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Sometimes you get asked to use the logo of a company on your channel. If that company also has an active youtube presence, you can download their banner of youtube channel for free! Yes, free! I am of course talking about the Channel Logo Downloader.

The Channel Logo Downloader is a powerful and easy to use application that will allow you to download and save video profile images and channel icons from YouTube. You can download any profiles or banners and use them as desktop wallpapers, as your cell phone logo, as your profile picture on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, etc.


How it works

Looka uses AI to help understand your business before generating logos for you. From the 20+ logo examples displayed, you’re asked to pick the 5 that you like best. Then you can pick a color palette, and include any special symbols (like a triangle), and that’s it! The app will work its magic and show you some logo ideas, which you can then customize further with different fonts, colors and layouts.


The results I received from Looka were modern and professional-looking. Considering that AI is the app’s main driver, I was expecting results that were a little smarter, a little more tailored to me—despite it being a logo generator. But Looka’s concept is cool and the quality was generally better than other logo makers I tested.

Sample logos created by Looka
Looka’s logo results, based on icons and colors that I chose


  • $20 for a low resolution PNG
  • $65 for a full range of design files


  1. Ease of use: Easy
  2. Customizability: Medium
  3. Price: $$
  4. End result:★★★

Logo Makr

How it works

Logo Makr opens with an optional pop-up video explaining its interface. After that, you are dropped straight onto a blank design canvas to get to work.

Logo Makr is set up to be mostly DIY. You can choose from a robust library of premade icons, or you can also build your own original logo simply using the shape, font, and color tools like any other graphics editor. While this might seem intimidating for newcomers to design, the tools are few enough that, with a little patience, the learning curve is not at all steep. And even if you do skip the tutorial video, there are tool tips to guide you through the interface.


Given Logo Makr’s focus on customizability, the quality of the logo is dependent on you. So if you struggle with designing anything, this logo maker may not be for you. That said, the potential for quality is high, especially for the price. Out of any of the logo makers that I tested, the graphics library here was the most extensive, and I spent the most amount of time on this logo purely because there were so many quality options to try out.

A screenshot of the Logo Makr interface
One of the logos I made using Logo Makr’s templates


  • Free for a low resolution file
  • $19 for full range of files (including PDF and SVG vector) and full license


  1. Ease of use: Requires some learning
  2. Customizability: High
  3. Price: $
  4. End result:★★★½


Best free online photoshop-style tool.

free online photo editors photopea

Photopea is a free online photo editor that offers much of the functionality of a professional photoshop tool.

Free online photo editors like Photopea are ad-supported and free to use, but you will need some advanced photo editing experience to make the best use of the tool.  

It is capable of working with .psd files, and you can also open .pdf files too. Plus, if you have a camera that shoots in RAW, Photopea is a good option for editing this format. 

There is a paid version, but it only removes the ads and gives you a greater number of undo steps. 

Features include: 

  • Save and work in the file formats of professional photo software.
  • Advanced tools like clone stamp healing. 
  • Work with layers and masks. 
  • Use smart objects to replicate layers. 
  • Draw vector graphics. 
  • Perfect for professional photo editors who can’t access their usual computer. 


How it works

Enter your company name, choose your industry, describe your business in an open-ended text box, and decide whether you want an icon-based, text-based, or initials-based logo. Next, the app will gauge your type preferences by having you pick your favorites from a series of sample fonts. Ta-dah! A number of logos will be automatically generated for you. After you pick one, you can edit the font and colors, change the icon, or purchase right away.

tailor brands app
Seeing multiple logo options in various “in situ” images really helps you picture what you’re getting.


TailorBrands day100 logo
TailorBrands day100 logo

Though it takes some digging, there are some really good icons among the mostly basic selections, and the curated fonts and colors pair nicely with them. The fun part about using this app is that when you edit the color or font of the logo, each choice comes with a helpful explanation, e.g. “Your logo has a beautiful balance between class and elegance. We added the perfect orange hues which infuse excitement and vibrancy into the brand.”


  • $3.99/month for JPG and PNG files
  • $9.99/month for EPS vector files


  1. Ease of use: Medium
  2. Customizability: Medium
  3. Price: $$$
  4. End result:★★★½


Best online image editor for novice users.

free online photo editors pizap

piZap is a browser-based free online photo editor. Free online photo editors like PiZap are easy to use and have four quick start icons at the top of the editor. You can work on an image uploaded from your computer, Facebook, or Dropbox. But if you don’t have the image you need, you can select from an extensive range of free stock images. 

Once your image loads, you can apply filters, edit the colours, and add text and other overlays. 

piZap is free to use for seven days, so you can utilise the tool’s full functionality after a quick registration process. If you want to keep on using the tool, it’s reasonably priced at $2.99 per month. 

Features include: 

  • Themed borders. 
  • Cut-out tool for removing an image background. 
  • Templates sized for popular social media platforms. 
  • Also works on iPad and smartphone. 
  • Apply text with special effects like glitter. 
  • Meme editor with a choice of popular templates. 


Best free online photo editor for one-click editing.

free online photo editors fotor

Fotor is a browser-based free online photo editor. Its simple to use controls and clean interface make it ideal for people unfamiliar with image editing. Free online photo editors like Fotor have helpful wizards that guide you through its main tools, meaning you can get up to speed quickly. 

You can adjust colours, apply effects, and use portrait touch-up tools to improve your images with one click. Then you can add additional elements, like icons, shapes, and patterns. 

Fotor provides cloud storage to keep your images safe. If you register for the paid version, you gain access to 1,000,000 stock images licensed for commercial use.  

Features include: 

  • Over 100 photo effects.
  • Custom stickers and photo frames. 
  • Resize images and convert file formats.
  • Create collages and stitch photos together. 
  • Work with RAW images. 
  • Short video tutorials that demonstrate the main features. 


Channel Logo Maker is a great all-inclusive program that encompasses all of the options we looked for, and we found it to be easy to install and operate. The download process happens quickly and you can then modify it if needed. You can even download multiple images at once or save them for future use.

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