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White Background Editor Free

Online photo editor is getting popular nowadays. Background changer is one of the most used features in an online photo editor. Almost everyone wants to change their photo background color to white. There are many reasons for this, maybe to have the picture match the design theme or just to have a simple background behind it to draw attention to.

White Background Editor Free is now available to save your photos from effects of white background color quality. You can now change background color from any color or a specific picture to a white background photo editor software free download with a user-friendly interface.


FocoClipping website is the best online photo background remover free website which is available for all users for free of cost. This website can remove the background of your photo without any installation on your computer just by using the browser and with the little help of the internet. This website is a cross-platform website so you can easily use it on Windows, Mac, and even on the Linux operating system.

Key Features

  • FocoClipping is the easiest free-to-use website and offers all its functions free of cost.
  • You can remove the image background using the automated and manual options of the website.
  • It allows you to remove the product, graphic, and portrait in the photos.
  • With the brush of the website, you can select and remove photos very easily. You can increase or decrease the size and hardness of the background removal brush as well.
  • There are free templates offered by websites to use with the image and you can also change the image background color.

InPixio Remove Background 

Simple background removal

  • Web-based service
  • Perfect for novices
  • Allows selecting the brush size
  • Free to use
  • None

Verdict: With the help of InPixio Remove Background, you can effortlessly select any part of your photo and delete it without paying a dime. There is no need to install any software on your PC, as you can access this tool online. InPixio comes with an easy-to-navigate interface.

To delete the background, you need to upload any picture and select the unwanted areas by using the red brush. This tool can be re-sized for better convenience. You don’t need to use the brush with high-precision, as it will suffice to click on any background color that you want to get rid of, and the rest will be done automatically.

Background Eraser


  • Free app
  • Multiple ways to select
  • PNG Maker
  • 100+ Backgrounds


  • AI Cutout is not very precise
  • You have to pay to access all shapes and backgrounds

This free background changer app is very easy to use, and it has most of its features available for free. You can erase photo backgrounds using AI Cutout, drawing a selection around the subject or using one of the default shapes.

You can also add a new background which can be a solid color, an uploaded photo from your library, or one of the graphics and photos available on the app – many of them are free; for others, you have to upgrade to the PRO version.

The app also includes a crop tool with the default sizes of most social media platforms – this way, you can easily turn your creation into a YouTube thumbnail or a profile picture for social media.

It also allows for text editing to make a meme or add your Instagram handle in your quest to get more followers!

Adobe Photoshop Mix 


  • Free
  • Compatible with all Adobe apps
  • Work with multiple layers
  • Compatible with iOS & Android


  • You need an Adobe Account

Unlike the desktop version, all Photoshop apps are free to download without any hidden fees – you do need to sign in with an Adobe account though.

You can cut out subjects from the background or remove sections from a photo to merge with other images. Each image becomes a layer that you can blend or adjust to get more realistic results.

You can do some basic photo editing or use any of the multiple FX Looks to enhance your pictures – all these edits are non-destructive, so you can keep the original image safe.

If you do own a paid subscription to Photoshop to use it on your computer, you can sync your work to continue the work you started on your phone.

If you plan to work on more elaborate composites than simply removing the odd image background, this app is definitely the way to go.

Apowersoft Online Background Eraser

Apowersoft Online Background Eraser is the best free online app to remove background from images.

With this online app, the removing process becomes extremely simple and fast. It has a clever auto AI tool to cut out background accurately.

One-click to upload your image without any other actions, you will get a transparent background image in original format.

Want to do more editing? Click “Edit” to change background and crop images.


-Easy to use with no learning curve

-Present an accurate cut out of the object

-Massive background colors and templates are available

-Provides ready to use aspect ratios

Pricing: Free for online

PicWish (100% FREE)

At number 2, I would recommend PicWish. It’s free, easy-to-use, and always gets a precise cutout.

With the use of its advanced AI technology, you can get rid of the background automatically. Also, the background manual selection features will help you select complicated objects more accurately.

This free online tool offers a simple cropping feature wherein you can freely adjust the size of your photo or set the given pre-set aspect ratios. Furthermore, change or add new background in an instant.


⦁ Intuitive interface

⦁ Remove, change image background fast, automatically, and accurately

⦁ Wide-range of solid background colors and background templates

⦁ Basic photo editing skills available

Pricing: Free

Picture Cutout

Picture Cutout is a program from the Tint Guide website officially. This software enables you to remove the image background on your computer. This program is compatible with the windows operating system.

Key Features:

  • The trial version of the software is available for free to test the features.
  • It also offers you to edit the photos and make necessary changes.
  • You can use cool filters and effects on photos.
  • You can erase backgrounds completely from any image.
  • There is an image resizer also offered for you.
picture cutout


A top choice for professionals

  • A wide array of options
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Handy layering tools
  • Advanced photo editing features
  • Doesn’t allow saving files in a CMYK format

Verdict: GIMP is a free photo editor that contains features for background removal. It comes with a wide array of handy tools.

If you need free software to remove the background from a photo, you will appreciate this option. The Free Select feature will help you quickly select any object manually or using a straight line. It might be helpful when you need to edit out a basic shape object.

By using Intelligent Scissors, you can draw freehand borders with high precision thanks to the special algorithm that enables you to select an object more accurately. This tool is suitable for complex-shape objects that are clearly visible against the background.

The Foreground selection feature makes it easier to mark the foreground and background. It’s quite accurate thanks to automatic selection improvement.


A quick online Google search of “how do I change the background color in Photoshop” will show you an unending number of results. Backgrounds are used to create the mood or scene of your picture. You can brighten up any photo with colored or white backgrounds. This is especially useful in a shot in front of a white wall.

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