Which Is the Best Video Editing Software for Windows 7

With the help of this article you will learn about Best free video editing software, how to download it, the best free video editor for windows 7, best free video editing software for beginners, best free video editing softwares for mac, which is the best video editor in the world? What are top ten video editing software?

Video editing is a bit tricky and time consuming process which needs a lot of concentration and patience. Video editing involves video capturing from different sources, audio cutting, mixing audio or video with audio recording, choosing best frame from the video, adding subtitles to the video, image effects, text overlay and many more. Thank God! there are many free video editing softwares available on internet which eases the work of professional editors.

Lightworks video editing software tool

Lightwork free video editing software tool for PCs

Lightwork free video-editing software tool for PCs. Image credit: youtube

Lightworks is another great and among the 5 best free video editing application software tool with no watermark, available on Windows PCs, Mac, and Linux with useful features.

Lightworks involves a simple and in-built interface, for easy understanding and offers collection of tutorials, thereby making it one of the more available and easy to learn Linux video editing software options on this list. It has both free and paid version.

The free version aspect of Lightworks is more adapted for beginners and non-professional users.


The free version of the application software has high precision video trimming, Multicamera support, Export to 720p for YouTube, while the paid aspect version costs around $25 a month and features 4K video support for YouTube and Vimeo.

It is simple to start using this tool because it comes with many video tutorials for easy understanding. It also has a wide range of video format.


It is the best for all round Windows personal computer PC video editing.

Lightworks are very powerful video editor with many advanced features.


Its 4K video support is only available in paid version.

Some users like the beginners may find Lightworks too advanced.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus is one of the best video editors for Windows 7 available. It has all needed basic and advanced editing features. Use it to create small home videos or short clips for social media, like YouTube or TikTok. The video editor also allows you to make elaborate movies with special effects. With this software, you get transitions with sounds as well as a quick movie creation tool. The drag-and-drop operation makes it ideal for beginner editors.

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What’s more, you can create multiple video tracks, which is perfect if you plan to create an overlay video. The app also has motion tracking. You also don’t have to worry about format compatibility issues since Movavi Video Editor Plus supports all popular formats as well as high resolutions, and you can change video formats to play on various devices. The program is free to download and you get a free 7-day trial. So you can test out the features and tools the video editor offers. After the trial is up, you can get the full version for your Windows 7 PC.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers an easy-to-use movie creation tool
  • Has picture-in-picture editing tools
  • Includes transitions, filters, titles, and stickers
  • Has chroma key
  • Can edit vertical videos


  • The free trial has some limitations


Add transitions to the parts of your video

Best for: Creating animations, short films, and videos for social media

OpenShot is one of the best video editors for Windows 7. It’s a free open-source video-editing app that is feature-rich and ideal for people who want to create professional content on a budget. There are plenty of features to play around with, both for beginners and advanced users. For example, OpenShot has slow motion and time effects to reverse or slow down your videos. Additionally, you can make stunning animated films using the 3D animations feature to create lens flares and moving text.

It’s easy to use OpenShot because it has a drag and drop feature to add videos, audio, and images to your file manager. OpenShot also has a quick Trim & Slice feature to shorten your videos or to edit clips in your content. To download this free video editing software, you’ll need a 64-bit or 32-bit operating system, 4GB of RAM and 500MB of hard disk space. Just visit the official OpenShot website and choose the software version suitable for your computer.


  • Easy-to-use interface so it’s suitable for beginners
  • A lot of video editing features to create a perfect video
  • Allows you to mix and match video elements
  • Completely free to download and use and has various versions for different systems
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  • Some editing tools can be a little confusing to use
  • Takes a while to export finished videos to your computer


Best for: Making videos with transitions, music, and narrations

There are two versions of VideoPad, one is free to download for Windows 7 and the other is a paid version. You can create videos for DVD, HD, YouTube, and more. It has over 50 visuals and transitions for you to make professional videos. And it supports all popular video formats such as AVI, MP4, DIVX, and MPEG.

Using VideoPad you can edit videos from a GoPro, webcam, or DV camcorder. Other effects this video editor offers are 3D effects and you can customize the duration of your transitions. VideoPad is also user-friendly because it has a drag-and-drop feature so it’s ideal for beginner editors.


  • Has professional video templates to use for your movies
  • Allows you to import and mix multiple audio tracks
  • You can add various text and overlays to your video
  • Has interesting title text animation


  • Some users reports slow upload speeds
  • Some problems with importing and exporting files

Freemake video editing software solutions

Freemake video-editing software solutions

Freemake video-editing software solutions for PCs. Image credit: youtube

Freemake is video application software tool with free video converter that can modify and convert videos, extract audio from video clips, and embed videos to websites that is among the top 5 most popular YouTube video-editor application software for personal computers.

Simple and fast, Freemake video editor software can be used to convert video clips to be played on various mobile devices and gadgets. The software can convert videos between more than 500 video file formats and supports multiple audio and image file formats for creating slideshows and video clips.


Freemake converts videos very fast and simply.

It converts movies with subtitles

It cuts, joins, and rotates clips

It has 4K resolution support


It requires no specialist knowledge required.


For initial installation, some features in Freemate video-editing software solution are locked for three days.

Blender video-editor application software

Blender video-editing application software for PCs

Blender video-editing application software for PCs. Image credit: youtube

Blender is one of the best 5 free open source 3D creation tool with advanced video editing software solutions available on all platforms for everyone’s use. Blender is an excellent free video editing software application for Windows PCs 7 (32 bits and 64 bits), 8 and 10. It is a joint creation of hundreds of developers from around the world with its vast community users that gives it an extensive group of tools.

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It includes features to help model and render 3D animations. It has 32 slots for adding videos, images, audio, and effects, helps in modelling and 3D animation suite for professional users.

Blender features involves live preview, syncing, histogram displays chroma vectorscope, waveform visualisation, luma waveform, audio mixing, and scrubbing.


It is good enough to be used by professionals


It is not very easy to use as other tools on this list


Best for: Making quick edits, encoding and cutting your video clips

Avidemux is a professional video-editing software for Windows 7 that you can download and use for free on your Windows device. This platform supports a lot of popular video formats, such as AVI, MPEG, DVD, ASF, and MP4. It’s not as feature-rich as other video-editing software on our list, but it is a user-friendly platform ideal for beginner editors. So if you need to make some basic video edits, you should definitely give Avidemux a shot.

With Avidemux, you can copy portions of a video and add filters to your film. Furthermore, you can convert your videos to a smaller size so you can upload them to platforms that require a certain sized video. It also has an encoding feature so you can change the format of your videos and play them on different devices you own.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Supports popular video formats, including MP4
  • Offers basic video-editing features and tools
  • Allows you to create custom scripts
  • It’s a completely free video-editing software for Windows 7 with no watermark


  • Lacks interesting transitions, titles, and stickers
  • Doesn’t have many advanced features


It’s nearly impossible to publish engaging video content without well-edited footage. If you want to make sure your video is high-quality, you should invest in the right video editing software. If you want to edit your video files, then you need to use the best video editing software for PC.

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