam video during the recording. This is a great way to shift the attention of your viewer from your content to your face, especially when you need to explain something through your webcam.

A couple of key things you should consider before using Loom is that they only allow a 5-minute recording limit. They also have a 100-video and screenshot limit to free accounts, but that’s more than enough for most people.

One thing that Loom does right is that it’s convenient to share your video around. The finished output is automatically uploaded when you’re done and you can just send a link to your co-workers to access the video.

However, the signing up process for Loom is quite lengthy. If you’re looking for a simple and quick screen recorder, signing up alone might be more trouble than it’s worth. Loom also asks about your work background, which should give you a specialized experience. It doesn’t really change the features though, so it’s probably asked just to track your behavior and usage.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, Loom is simple to use and has been a staple for corporate and online freelancers. It’s a convenient record-and-save screen recorder, but you’ll have to register for an account to use Loom. Unfortunately, signing up does take a bit of effort, so I don’t recommend Loom to users who are looking for quick screen recording.

Finally, Loom doesn’t support on-screen drawing and sticky notes for free users. 

3. Screencast-O-Matic

The most affordable screen recorder.


  • Affordable if you go premium
  • 15-minute recording time limit
  • No signing up necessary
  • Easy sharing options once you’re done recording
  • Highlights your mouse


  • Does not capture computer audio, only microphone
  • Finished recording is stored locally and needs to be uploaded for online viewing
  • Comes with a watermark
  • Quite laggy
  • Can’t pause recordings

Price: Free (Paid plans are very affordable)

Supported OS: Windows or Mac

Try out Screencast

Screencast-o-matic is one of the oldest screen recorders in the market, but did it age well?

Screencast has taken a lot of drastic changes lately. First off, they’re no longer a browser editor. You have to download a program called the WebLaunchRecorder to get started. The interface is very straightforward, and while that’s good to see, it’s lackluster because of how laggy it can get. 

Considering that this is the first desktop recorder on this list, Screencast-o-matic does give a lot of flexible recording options on your computer. You can pick between specific areas on your screen or your full resolution. I wouldn’t recommend this recorder for streamers and gamers though. The free plan doesn’t record your computer audio, so your viewers wouldn’t be able to hear the video game during your stream.

Once you’re done recording, Screencast shows you a preview and playback of your video. If you’re happy with everything, saving it will move the video to a simple editor. Here, you see the sound waves and trim the video. The editor controls are very limited, so you might be better off with a dedicated video editing program.

The sharing is simple though. You can immediately upload it on Dropbox, YouTube, Google Drive, and more. Key praises for the recording is that Screencast highlights your mouse cursor on the screen. Aside from supporting native resolution quality, you also don’t have to sign up for an account. I always give plus points for convenience.

4. Filmora Scrn

filmora scrn review

Filmora Scrn lets you capture gameplay, webcam, computer screen and audio simultaneously without placing any limits on the duration of the video.

It gives you the option to record in 15-120 frames per second. Higher FPS is ideal for recording gameplay with loads of action. 

The software also lets you add annotations like text to improve the viewing experience for your audience. Also, you can modify the size, color and shape of your cursor to make it look unique. 

With Filmora Scrn, you don’t need a separate video editing tool because the screen recording software itself boasts a wide range of editing tools to help refine your video recordings. 

It can import from over 50 file formats, and you also get the option to export your recordings in multiple formats as per your requirement. 

Price: Free or $29.99

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Best for: Recording screen from two devices simultaneously 

5. Camtasia

camtasia review

TechSmith’s Camtasia makes it simple to capture and make professional-looking videos on your PC.

You can record both audio and video from a desktop or iOS device, and also capture your webcam to infuse a personal element to your recording.

Its built-in video editing tool is where Camtasia shines. A good selection of stock images along with click-and-drag effects is offered in the sidebar of the tool. Users can create outro and intro segments by dropping them into their recordings in a matter of seconds.

You can also insert zoom out, zoom in, and pan animations into your footage, and use transitions between slides and scenes to enhance the flow of your videos.

The screen recording software also lets you import or record PowerPoint pages directly into its environment. Grab attention in your presentations by adding eye-catching recordings, titles, and more.

Price: Free or $249

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, iOS

Best for: Adding a professional touch to captured videos

6. ShareX

sharex review

This open-source screen recording software is ideal for capturing videos. 

It doesn’t place watermarks or duration limits on your recordings, and you also get the option to save your file as a GIF instead of a video. 

The video file sharing features are ShareX’s biggest advantage, because it’s easy to upload recordings directly to YouTube and other platforms. 

Enhancing screenshots you capture with this tool doesn’t require much effort either. A built-in photo editor lets you freely customize still photos in any way you want.

Not only is it a brilliant screenshot and screen capture tool, but it can also capture and reveal text via OCR, record a whole scrolling webpage, and even record your screen according to a schedule.

Price: Free

Supported OS: Linux, Windows

Best for: Recording screens of Linux devices 

Did you like our alternatives of free screen recording software?

Did you enjoy our comprehensive list and managed to find good suggestions to record the screen of your computer? And don’t forget to check out our list with all the best browser games, check out the best CPU temperature monitors and learn the most efficient ways to make money online!


Everyone needs to create tutorials, and the best way to do that is by using screen recording software. But with so many different programs available and such a wide range of prices, selecting the best one can be difficult.

There are plenty of reasons why you might feel the need to record your computer desktop to a video file: creating a tutorial, recording software issues, or the plain enjoyment that comes with sharing gaming sessions. And it’s with this latter in mind that we thought it prudent to share 9 of the best free screen recorder software options.

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