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Best Document Program for Mac

Best Document Program for Mac is a word processor for mac free that delivers powerful functionality and a sleek, intuitive interface. Pages for mac is built from the ground up for Mac OS X and features a full set of tools you need to create professional documents, from marketing materials to business proposals. Freewriting software for mac allows you to focus on the words — and not on the formatting — so you can get back to what matters most: your story.

When reviews about best word processor for mac free much, Mac users may be confused about which program to choose. Word processing software is the most commonly used software in the Mac world, and it’s not just for writing letters. The choice of a Mac word processing program is a very critical aspect of working with your computer because this is what gives you a chance to write down all your text and develop your content, while giving you a wide range of editing options.

Best Document Program for Mac is one of the best word processors available on the market right now. It is simple, yet has all of the features you would want in a word processor. It comes with a spell checker, thesaurus and translator built in. You can also use it to create spreadsheets and slideshows. The app was designed by Apple so it integrates perfectly into all other Apple software like iWork and Numbers. Best Document Program for Mac helps writers write more efficiently by making them more productive at editing their work.

You have a good Mac computer at home. You don’t want to do any job on the paper manually. So you need something to write the document and save in the needed format with the required features. Here are some best free document software for Mac that will fit your requirement.

How to choose a good word processor for Mac

First, let’s figure out what the best word program for Macs is. The short answer is it really depends on what you do. If you take notes often and want to be able to interlink and share them, you don’t even need a word processor — what you need is a solid notes app. And if you write books, a basic word processor like Pages can kill your inspiration by messing with your images, not letting you duplicate pages or save bookmarks, and well…it just doesn’t look well.

Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a document writer for Mac:

  1. Does it work offline? You don’t want to lose a genius sentence because your internet went down. In most situations, word processors that can save your progress offline will have a clear advantage. 
  2. Formatting tools. Bookmarks, styles, or even a built-in Markdown editor — some word processors for Mac have very advanced tools. Ulysses is one of the best choices for formatting, but you can also get a reasonably good toolkit with MS Word. Also, check out is notepad++ available on macOS.
  3. LaTeX and equations. Some people will need to work with LaTeX and equations. In this case, you’ll have to look at a particular category of word processors. 
  4. Converting to other formats. Think about your flow. Who do you share your documents with, and which mediums and formats do you use? Make sure your word processor caters to that.
  5. Distraction-free mode.Some people will never feel focused when writing or editing in a browser. Luckily, there are incredible tools that can weed out online distractions for you. 
  6. Collaboration tools. Google Docs has the great benefit of letting you edit and comment on a doc along with other people. Collabio goes even further by letting you share private offline access to your docs. If you co-edit often, look at one of these apps. 

Microsoft Word – Word Software for Mac

Microsoft Word for Mac

While Microsoft Word isn’t as dominant as it once was, it’s still used in millions of offices around the world. If you work in any big company, the odds are this is the app you’ll want to use. It might not be anyone’s favorite writing app, but it can do pretty much everything. 

Its deep feature set is almost a problem; for most people, there’s too much going on. If you’ve got to use Word, then there’s nothing you can do about it. But, given the price and quality of some of the other options, I’d recommend looking elsewhere if you can. 

  • Microsoft Word software for Mac is available for $9.99 a month as part of an Office 365 Personal subscription.
  • It’s the most popular word processor in business so widely supported everywhere. 
  • There’s also a companion iOS Word app so you can work on your documents from anywhere.

Google Docs – Accessible With Your Mac

google docs accessible with Mac

Google Docs is the leading competitor in reach, if not necessarily in quality or features, to Word. It’s an online, collaborative word processor. While its feature set is more limited, for most uses, it’s possible to use Docs over Word.

Apple Pages – Mac Word Processor App

Apple Pages for Mac

Pages is Apple’s Mac-native answer to Word. It takes full use of all the Mac’s native technologies and has a companion iOS app. It’s a decent app with all the features you’d expect a professional word processor to have and is broadly considered one of the best word processors for Mac. You can even collaborate with PC users through Pages for iCloud.

  • Pages is free writing software for macOS and iOS users. PC users can also use the iCloud version for free.
  • Pages is the best looking, and has the best looking templates, of all the full word processing suites available on Mac. 
  • Unfortunately, Pages just isn’t as popular as the other apps, so you might have a hard time convincing the people you want to collaborate with to use it as well.


ulysses mac word processor


  • Write on Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • Distraction-free mode
  • Use markup to format texts
  • Direct publishing to blog, website, etc.
  • Writing goals and grammar check

Best for: writing books, blog content, articles, etc. 

Price: Free to try with Setapp, then $9.99/month

Ulysses is the award-winning writing software for macOS and iOS. Seasoned Mac users who get their apps through Setapp know Ulysses and use it for all writing and editing cases. The app has a superb markup-based editor and even a style and grammar checker to help you elevate your writing. All you need to write, edit, polish, and publish your content. 


collabio mac


  • Private ad-hoc co-authoring 
  • Mac, iPhone, and iPad 
  • Spreadsheets support
  • OCR to scan and recognize text

Best for: team use, private co-editing, all-in-one space for texts and spreadsheets

Price: Free to try with Setapp, then $9.99/month

If your work includes lots of co-editing, try Collabio. This will work best for those who’ve been using Google Docs and want to switch to a more advanced and secure tool. Collabio Spaces is a text editor and organization tool for all your content, which even includes spreadsheets. The best feature is offline co-editing that happens privately on your Mac. Simply share a passcode with your co-authors, and they’ll get access to your doc, no need to share to the cloud. 


strike mac


  • Lock and unlock documents for security reasons
  • Great markdown editing 
  • Tables, charts, equations, quotes, and more
  • Keep track of document versions

Best for: Markdown, co-authoring, writing academic papers

Price: Free to try with Setapp, then $9.99/month

Strike is a combination of a markdown editor and task paper with co-editing, equations, the co-editing mode for up to 10 people, and more. Insert images, code, tables, even MathJax — Strike is undoubtedly one of the most robust tools. We also love its superb history log that helps reflect on one’s writing process and track all the edits.



Apple’s Pages has always been as much about making your documents look great as it has been about providing you with powerful writing tools, and the best news is, it’s free!

As well as support for technologies such as Split View and Voice Over, Pages makes switching between macOS and iOS as easy as it could be. The use of iCloud as storage for documents means you can work on them wherever you have a Mac, iOS device or access to a web browser. But what sets Pages apart from others is its support for Handoff, meaning you don’t have to save and close a document on one device before moving to another, and its integration with iCloud, so that you can access your documents and work on them anywhere and on any device.

While there have been many additions to Pages in recent versions, one thing that hasn’t changed is the best-in-class templates for creating documents easily. Placeholders make it easy to add images from the Photos app, or anywhere else on your Mac, and if you’re not happy with the colours or fonts used in a template, you can change those too.

You can also now link to websites and email addresses from objects in the document, as well as embed and play YouTube or Vimeo videos on the page. 

Apple’s Pages is a fully featured, modern word processor, all of which makes its price (or lack thereof) all the more impressive.

iA Writer

iA Writer

If you prefer the minimalist approach to writing, there are no shortage of apps on the Mac App Store from which to choose. iA Writer was one of the first and remains among the very best.

Its flagship feature is Focus mode, a way of writing that scrolls the text as you type so the sentence you’re working on is always at the centre of the screen and greys out everything else. This can also be expanded to include the whole paragraph on which you’re working.

The new Style Check analyses your writing and suggests words that are redundant or cliched, so you can remove them before sending out your document. This done in real-time, with offending terms dimmed or crossed out automatically so you can see them as you write. There’s also a handy PDF Preview that displays, in real-time, how a document will look when exported to PDF. 

Like other minimalist writing apps, iA Writer supports Markdown, allowing you to format text by typing characters rather than selecting from a menu. It also supports Markdown’s LiveParse mode, meaning you can write in plain text with Markdown markup on the left of the screen and see the formatted text in one of three templates on the right.

iA Writer will also colour-code verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives and conjunctions, making them easy to spot and, if necessary, tweak. There’s a document library too, and the app hooks into both WordPress and Medium.

You won’t find much in the way of formatting features or the kind of bells and whistles offered by other software, but if your primary desire is to get your words down, then iA Writer is an excellent and afordable option. 

You can buy iA Writer for £28.99/US$29.99/AU$29.99 on Apple’s Mac App Store.

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice is a free office suite which has many of the features of Microsoft’s offering. Writer, as the name suggests, is its word-processing element, and very good it is too. Importantly, it has full support for .doc and .docx files, so you can open those and work on them without a problem.

Wizards allow you to quickly set up memos, letters and even mail-merge documents, and there are all the styling and formatting tools you would expect. An auto-complete feature makes suggestions as you type, though this may not be for everyone.

There are tools to create tables of contents and indexes for longer documents, while a template centre on the LibreOffice website has lots of document templates you can download and use. There are also downloadable extensions that add features to Writer.

LibreOffice lacks the polish of Word or Pages, and doesn’t have the same features to allow you to easily work on documents on an iOS device as well as your Mac, but as a free tool that supports multiple formats and covers all the basics, it’s excellent.

What is the best document writer for Mac?

It really depends on your use cases. We love the award-winning Ulysses because of its grammar and style check, Markdown, and amazing UI. However, if you have MS Office, it makes sense for you to use MS Word. If you’re worried about privacy when sharing files with other people, check out Collabio. And if you use a word processor for meeting notes and brainstorming, NotePlan will be the best for you.  


Best Document Program for Mac is a powerful word processor Mac excellent quality, but it’s also very affordable. It has the right set of tools you need to create high quality documents that you can use professionally or privately. Best Document Program has a clean and easy-to-use interface, but still gives you all the features you need in a full-featured program.

Mac users have it easy, when a word processing program is required. Apple’s word processor application, Pages, has everything they need to create documents and reports. However, there are many free alternatives to Pages that do not require an Apple computer or even a Mac operating system. There are also some great free versions of Word on the Microsoft side of things that can work for Mac users.

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