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Part of the appeal of using computers and electronic gadgets is the ability to view documents on the screen and edit them. Best document program for ipad web application has been improved over time to handle lots of document formats. It is now a common practice to use advanced software programmes so that documents and files can be viewed or edited on a large display as well as printed out on an ordinary printer. This article includes information on best document program for ipad (best app for ipad for word documents).

Best App For Word Documents :Are you looking for the best word processors for windows PC to make your job easy? If yes, then you are at right place. You can download any of the below mentioned best word processors to complete your job. You can use these best word processors to write or edit any of your documents.

The Best Document Program for Ipad is one of the best free document app for ipad. It is a great word processing app for ipad free, with which you can write, read and manage your documents easily.

If you are looking for the best document program for ipad, then Word Processing Pro is the program for you. It’s free to download and use, and you don’t need a pro account. You’ll be able to write documents, edit and update them whenever you want on your iPad. There are also multiple tools that allow you to format your texts from basic formatting to more advanced options like adding bullet points and numbering lists. Word Processing Pro also allows you to save your documents on Dropbox for later access in any device with an internet connection.

Pick the Right Writing App for the Job

These are all the best word processor apps to use on your iPad. They all offer something different, which makes it important to pick the right tool for you. Whether you’re looking for a powerful scratchpad like iA Writer or a capable editor like Ulysses, you should find what you need above.


Available for free from the App Store, Pages is Apple’s very own word processor for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. In case you didn’t know, you can also download Numbers and Keynote for free and use the entire Apple iWork suite.

With full iCloud support, Pages syncs documents across all your Apple devices. You can even sign in to to work on documents through a web browser.

Pages makes it easy to create beautiful documents. It gives you full control over the layout of text boxes, images, and shapes. You can even use free templates to create digital books, newsletters, reports, and more.

The range of word processing tools you can use from your iPad is powerful: footnotes, lists, word count, charts, images, and other formatting tools. It also supports collaboration. So you can work with other people on the same document, tracking whatever changes they make.

Pages might be the best free word processor to use on your iPad, but it is let down by a lack of third-party cloud storage support for collaborative work. You can only collaborate over iCloud from your iPad, not over Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud storage services.

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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word iPad app

Microsoft Word is the default word processor for many people, and there’s nothing to stop you using it with your iPad. It’s free to use on any iPad with a 10.1-inch screen or smaller. Unfortunately, for larger iPads you need a Microsoft 365 subscription.

As you’d expect, Microsoft Word for the iPad is a mobile-friendly version of the desktop app. It supports images, tables, charts, footnotes, equations, and more.

You can access documents through OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage services as well.

You can also collaborate with others, and track the changes they make, just like Pages lets you do. A big difference is that more of your colleagues are likely to use Microsoft Word than Pages. So you’ll have a larger pool of people to collaborate with.

If you have a smaller iPad, or you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription, Microsoft Word is one of the best word processing apps to use. Since it is the go-to app for so many people, Microsoft Word is the best option for sharing work with others.

Google Docs

Google Docs word processor template on iPad

Google Docs makes it easy to write, edit, share, and collaborate on important documents. Use it wherever you are, on any device. Like other Google products, it’s completely free—if you don’t mind sharing your data with Google.

Download Google Docs on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, or Android device so you can use this word processor wherever you are. Alternatively, you can always edit your Google Docs from a web browser.

Work with in-line images and a range of formatting options to create your resume, report, letter, or other important documents. You can even take advantage of Google’s range of stylish templates to speed up the process.

Collaboration is at the heart of Google Docs. As your collaborators make changes to a shared document, their names appear onscreen. Choose to make documents public to everyone or private to a select group, and even choose editing privileges for your team members.

Google Docs is compatible with DOC and DOCX files so you can open Word files or export Word files for other people to use. This makes Google Docs one of the better free word processors for your iPad when not everyone uses Word.

iA Writer

iA Writer app for iPad

What We Like

  • Minimalist, distraction-free user interface.
  • Great app for all types of writing.
  • Saves individual files in iCloud.

What We Don’t Like

  • No rich-text capability.
  • Priced higher than competitors.
  • Offers fewer features than competitors.

The iA Writer app is a visually clean text editor that offers simple word processing with a nice keyboard that gets out of your way and lets you simply write. The app’s keyboard is well-reviewed and includes an extra row of special characters. iA Writer supports the iCloud storage service and can sync between your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

iA Writer doesn’t have a free trial for its iOS version; the product costs a one-time fee of $29.99 on the App Store.

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Docs To Go

Docs To Go iPad app

What We Like

  • View, edit, and create Word documents.
  • View PDFs, iWork, and RTF files.
  • Robust text formatting capabilities.

What We Don’t Like

  • Free version includes ads.
  • Occasional syncing problems.
  • No option to print PDFs or documents.

Docs To Go is an app that gives you access to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, as well as the ability to create new files from scratch. This app also supports iWork files.

Docs To Go offers extensive formatting options and features, including bulleted lists, styles, undo and redo, find and replace, and word count. This app also uses InTact Technology to retain existing formatting.

Docs To Go Standard is free to download and use and is ad-supported. There’s a $16.99 Docs to Go Premium version that offers additional functionality without ads.

WPS Office Writer

WPS word processor on iPad

What We Like

  • Compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.
  • Easy to use.
  • Part of a free office suite app.

What We Don’t Like

  • Premium features need a paid upgrade.
  • Can be slow to load.
  • May be too much if you just want a writing tool.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one iPad word processor, Writer, which is part of WPS Office, fits the bill while throwing in a presentation maker, spreadsheet editor and PDF Creator. Writer’s features include table creation, document sharing, and document encryption. You can open a Microsoft Word document, edit it, and save it all from within the Writer app.

WPS Office is free to download and use, but its VIP premium version ($3.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly) adds additional security features and functionality.

iWork from Apple

iWork App Screen

iWork consists of three apps Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. With pages, you can easily create top class documents and choose from various tools to enrich them.

The Numbers lets you quickly add charts, tables, and images that showcase every aspect of your data. Keynote is perfect for creating amazing slideshows. The advanced graphics tools help you design slides with absolute precision.

Price: Free

OfficeSuite & PDF editor

OfficeSuite & PDF editor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

OfficeSuite & PDF editor is arguably one of the best document creation apps for your iOS devices. With more than five million downloads, the app claims to be a leader in this category. You can trust its five year’s experience in serving countless users of iPhone and iPad. You can quickly create, view, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on your iOS device. A step further, you can perform advanced PDF operations on this app.

A Cloud storage manager allows you to access your documents anywhere in the world. You can edit those documents and upload in the cloud. MobySystems Drive offers you 5GB free cloud space once you sign in. You get cloud support of Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Yandex Drive and Box.

Price: Free (Premium Full License: $19.99)

Documents To Go

Documents To Go

Documents To Go is another business oriented application allowing users to easily access and edit Microsoft documents on their Apple slates for last minute correction on the move. The recent updates to the app have improved the operation with the addition of features like full screen SlideShow, better slide navigation and bug fixes. Needless to say, like most other word processor applications, this also allows editing a wide range of formats including the common ones like Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint and more.

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YouTube video

Yes, it also allows cloud synchronization through support for services like Google Docs, Dropbox, iDisk, SugarSync and Box. Furthermore, a free desktop app from the developers simplify exporting the edited files to Mac and PCs.

Price: $16.99

Daedalus Touch

Daedalus Touch

Pretty different from all the other applications chalked out on our list of word processor apps for iPad, the Daedalus Touch is sans the technical aspects and features stacks of papers instead of folders and files. It comes with attributes like character as well as word count and is said to be apt for large documents with over 20,000 words. The customizable app lets you choose the font and color which also includes a dark mode for typing at night.

Apart from support for TextExpander touch, it is integrated with a web browser for instant internet access. Need we mention that you can share files via mail and access the ones saved on cloud services like Dropbox and MobileMe?

Price: $2.99

Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Documents by Readdle is incredible. It is a hub for all your office files and more. It allows you to read, listen, view and annotate various file formats. This app also acts as your music and video player, as well as a file downloader. A web browser is built right into it, which is easy to access. You have to swipe left on a tag, and you are inside a browser.

The app also acts as your file manager and has the ability to connect with various services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, FTP Server, etc. Overall it is a must-have app for your device. It takes your iPhone to the next level!

Price: Free (Professional PDF Editor: $49.99)

The best iPad apps for spreadsheets-2021

If you need a way to be able to create spreadsheets on the go then this list of apps can act as wonderful tools for your endeavors. Each one is filled with user-friendly features that make it possible for you to create, edit, and share professional looking spreadsheets that look like they were done on a desktop. Your only problem will be narrowing it down to the one you want to download.


This app is the best word processing app available for iPad. It lets you work with text files, write and edit documents, create spreadsheets and presentations, annotate PDFs and more. The app supports both portrait and landscape modes, using the full screen area of your iPad.

Perhaps you’re sick of relying on your desktop computer to get stuff done. Perhaps you want a little more freedom in how, where and when you write your docs. Or maybe you need to write a quick note, only you don’t have access to your laptop. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of reasons an iPad is better than a laptop for writing docs.

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