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What Is Property Maintenance Software

Property maintenance software can be a real life savior! Not only do they keep your property running smoothly, but they can also save you money on your monthly bills. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, keeping your home in good condition is essential for keeping your tight budget in check.

What Is Property Maintenance Software

Software for property management maintenance is used to automate work orders, track asset data, and create cost-effective maintenance budgets.

It’s also known as property management software, facility management software, and building maintenance software. Despite the fact that the phrases are frequently used interchangeably, there are important distinctions between management maintenance software and property management software.

The former is a program that gives landlords and property managers control over their rental homes, tenant data, and financial records. A strong property management software also makes it easier to expedite operational procedures like electronic payment transfers and tenant application processes.

On the other hand, maintenance-related procedures are the only focus of property management software, also known as computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software.

Who Uses it?

The following roles often benefit from using property management maintenance software:

  • Landlords and Property Managers: By automating maintenance management procedures, this team may significantly save time expenditures. Commercial spaces, commercial buildings, residential areas, dorms for students, gated communities, and apartments all have a variety of assets that need time-consuming maintenance to keep them operating efficiently. A good example is the 20 maintenance management hours per week that MaintainX customers reportedly save after converting from analog scheduling techniques to the mobile maintenance management software.
  • Renters: Through requestor portals coupled with maintenance management software, facility users submit work requests. They can utilize it to communicate with management conveniently about inbound shipments, facility notifications, and time-sensitive issues.
  • Real Estate Asset Managers: Real estate asset managers are in charge of managing investment portfolios at the property level. The expected useful life of assets used to improve financial assessments is shown by historical maintenance data.

Features to Prioritize

The primary benefit of property management maintenance software is centralized organization. The appropriate platform gathers several O&M management tasks into one location. Managers can easily access all they need to oversee various projects and associated data points without having to switch between numerous spreadsheets, calendars, and paper work orders.

Applications for property maintenance software frequently include a number of useful features in addition to typical work order management. Of course, which ones are best to buy will depend on the particular requirements of a maintenance crew. However, we advise giving the following priority:

1. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

The primary function of a maintenance software platform is the creation of work orders. It makes it simple for management to plan, delegate, and oversee preventive maintenance tasks. In result, this proactive maintenance strategy improves responsiveness to emergency repair requests when they do occur, reliability, and client experiences.

Additionally, job priority labels, various calendar views, asset, location, and parts details, as well as PDF uploads for maintenance manual attachments, are features of the top work order systems.

Running successful preventative maintenance plans to lower the incidence of inconvenient, unforeseen breakdowns requires property management maintenance software.

2. Work Request Integration

Rapid communication between tenants and management can increase resident loyalty, improve the reputation of the property, and lessen disagreements brought on by misunderstandings. The greatest software alternatives allow users to combine data from several applications through API interfaces. Application Programming Intermediary is referred to as API. APIs essentially enable programs to “speak” to one another.

Managers can connect maintenance software to internet portals where renters can make work requests by using work request APIs. Maintenance managers can accept or reject the automatic work requests generated by the software. Following approval, management schedules work orders for maintenance workers or outside contractors to complete. On this point, it should be noted that MaintainX has a requestor site of its own, eliminating the need to integrate third-party software.

3. Maintenance Inventory Management

Successful maintenance management depends on maintaining optimal levels of parts. Tenants anticipate that broken down property assets will be fixed quickly. Critical components must therefore always be available.

Rush ordering parts is problematic not only because management may have to wait for supply-chain delays, but also because expedited delivery costs are high. Spending money on bloated supply closets is problematic, though. The correct software will offer low-inventory alarm options to help with this conundrum. Management avoids both overstocking and understocking areas in this way.

4. Asset Management 

Software for managing property upkeep should also have an asset database that is indexed. When creating digital work orders, management should have the ability to tag asset entries.

With the help of this tool, professionals may keep maintenance records close at hand. For instance, a thorough asset entry should describe any prior work performed on an asset, the parts used, the amount of time invested, and the overall maintenance expenses.

5. Advanced Reporting

Resource optimization depends on keeping track of an asset’s long-term performance, any associated maintenance costs, and the number of technician hours. Select a platform that can combine data elements into clear reports to aid in making budgeting decisions.

In order to assess the health of an O&M program, management can analyze maintenance metrics including mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), planned maintenance percentage (PMP), and schedule compliance. Most importantly, navigating shouldn’t require extensive instruction!

6. Secure Cloud Storage

Without cloud storage capabilities, no program for property administration in the current day is complete. Organizational data is stored online by means of third-party storage providers using cloud storage techniques. You are already familiar with cloud storage if you have ever used programs like Google Business, Facebook Messenger, or Dropbox. Real-time data access, collaboration, and storage are all made possible.

With the help of this functionality, CMMS users can utilize their mobile devices to view work order and asset data from any location. Cloud-based software solutions give property managers the benefit of increased agility in addition to the ability to scale as they grow and pay per user per month.

7. Mobile App

Finally, we advise giving “mobile-first” platforms, notably software solutions with mobile applications, priority. Mobile-first design refers to an application that was created from the ground up with tablet and smartphone users in mind.

Mobile-first platforms are “cleaner” coding-wise and created with the mobile interface in mind, in contrast to software packages that engineers later modify for mobile compatibility.

As a result, they are occasionally more dependable, user-friendly, and quick than their hybrid counterparts.

Property Maintenance Management Software


The CMMS software MaintainX was created with mobile users in mind. It is nimble, sleek, and incredibly user-friendly. Large fonts, streamlined color palettes, and toggle settings for tidy user dashboards are all features of the app’s native mobile experience.

The application offers more than just the fundamental functions—work order management, asset management, and inventory management—by delivering “the wow factor” with its corporate messaging and sophisticated reporting tools.

Property managers and maintenance specialists can communicate in real time using individual and group messages on their PCs and mobile devices with the help of MaintainX.

Real-time texting is the most frequently mentioned “favorite feature” among product users, followed by work-order commentary. Favorite features include offline mode, digital checklists, purchase orders, requestor portals, time and cost tracking, and offline mode. Property managers may manage workflow audits and inspections, standard operating procedures (SOPs) digitization, and equipment maintenance using MaintainX.


Hippo offers users a customizable, thorough, and intuitive CMMS experience. The fundamentals for managing PM schedules, organizing asset data, and managing equipment supply are available to property managers.

The computerized work request system has been a great asset for Capterra’s maintenance managers in helping them categorize costs, support budgetary requirements, and improve schedule compliance. Due of Hippo’s compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones, field service technicians may provide real-time updates.


FMX is distinctive in that it combines CMMS and facility management functionality into a single software suite. Property managers may optimize operating procedures, keep track of maintenance chores within larger facility efforts, and make data-driven decisions that increase productivity thanks to the hybrid feature.

The one software application that accommodates numerous departments—technology, maintenance, transportation, grounds, and athletics—with one login gateway to enter work requests is valued by K–12 educational providers.

Additionally, FMX is known for offering its clients 24/7 help from LIVE specialists.


Another choice for property management software to think about is Fiix. Users may streamline maintenance activities, organize assets, and include other property management features.

Similar to the previously listed service providers, Fiix offers a variety of skills required for facility maintenance plans. To meet the demands of both office workers and field technicians, it is compatible with desktop and iOS devices.

With the launch of its AI-powered system Fiix Foresight, Fiix has just started to advance data analysis by identifying trends in equipment behavior. The data can be used by managers to address unidentified bottlenecks in operational workflows.


DoorLoop is an all-in-one property management software with a robust set of maintenance management tools.

You not only get access to major property maintenance features such as:

  • Create and manage work orders with a complete order history
  • Easily allow tenants to send in maintenance requests
  • Communicate with tenants in real-time on those requests
  • Assign to a vendor and issue the payment when they complete the order
  • And track it all via a convenient mobile app

The finest maintenance management tool will fulfill your needs without adding complexity to your current software stack.

Therefore, consider how a piece of software will impact your company’s overall operation in addition to what it can perform.

A specialized maintenance management software might have a few potent capabilities you need, but if it’s just another piece of software, it might end up making things more difficult.


For those searching for something with more sophisticated maintenance management features, UpKeep is an enterprise-level maintenance management system.

It lacks many essential functions because it isn’t intended for property management, but it does offer special maintenance-related features like automatically delivering work orders and assigning work orders a priority level.

Service Fusion

A maintenance management solution for small- to medium-sized organizations is called ServiceFusion.

They are not created exclusively for property management, serving everyone from appliance maintenance experts to property management firms (nor do they have other property management features). However, people cite a high level of usability.


FTMaintenance is a feature-rich and user-friendly solution that allows organizations to take complete control of their maintenance program. Executives, maintenance managers and technicians can use a unified interface to document, manage and track all maintenance activities.

  • Scalability: FTMaintenance is built to grow with your business. You can start small and easily scale up to accommodate a growing maintenance team, other departments within your organization and additional locations.
  • Rapid Deployment and Startup: Get your system up and running quickly so that you can start reaping the benefits of your maintenance management software right away.
  • Support Network: Take advantage of the highly-responsive support team to clear doubt and troubleshoot technical problems.
  • Quick Work Order Closure: Guide employees through work orders in a stepwise manner. Improve data entry by creating an approval process and customizing fields.
  • Paperless Processes: Replace hard copies, manuals and spreadsheets by bringing all information about assets, equipment and inventory into one centralized database.

Primary Features

  • Asset management: Manage all company assets and equipment. Keep information such as bills of materials, service history and work orders in a central location for easy access by team members.
  • Work Order Management: Generate and track work orders automatically. Plan ahead with a flexible maintenance calendar that includes schedule views to automate work order assignment, distribution and activation.
  • Inventory management: Keep track of MRO inventory across multiple facilities. Keep inventory counts up to date by sending out automated notifications when supplies are running low.
  • Maintenance Reports: With over 140 built-in reports, you can create comprehensive maintenance reports. To make informed business decisions, analyze data using customizable filters and data views.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Access work orders from anywhere, at any time. Enable field maintenance personnel to use mobile devices to create, track and update maintenance activities.


  • Default reports are limited.
  • Difficult to choose and edit custom fields.
  • Printing issues after PMs are released.


eMaint is a CMMS solution hosted in the cloud that helps businesses manage assets, optimize workflows, manage inventory using the IoT and schedule preventive and predictive maintenance. It is an excellent option for property maintenance for businesses of all sizes.

  • Planned Maintenance: eMaint lets users create an unlimited number of preventive maintenance tasks on a calendar-based interface or based on meter readings for individual assets.
  • Increase Productivity: Preventive maintenance plans and work order management help technicians streamline activities such as repairs and work requests. Both management and technicians benefit from mobile access because they are no longer tied to a desktop to create write-ups or work orders.
  • Improve Visibility: Condition monitoring, reports and work order management all help increase visibility into the organization’s day-to-day operations and provide transparency into workflows.
  • Boost ROA: By optimizing asset uptime, extending asset life spans and reducing unexpected failures through routine maintenance activities, organizations can maximize their return on assets.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: Audit trails, usage logs and other detailed documentation options assist users in maintaining records that demonstrate regulatory compliance, preparing for inspections and educating users about regulations.

Primary Features

  • Work Order Management: Guests can request work orders through a user portal. You can schedule recurring maintenance tasks and assign them to technicians on-site or in the field. It also offers a digital signature option for admins to sign off on completed work online. Management can oversee work permits, store records and edit permissions with the built-in PDF editor.
  • Inventory Management: Get visibility into spare parts inventory to ensure they are available for crucial repairs. Keep stockrooms organized with barcode tracking.
  • Maintenance Management: Users can schedule maintenance tasks, assign them to technicians, create preventive maintenance plans and streamline repair work with the maintenance management capability.
  • Account Management: Account managers can consolidate accounts with enterprise-level reporting and data integration. They can compare performance across locations and break them down by facility. Managers can also utilize global accounts to edit work orders for multiple regions.
  • Condition Monitoring: The condition-based maintenance tool monitors asset metrics such as noise, pressure, vibration, temperature, flow, lubrication, wear and corrosion. You can define upper and lower thresholds for these metrics, and the system will trigger an alert if those thresholds are exceeded so technicians can immediately perform maintenance.

Property Maintenance App


The administrators of residential and association properties can manage every part of their operations, including vacancy, rent, and maintenance schedules, with the aid of the web-based property management tool known as Buildium. Fundamental features including full general ledger accounting, tenant and lease tracking, on-demand reports, and automatic rent and late charge reminders simplify the management of the rent cycle. Through the tenant portal of the software, automated rent collection and internet payments are made simpler.

AppFolio Property Manager

An program called AppFolio Property Manager has administration and accounting features. This property management tool is crucial for addressing business requirements including marketing, accounting, application screening, online rent payment, online lease negotiations, and other important duties. The program allows users to obtain a professionally designed job posting package that can be printed or manually posted to Craigslist and other sites. It provides a thorough platform for payments that includes a variety of payment methods like credit cards, e-checks, and electronic cash payments.

Easy Storage Solutions

A web-based property management tool called Easy Storage Solutions offers a wide range of services to help storage facilities. The app allows processing credit cards, bookings, and online payments. Other services offered concurrently include calculating late fees, reminding renters to make payments via text or email, managing collections, creating invoices, and carrying out other self-storage tasks. The program can also create statistical reports, work with Google Maps, and save contact information for users.

Rentec Direct

Landlords and property managers that oversee between 25 and 5,000 units can take advantage of management services from Rentec Direct. Financial reporting and general ledger accounting are among the features, and QuickBooks is optimally synchronized. Online portals for landlords and tenants as well as a personalized website to advertise your homes online are additional features. This property management program also supports the tracking of work orders, payment vacancy listings syndication, processing of credit card payments, and online rental applications, among other things.


The hotel and hospitality industries are the target markets for InnQuest software. A central reservation, front office, housekeeping, online booking engine, core accounting, guest relationship management, and maintenance management are all included in the fully integrated suite it offers. An import/export wizard in this property management tool makes it simple to transfer data including accounts, guest profiles, invoices, and travel agent information.

Rent Manager

The second all-inclusive property management choice on our list is Rent Manager.

The software offers a respectable app alternative that strikes a solid balance between functionality for expert users and even beginners wishing to get started with something more sophisticated.

The main drawback is that a few functions that you would normally obtain with an all-in-one choice are locked behind pricier additional payment tiers.

Despite this, Rent Manager is a fantastic alternative because it has features like customized training, data migration, and reporting.


The hotel and hospitality industries are the target markets for InnQuest software. A central reservation, front office, housekeeping, online booking engine, core accounting, guest relationship management, and maintenance management are all included in the fully integrated suite it offers. An import/export wizard in this property management tool makes it simple to transfer data including accounts, guest profiles, invoices, and travel agent information.


The first all-in-one property management app on our list, DoorLoop, is a robust platform with both an app and cloud software.

The app is available on iOS and Android and offers several invaluable features such as:

  • Tenant screening, lease contracts, and more for getting tenants set up
  • The ability to communicate directly with tenants from one convenient tenant portal
  • Manage all your property accounting, including everything from accepting automatic rent payments to a complete chart of accounts, and even comprehensive custom reports
  • Issue and communicate on work orders (managed entirely from within the software)
  • And much more

And the best part is, DoorLoop is 50% off your first two months. After that, pricing starts as low as $49/month for your first 20 units.

You could use a combination of apps to manage your property business more effectively.

However, if you’re looking for a more complete and streamlined solution that will save you valuable time and money, check out DoorLoop.

Property Maintenance Software Free


With smart money management, automated income and spending tracking, individualized financial reporting on a property and portfolio level, and much more, Stessa gives landlords real-time information to help them maximize earnings.

For ease of use throughout tax season, features include limitless property monitoring, online performance dashboards, document organization and storage, unlimited monthly financial reports, and export-ready financials. Rent analysis, mortgage financing, and market research are examples of premium services.

To assist maximize rental property earnings, iManageRent is a free, fully integrated property management software solution with extra optional features like market rent estimations and automated rent hikes.

While the premium plan starts at just $9.95 per unit per month, the basic plan is free.

Schedule My Rent

A free property management software program called Schedule My Rent provides online rent collection in addition to other features.

Great tenants can be found and chosen, rent can be paid online or in cash, late fees can be assessed, security deposits can be tracked and released, lease agreements can be uploaded and saved, tenant move-in reports can be managed, maintenance requests can be handled, and income and expenses can be kept track of. Landlords pay nothing, and there is a $2 fee every payment made online for rent.


In order to provide free online rental and property management tools, Cozy has partnered with

Landlords can use syndicated listing services like to advertise unoccupied properties, screen renters online, collect rent payments, and keep track of their properties’ earnings and costs. Any device can be used by tenants to submit detailed requests for repairs that include images and videos. Landlords have access to online receipt storage and CSV and PDF exports of their financial information.


In addition to capabilities for taking online rent payments, tenant screening, maintenance management, invoicing, accounting, and financial reporting on your main and property dashboards, Housters gives landlords a full-featured property management software system.

Landlords can track rent and deposits owed from tenants, send bills for unpaid rent, receive requests from tenants for repairs, share to-do lists with contractors, and use powerful cash basis and double-entry accounting to save bookkeeping costs. Pricing drops to just $1 per unit each month after the initial 3-month trial.


All property types, including single-family rentals, multifamily homes, and dorms, can use Innago. There are no contracts to sign, setup costs, or monthly expenses.

Tenant screening, online rental payments, online lease and document storage, work order monitoring, and financial tracking and reporting are just a few of Innago’s property management capabilities.


Processing rent payments, managing maintenance vendors, and automating marketing for renting out vacant homes are all features of Rentigo’s property management software.

With the use of the free tenant app, renters may email maintenance requests via “snap & send,” schedule automatic recurring rent payments, and pay rent online. Additionally, Rentigo provides a tailored white-label app to assist landlords in creating their own identity for an expanding rental property portfolio.


Hunt is geared toward helping landlords fill vacancies fast with the right tenants and collecting rent online. Landlords can market vacant property for rent, screen tenants with credit reports and eviction history checks, and link multiple bank accounts to collect rent payments from tenants online. 

The service is relatively new, with property management tools such as document uploading, automatic late fee billing, and maintenance requests all in the works. Hunt will also offer a feature to help tenants build their credit by paying the rent on time.


The free property management software from Rentler was created by landlords for landlords. The program aids landlords in promoting their rental properties, processing tenant applications and background checks, accepting online rent payments, and scheduling maintenance needs.

The free Rentability Report assists landlords in determining a fair market rent by providing an overview of the local renting market in the event that a tenant vacates.


Landlords can find everything they require in one convenient location thanks to TenantCloud, a free end-to-end property management software solution. Tenant management, online payments and maintenance requests, full accounting, property analysis reports, a free listing website for empty properties, online applications, tenant screening, and automatic invoicing are among the features.


Independent landlords, small and medium-sized property managers, and renters can all use Rezedent’s online property management platform.

Up to one unit per month, the service is free. Prices for two to ten units per month start at $10. Rezedent has modules for renter’s insurance, tenant screening, accounting, maintenance requests, vacancy posting, and online newsletters.

Total Management

Web-based property management software designed by property managers for property managers is available from Total Management. Real estate investors who own single-family houses, apartments, and student accommodation created the service.

Along with a full accounting system, features include a customizable property management dashboard, work order management, tenant tracking, and a tenant portal for making rent payments and maintenance requests. After the free trial period, pricing starts at $1 per unit per month.


Property maintenance software can help you keep your home running smoothly. By choosing the right software, setting up your maintenance plan, and keeping your property running smoothly, you can ensure that your home is always in great condition. If you’re interested in learning more about this type of software, please get a quote for Property Maintenance Software or find helpful tutorials on how to use it. Thanks for reading!

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