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Best Marketing Attribution Tools

What are the best marketing attribution tools? As many marketers know, reporting on the results of your paid advertising campaigns is crucial for making improvements. This is doubly true in a world where more and more customers are using ad blockers to avoid seeing your efforts altogether. One way to combat ad blockers is to study attribution across different marketing channels. Attribution has become a key concept in digital marketing. It refers to assigning credit for the conversion or goal to specific traffic sources, campaigns, ads, and social media activity. Researchers and analysts are increasingly studying marketing attribution. In fact, “Attribution modeling is becoming one of the hottest topics in digital advertising, with everyone from advertisers to agencies to channel owners trying to figure out how their efforts affect buying decisions.”

By tracking your customers’ interactions with your brand, you can see where they originally discovered your brand, how they engaged with it initially, and which campaigns or touchpoints led to conversions.


Adinton is a complete marketing optimisation suite, and it includes tools to help with your marketing attribution.

The tool tracks your marketing spend, clicks, and conversions, and then reports back to you on how effective each channel was with information on whether you under or over-invested in various channels.

Once the data is collected, Adinton helps you take steps to improve your campaign performance and use your marketing resources in the most effective ways.

They also compile cross-device, cross-domain, as well as offline data, to help you see the full picture.

Price: From $79/month
Best for: All-in-one suite of marketing tools

Ruler Analytics

We can’t talk about marketing attribution tools and not mention Ruler Analytics.

Put simply, Ruler is a closed-loop multi-channel attribution tool that helps you gain a wealth of insight into your marketing ROI.

It enables you to tie all of your marketing efforts directly to revenue.

Ruler does this by identifying your website users and tracks their unique journey over multiple touchpoints.

Ruler Analytics is a powerful analytics tool that helps you track the performance of your posts and content. It provides a simple to use interface that allows you to quickly get an overview of how well your posts performed, what kind of audience they reached, and more.

No more wasting time on social media – Ruler Analytics makes it easy for you to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t so you can optimize your strategy.

Once an anonymous visitor converts into a lead, Ruler Analytics matches the user’s details to their marketing touchpoints and sends all this data to your CRM.

This populates the sales team’s system with conversion and marketing data, which helps them learn more about each prospect before reaching out to them.

Whenever a lead closes into revenue, the sales data is sent back into the Ruler Analytics dashboard.

You can integrate this with Google Ads, Google Analytics and more so that you can measure marketing ROI straight from your favorite reporting tools.

 Book a demo and see first-hand how Ruler can track your entire customer journey and attribute revenue to your marketing leads.

Ruler Analytics - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: From £149/month
Best for: Data-driven teams who want to match real user details to engagement across all marketing touchpoints and link marketing activities to revenue.


Impact focuses on helping you optimise your media buying.

It’s designed as a one-stop-shop for marketing teams who want a clear overview of their conversion data across all channels to help them quickly see where their successes and failures are coming from.

You can build your own unique reporting system and dashboards with their drag-and-drop system to ensure your reports are tailored to your specific needs.

Altitude by Impact - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Available on request.
Best for: Businesses heavily invested in media buying


Investing in offline campaigns? Neustar is for you. Neustar’s multi-touch attribution software helps marketers monitor the results of both their online and offline campaigns.

It allows marketers to fully understand their customer journey, and identify what impact their omnichannel campaigns are having on their conversions.

Neustar is a world leader in digital identity, providing the technology for companies to create and manage online identities. We help our customers build trust, drive revenue and reduce risk by leveraging our global insights and data-driven solutions.

Our innovative technology platform, combined with the world’s most extensive database of Internet routes and locations, makes Neustar the trusted partner of choice for over 6,000 customers around the world.

With the data Neustar provides, you’ll be able to optimise your campaigns in real-time and make the most of your budgets.

Pro Tip 

Do you know which digital marketing channels are driving your most valuable offline sales? Download our eBook on offline conversion tracking and learn how to connect the leads you generate online with the sales you convert offline.

Neustar - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Available on request.
Best for: Companies investing in offline advertising


Funnel is a data collection tool that turns marketing and advertising data into automated reports to help you make smarter decisions about your budgets and targeting.

Funnel lets you quickly review your campaign data from every channel in one place so you can understand how each channel ties into your goals.

As the data is all collected by Funnel you won’t need to stitch together data from multiple sources.

So, you’ll save time and energy when it comes to compiling your reports. You can also import the data into your favourite tools like Google Data Studio, Sheets, and Google Analytics.

Price: From $499/mo
Best for: Collecting advertising data and compiling it into one location

Adobe Analytics

If you’re in the Adobe ecosystem already and plan on staying there, then Adobe Analytics‘ built-in Attribution modeling tools are a great option.

Adobe Analytics includes all the functionality you’ll need, including advanced statistics and machine learning, to help you and your team determine just how effective your marketing is, and show you exactly how your customers become purchase-ready.

If you want to use Adobe Analytics for your marketing attribution, you’ll need to receive a custom quote from them, based on your traffic levels and requirements.

Adobe Analytics - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Available upon request, but expect to pay $30,000 to $100,000/year
Best for: Companies who are already using the Adobe ecosystem


Looker’s marketing analytics tools and software can help with a wide variety of marketing tasks, from reporting to attribution.

Looker enables you to see customer interactions across all touchpoints to help you engage with all customers in a more personal and relevant way.

You can also easily create data visualizations to help you understand your customers in a more interactive way than otherwise possible.

Like some of the other marketing attribution modeling software here, it’s relatively pricey, with it being ~$3,000 – $5,000 per month depending on your needs.

Looker - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Available upon request, but expect to pay $3,000+/month
Best for: Teams who want access to powerful data visualizations

Google Attribution

Google’s Attribution feature is still in Beta, but if you regularly run campaigns on Google Ads and don’t have the budget for other attribution tools, this is a great option.

It’s part of the Google Analytics ecosystem, and Google Attribution provides additional insight into your Google Ads performance.

It’s available to all advertisers for free. As you would expect from any attribution tool, it helps you understand multi-click and multi-channel journeys in a way that’s impossible to do manually.

You’ll be able to make smarter decisions about your ad targeting to ensure that your campaigns bring the best results.

Google Attribution - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Free
Best for: Teams running Google Ads


Oribi is an all-in-one analytics and attribution tool, and a good alternative to Google Analytics.

You’ll have access to much of the same data as you would in Google Analytics.

Although, Oribi breaks your data down into actionable insights, rather than simply displaying it and leaving you to do the reporting work.

Oribi’s marketing attribution features allow you to see your data in different attribution models.

You can view the touchpoints involved in your conversions to help you optimise your marketing and acquisition strategies.

Oribi - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: From $300/month
Best for: Companies looking for a Google Analytics alternative

Account-based attribution tools and software

Account-based marketing software allows you to target high-value accounts rather than just focusing on leads.

Here is a list of account-based attribution tools to help you find what you’re looking for.

  • Demandbase
  • Terminus

Terminus is an account-based marketing (ABM) platform that includes robust marketing attribution capabilities.

For smaller businesses, Terminus may be too much. But, for bigger teams running ABM campaigns, it’s a serious piece of software.

Terminus contains a range of features to help with your ABM workflows, but the analytics section is powerful and detailed.

You’ll be able to see information on how your various campaigns tie back to revenue, and how effectively they work.

Terminus - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Available on request only
Best for: Companies using account-based marketing


Demandbase has a robust set of marketing attribution features but is only worth it if your company has the scale to make the most of them.

Unlike some other attribution tools, Demandbase measure every interaction a lead has with your brand, and not only those that happened as a result of targeted marketing campaigns.

As Demandbase is an ABM platform, you’ll have the ability to match your marketing attribution data directly to your accounts and find out how engaged your leads are.

Demandbase also lets you include your sales calls, which is a nice touch.

Engagio - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Available upon request, but expect to pay ~$25,000 to $50,000/year
Best for: Companies using account-based marketing


Adjust is a mobile attribution platform to help you grow your mobile app with actionable data.

The Adjust platform is powerful. You can see which ads led to which conversions, down to the ad creatives that your users saw.

Unlike many other tools, they’ve built an anti-fraud system into their platform to ensure that your data and budget is safe and never misrepresented.

They integrate directly with over 2,000 advertising partners so you can easily set up and start capturing your campaign data.

Adjust - Marketing Attribution Software -

If your company is investing in PR, or regularly being featured in publications around the world, then Inclusive is for you.

Onclusive is a PR analytics and attribution tool that improves how your brand communicates with the world.

Rather than merely monitoring brand mentions, Onclusive lets you see the impact those mentions are having and provides insight into how you can amplify and optimise your media mentions to grow your visibility.

If you want PR to act as a lever for growth, then this is the perfect tool.

Onclusive - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Available on request
Best for: PR attribution


If your business revolves around a mobile app, then Appsflyer is for you.

As the name suggests, Appsflyer is a marketing attribution tool for mobile apps and helps marketers attribute their app installs to touchpoints across the web.

This will help you optimise your campaigns and attribute conversions to the channels you’re promoting your product on, including the app stores, Facebook, Google Ads, TV, email, or organic traffic.

Appsflyer - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Available on request. Reports say that price starts at $0.05 per app install.
Best for: Businesses that revolve around a mobile app


Oktopost is a social media distribution and attribution platform for B2B marketers.

It integrates with popular marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Eloqua, and Act-On, and enriches your leads with the data it collects.

Instead of waiting, hoping that your social media efforts are paying off, Oktopost will show you whether they’re working or not.

So, you can either re-focus your energy or double-down on what’s working.

You can track leads back to the original social media post they saw and engaged with, and get insights on how your campaigns are performing as a whole.

Oktopost - Marketing Attribution Software -

Price: Available on request.
Best for: B2B companies investing in social media

Compare marketing attribution software and tools

Still unsure on what attribution software you need to measure the performance of your marketing?

We’ve created a comparison grid so that you can easily find what you’re looking for.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of attribution platforms well-suited to diverse and specific needs. Many have streamlined implementation processes, but these focus on connecting your marketing tools with your website, app, or any other owned endpoint. To fully leverage the power of attribution, you need your attribution tool to work with your entire tech stack.

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