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Best Free Desktop Calendar for Windows 10

You need to make sure you’re spending that time wisely, and the calendar is your budget. That’s why it’s so important you find the best calendar app for the job. We considered and tested several dozen calendar apps, to uncover the best options. No more do you have to follow a paper or desk calendar because life is about smartphones and laptops now. Our best free calendar app for windows 10 desktop will help you keep a tab on your schedule.

A good calendar app will allow you to stay organized, save time, and get more appointments with clients. Here are the best free calendar apps for Windows 10 desktop.  Free calendar apps are also great for students. Your digital life is easier with any desktop calendar app. Gone are the days when you would use a printed calendar to keep a tab on your days, festivals, or important tasks.

Now there are free calendar apps for windows 10 that can help you do all that.

Best Calendar Apps for Windows 10

Windows 10 users: if you’re in need of a calendar app, here are the best free calendar apps for Windows 10 desktop. While the default calendar app for Windows 10 does what it was designed to do, there are other calendar apps that do an even better job. You should know that there is much more to a calendar app than just being able to see your daily agenda. An app is supposed to enhance your productivity and give you various settings to customize the experience according to your needs.

Desktop Calendar Windows 10

Record anything by double-clicking on the desktop. It’s very convenient and useful. Desktop Calendar helps you manage appointments, to-do lists, schedules, and more… And, Desktop Calendar also offers a variety of common festivals, anniversaries, and other information.

Features Overview

  • Record anything by double-click on the windows desktop.
  • Offers a variety of common festivals, anniversaries, and other information.
  • Move your data from one device to another with powerful tools.
  • Print any page of the calendar with wallpaper as you work.
  • Set the background color for any day you want. So, the days are colorful.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use settings allow you to easily customize your own calendar.
  • Powerful cloud sync makes you roll back easily and make your data more secure.
  • Mobile DesktopCal, enjoy real-time data synchronization.

Efficient Calendar

Efficient Calendar

Efficient Calendar will impress you with its intuitive interface. You will find the most important features you need in this type of tool on the left side of the dashboard.

The calendar, tasks, or events are easily accessible. You also have an assistant-like tool that pops up so you can select the dates of your planned events.

The app helps you prioritize your tasks in order to simplify the decision-making process, especially during working hours.

This calendar allows you to invite others to join your events and to manage their acceptance. You also can add documents and files to your meeting events, to have them handy at any time.

Efficient Calendar helps you manage your time efficiently, using the Calendar, Tasks, and Events Modules. It comes with a responsive interface where the major features are located on the left end of the calendar. It also offers multiple calendar views (Day, Week, Month, and Year) along with a list view helping you to keep track of your appointments and events.

It’s an easy-to-sync app that helps you synchronize your PCs and Mobile phones in just 4 simple steps. Among its other features are a powerful document letting you save your comments for ant tasks or events, an option to set priorities for events and tasks, a regular reminder on the pre-set events or tasks, and a Recycle Bin (with backup and restore feature) where you can trash your old and unusable data.

Price: Free version available; upgrade starts from $27.96

Lightning Calendar

Easily organize your schedule and all the important events in a calendar that is combined with Thunderbird email. Lightning calendar lets you manage multiple calendars and can also create a daily to-do list, invite friends to events, and subscribe to public calendars.

Lightning Calendar is a calendar app that lets you set reminders for any event. It’s easy to use, with a simple interface and powerful features. You can create an event, add reminders, and even change the color of your events. With Lightning Calendar, you’ll never miss an important date again!

When you open Lightning Calendar, you’ll see a list of all your upcoming events. You can create new events by tapping on the plus sign in the upper-right corner of the screen and setting a title, date and time for each event. Then just tap “Done” to save it!

You can also add reminders to any event by tapping on it in the list of upcoming events. Once you do this, there will be two buttons at the top: one for canceling it (which will delete the reminder) and another one for editing it (which brings up its details). Tap on either one when you’re done making changes!

If you’d like to change anything else about an event—like its color—just tap on its name in the list of upcoming events and then select from among five different colors: blue, green, red yellow or white; then tap “Done.”

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a very efficient productivity app with CRM functionalities that can be perfect for work-from-home teams. It is primarily used as employee-racking software.

Besides the basic time-tracking capabilities, the app includes distraction alerts or offline tracking tools, to make the most of one’s working hours.

At the same time, a few basic project management features help to bring in one spot actions such as creating tasks, assigning projects, and reviewing progress for each team member.

The app is perfectly integrated with Asana, Google Calendar, Basecamp3, or Wrike, and works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome operating systems.

Overall, this might be the perfect app for rigorous businesses with stricter company rules and tight calendars.

Time Doctor

Monitor your team’s working hours, whether online or offline with this fully-featured app.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one free app that is super easy to use without compromising on any functionalities. The interface comes with a simple layout where everything is nicely organized. Swiftly add calendar events or advanced events in just a few key hits. Moreover, it sends repeated reminders, so that you do not miss on any important events and tasks.

Some of its other great features include,

  • Ability to send emails and messages to yourself;
  • Option to update the priority of certain events (free or busy);
  • Option to share your calendars with each other;
  • Ability to sync to any app on your system;
  • Absolutely free of cost.

Moreover, you do not even need to check if your spouse is busy or your friends have planned for any trip. Simply download the Google Calendar and stay informed at all times without any hassle.

Price: free to use

 Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a paid app that has 30 days free trial and then you can upgrade it to $70 per year. It combines Calendars with contacts, tasks, and more. This app lets you stay organized well and plan ahead. Directly from the calendar, it allows you to do many things like booking conference rooms to track the RSVPs for meetings.

Mine Time


Another great free calendar app is MineTime. It is easy to set up and simple. All you need to do is to connect to service accounts and voila! You can install this app or even update, with just one click. The best part is, it integrates with all your other calendars on your devices, such as Google Calendar,, Exchange, iCloud, and all CalDAV services. So, you can have all the calendars in one single place.

Moreover, you can also view the insights that display the stats of how many times you caught up with your co-workers in the last few months, or how many times the date of an event has been changed, and much more. The responsive interface allows you to schedule events or carry out actions easily. This cross-platform app learns your daily arrangements and preferences using AI. Best of all, all this is available for free!

Price: free to use

My Calendar

My Calendar is one of the best calendar apps for Windows 10. The app is highly customizable and comes with a ton of useful features.

You can switch between calendar views, depending on how you prefer to organize your days. For each view, there are several beautifully designed live tiles to choose from.

My Calendar app comes in two versions; free and paid. The free version is ad-supported and comes with great features.

The pro version is ad-free and comes with additional features such as task management, an enhanced internal birthday calendar, and enhanced calendar views.

My Calendar app is one of the popular free apps that comes with different categories that allow you to customize the calendar views. It allows you to view the tile format live and can add photos to birthdays and task management.

Features of My Calendar:

  • You can view the calendar in day, week, and month.
  • Allows to manage tasks
  • There is an option to quickly change between calendar views rapidly to see selected days in multiple views.
  • Let’s you view other special events

⇒ Get My Calendar

Power Planner

Power planner is the Holy Grail of all calendar apps for students, featuring tools to estimate grades, plan homework hours, and track classes.

With the Power Planner online account, you can manage everything from anywhere, be it on a desktop or on a mobile device.

The calendar also comes with other attractive features such as live tile, online sync, and automatic reminders.

You can even pin a schedule tile that will show you when and where your next class takes place.

The app seamlessly integrates with Outlook calendar and is able to sync everything across different platforms and devices.

Power Planner is available for free (with limitations) but you can upgrade to unlock all the features.

⇒ Get Power Planner

Mail and Calendar

For those using a Windows PC, Mail and Calendar by Microsoft Corporation is one of the recommended calendar apps. It’s a lightweight app that does not require as much space as Outlook. It’s an independent app and so, does not need to be installed separately as an Office bundle.

This app keeps you updated on your email messages, helps you manage your schedule, and stay in contact with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether you are working from the office, or from home, this app is perfect for quick communication. It also helps you concentrate on the major aspects of all your accounts. It’s compatible with popular accounts like Gmail, Office 365,, and more.

Price: free to download

Chronos Calendar

Hailed as one of the most beautiful calendar apps for Windows 10, Chronos Calendar + is stylish and comes with a ton of attractive features.

The unique synchronization between all your calendar accounts is more than welcome. You can even customize the calendar appearance to match your style.

Its clean interface invites you to experience different calendar views and even rich live tile customizations.

Additionally, you can add moon phases and zodiac calendars to the main dashboard, if you’re an astrology fan.

The smart add feature allows you to jot down quick texts when adding new events while the live tile customization allows you to change the background color, font size, as well as the content you want to be displayed.

One Calendar

One Calendar is a smartly dressed app that lets you pull all your calendars under one roof.

Available for Windows 10 mobile and PC, One Calendar is highly customizable and comes with a ton of attractive features.

It offers a central place for you to view all your calendars like Google calendar, Exchange calendar, Live/Outlook calendar, as well as Facebook events.

One Calendar allows you to add, delete, and update appointments with the day, week, month, and years.

Some of its most attractive features include a lock screen, customizable support, live tile, semantic zoom, calendar themes, and an easy search that allows you to quickly search all your appointments.

However, most of these features are available with the premium version.

One Calendar supports multiple languages, and the best part is that you don’t need an Internet connection to view and manage appointments.


We’ve looked into some other free desktop calendars available online, all designed for Windows 10 users. Google Calendar is one of the most popular and highly used calendars among many users and I know that many of you use it as an online app. However, we’ve looked into some other free desktop calendars available online, all designed for Windows 10 users.

In a nutshell, a desktop calendar is a fantastic productivity tool for anyone who works in a team environment. The best online calendar apps help you work better with your peers. When working with others on a collaborative project, you might find keeping track of tasks or communicating with your peers to be challenging. Here are some apps that can make it easier.

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