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Best Free PDF Document Editor

Pdf is a file format that is primarily used for document exchange. Pdf Documents could be read anywhere and on any device, but the pdf editor can be found only in few software like Corel Draw. There are many types of editable pdf files business documents, government documents and educational documents. To edit the free pdf you need acrobat pro version, but the free pdf editor can used to by anyone.

Edit your PDF document with this best pdf editor online. Draft our paper in pdf format and edit it with this best pdf editor. This show you how to upload your pdf file and convert it as jpg or gif image. Get pdf editor free full version, here use this to edit pdf file in computer.

PDF documents are common digital files that are generated by a number of office suites, including core Microsoft Office. They are frequently used to transfer information between online service providers, such as faxing a document to a customer or filling out information online and emailing it elsewhere. PDFs are also often used for archiving purposes. Unfortunately, the best PDF document editors aren’t free. That’s right; most free PDF editors come with a bundled adware package in order to make money for the developer. However, there are several ideal options available for those who want completely free features.

Sometimes you need a file to be transformed into pdf format. This is why document conversion has become such a focal point in certain industries, like law and architecture.  There are many reasons behind the rise of digital documents such as pdf, docx and pptx. They include the need to print them out because they cannot be displayed on different devices or because they need to be viewed by people from other locations. The industry has seen a shift from physical documents to digital versions, due to their lower cost and higher efficiency.  One key feature is convenience for editing as documents can be accessed on almost any device with internet connection, which makes file transfer much easier than with physical copies.

What is PDF Editor Software?

PDFs are images of documents, as opposed to editable text files (such as a Word document). A PDF editing software solution turns a PDF into a living, editable document. PDFs can be created within, or uploaded into, these platforms. These solutions should not be confused with document creation software. PDF editors often include password protection to view and edit documents and designated fields, as opposed to document creation software, which is collaborative and allows users to edit any part of the document.

PDF editor software is beneficial to users who frequently work with contracts. This includes but is not limited to salespeople and relators. These users can leverage this software to alter contract templates for each individual customer. PDF editor software can often integrate with document scanning software. Users can scan PDFs with document scanning software and edit necessary fields with PDF editor software.


Best PDF-annotation tool


Cost: Free; $36/year for premium accountDeveloper: Red SoftwareCompatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, SafariCategory: PDF annotationTODAY’S BEST DEALSVIEW AT PDFESCAPE


+Web-based annotation tools are easy to understand and use


-Extremely limited font options when you add text

PDFescape is a basic, web-based PDF-editing and -annotation program you can use for free to work on PDF documents that are smaller than either 10MB or 100 pages, whichever is greater. (PDFescape used to limit you to 50 pages, so the higher limit is a welcome change.) If you need to edit larger files, you can upgrade to a premium account for $36 a year. There’s also an “ultimate” plan for $72 per year.

Accessible through any modern web browser, PDFescape offers no OCR capabilities like PDF Candy does. But PDFescape’s annotation tools are easy to use. You’ll find a pretty solid set of standard annotation tools that can easily add, highlight and strike through text; insert notes; and otherwise mark up the pages of your PDF file. Using the web app’s insert tools, you can also add new images and text to a document, white-out text, and add web links and form fields.

PDFescape does have some major limitations in adding new text. Because there are no OCR capabilities, you can’t make changes to existing text; you’re limited to adding new text to an existing document. Additionally, the app has very limited font options, as it doesn’t use any of your computer’s fonts. So you’re limited to Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Verdana and a Signature font for signing documents.


Built-in PDF annotation for macOS


Cost: Free with macOSDeveloper: AppleCompatibility: macOSCategory: PDF annotationTODAY’S BEST DEALSVIEW AT APPLE


+Excellent annotation tools+Easy-to-use signature capture+Markup features are often available in other apps


-Locating annotation tools not obvious

Apple’s Preview app is built-in to the macOS and offers a minimalist but valuable set of tools for marking up any PDF file. You won’t find full-on PDF editing here. But if you need a basic set of tools for highlighting or redacting text, making notes, or adding comments to a document, you won’t likely need much more than what’s already available on your Mac.

Preview’s markup tools are hidden when you first open a PDF document. To see them, you’ll have to look for the small pencil icon that appears near the Spotlight search bar at the top of your PDF document’s toolbar. Clicking this reveals a small set of tools you can use to select text and add objects, text or notes to your document.

The app’s standout feature is a signature tool you can use to store a signature you create using your trackpad or scan using your Mac’s iSight camera. You can then easily add that signature to a document by clicking Preview’s Signature tool. Simple and easy to use once you set it up, Preview’s signing feature will prove its usefulness every time a digital document requires your John Hancock.

You can access all of Preview’s editing tools without opening Preview, as long as you’re running macOS 10.14 Mojave or later. Just use QuickLook to view a PDF, then turn to the Markup button in that mode.

PDF Expert

PDF editor with the cleanest interface


Cost: $80 one-time license purchaseDeveloper: ReaddleCompatibility: macOSCategory: PDF editorTODAY’S BEST DEALSPDF ExpertUS$75PDF Expert£54.99VISIT SITEat PDF Expert


+Clean, easy-to-use interface+Editing tools appear when you need them and hide when you don’t


-Couldn’t handle large files-Mac-only

Readdle’s macOS-only PDF Expert is a popular PDF-editing tool that allows you to make changes to text in existing PDF documents, including by removing and replacing images, updating text, and adding text of your own. PDF Expert lacks OCR capabilities, so if you want to edit text in scanned documents, you’ll need to look beyond this program.

Of all the apps I tested, PDF Expert has the cleanest interface and therefore was the most pleasant to use. Two tabs appear at the top of the screen: Annotate and Edit. Clicking one of them gives you an appropriate selection of tools to perform either annotation or editing tasks.

PDF Expert’s editing tools are flawless. Click text in your PDF, and tools for editing text will slide out so you can make changes. Select an image, and tools for changing the image appear. You can move selected text anywhere on the page you want or remove it altogether.

PDF Expert struggles with large documents; otherwise, this would have been my top pick for both macOS and Windows. But every time I attempted to open my nearly 450-page test file, PDF Expert hung. Until this program behaves more dependably, look elsewhere if you tend to work with larger documents.


Best free PDF editor for multiple languagesTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Cloud-based+Powerful range of tools+Allows you to convert PDFs to other formats


-Can only process two documents per day

Smallpdf was created in Switzerland back in 2013 with the aim of creating a single tool to compress and edit PDFs. One thing that sets this free PDF editor apart from the competition is that it’s available in 24 different languages and used in 195 countries around the world.

Smallpdf’s main focus is providing an excellent user experience that makes its online PDF editor very easy to use. On its website, you can upload a PDF and begin making annotations and taking notes. You can also add pictures, text and shapes to a PDF. Once you’ve made the necessary changes, Smallpdf allows you to compress a PDF or export it as a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file.

If you want even more functionality, you can upgrade to Smallpdf’s paid version. While the web version is slightly cheaper, you can pay a bit more to take advantage of the desktop version so you can work offline. The company also offers a 7-day free trial so you can test out its paid features for yourself before deciding if you want to upgrade.

 Apple Preview

Best free PDF editor for Mac usersTODAY’S BEST DEALSVISIT SITE


+Included with all Macs+Image-editing tools included+Can annotate and add signatures to PDFs


-Only available for macOS-Lacks OCR

Unlike with Microsoft Windows, Apple includes a built-in PDF editor for free with macOS in the form of Apple Preview and it’s surprisingly capable. In addition to letting you work with PDF files, it also includes a number of image-editing features.

When it comes to PDFs, Apple Preview lets you fill in forms and add signatures using its markup tools. However, you can also combine PDF documents, transfer pages from one PDF to another, add text, highlight and more. Apple’s free PDF editor even allows you password protect PDF files that contain sensitive information.

Apple Preview may be a simple free PDF editor but it gets the job done and best of all, it comes pre-installed on every MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini and the rest of the company’s Mac devices. Unfortunately, it’s not available for iPhone or iPad, so you’ll want to do your PDF editing on desktop before sharing your finished documents on mobile.




+No account required+Simple and easy to use interface+Uploaded files are deleted after five hours


-File size limitations-Still in beta

Just like PDF Candy and Smallpdf, Sejda is another free online PDF editor. What sets it apart from other similar offerings is its security features as all of the files uploaded to the service are wiped from its servers after just five hours. This means you can use it to work on sensitive documents without having to be worried about your data being leaked or stolen.

Sejda also offers a desktop version with the biggest difference being that all of the processing is handled locally as opposed to in the cloud. Regardless of which free version you choose, Sejda limits you to working on a maximum of three tasks per day, one file at a time and files can’t be larger than 50MB or 200 pages.

In addition to being able to edit the text in a PDF, you can add new text as well as images including shapes and drawings. Sejda also lets you add annotations, create forms, whiteout sections of a document and more. For those that do decide to upgrade, Sejda is available as a weekly, monthly or annual subscription though there are discounts for larger teams with multiple users.

 PDF Candy – Best free option

PDF Candy - Best free option

RRP: FreeBest Prices Today: $0 at PDF Candy

PDF Candy is the rare free PDF editor that offers a lot of the features you’d typically have to pay for. We’re talking scanning, multiple file-conversion options, and OCR functionality. While the free version has access to the expansive toolset of the paid version, you’re limited to one PDF task per hour. For unfettered access, you need to shell out $6 month.

PDF Editor Software Features

PDF editors come with many features related to editing and distributing a PDF:

Optical character recognition (OCR) — One of the major features of PDF editor software is the ability to turn the PDF into a document that can be edited. OCR scans the document and locates the text within it. Once the scan is complete, it allows the user to manipulate the text. This converts the image of text within the PDF into editable text that a user can edit.

Text boxes — Users can manipulate the text that becomes editable after using the OCR feature. Size, color, and alignment are all common text adjustments that can be done on the platform.

Crop — The crop feature makes specific portions of the PDF smaller. The size and shape of the crop can be manipulated based on the needs of the user.

Delete — The delete function enables users to easily remove a page from the document.

Watermarks — Watermarks are transparent images that users can include to indicate branding and ownership. Watermarks are one of the few security features that come with PDF editors since they protect the copyright of the PDF once a document is distributed.

Redaction — Redactions are another common security feature within PDF editor software. Users can remove sensitive information within the document using this tool, which can remove an area of text entirely. In most cases, once a redaction is made, it cannot be undone.

Password protection — Password protection guards the document from being edited by someone else, which is an essential feature for confidential files or files with sensitive information. For example, if someone downloads a PDF and opens it in their own PDF editing tool, password protection prevents that user from making their own edits.

Page merge — With the page merge function, users can combine multiple PDF pages into a single page. Also, PDFs can be opened from multiple sources and combined on the platform into a single PDF. Users can also use this tool split merged pages apart with this tool.

Page rearrangement — This feature moves pages around so users can choose the order pages will appear in the document. Users can rotate a page or select several and rotate many pages at once.

Annotations — Annotations are notes that can be added onto the PDF. Annotations are typically used to add a comment to a specific area of the PDF. They can also direct a client’s attention to a specific area of the PDF, such as a signature box.

Electronic signature — This feature enables users to sign a PDF electronically. Clients and users with permission can view and sign a PDF digitally, which is commonly done with electronic proposals, contracts, or other types of client documents.


Pdf editor free download full version is totally free for download. this is an amazing software for create, edit, sign and fill pdf forms on your pc. This software has amazing features and beautiful user interface which makes pdf editing super simple and easier than ever before.

The best free PDF document editor is the one you know how to use. While this might sound obvious, it’s also disappointing as free PDF editors are starting to appear.PDF readers are also becoming more popular because more and more people have tablets or smart phones.

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