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Best Free Trial and Cheap $1 Web Hosting Plans for Beginners

Hosting is an important part of your website. It not only stores all your files (including the website itself and other multimedia), but it also acts as the home base for your visitors. Without a place to call “home,” your visitors will be instantly turned off.

If you are starting a website for the very first time, then make sure you choose a web hosting provider that offers a free trial period. There are lots of inexpensive Hosting companies, especially WordPress hosting sites that offer low-cost plans with flexible and high-quality features. In this article, I am trying to introduce 15 best web hosting companies that offer free trial periods and cheap 1 dollar hosting plans.

If you are a webmaster and don’t have your own web hosting yet, you know that it is one of the most pressing things you need to get set up in your own virtual space. Many newbies never find out that all they need to do is actually look at the direction of their potential web hosting service and start with that – but not everyone is able to write great content and then keep an updated site if they do not have their own basic website in place. It’s such an important part of your business plan that these easy web hosting deals are a must, so if you’re just starting out and want to incorporate some fairly cheap web hosting, check out this list to see which plan or package works best for your needs. This post will give you all the information you need to start developing a lovely professional website, which means no more looking like a rookie!

Our Recommendation:

Free Trail Web Hosting Plans

1. LiquidWeb – 14 Days Free Trials

LiquidWeb - Free Trials for 14 Days

LiquidWeb Hosts

Cloud, dedicated, reseller, VPS, and WordPress server packages from LiquidWeb are strong and have a wide range of customization options. They focus on customers who want highly available mission-critical servers and do not offer low-cost shared hosting, but they excel at providing managed enterprise-class solutions.

That’s why it’s recommended that users with higher budgets, such corporations or professionals, look elsewhere, and leave LiquidWeb for those who can afford it. They offer hosting from a data center that they own, and their packages come with a lot of cool features.

With their proprietary Cloud, Nexcess, they are able to provide managed WordPress and managed WooCommerce hosting with unparalleled performance, scalability, and security. In conclusion, who wouldn’t take advantage of the risk-free 14-day trial period?

Other Outstanding Features

All of Liquidweb’s dedicated, VPS, Cloud, and reseller plans encourage scalability across several platforms and are extremely powerful in their own right. In addition, they have other security features such as firewalls, SSL, VPNs, virus detection, and removal. In order to ensure that your WordPress site is secure, we do free nightly backups and optimize the hosting environment.

 2. Cloudways – No Credit Card & Free $10

Cloudways Hosting – No Credit Card & Free $10


When it comes to Cloud hosting providers, Cloudways is unique. They specialize in user-friendliness rather than providing complicated plans that necessitate specialized knowledge to manage. Cloudways’ competitive edge is the ease with which administrators can access and utilize the platform’s advanced controls.

Due to its compatibility with a wide variety of systems, users have many options in terms of price and functionality. No matter whatever you pick, you’ll find a wealth of cutting-edge tools that are sure to come in handy.

Besides the excellent performance, they also offer personal assistance around the clock. That means you can stop stressing over minor technological issues and give your full attention to meeting the needs of your organization.

Other Outstanding Features

Along with its control panel, Cloudways’ team management functions are among its most significant aspects. Team members can be organized into subgroups with specific responsibilities on specific projects.

3. ScalaHosting – Anytime Money Back Guarantee


ScalaHosting, headquartered in Bulgaria, provides a wide variety of hosting packages. Much of this is based on their mission to provide cheap VPS hosting to consumers all over the world.

Shared hosting customers, however, can take advantage of a “anytime money-back guarantee” at any time. Not many brands are still prepared to provide this discount. Still, you can terminate your web hosting plan at any time and get a full refund of any unused portion of your payment.

The host has a long history of assisting guests with managing their finances. As a result of in-house products like SPanel, they’re able to forego costly licensing fees while still offering comparable or superior solutions to their competitors.

Other Notable Features

ScalaHosting provides round-the-clock protection and a specialized plugin to enable you centrally manage all of your WordPress installations. It’s like having a command center at the push of a button, making the monotonous task of maintaining your installations up to date much easier.

4. Linode – $100 Credit 60-day Free Trial

Linode - $100 Credit 60-day Free Trial

Linode Hosting

It was Christopher Aker, an American, who started the privately held corporation Linode. Data centers across the US, EU, Japan, and Singaore all contribute to the company’s ability to provide Cloud hosting and VPS services to customers.

A primary goal is to democratize Cloud services. That entails low costs and easy management. Linode provides lightning-fast hardware and network infrastructure behind the scenes. Plus, there is a robust community with access to free Bootcamps, Guides, and Forums, and help is available at any time.

Linode is cloud-based, so you have complete command over all of the services you employ. Linode is perfect for the experienced webmaster or developer because it gives you complete control over your environment and only charges you for the resources you really use.

Other Outstanding Features

Because of their firm commitment to the Open Cloud, Linode will not attempt to bind you to their platform via the use of locked-down, in-house features. Along with hosting, they provide a wide variety of other services like as security for networks and databases, software development resources, database management, and cloud storage.

5. InMotion Hosting – 90 Days Trial Period

InMotion - 90 Days Free Trial

InMotion Hosting

Simply said, InMotion Hosting is one of the greatest all-around choices in the web hosting industry, offering high performance and reliability. When compared to other large web hosts, they provide more freebies at the entry level.

InMotion’s package pricing is fairly competitive, therefore we think it’s a great choice for startups and other small enterprises.

cPanel contributes to the usability of their packages, and all of their plans come with unmetered storage and transfer. It’s obvious that this host deserves serious consideration because of its bright future.

InMotion has a wide variety of products and services, and they all come with very reasonable plan rates. They’re easy on the taste buds because of this, making them ideal for newcomers. Unlike other solutions, InMotion allows your site to expand without disrupting operations during the process.

InMotion’s “free trial” is backed by a money-back guarantee, much like those of other web hosts. However, InMotion stands out by providing one of the longest terms, at 90 days.

Other Outstanding Features

With a solid and successful history, InMotion has been successful. They also offer Google Apps integration, application rollback security, a free domain name, and migration services including AutoSSL. The Virtual Private Server packages include three unique IP addresses.

Cheap $1 Web Hosting Services

Namecheap: $1.44/mo

Namecheap Homepage Screenshot Cheap Hosting Plans and Options

Although Namecheap is most well-known as a domain registrar, they also provide a variety of affordable and reliable hosting packages. In addition to free SSL for the first year, the basic plan includes 20 GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and no overage fees.

Namecheap offers two features that set it apart from the other cheap web hosting plans we feature here: you can lock in their cheapest $1.44/mo rate for just 1 year (the lowest term on the market), and you can run up to three websites on their cheapest hosting plan (handy if you want to run multiple blogs simultaneously).

Namecheap’s Cheap Web Hosting Plan Quick Facts & Features:

  • Price per month at launch: $1.44
  • At renewal, the cost rises to $2.82 per month (and up)
  • The time it takes to load is 0.83 seconds.
  • Uptime: 99.82%
  • Assistance is available around-the-clock via live chat and tickets.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Domain: You can get domain name for free (or pay $8.28/year
  • Assembling WordPress is a breeze (or use their own website builder)
  • Included Free SSL Certificate
  • Safeguard your domain’s identity with WhoisGuard at no cost.
  • Up to fifty email addresses are free with your domain registration.

Namecheap’s monthly payment option is a plus if you’re looking for a low-cost web hosting package, even if it does raise your prices to $2.88/mo for the most basic service. Namecheap’s pricing structure is as follows:

Namecheap Pricing Table

Namecheap provides a 24/7 live chat for quick questions and a ticketing system for more complex issues, so their support is solid but not outstanding. Nonetheless, if your site ever goes down, they will credit your account and provide a detailed knowledge base with easy-to-follow tutorials.

GoDaddy: $1.00/mo

GoDaddy Hosting Plan Landing Page Screenshot

Most people’s first thought would be “GoDaddy.” They have been in the domain name business for quite some time, and in addition to domain registration, they also provide trustworthy, inexpensive web hosting alternatives for customers who wish to build out their new domains into fully functional websites.

Free domain name, unrestricted disk space and traffic, and 30 GB of storage space all come with even their most affordable hosting package (which can even be If you’re shopping online, keep an eye out for add-ons like daily website backups, SSL certificates, extra email addresses, and more. Your initial investment of $0.50 a month will quickly balloon to $2.99 once you factor in the expense of backups for your website.

GoDaddy’s Cheap Web Hosting Plan Quick Facts & Features:

  • The starting fee is only $1.00 per month.
  • Price increases to $9.99/month upon renewal (and up)
  • Timing in at a swift 0.517 seconds for loading.
  • Uptime: 99.7%
  • Assistance from trained professionals round-the-clock (phone, chat, email)
  • Guaranteed Refund within 30 Days
  • Website hosting: No additional cost
  • Insta-WordPress with a single click
  • With even their most basic hosting package, you get an SSL certificate at no additional cost.
  • Monthly visitors cap of 25,000 before plan upgrades are required
  • Backups: $2.99/mo 
  • accessory choice
  • Free, highly-optimized WordPress themes are included.

GoDaddy’s strongest feature is probably how easy it is to get in touch with the company’s customer care team by phone, chat, or email at any time. However, on busy days it may take a while to get a response from the live chat option. Below is a rundown of the various WordPress hosting plans and prices offered by GoDaddy:

GoDaddy Pricing Comparison of Cheap Web Hosting Plans

Be aware that the price of a GoDaddy inexpensive web hosting plan increases dramatically (to $9.99/mo at least) once your initial term ends, so don’t sign up for it simply because it’s cheap.

However, they have good reported uptime and page load rates, so if you’re just starting out and need something cheap to get you through the first few months of blogging, this could be a good option. You should be prepared to switch to a different low-cost web hosting plan once your introductory discount period ends.

Hostinger has the Cheapest Web Hosting Plans at $1.39/mo

Hostinger’s starting plan is only $1.39 a month, making it the lowest web hosting plan from a credible firm.

In some cases, as when you’re trying to calculate the costs associated with running a blog and you need to do so on a shoestring budget, price may be the only factor that matters.

Though their features fall short of even Dreamhost’s entry-level hosting service, they’re still a good choice. In spite of their low prices, Hostinger nevertheless provides a respectable service. As a result, you will receive:

  • WordPress-Optimized Easy Install
  • Hosting for 1 Website
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

As opposed to Dreamhost’s cheap hosting plan, the main disadvantages of using Hostinger’s cheapest web hosting plan are:

  • Your selected domain name will cost you an additional $9.99 each year.
  • Your blog may take a little longer to load than normal.
  • Despite the fact that you can find free SSL certificates elsewhere, Hostinger does not provide one.
  • Your plan price will increase to $2.15/mo once the initial term ends.

Best $1 WordPress Hosting Services


Free WordPress Hosting - AwardSpace

AwardSpace has been around since 2003 and is a German low-cost web host.

AwardSpace provides free WordPress hosting for up to 5,000 monthly visitors, with affordable premium hosting options beginning at at $0.19 (USD) per month should your site ever go beyond that point.

Standout Features of AwardSpace

  • Host up to 4 websites
  • 1-click WordPress installer
  • Use your own domain or choose from a free domain or up to 3 free subdomains
  • Custom hosting control panel
  • Web-based file manager
  • Full MySQL database support
  • Email hosting
  • 1 GB storage
  • 5 GB bandwidth
  • No ads
  • Also offers free Joomla hosting

Pros of AwardSpace

  • Lets you host up to four websites.
  • You can have your own email account (e.g. [email protected]).
  • You get full access to the server files and database.

Cons of AwardSpace

  • Low bandwidth in comparison to other hosts’ free plans — you only get 5 GB.
  • While you can have four websites, only one of them can be a top-level domain. The other three websites must be subdomains.


Free WordPress Hosting - 000webhost

Hostinger, a well-liked low-cost host, offers a free WordPress hosting platform called 000webhost.

Though 000webhost is mostly a marketing ploy to encourage you to upgrade to one of Hostinger’s paid hosting plans, it does provide a good enough basis on which to run a fully functional WordPress site, provided that the site doesn’t receive an overwhelming amount of visitors.

Standout Features of 000webhost

  • Lets you host up to two websites for free
  • Custom-built hosting dashboard to manage your sites
  • 1-click WordPress installer tool via Softaculous
  • Full database and FTP access
  • 1 GB of storage
  • 10 3 GB of bandwidth
  • No ads
  • Free website builder

Pros of 000webhost

  • You can use your own custom domain name (or a free 000webhost subdomain).
  • The custom hosting dashboard makes it easy to perform key actions, like installing WordPress.
  • You get full access to the underlying server and database.
  • You can host two websites for free.

Cons of 000webhost

  • Your website will be suspended if you exceed the free plan limits (you only get one warning and then your site is gone for good — no recovering your data).
  • The hosting dashboard is filled with prompts to upgrade to Hostinger, the paid service.
  • No support for email hosting.

Free Hosting

Free WordPress Hosting - Free Hosting

If you liked the originality of “Free Hosting No Ads,” you’ll really dig “Free Hosting,” which manages to be both short and descriptive.

As a result of not having to come up with a brand name, Free Hosting is able to provide limitless storage space and bandwidth with their free cPanel hosting.

If you thought Free Hosting No Ads’ name was creative, then you’re going to absolutely love the creativity and brevity of Free Hosting.

By saving time and energy on brainstorming a name, Free Hosting is able to offer generous free cPanel web hosting with unlimited bandwidth.

Standout Features of Free Hosting

  • cPanel hosting dashboard
  • 1-click WordPress auto-installer
  • 10 GB storage space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Use your own domain name
  • 1 MySQL database

Pros of Free Hosting

  • You get access to cPanel, which most free website hosts don’t offer.
  • Unlimited bandwidth means you can host a high-traffic site.
  • The 10 GB storage limit is quite generous and should be enough for most WordPress sites.
  • You can have your own email account (but only one).

Cons of Free Hosting

  • You can only host a single WordPress site because you’re only allowed one MySQL database.
  • There’s no free subdomain option — you have to purchase and use your own custom domain name.
  • While you can have one free email account, you can’t send email from your site (though this is an available add-on for a one-time fee).

Free WordPress Hosting -

Although the two are commonly confused, is a commercial service built on the open-source software available at makes it easier to make a WordPress site. All you have to do to get started is sign up for a account. However, it also doesn’t give you access to the full WordPress software, which means you’re limited in what you can do.

Standout Features of

  • Easy, user-friendly setup process
  • Custom dashboard
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 3 GB of storage space
  • Choose from hundreds of free WordPress themes, which makes it easy to create a custom web design
  • Free SSL certificate

Pros of

  • The simplest installation process available among these free hosts. It is not necessary to install WordPress in order to create a user account.
  • Fast and dependable page loads are guaranteed by robust server architecture.
  • In order to manage your website, WordPress provides you with a personalized dashboard.

Cons of

  • The free plan does not allow you to use your own plugins or WordPress theme.
  • If you want to use a domain other than your subdomain, you’ll have to pay for it.
  • You are unable to connect to the server directly, so you cannot use FTP or manage your database.

AccuWeb Hosting

Free WordPress Hosting - AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb is a web host situated in the US that provides both free and paid options. AccuWeb is one of the more established web hosting companies, having been around since 2003.

When compared to other free WordPress hosting providers, AccuWeb offers one of the most generous limits on storage space, transfer, and email. You are also provided with cPanel, the most recent versions of PHP, and a commitment to never seeing any advertisements on your website.

Standout Features of AccuWeb Hosting

  • cPanel hosting dashboard
  • 2 GB SSD storage
  • 30 GB bandwidth
  • Full server access, including database access
  • 1-click WordPress installer
  • Email accounts
  • Supports custom domain names
  • Basic backup support
  • No ads

Pros of AccuWeb Hosting

  • With this plan, you can have up to 5,000 visitors each month and still have plenty of bandwidth to spare.
  • Allows as many as 25 free email addresses, a feature not offered by many free website hosting services.
  • The cPanel and database privileges are fully enabled for you.
  • Your own custom domain name is at your disposal.

Cons of AccuWeb Hosting

  • only allows one website to be hosted per account. AccuWeb ensures compliance with this policy by demanding valid government identification cards from all users.
  • Montreal, Canada is home to the lone data center.
  • There is no way to get a subdomain for free; you must buy and use a unique domain.

What to Look for in a Good Web Hosting

They Provide Ample Resources for Getting Started.

Even if your website has a generally intuitive layout, you may still have some questions about specific features. Take a look at the tutorials and support articles offered by a web host before signing up with them. Tutorials and how-to articles, among other forms of assistance, should be readily available.

Additionally, it is preferable if the web hosting service has a vibrant user community where you may ask questions and receive answers from other customers. Check out the company’s forum, as well as their other help options and customer service team, to see if they are helpful and responsive.

If You Have a Site Already, Migration Is Supported.

It’s best to start with a reliable web server, but that’s easier said than done. If you’re looking for a new web host because you’re unhappy with your existing one, you should look for a company that offers migration assistance. Find out more about the migration procedure. Ask a member of staff there for further information so you can make an informed decision.

If they can make the transition swift and seamless, you’ll have less downtime and more time to devote to actually running your website.

They Support Domain Name Management as Well

The domain name and web hosting are two components that are essential for every online presence. Finding and registering your domain is crucial when launching a new website. To add, you should renew your domain name registration for as long as you maintain your website up.

While it’s feasible to use a service other than your web host for domain registration, doing so can make it more difficult to maintain track of your domain names. When choosing a web host, check to see if you’ll be able to handle domain registration and renewals from the same dashboard you use to administer your website’s hosting.

They Offer Satisfactory Security Options.

Today’s online environment unfortunately includes hackers and data breaches. When it comes to running a website, safety should always be a top priority. While there are many things you can do to increase the safety of your websites, one of the most important is to work with a web host that places a premium on security.

If you’re looking for a web host that cares about the safety of your website, look for one that provides strong firewalls, SSL certificates, and reasonably priced security software and add-ons. Find out how secure of a firm it is and if you will be safe working with them.


It’s important to note that finding the right web hosting company for you will depend on several factors including the amount of traffic you can expect to receive, and which features you need in order to create a functional website. For example, a free trial or $1 plan may be all you need if you’re simply trying to host a simple, single page website to share information about your side business idea. If you’re planning on building out a complete website with complex functionality and lots of content, then a paid plan with more advanced features would be necessary.

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