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Best Animation Software for Youtube Videos

Animation is a form of temporal art. The illusion of motion is created over time by showing a sequence of images, creating the illusion of movement. Done well, animation can be very attractive to audiences today on because they are well produced. In this article, you will learn more about the best animation software for youtube videos and have fun creating your own animations.

Every serious YouTuber is searching for the best animation software to bring their channel to the next level. But the big question is – which one is the best animation software for Youtube?


how to create an animated youtube video

Key Features:

Wideo is an online service that offers plenty of customization options for absolutely free or little price. It is best to make a promotion video for your brand or your presentation at school. The best thing about Wideo is that everything is preset and all you have to do is just select some tools, move them to the editing area, and boom, your video is ready to go. It also provides many tools to edit text, add sounds, or even the links in the video. In other words, it is the best tool to create YouTube animated Videos.

Price: Free or $9/month, $19/month, $39/month


  • Cheapest online animated video creator
  • Plenty of options available
  • Best to create promotional videos
  • Easy to use for every user


  • As it is only an online tool, Doesn’t work without internet
  • Not Suitable for Professional Level editing
  • Most of the things are preset, So, doesn’t provide in-depth video editing


animated youtube videos

Key Features:

With a list of a handful of features, Animaker is another great online animated video maker tool to make an animated YouTube video. Unlike other online tools, it also provides tons of different scenes and like many other online tools, it also has some preset settings for different things. For example: If you want to make an animated resume, you can always select a template and change it for yourself. Similarly, there are many other things. On the other hand, there are also seven tools to edit every aspect of the video. The videos are mostly created in the form of slides, so, you can change the settings on slides, add more effects, and lastly can also add beautiful transitions between two slides.

Price: Free or $9/month, $19/month, $39/month


  • Provides many preset scenes
  • Perfect for making school presentation and small videos
  • Upload videos directly to the YouTube


  • Doesn’t offer professional-level video editing
  • Only available online

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is a new and improved version of Adobe Flash Professional. The software lets you create interactive vector graphics and 2D animations for videos, ads, games, television and more. You can animate characters, avatars, shapes and other assets using timeline controls.


  • Vector brushes with size, smoothness, pressure and velocity settings.
  • Intuitive timeline controls with advanced animation settings.
  • Virtual camera feature that lets you add pan, zoom and other effects.
  • Synchronize audio with your animations and create audio loops.
  • Typekit integration gives you access to premium web fonts.
  • Export in Flash, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, SVG and more.

Pricing: Starts from $20.99/month.

Pros: Extensive export and sharing options to publish your animations in virtually any format for any platform.

Cons: Just like any other Adobe software, Animate has a steep learning curve, especially for beginners.

Ideal for: Game designers, YouTubers, cartoon makers.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Use Blender if you’re looking for the best video animation software for pro editors and creators. The free open-source 3D animation tool supports the “modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing, and 2D animation pipeline.” The platform is a public project, and creatives from all over the world contribute to its ongoing maintenance.

Let’s talk features. 

  • Rendering: Cycles is Blender’s ray-trace based production render engine, FreeStyle is an edge- and line-based non-photorealistic (NPR) rendering engine, and real-time feedback speeds up the editing process.
  • Modeling: Blender’s modeling tools include sculpting, retopology, modeling, curves, and more to help with editing models. 
  • Sculpting: Digital sculpting tools flexible for each stage of the digital production pipeline.
  • Animation and rigging: These tools include a character animation pose editor, Non Linear Animation (NLA) for independent movements, IK forward/inverse kinematics for fast poses, and sound synchronization.
  • Grease pencil: Draw directly in 3D and combine 2D/3D art. 
  • VFX: From camera and object motion tracking to masking and compositing, there are lots of fixes you can make in post-prod. 
  • Simulation: Create simulations for fog, smoke, rain, fire, liquid, and more. 
  • Pipeline: Choose from a long list of import/export options.
  • Video editing: A built-in video editor allows for basic actions like video cuts and splicing and more complex tasks like video masking or color grading.

Yeah, that’s a lot. Blender is a comprehensive tool. And it’s all free.


how to make animated video with pc

Key Features:

Last on our list is another online YouTube animated video creating tool which provides a sleek user-interface. Instead of having the editor in the same video, the editor is opened in an utterly new windows. The best part about using Moovly is that it is perfect for your everyday presentations. Although it doesn’t offer many colorful characters but it is easy to use for some basic level users. Apart from the characters, it also has every setting which a basic level animated video creator should have such as adding text, music, or adding videos to already going on a project.

Price: Free or different prices for different Packages


  • Easy to use
  • Basic level animated creations
  • Online Video Saving
  • Plenty of Output formats


  • No Colorful Scenes and Characters
  • No Hand Drawing Tool
  • Separate purchase for different packs, Costly as compared to other online services


Animation Professional is the best animation software for creating great animation video tutorials and marketing video clips. The software creates high quality video tutorials quickly and easily, making it ideal for YouTube Animators.

Animation software can be used to create content for YouTube animations. People use animation software to create more interesting videos, using different kinds of animation effects to increase engagement and brand awareness.

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