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What Is The Best Social Media Management Software

Social media management tools (also called social media scheduling tools) are programs and applications that manage your social media accounts. Social media management tools help you schedule posts, publish status updates, connect with followers/customers, measure social media engagement and more.

If you’re a one-man/woman show or you simply control your social media presence without hiring a whole agency, you might need some help. One way to do that is by using one of the best social media management tools available, but how to choose the right one? We’ve done some research and picked the top tools on the market that will make managing your social media presence a more pleasant experience.

Are you looking for the best social media management tools? Running a successful SMM campaign takes time and effort. The scariest part is that there are hundreds of social media management applications and social media dashboards available for your use. Each one of these applications has different features, making it difficult for you to choose the best among them.

Many marketers nowadays use social media management tools. For sure, it is an essential element for every marketing strategy. Social media plays a crucial role in reaching out to target audience. Many businesses have already attracted followers by using social media but are left struggling between different social media management tools. Here we are introducing top social media management tools that you can benefit from.

Social Media Management Tools

As mentioned above, there are a plethora of social media management tools available today. Some are meant to help with a wide array of social media management needs. Meanwhile, other tools are meant for specific types of social media management (e.g. tools for agencies) or facets of social media management (e.g. social listening or analytics). No matter your needs, goals, or industry, there’s a social media management tool for you.

Social Pilot

Simple & cost-effective social media management tool for teams and agencies

Social Pilot

Prices: $10, $24, $40, $80 per month, and enterprise pricing (with a 14-day free trial)

Description: I like how Social Pilot fit many of the social media management tools (such as scheduling and analytics but not monitoring) into a simple dashboard and offer it at very affordable prices. With its client management feature, I believe it’s great for agencies that work with several clients.

Unique value: Social Pilot curates and suggests content from several industries (such as tech, education, and health and fitness), which is great if you want to find relevant content easily.

Another valuable feature is its white label reports, which are especially handy for agencies.


#1 marketing calendar


Prices: Starting at $0 – 20, $40, $60, $210, $300, $1,200 per month (with a 14-day free trial)

Description: CoSchedule is more than a social media management tool; it’s a powerful calendar to manage many aspects of your marketing. With CoSchedule, you can manage and collaborate with your team to create your social media posts, content, events, and tasks.

Unique value: CoSchedule is great for marketers who want to organize all their projects (social media, content, events, emails, etc.) in one place.

Their ReQueue feature helps you automatically find optimal posting times and fill gaps in your social media schedule with your best posts.


Streamlined social media management


Prices: Free, $19, $78, $199, $499 per month (with 7-day free trial)

Description: MavSocial is a social media management tool with a focus on visual content. For the higher-priced plans, it seems that you can also manage your Facebook ads with MavSocial.

Unique value: On top of the common features (such as scheduling, monitoring, and reporting), MavSocial has a digital library where you can manage, use, and edit your multimedia for your social media posts and a search engine where you can browse through millions of stock photos.

If you wish, MavSocial can also help you repeat your social media posts for a specified duration.

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot provides many marketing and sales-related tools designed to help businesses. They have their own CRM platform.

Their all-in-one marketing solution includes a combination of analytics, automated publishing, contact management, content management, conversion tracking, customer targeting, and post scheduling.

HubSpot Marketing allows you to collect every qualified lead through your website. It then searches the net to find out as much additional contact information as possible about the lead – including their social network addresses, company name, and title.

HubSpot provides in-depth analytics so you will know the success of your social media posts, pages, and offers.



AgencyAnalytics is an all-in-one reporting platform designed for agencies. You can build automated marketing reports easily, scheduling them to be sent to your clients daily, monthly, or weekly. You can even personalize these reports, emphasizing the parts you feel most important for your clients.

It connects well with your other software, with over 30 marketing integrations. This means that you can streamline your campaign in a single interface.

It allows you to drag and drop custom widgets, giving you a custom mobile-friendly dashboard. You can select how you want your data to show – bar charts, line graphs, pie graphs, tables, or statistics.

AgencyAnalytics also includes useful SEO tools that allow you to track keyword rankings and run one-off or scheduled site SEO audits.

 Outbrain Amplify

Outbrain Amplify

Although Outbrain is predominantly known as a native advertising platform, it does offer a range of features useful to those involved in content and social media marketing.

Its principal use is to help you advertise your content on major publishing sites, such as Fortune, ABC News, CNN, People, Wired, and Time.

It claims to provide results that give a 50% better CPA then display advertising.

You use Outbrain to create a campaign. They publish ads that link to your content on top publisher sites, and in turn, you receive a targeted, engaged audience taking notice of your content.

Outbrain gives you numerous options for how you operate your campaign. You can select the pricing model you want to follow, including your CPC and daily budget. It also gives you precise targeting opportunities so you can ensure that you don’t waste your marketing budget on people for whom your product is irrelevant.

It provides a detailed dashboard so you can track, analyze, and optimize your campaign.


Platforms: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok

G2 Ranking: 4.7 out of 5

eclincher homepage screenshot

eclincher might just be the best kept secret in social media due to their grassroots ‘word of mouth’ content marketing efforts in the past. ec, as brand advocates tote, has been reviewed as “the swiss-army knife of social media”.

why eclincher?

They are pushing out extremely more value to marketing agencies and larger business teams, than their competitors. 

You might expect that customer service is a standard in general. But, in the SaaS world eclincher’s support team really takes the clients’ expectation of service seriously, and not just because they are 24/7. 

You’ll capture some serious social media ROI using eclincher’s social media management tool. Centered around marketing automations, eclincher helps social media managers save time using a single dashboard with this digital marketing platform, automate mundane marketing tasks with bulk scheduling options, rss feeds, queues, etc.

Every feature or capability seems to have the goal of productivity in mind to the end user.  

An all-in-one social media management tool and consistently expanding platform, eclincher is packed with all the value every social media team needs (and wants too).

Scalable from the professional solopreneur, SMBs (Small & Medium-Sized businesses), Enterprise, to Agencies with large teams who need that extra workflow and internal/external team collaboration.

The huge benefits you gain working with a well-rounded solution helps you quantify your return, increase productivity, save precious time, and gain back insight for what is working and what isn’t.

It stands to note their customer support is consistently and notably awarded best in class from sites like G2CrowdCapterraGetApp, and the like.

eclincher payback period ROI

This top rated powerful social media management tool, or should we say a platform, has everything you need to execute your social media marketing strategy.

There are loads of value in the features and capabilities offered, such as a comprehensive content publisher, savvy drag and drop visual calendar, campaign tracking, competitor analysis, and omnichannel tailored social media post editing. 

If Instagram scheduling is top of mind you’ll love the Insta Link in bio traffic driver, custom Instagram grid planning, and being able to schedule Instagram stories and carousels with push notification.

eclincher has an intuitive scheduler toting auto posting with smart queues, a very smart inbox or social CRM so you never miss a review, message, or engagement, integration of RSS feeds, suggested content plus curation, keywords and hashtags monitoring, social media analytics reporting including Google Analytics, URL shorteners, campaign tracking and more.

This social marketing tool really has it all to keep campaigns innovative and organized catering to multiple social media account(s). 

Did we mention they already partner with a wide range of companies like Canvawave.videoZendeskBitlyFeedlyUnsplash and add more integrations constantly? Slack could come in 2022 and TikTok for Business already was integrated in 2021.

If they don’t have a feature or integration you need, your odds are good they probably will soon. 

Remarkably, two of the most amazing benefits of working with eclincher is their agile team atmosphere and their ability to be nimble with the ongoing addition to features benefiting new and current clients without costs pushed onto users.

The real value of eclincher evolves when you need to scale. If you have many brands to manage or a lot of franchise locations, that cost adds up in thousands.

Comparing against some of the social media marketing giants like Hubspot, Sprout Social, or Sprinklr eclincher is the best choice for scaling large accounts with multiple locations or brands.

You won’t have to lose capabilities with regard to visual marketing either.

In other words, if the feature doesn’t exist, suggest it with their live 24/7 live chat offering and if it is scalable and beneficial for companies like you, they will implement that suggestion. How cool is that?

They have recently updated their UI in July 2019 to be more user friendly and users are raving! There are a lot of features to choose from, so make sure to get a live FREE personal demo. 

Pricing starts from $59 per month up to $219 for more advanced plans. Pricing supports up to 40 social media profiles, but some clients have hundreds of profiles and require a more custom social media plan.

Customized add-ons such as Reputation are also available for larger teams so be sure to check out their paid plans. LIVE demos are available with their team and currently they offer a 14-day FREE trial with no credit card required.

(Chrome extension for browser extensions; app available for iOS and Android)

If you are a current client you may also benefit from their referral program

Why use social media management tools?

Social media management tools assist with your social media strategy — typically, they have scheduling, publishing, collaborating, listening, and/or reporting capabilities. They also often have the ability to streamline interactions with followers cross-platform, offer access to all of your social accounts via a single dashboard, and analyze your success. They may also integrate with other tools your team uses such as your Marketing Software or CRM.


Social media is an important part of growing a blog and business in the modern era. Each social media channel offers unique ways to reach your fans and potential customers with targeted messages. This is what makes it vital to have a working social media management strategy.

Social media is here to stay, and will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Nearly everyone has a presence on social media, with most platforms being almost completely saturated with users and content. Since the emergence of social networks, businesses have realized they can leverage social media as an effective marketing tool; in fact, even small local businesses have made their mark astronomically by using Facebook. Social media management is one of the top jobs of the future.

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